My New Plaything Ch. 02

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I flushed the evidence and went back to the day. I came home at my usual time and was pleasantly surprised to see Penny’s car. I wandered in, they weren’t in the lounge or gym. I went up to my room and as I passed Kyle’s room I heard the unmistakable sound of sex.

I carefully peaked through the door and saw Penny’s tits bouncing as she rode her stallion. I was so entranced by her body that I didn’t realise she’d seen me till she smiled. I smiled back and raised an eyebrow in a sign of admiration of her bod then left them to it. I went to my room, took off my outer clothes and lay back in my bra and panties. I was tired, it’d been a long day. Very pleasant thoughts of Penny’s and Kyle’s bodies lingered in my mind as I closed my eyes just for a moment.

I must have drifted off, I opened my eyes and Penny was at the foot of the bed, naked and looking at me. “He’s fallen asleep” she murmured. I looked at her pussy all wet and thought of the taste of his cum.

“Would you like me to clean that up?” I asked with a leering smile

She giggled and came around the bed. “Sit on my face” I commanded.

She knelt facing my feet and lowered her wet cunt to my mouth. I could smell his cum and greedily sucked her snatch. Tonguing her as the taste sent me wild, I probed deeply and desperately, sucking and swallowing. Licking her thighs and her ass, anywhere there might be cum. Her hands had pushed my panties down and I kicked them off and spread my legs. She tore into me as fiercely as I was her and my orgasm was a gusher. That set her off and her bursa eskort bayan cum flushed his beautifully into my mouth. As our bodies relaxed Penny climbed off me and lay down beside me. She was lithe and strong, I noticed she had beautiful soft skin, her musky scent bore traces of Kyle.

Penny leaned in and kissed me tenderly, I returned in kind, my tongue tentatively parting her lips. She snuggled closer and we held each other tight. Our hands began to explore each other as passion enveloped us again. We touched and caressed each other’s body as a feeling of intimate trust built up between us.

Our hands touched and probed in a knowing way that only women can achieve. Our mouths were kissing, sucking and whispering secrets as we each found the dark soul of the other.

We held each other close. Savagely grappling and pulling; I cried as Penny brought me to orgasm by pinching my clit. Her cum gushed as my knee ground into her cunt. We collapsed into a sweaty embrace as our breath came in gasps and our smiles grew wide.

We stayed entwined as I softly whispered how much I enjoyed her. She held me tighter at this. “Is it ok, that I fuck your Kyle?” she asked in a low voice. “Of course” I whispered. “I’m very open minded, as you’ve found!”

She giggled softly. I kissed her again. “Have you thought of fucking him yourself?” she queried.

I laughed. “I don’t think he’d cope.”

“He thinks of fucking you, he even murmurs your name sometimes. At first I freaked out. I thought it was odd, but we do look bursa merkez escort alike I suppose.”

I feigned surprise. This was going well!

“We should swap places.” I said to sound like a joke but I held my breath hoping.

I saw her teeth flash in the low light. “He’s got the most fantastic tasting cum.” She whispered. “Why don’t you suck him off in the dark and bring it back for us both to enjoy?”

My mind reeled, I didn’t really want to share my prize but the chance to get it fresh made my heart pound at a million miles an hour.

I didn’t speak. Slipping out of bed, I crept into his room, plotted my course and shut the door, plunging the room into darkness.

I was shaking a little. I could ruin this if it goes wrong. I felt the edge of the bed and, kneeling down, I tentatively reached out a hand.

I felt his leg slid my hand slowly up his thigh. His skin was smooth and warm. He was fast asleep as my hand caressed his lower body. My heart pounding, I touched my Kyle as a woman not a mom. I felt his cock and gently stroked his shaft feeling it swell as I bent my mouth to his groin. He moved as I drew his cock into my mouth and moaned as I sucked it.

His young cock hardened quickly, I took it all in and this woke him right up. “Oh Penny” he moaned.

Massaging his balls I bobbed up and down like a machine, his beautiful cock pulsed in my throat and I felt him tense. I backed up and rapidly stroked his shaft with his knob just inside my mouth. He bucked as he exploded bursa sınırsız escort bayan in my mouth, Filling it. I squeezed hard on his shaft, milking it dry, and as he slumped back in a daze, I raced back to my room.

My head was exploding! The taste was exquisite, couldn’t contain all of it and it was dripping onto my boobs. I collapsed on top of Penny and covered her mouth, opening mine and letting the cum fall into her. “No swallowing” I hissed.

Our mouths were locked together as our tongues pushed the cum between us. This was heaven beyond my wildest dreams! Her strong body was an even match for mine and the shared taste sensation was having at least the same effect on her as it was on me. We finally started to swallow together and licked the traces off each others faces. Penny followed the stream down my neck to my boobs a proceeded to lick them clean. I held her hair up to see her tongue on my boobs. She was so fine.

A movement at the door caught my eye, “Hello dear, we were just talking about you.”

Penny froze and Kyle stared. “What’s, I mean how… um.”

“Penny wanted to share something with me. I think it was a new lolly. It tasted wonderful.” I smiled down at Penny.

Kyle stared and fidgeted before saying shyly “You both look great.”

“Thank you dear, would you go fix us a drink please?” I asked casually.

He was so stunned he responded by instinct. “Yes mom”

Penny giggled. “I’ll go with you.”

“Wait a sec'” I said, holding her to me. As Kyle left I whispered to Penny; “I want more of that cum. Convince him to cum into a container when he jerks off, and I’ll share the result with you.”

She smiled and nodded before following Kyle to the lounge.

Alone, my thoughts were triumphant. While I hadn’t exactly planned it; things were turning out well. And the future looked promising.

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