My New Boss Pt. 31

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I am assuming that Tim gave them detailed instructions of what he wanted next, because as he turned and left the room, Suky and Ana rotated my recliner, so that I now had a sideways view of it. Once the had positioned it just so, they left the room holding hands. I sat in the dark trying to process what I had just witnessed.

My boss had commandeered my house, relegating me to the RV in my driveway. He had allowed his girlfriend to lock me into a cock-cage, and enjoyed the services of both of the young Asians, while I watched, like a total cuckold. To make matters worse, I was sniffing his girlfriend’s panties, while I watched my girlfriend swallow his load. I put my head in my hands in despair at how we got here.

I had a fridge-freezer in my motor coach, so I ended up making myself a very stiff vodka on the rocks. As I sat in the dark, sipping my cocktail, I realized that it was inevitable that there was going to be a round two. The girls had moved the recliner for a reason.

About twenty minutes later, as I nursed my second drink, Tim re-entered the living room. It was apparent that he had just showered, as his hair was wet and he was naked except for a towel around his waist. He approached the recliner, and seemingly content with the position of it, let his towel fall to the floor, and sat on my favorite chair. I wasn’t that happy about him sitting butt-naked on my throne, but I had a feeling that worse things were on the horizon.

Tim got himself comfortable and put his feet on a small ottoman that was positioned in front of my chair. I had a perfect side view of him as he relaxed naked, but I wasn’t interested in watching my boss, so I played with my phone, as I awaited the inevitable return of my girlfriend.

A few minutes later, Ana and Suky returned completely naked to the living room. Suky was carrying my foot massage tools, a small plastic tub of warm soapy water and my massage oils. Ana was carrying several clean towels, and they both looked delighted at the prospect of attending to Tim’s feet. I give Suky a foot massage very regularly, and I know from experience, that kneeling before someone to massage their feet, is an extremely submissive act.

Sometimes, if I had inadvertently disrespected Suky, she would command me to massage her feet, as a way to restore the balance of power, within our relationship. It is just very humbling to kneel naked before another human being, and wash their feet. I wasn’t sure whether Tim was testing the limits of my girlfriend’s submission, or if Ana had talked Suky into it, but apparently the two of them were about to do it.

Suky placed the bowl of warm soapy water at the base of the ottoman and invited Tim to put his foot inside it. Once his foot was submerged, Suky began to tenderly wash it. She cleaned the arch, and in between his toes, with a very gentle touch. Then she signaled to Ana that Tim’s foot was clean, and the young Malaysian girl knelt before her savior, and lovingly dried his foot. Once his foot was dry, he rested it on the ottoman and the girls switched places.

Ana washed Tim’s other foot with the same deference that Suky had used. Ana gave Suky a nod, and my girlfriend dried his other foot, as he rested it on her thigh. Once both feet were clean and up on the ottoman, the real show of submission began.

I know that the internet is awash with foot-fetish websites, in which men worship women’s feet. They depict scenes of trampling, and men kissing and sucking the toes of perfectly manicured feet. Much harder to find, and much more specific of a fetish, are the videos of women worshiping men’s feet. These movies are only seen on obscure Japanese “slave” websites, and are particularly difficult to find if you don’t speak Japanese. I had recently jerked off to a very kinky video, in which two young, collared Asians knelt before a man and kissed his feet before sucking his toes. However, I never expected to witness such submission in real life, much less between my girlfriend and my boss.

So, it was to my utter and complete surprise, when Ana and Suky slowly lowered their lips to Tim’s feet and started to kiss them. The act wasn’t gross, seeing as how the girls had just washed his feet. However, it was just such an overt act of complete and total submission, on the part of the young Asian women.

Ana had been crystal clear about the fact that she considered Tim her savior. For this reason, I could see how she would submit to his every whim, out of total gratitude. I just couldn’t explain Suky’s behavior. She knew how jealous I was of Tim. He had taken my job title, taken my Saturday morning appointment with Suky before eventually taking Suky, butt-fucked my girlfriend in front of me as I watched from my bedroom window, and generally turned my life upside down.

Now, as that smug asshole relaxed naked, in my favorite recliner, my girlfriend was on her knees, kissing the top of his feet. It didn’t stop there either. Once Ana and Suky had lavished attention to the tops of Tim’s feet, they licked the soles. That maltepe escort must have been a very pleasurable sensation for Tim, because he rested his head on the back of the recliner and closed his eyes, in apparent ecstasy.

The girls licked and kissed the soles of Tim’s feet for several moments, grazing their perfectly manicured nails across his heels and ankles, to increase his pleasure. Tim was fully erect now, the very tip of his penis visible to me, as it peeked above the side of the recliner, searching desperately for release. His cock danced around between his legs and his toes were curled, as if to telegraph his enjoyment to me, at the loving tender ministrations of my girlfriend.

Tim was responding very favorably to both the pleasurable stimulation of his feet, and the visual of two beautiful girls, in total submission to him. I know how good it feels to have someone scratch your feet, but to have the two of them licking, kissing and raking their nails across both of his, must have felt incredible.

The three of them were obviously communicating, because Suky and Ana began to suck Tim’s toes, in unison. This perfectly choreographed act, couldn’t have happened without some kind of verbal command or communication. This submissive toe-sucking was reminiscent of the Japanese slave movie I had jerked off to, just prior to Suky taking control of my orgasm schedule. Although, it was now the lovely Ana who was preventing my release, through the judicious use of the cock-cage, even though my desire to jerk off was just as much, seeing this humiliation playing out in real life.

My girlfriend removed my boss’ toes from her eager mouth, extended her tongue, and began to lick between his toes. She seemed so eager to please Tim, and I wondered quite how he had managed to ensnare her so completely. She always had a glow about her after he had used her, but I wasn’t sure if she got on the humiliation, or if he had some magic talent for making women submit to his every whim.

Tim had opened his eyes now, apparently enjoying the visual of Ana and Suky licking between his toes, like a couple of hungry kittens. He allowed them to worship his feet for way too long. At one point, I decided to take a picture of their joint submission to him, knowing full well that I would jerk off to it, once I got out of the cage.

I grabbed my iPhone, adjusted the optical zoom to 2x, in order to keep the same resolution, and waited for the right moment. A few seconds later, as Ana and Suky had both extended their tongues to reach between Tim’s toes, I took the picture.

Unfortunately for me, in the darkened environs of the RV, my iPhone determined that a flash was necessary. This immediately telegraphed the fact that I was watching my boss violate my girlfriend, and that I was interested enough in it, to want a picture as a souvenir. As soon as the flash went off, the three of them looked in my direction, and I felt like a total cuckold pussy.

Tim said something to the girls and they rose from their knees and left the room with the plastic tub and the towels. My boss got up from the recliner and walked towards the plantation shutters. His erection was clearly visible, swaying from side to side as he walked towards me. Darkness had returned to the RV and I knew he couldn’t see me.

However, I had made it abundantly clear that I had been watching intently, and was captivated by his subjugation of them.

The girls returned seconds later, and Ana was holding a bottle of KY lubricant. Tim said something to the two of them, and they got down onto the carpet in the doggy-style position, right next to each other, facing towards the plantation shutters, so they were both looking right into the RV.

Tim knelt behind Ana first, and as my girlfriend waited patiently by Ana’s side for her turn, Tim eased his way into Ana’s obviously wet pussy. Ana’s eyes opened wide as Tim got balls-deep inside the young Thai girl. She had a smile on her face as she looked directly at me, even though I was still pretty sure she couldn’t see me. Tim started to fuck Ana from behind, using powerful rhythmic strokes that pushed the beautiful young girl forward on her hands, each time he entered her pussy.

Suky waited patiently for her turn, gazing intently into the darkened motor coach. A few minutes after Tim entered Ana, she had her first orgasm, her pretty face contorting with pleasure as she came on Tim’s cock. After Ana composed herself, Tim withdrew and stood up. His erect cock was slick with Ana’s vaginal secretions but he stood expectantly before the young girl and said something to her.

She arose quickly from all fours and nodded her head in deference to Tim. After retrieving the KY lubricant, she knelt before him and applied a liberal dose of the jelly to his cock. Ana then moved over to where Suky was waiting in the doggy-style pose, and slid under her. Ana maneuvered herself into the sixty-nine position and raised her head between Suky’s legs.

Suky’s eyes maslak escort widened as the young Thai girl’s tongue entered her sex. I couldn’t see exactly what Ana was doing, but Suky had a smile on her face, so it must have felt pleasurable. Tim watched passively as Ana ate Suky out, waiting until my girlfriend had an orgasm, before deciding it was time to have his needs taken care of. I recognized the tell-tale signs of my girlfriend getting off, and as Suky gathered herself, Tim knelt behind her.

Tim put one hand between his legs, presumably to line himself up with the entrance to Suky’s assuredly wet pussy. I saw Suky’s eyes widen again and a look of surprise came over her face as Tim slowly eased forward.

Suky had a pained look now, discomfort written all over her face, as it dawned on me that my boss was trying to enter my girlfriend’s anal passage, for the second time tonight. There was no discussion or indication that Tim was going to use a condom, this time. He slowly forced his way into Suky’s asshole, bareback. Suky was wincing now, as she struggled to accommodate his anal invasion, but she made no attempt to stop him.

After a protracted struggle to get inside Suky’s ass, Tim was finally balls-deep. He allowed Suky a few seconds to get used to the violation, then said something to her. She nodded and looked in my direction. To her credit, even though she was in obvious discomfort from being sodomized, she maintained eye contact with me, as I hid in the darkened RV. Tim was also looking at me, the smirk of pleasure on his face contrasting with Suky’s look of distress.

Tim started to slowly butt-fuck my girlfriend, and I thought I could see tears in her eyes. As her anal passage relaxed and got used to his penetration, Suky’s face was less contorted. It didn’t look like she was enjoying it, by any stretch of the imagination, but it appeared that the worst of the pain was over. Tim picked up the pace and started to fuck her ass in earnest. Suky still has a distressed look on her face, as she looked directly at me, but Tim had a smug smile plastered across his.

Ana was still underneath the two of them, although I couldn’t see whose genitals her mouth was attending to. Tim fucked my girlfriend’s ass for several minutes, and then I noticed Ana scoot further under him. It was Tim’s turn to have wide eyes now, and he spread his legs slightly further apart, as Ana presumably started to rim him.

I could sense that Tim was close, as I could see him breathing heavily and he was having difficulty focusing on looking at me. I imagine it was extremely pleasurable to be in Suky’s tight asshole as Ana licked his ass, and a few moments leather, Tim tensed up and ejaculated in my girlfriend’s butt. His face showed his pleasure now as he finished blowing his wad, and tried to compose himself.

Ana remained under his asshole, presumably still rimming him for several moments. Tim pulled out of Suky’s ass, and a palpable look of relief appeared on her face. Tim scooted around to the side of Suky’s head, without getting up from his knees, and rested the tip of his cock on Suky’s cheek. She knew what he wanted, turned her head to the side, and began to clean my boss’ cock with her tongue.

The way Tim had positioned himself, to the side of Suky, gave me an unobstructed view of my girlfriend allowing my boss, the pleasure of ass to mouth. I view this as a disgusting act, but I knew that fat John insisted on Suky performing ATM on him, every time he butt-fucked her. Tim was smiling now, content in the fact that he had subjugated my girlfriend, right in front of my jealous eyes.

Shortly after Tim made Suky clean him up, Ana crawled around to the two of them and started to help Suky suck Tim’s cock. It took about twenty minutes of the two-girl blowjob, but finally Tim was rock-hard again. He stood up, and as the girls knelt naked before him, he began to give them fresh instructions.

My nuts were throbbing with desire, but the cock-cage was preventing any release, or even erection, on my part. I had leaked all over the cage and my inner thighs were slick with my pre-cum. Watching my boss enjoy my girlfriend had made me really horny, and I wanted to go and join in the fun and games. I guess you should be careful what you wish for, because my phone dinged and it was a text from Suky telling me to join them in the living room.

It was with some trepidation that I entered the room. I knew I was persona non-grata in the house, due to my disrespectful actions towards my boss’ girlfriend. However, I wanted the chance to make it up to Ana, so upon entering the room, I engaged her in conversation. It started off well enough, as the four of us chatted about living in Thailand and Malaysia. Ana had been a bar-girl in Bangkok’s red-light district, and Suky had worked as a courtesan in Malaysia, so the conversation eventually turned to sex. More specifically, sex for money.

The girls were faIrly forthright about the fact that just about anything was on mecidiyeköy escort the menu, for the right price. They were detailing some of their most embarrassing sexual encounters for money, and the mood was light. At some point, I asked Ana if she had ever crawled under a table, and blown someone anonymously. After seeking clarification from me, she burst into tears. This display of crocodile tears, elicited a strong protective outburst from my boss, that was very intimidating.

“You disrespectful prick, that is my girlfriend you are talking to,” Tim yelled at me, his physical demeanor suddenly making me fearful of a beating.

“I didn’t mean it that way, Ana,” I said apologetically. “It was something I saw once in a documentary. I was just interested, in general, in whether the television depictions of the sex games in Asian red-light districts, are exaggerated.

“Not in any way, Timmy,” Ana replied dejectedly, sobbing as she spoke. “Before Tim saved me, I had to endure some humiliating evenings, playing smile with military guys, or doing tricks with a ping pong ball.”

“Smile?” I asked, unable to contain my curiosity.

“Smile is probably the game you saw in the documentary. A bunch of men sit around a table, usually drinking beer. A girl gets naked and crawls under the table. She picks a random guy to blow and the other participants guess who is getting head, based on the facial expressions. Most guys will smile when getting sucked off, hence the game’s name.”

“Ok, I have heard enough,” my boss said emphatically. “I have a good mind to get a ping pong ball and see if you can expel it from your asshole, Timmy.”

“Ha, that I would love to see,” Suky said enthusiastically.

“I would rather put Timmy under the table and have a game of smile,” Ana said with a practiced timidity, that always got results from men.”

“Let’s do it,” my boss said, as I recoiled in shock.

“You are kidding right?” I said with a shaky voice, “I have already apologized to Ana for my insensitivity.”

“I don’t give a fuck,” Tim said. “Ana wants to play smile, so we are going to play it. We will give you five minutes privacy to get naked, and get your ass under the dining table.”

“I will fetch an oversized table cloth,” Suky said cheerfully, “and a couple of ping pong balls from the garage!”

My heart sank as I processed where this evening was heading. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Tim interjected.

“Girls, unlock Timmy’s cage, I want to see if he gets hard blowing me.”

Ana and Suky directed me into the master bedroom, as that was where Suky had hidden the key to my cock-cage. As Suky went into the walk-in closet to retrieve the key, Ana began to taunt me.

“I have never played a bar game in my life other than connect 4,” she said with a giggle. “I just want you to suck Tim’s cock for our amusement.”

“Please Ana,” I said desperately, “you’ve had your fun. Let me off the hook, please.”

“Not a chance,” she said coldly, as Suky returned with the key.

“You locked him up, Ana,” Suky said cheerfully. “You get to do the honors.”

Suky handed Ana the key to my cage and the young Thai girl knelt before me and released me from the confinement. I had only been in the cage for two days but I had endured a tremendous amount of sexual stimulation. Starting with Ana handing me her scented panties, witnessing Tim enjoy the two girls on the patio right outside by bedroom window, hearing him spank Suky after the three of them turned in for the night, in my bed! And then the extended double blowjob and ass-fucking of my girlfriend, as I hid in the dark RV, sniffing Ana’s panties.

It had been an eventful and very erotic forty-eight hours for me, so it was no surprise that my cock emerged from the confines of my cock-cage, quickly erect, and slick with my seminal fluids. Ana smiled when she saw my state of arousal. My cock-head was red and swollen from its protracted fight with the metal cage. Veins were visible in the shaft of my cock, a testament to my overwhelming desire for Suky and Ana. My nuts were swollen and very warm to the touch.

Ana reached her dainty manicured hand over to my blood-engorged cock, wiped up the glob of pre-cum pooling at the tip, and smeared it across my lips, much to Suky’s amusement.

“Let’s dress him up,” Suky said impulsively. “I have a yellow baby doll that Timmy wore once to perform for Rim and I.”

“No, Suky, please,” I begged, “not in front of my boss.”

“Quiet,” Suky growled, “or I will get my strap-on too. The one I used to punish Lisa, when I caught you guys cheating on me.”

I knew Suky was serious. She had a sadistic dominant streak that she fought to suppress, and I knew that I had to obey her every command, in order to prevent tonight from escalating out of control.

Suky had been extremely submissive when I first met her, and this was one of the things that attracted me to her. I soon found out it was an act. Suky had some deep rooted resentment about being treated as a sex-toy at work, and it was obvious that she would blow off some steam, the second she encountered a submissive man. The more she pushed me, the more compliant I became. If someone didn’t step in to mitigate her abuse of me, I was heading down the same path as Amy, the road to being someone’s sex slave.

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