My Little Soldier Boy Ch. 01

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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

Authors note. Thanks for the support. I am sorry about the errors within the text. I know how bad it is when you are pulled out of the story by spelling and grammatical errors, I have not been able to find a reliable editor. I can’t blame them because none of them are being paid for the work they do, and life gets in the way. I have put it through Word and Grammarly and read it through many times, I’m just not proficient enough to catch all the mistakes I make. I am just going to give you what a non-writer can do and hope for your forgiveness.

My Little Soldier Boy Ch. 1

This all started when Robbie was eighteen. He had a crush on his Mom, rightly so she was beautiful, although a little sad. While she was pregnant with Robbie, her first son, Andrew, was almost two at the time, became ill, and his heart deteriorated quickly. He passed away just before Robbie was born. All Robbie knew of Andrew was the pictures on the wall that surrounded Andrew’s framed birth certificate.

Robbie became obsessed with the idea of seeing his Mom without clothes. He took every opportunity to peek at her, looking through the keyhole in her bedroom door, and under the bathroom door. But nothing ever worked. He was always on the lookout for his Father. His Dad James Murphy was a big man that stood six feet three and was a mean drunk. Even though Robbie was a big kid at almost six feet tall, his Father was twice as broad across the shoulders as he was and always put the fear of God into him.

Then one day, while he was hiding from his Father in the closet, he realized that he could hear the shower running. The back wall of the cabinet was the sidewall of the bathroom. Bingo, now how to get a hole in the wall without being seen. Robbie spent a few nights during his shower time measuring his wall and the bathroom wall to check where he could drill a hole in the wall. If he drilled just under the edge of the cabinet, it was hard to see because the room was not wide enough. So if the whole was covered with white tape so no light would show through from the closet when it was dark in the bathroom. This never happened because the overhead heat lamps were very bright.

Robbie borrowed his Dad’s hand drill and took it in to the bathroom that night wrapped in his robe. He put on some music as he usually did and turned on the shower. Robbie was safe with the door locked and the noise of the water. He found the spot under the lip of the sink and started to drill, but it was a disaster as the paint flaked off around the whole, showing the brown material under the paint. He had to continue now and find some way to cover the missing paint before he finished. He finally pushed through to the other side and pulled the drill back, chipping even more paint off in the process.

Robbie was sweating more now than at any other time in his life. He searched the medicine cabinet frantically for something to cover brown wood where the paint was missing. He stood back at the door, and the first thing he saw was the brown under the sink. Crap, he was dead, as soon as his Father saw that he would get the whooping of his life. He took out his toothbrush and splashed some water on his face and chest to make it look like he had a shower. Then when he picked up the toothpaste, he just sighed in relief. It was white, just like the paint and thick enough to cover the chips for sure. He quickly covered the chips around the hole and stood back, smiling, he could not see a thing.

Robbie returned to his room and crawled into his closet, looking for the hole armed with some white tape again borrowed from his Dad’s workshop. He soon found the light streaming from the whole. He covered it with the tape and tucked himself in bed. Robbie waited for a long time that night for his heart rate to drop after his daring escapades in the bathroom.

The very next night, when his Mother went to have a shower, Robbie crawled into his hiding space and peeled off the tape. He was too late, as all he saw was his Mother’s naked back and bottom as she stepped into the shower and closed the frosted door. Robbie heard footsteps in the hall, so he quickly taped up the hole and sat back at his desk ‘doing homework.’ He had to get better at his timing if he was going to achieve his goal of seeing his Mother nude.

Robbie was ready the next night, and when his Mother headed to the bathroom, he ducked into his hiding space. He pulled off the tape, and he could see his Mother’s legs, and as she turned to walk to the shower, he got a side view of her naked body. Then pop, the lights went out, Robbie fumbled with the switch of his flashlight to turn it off. He could hear his Mom yelling something to his Father. Robbie stayed in his closet as he listened to his parent’s raised voices, but he couldn’t make out what was said.

“No, Jim, don’t,” His Mother yelled, then Robbie heard a crash, elmadağ escort then the closet lit up as the door was yanked open.

Robbie was dragged to his feet, the tears flowing down his face. The shame-filled his every thought, how could he ever face his Mother again. Pow! A flash of light and then darkness. Robbie’s Dad stood over Robbie’s crumpled form with an arm cocked, ready to strike again. Robbie was out cold. Another strike would do nothing to him now. He was feeling no pain. Blood trickled from his mouth, and two teeth lay on his shirt. his Mother screamed and held his Father’s arm back from landing another blow.

“Leave him, he is no son of ours,” James said, dragging Robbie’s Mother from the room.

It was still pitch black outside, then Robbie awoke, the pain in his face testament to the punch that his Father landed. He thought he deserved much more, and the shame he felt at being caught was overwhelming. He could not face his Mother, even if his Father let him. He looked around, getting his bearings then grabbed his backpack and his wallet. Threw as much clothing as he could stuff into his bag, he headed downstairs to the kitchen and filled all the side pockets with canned meat and dried food. He took Andy’s birth certificate from the frame and copied it before putting the copy he just made back in the frame and rolled up the original and put it in his pack. He crept to the door, took one last look around, wiped the tears from his eyes, and stepped out into the world.

Robbie thought that he needed to be as far away from town as he could get before dawn. He headed out onto the highway and put a thumb out, trying to get a lift. Eventually, a truck pulled up beside him, and an older man behind the wheel yelled over the truck motor.

“If you want a lift, you have to talk to me and keep me awake,” he said, a deal Robbie couldn’t pass up.

“I am not sure it will be a stimulating conversation, but if I am relying on you to keep this truck on the road, I’m going to keep you awake,” Robbie said, as he climbed into the truck.

“Hi, I’m Wayne, where are you heading, young fella?” Wayne said, pulling back onto the almost empty highway, and going up through a seemingly endless set of gears.

“Hi, Wayne, I’m Andy, and I am going as far as you are willing to take me away from here,” Robbie said, taking his big brother’s name.

“Judging from the bruises on your face, you’re running away from something. I don’t care as long as it’s not the Law, and you’re not a minor,” Wayne said, finally getting to top gear.

“I’m twenty and let’s just say my old man, and I don’t see eye to eye,” Andy said, putting his fingers on his swollen face.

I am heading to Dallas with this load if you want to stay with me for the next day or so,” Wayne said, feeling sorry for the boy.

Andy talked to Wayne for the rest of the night, and they stopped at a roadhouse, and Andy waited in the truck while Wayne had a shower and breakfast. Andy had a snack bar. He stashed in his side-pocket of his pack. He liked Wayne, and the conversation went from Wayne’s days in the Army to his divorce and his son, who he had not seen in a few years. When they hit the outskirts of Dallas, Wayne pulled over to the side of the road.

“Here is my card. If you need a ride back, let me know. I make this trip four times a month. If you need me, I will find you, OK,” Wayne said, as Andy stepped down from the rig.

“I can’t thank you enough, Wayne,” Andy said, putting his card in his backpack and waving as the big rig roared to life.

Robbie, now Andy, walked the streets of Dallas looking for somewhere to sleep that night, he saw some people pushing around a shopping trolley full of what looked like garbage. He followed them to a Catholic church, and he walked in after them to find the priest handing out food.

“Do you know of someplace I can sleep tonight, Father?” Andy said, as he took the warm food tray.

“Yes, but you will have to be quick. Around the corner, the church had shelter, but men are last to be let in. So, eat up and get in line,” The priest said, looking at the next person with their hands out.

Andy ate quickly and hurried around the corner to find a long line of men already waiting to get in the shelter. He lined up, but the doors closed before he was at the front, so he headed off with the others to sleep rough. Watching the others, they headed under the freeway and scattered amongst the boxes, and old cars littered around like some abandoned town he saw as a kid.

He found an empty box and pulled his bag under himself and waited for the night to fall. It was the worst night Andy had ever had, the cold was impossible to fight off, and even if he could get warm, he would not dare sleep in fear he would lose his belongings or worse his life. Fights and noise were going all night, only quieting down just before dawn.

Andy took off towards the city center and was esenyurt escort about to use some of the little money he had to buy breakfast when a huge man in a uniform stood beside him in the queue.

“I’ll get this one,” He said to the young girl behind the counter as Andy tried to pay.

“That’s alright, sir, I’m OK,” Andy said, but the girl would not take his money.

“Come over here and talk to me for a bit, and we will call it even,” The man said, pointing to a spare table.

Andy was feeling very vulnerable without sleep and welcomed the favor the man did for him. He sat down and ate the food, trying not to scoff it down.

“I’m Sargent Willets, US Army, I am a recruiter in the office just across the road. You look like you slept badly last night, are you homeless?” the Sargent asked, sipping his coffee.

“It’s the first time I have ever done that, but I wouldn’t say I slept any,” Andy said, eating the last of his food.

“The army gives you food and somewhere to sleep, and pays you for the privilege,” The Sargent said, looking at Andy sadly.

“I’ll think about it,” Andy said, looking at the Sargent, “Thanks for the food.”

“Don’t mention it,” The Sergeant said, watching Andy leave.

Andy walked past the recruiting office and almost went in. What’s the worst that could happen, he died, no one would care. Walking through the city, he saw the homeless people on the streets, and this could only be a fraction of the ones in the whole city. Then two young men tried to pull his backpack from his shoulder. Andy was too strong for them. He pulled the straps over his shoulders, carried the backpack on his front, and headed back to the recruiting office.

“Can I see Sargent Willets please?” Andy said, as he walked up to the counter.

“Take a seat,” the lady in the uniform behind the counter said.

In no time Andy was filling out the forms and using his brother’s birth certificate that said he was twenty a few months ago, he was off to basic training.


The recruiters were all smooth-talking and friendly people, but at basic, it all changed. The Sergeant in charge screamed at everyone all the time. They were up before dawn and still doing some sort of duty well after lights out. Marcus was in the next bunk and was a tall black boy of no more than eighteen and was Andy’s main competitor when it came to anything physical. Every PT session ended with them fighting for the lead. They both thought they could beat the record for the obstacle course. This was a much-prized record with the name of the last record-holder still emblazoned on the mess wall.

Each week they got closer to the title, but really, they both got fitter and bonded together. The harder the challengers became, the more the men of the unit drew together to push each other through. As the final course run approached, Both Marcus and Andy were within reach, but Tim and Carlo were on the edge of not completing the course in a passing time and would, at best be dropped to the next class and another month of basic or be kicked out of the Army altogether.

They both headed out fast, and by the third obstacle was heading for the fastest time when they looked at each other.

“We need to help the others, it will be a hollow victory if Tim and Carlo get kicked out,” Marcus said, as he dropped to a slow stride.

“I got you, brother,” Andy said, turning and waiting for the others to pass.

When Tim and Carlo caught up, they ran each side of them, pushing them on. The climbs slowed then down the most, but with Marcus and Andy calling out the foot placements and urging them on the four young men crossed just inside the time needed. This didn’t get missed by the Sergeants either. They were looking for the leaders, not just the showoffs. Both Marcus and Andy were looking forward to graduation, but on the family day, they were the only ones with no one to greet them. They sat around the barracks, polishing their gear for the parade the next day.

“Where are your folks, Andy?” Marcus said, shining his boots for the fourth time.

“My Dad’s a mean drunk,” Andy said, pulling down his lip and showing off his missing teeth as proof.

“Mine are both dead. Dad was a gangbanger and got them both killed. The gang came looking for me to take his place. The Army seemed a safer place at the time,” Marcus said, looking at Andy, and they both laughed.

Andy lent over and pulled Marcus in for a man hug and pulled back well inside the two-second rule. The rest of the crew showed their family around the base. The next day we all stood on the parade ground and graduated from Basic. There was a big cheer from all the families and friends of the other cadets, but Marcus and Andy didn’t bother looking out because no one was there for them.

Within days Marcus and Andy were off to specialist training as an infantryman. They chose the same because they etiler anal yapan escort were in the top 10% of cadets, and it was one of the quickest and got them posted sooner. After another few months of training, they were both sent to the 12th infantry and a few months later, on their way to Kandahar.

With over eight months of hard training in their bodies, Marcus and Andy were both inches broader, at six feet two, he was almost the same height as Marcus, but Marcus was broader and had more meat on his frame. The heat and dust were the hardest for both young men, but they continued to train with their unit. Together they forged bonds with and tried to gain the respect of the other men they would fight with, for the next year.

On the first patrol, Andy volunteered to take point. He didn’t care about his own life but worried about Marcus and the others. Marcus took the M240 machine gun right behind him. As they filed through the small villages, he signaled to the team when to stop all the men automatically moved into positions to cover everyone else. In the end, it was the guy at point that was in the most danger.

It wasn’t long before they walked into their first firefight. Andy signaled to stop, as he heard some shuffling ahead in the gravel. The team spread into their positions, and all hell broke loose. Andy stood his ground and fired a magazine of rounds in short bursts while Marcus set the machine gun and returned fire in short bursts while Andy reloaded.

The first contact was not as smooth as Marcus and Andy had hoped for, but they learned from it. The next few times, the loading and placement of guns and the fire rate was much better. Both young men proved themself within the ranks of the unit. Andy’s keen senses honed from many hunting trips with his Grandfather on his Mother’s side served him well and protected the others.

Andy took point all the time, and no one argued as it carried the most danger. In his mind, he had nothing to lose, and he had to keep the rest of the team safe, and this was his way of doing it. Marcus carried the most weight, but he was there to protect Andy if he could. After almost a year of being ‘in-country,’ they were a well-oiled machine.

Some of the guys were going home in a few weeks. They started to get nervous like they were somehow more likely to get killed just before going back, but the casualties they had taken over the year were totally random stray bullets, or IED’s had injured five Men, but so far no one had been lost. Both Andy and Marcus were going to come back the first chance they got. They never felt as needed as they did now, and it showed, they kept getting promotions and racked up awards for completing the jobs assigned to the unit.

On the second tour, Marcus and a mostly new team of guys started to bond. Andy and Marcus were the old hands and led the troops. They didn’t know that Andy was not twenty, but just turned eighteen a few weeks before the tour started. The Army had fixed Andy’s teeth for free in between the drinking and training for this next trip ‘in country.’ All in the name of bonding with teammates.

The second tour was going down similarly as the first with Andy taking point and Marcus carrying the heavy machine gun right behind. Still, it was different this time the fighting was more ferocious each time they encountered the enemy. They also had many more encounters, and then it happened they lost the first man to an IED, he was next to the truck checking out a blind corner when it went off. Davis was still alive when the chopper took off but died on the way to the field hospital.

That night at the FOB, the team fell apart, and Marcus was looking shaky for the first time. Andy looked at his men and knew he had to pull them together. He grabbed Marcus and pulled him up beside him.

“We are going to get you all through this, or we will die trying. Have you ever seen us back down, have you ever seen us flinch in a fight? We can finish this tour together if we fight as a unit. We can honor Privat Arthur Davis by sticking together and doing the job he started,” Andy said, and saw Marcus straighten up, and the team looked to then.

The fighting got more substantial and more regular. They could hear the chatter on the radios each time they left the FOB, As the enemy announced their prey was on the move. Andy was at point, entering a small village that was supposed to be deserted. Andy had just turned a corner when he saw a little spray of dust from behind the nearest set of huts.

Andy signaled to stop, and the team spread out Marcus pointed his gun over Andy’s shoulder and held still. Then a bang from the side, an explosion ripped through the wall, and it collapsed on the guys across from them. Andy opened up with his short bursts, and Marcus set up the heavy gun and lay down fire.

He signaled for the three guys on the other side to fall back, but he got a head shake from the only one still able to lift his body out of the rubble.

“Marcus call for air support and throws some smoke, and I’m going to get one of the guys, keep up the cover fire. Adams, keep your fire in short bursts and keep that gun feed with ammo,” Andy said, and took off across the gap between the buildings with bullets whizzing around him.

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