My Little Pussyboy Pt. 02

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Content warning: this story contains elements of BDSM, forced feminization, reluctance, abuse. If these aren’t things you like you have been warned.


Watching my little pussy bring back my beer and bend at the waist had me harder than ever. Looking at his tight body in the kitchen cooking my dinner, knowing he won’t be eating the meal he’s making me made me even more erect! I was morphing him into my wife and loving every second.

As he was finishing up I came into the kitchen and walked behind him. I pulled his shorts up his crack, showing off his gorgeous cheeks and again I admired my little pussy. I grabbed a wooden spoon and started smacking his ass, not holding back much. He yelped and cried “daddy stop it hurts!” but I just covered his mouth with one of my hands. I knew it hurt, but that’s why I was doing it. I wanted to remind him that I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

After a few hard smacks then some caressing I told him to set the table for one and bring me my food. Wiping some tears he meekly set my spot and then began serving me. He grabbed another beer then came next to me, standing submissive and confused, not sure what to do next.

“Baby, why don’t you get under the table and daddy will give you a little dessert since you’ve been so good today. You’d like that.” I liked telling him what he does and doesn’t like, forming his desires to my own.

He scurried under the table, surely afraid of another ass whooping. He opened my dress pants and put his mouth on my tip, looking up at me from under the table. I gave him a quick nod and he began sucking the man for whom he just cooked dinner. This dynamic made me feel so powerful, on top of the world. I ate my meal happily knowing that my bitch would clean up after and I could go right back to the game. And of course that’s what happened.

“Pussy, clean up my dinner then meet me in my office.”

“Yes, daddy” he whispered then got to work. I sat and watched the game, stroking my cock, waiting for my cunt to return to me. When he walked back in the room, eyes low in submission, the flame inside me rekindled.

“Ok, baby boy, let’s go off to bed now and get some rest.”

I took his hand and led him to our room, the room where I’d break his cunt in over and over again for the next week. We got ready for bed and he slipped into the nude. I like having easy access to his pussy and have required he sleep naked since we started dating. Once in bed, I told him to kneel down while I stood by the side. I love seeing him on his knees so much and wanted to drill into his mind that this was his place.

“Ok, little pussy, you know what to do.”

He took me into his mouth for another round. But tonight his lips wouldn’t suffice. I needed his pussy. I needed to core out my bitch and remind her to never forget who owns her.

“Up on the bed, little cunt,” I whispered and he hopped up. “On your back, baby, with your legs spread and pussy open. I want to see all of you.”

With some trepidation he lay and opened his legs, offering me everything. He looked so vulnerable in this position, begging to be filled and raped. I lubed up my cock, readying it for conquest. On the new veggie diet and strict douching schedule I imposed I knew my baby would be clean and that I could cunt her pussy as hard as I wanted. So I did.

I pushed the head of my cock in her hole, watching her eyes roll back in pain and pleasure. I held just the tip in for a moment, slowly working in an inch or two, making sure to never lose eye contact with my bitch.

“Look at daddy when he fucks you open, pussy. You need to see who owns your little cunt.”

My words had an intoxicating effect on the bitch, making him open up more and mewl in my arms. He hugged me close, crying as he said, “daddy I love you so much and want to be the best pussy for you! Please don’t leave me! Teach me and train me and I’ll be the best wife, I promise.” He was crying now, begging to be my bitch.

“I know, baby, I know. And you will be my wife, don’t worry. I just need to fine tune you a bit until you’re perfect. You want that, baby, I know.”

Soothing him and stroking his face I pumped with increased rhythm and power, eliciting cries and tears from my girl. “It’s ok, baby, let it all out. I know what you need.”

Fortunately I had trained him early on to never touch his tiny cock when we were together, and today was no different. I hated when he touched his cock, taking his attention off me and focusing on his own pleasure. I also hated thinking about him getting himself off. I was his pleasure source and I would control his orgasms; that’s how a man should act.

I fucked faster and faster, getting closer to breeding. He knew that I came when I wanted to, and that he came when I allowed him to. I decided tonight he wouldn’t as I needed him to understand where we were going in our marriage. I pumped cum into his small pussy, filling him with my warm cream, making him cry out in pleasure when my güvenilir bahis warm jets hit his walls.

“Oh daddy, yes! Cum in me, fill me!” he yelled, soaking up my load dutifully. He held me tight as I withdrew my cock, crying out with pleading eyes when he emptied completely. His little clitty was rock hard which I didn’t mind, I knew he liked the experience; but no one was gonna touch it.

“Sweet heart, a new thing you’re going to do after I cum in you is clean daddy off so we can make sure every drop is inside you. Get on your knees bitch, come on.”

I slapped his face gently a few times and he went to his knees. I towered over my cunt. He looked up, sniffling, and then sucked me clean, making sure my cock was perfect. His battered hole was surely red and puffy, abused from my rape.

I use the term rape in this context lovingly, but accurately. Technically, he never consents to our mating, simply because I never ask. So I think of most of our sessions as me raping him, but that’s just fine with me. I think it’s how it should be between a man and his bitch, and my little boy hasn’t complained yet.

“Let’s go to sleep now, cutie”. I put him into the little spoon position and cupped his pussy, capturing my dripping seed. I took the jizz from my fingers and shoved it in his mouth, letting him suck me clean. My juice would leak out all night but I didn’t mind since pussy was going to be doing the laundry tomorrow anyway. Here we slept, two lovers fit perfectly into one.

In the middle of the night I stirred when I felt my cock between his supple cheeks, so I did what any man would and starting working it to an erection. I lathered my cock in lube then lined up to his rosebud. I started inching my way in from the spooning position, holding his leg up in one hand, covering his mouth in the other. When I got about halfway in I sensed pussy was awake and he shook, afraid of what was happening. He tried to say something but only a mumble came out with my large hard covering his mouth. I started picking up the pace, raping my little cunt til she was moaning and panting. I wanted a quick nut so I mercifully fucked her for just a few more minutes then came deep, savoring the silky walls on my cock.

“Well bitch, what are you waiting for” I demanded impatiently after climaxing.

Pussy got nervous and apologized. “I’m so sorry, daddy.” She went down to my cock and cleaned it up, giving the tip a kiss as she came back into the little spoon position.

“I don’t want to have to ask you to do that next time,” I threatened while holding her asscheek in a tight grip, quickly swatting it three times hard.

He cried out, “I’m so sorry, daddy, I promise I won’t forget next time!”

“I know you won’t baby, because you don’t want to know what will happen if you do.” I kissed the back of his head, held his hands and chest as close to my hairy body as possible and we drifted to sleep again.


The next day we woke up and I squeezed my baby tight. I was a bit annoyed he was in my arms; he should’ve been in the kitchen starting my breakfast.

“Baby, I know you want to cuddle but you should already be working on my bacon and eggs. You get a pass this time but I expect it in the future. Go make yourself a green smoothie while you do my breakfast and finish up before I get in. You know I don’t like to see you eating.”

It’s true, I really didn’t like to see my pussy eat. I didn’t find the act lady-like, and I preferred us to eat separately so that he could suck me and serve me while I dined. As we move forward, I expect him to finish meals before serving me, and to do so on his own time. I will have strict control over what goes in my princess’s body, or what doesn’t when I think she should skip a meal.

A thin bitch has always made me happy and my wife will be no different. I want her weak and malleable, and a bit paranoid about her weight. Make a girl convinced she needs to be skinny for you to like her and it’ll trigger a new reliance on you in her mind. You are the one who controls what makes her feel pretty, so ensure she strives to create herself in your desired image.

He walked out naked to the kitchen but I told him to grab his new apron before cooking. The apron was a tiny, frilly, gingham maid frock. It left little to the imagination in the back, and made him look like a faggot from the front; exactly what gets me hard. I walked into the kitchen and saw my embarrassed bitch in her outfit cooking my breakfast.

“Baby, you look like such a sweet little faggot in that outfit. My sweet little faggot. I love you wearing that.” He giggled and blushed. If I liked him in something then he liked to be in it.

“Thank you for letting me wear it for you, daddy. It makes me feel pretty. I didn’t know you would like me in this.”

“Of course I like you in it, my pretty pussy. Why wouldn’t I? It makes you look like such a perfect pansy, so cute and fuckable. Such a cream puff. And it reinforces your position as my wife, don’t you güvenilir bahis siteleri think?”

“Yes, daddy, it does” she blushed demurely.

I requested a coffee while reading the paper. As he poured, bending at the waist like a good cunt, I grabbed his cheeks, softly massaging them and separating the globes. I told him to put the coffee down and stay bent as I fingered his pussy, entering him with a digit as long as his clitty. He was rock hard and panting at this point, working his ass back on me as I began pummeling. “Oh daddy, I love that!” he bounced back.

I stood up, “spread em, cunt.” He did, pulling his cheeks apart immediately and looking back in desperation and fear to see if I approved of how he looked.

“Good cunt”. I lubed up with some oil and slipped in fast, his pussy still a bit open from last night.

“Oooooohh daddy that’s deep!” he cried out. I didn’t care.

I raped her hard and fast, making her pant and cry, literally. I love her tears. I pushed her head into the table and held her wrists behind her back, fucking brutally. I’m sure it hurt a bit but I couldn’t be bothered, I wasn’t in any pain. On the contrary, I was in pure ecstasy. I came deep, leaving little time for him to expect it. He rushed to his knees, knowing not to fuck up again, and he cleaned me up with his mouth.

“Thank you,” he whispered softly, placing my cock gently back into my boxers.

“Now finish breakfast, my little faggot.” He got right back to work.

With breakfast and the dishes finished I figured it was time to ramp up his training. “Come here, my sweet. I have something for you.”

He minced over shyly in his maid costume. He looked like a ridiculous pansy, blushing and rubbing his hands together coyly. “Baby, quit your dawdling and come to your knees.” He assumed his position.

“Sweet heart, as you know already I insist that you keep your hands off your little cockette when we’re together. This is because it makes me angry thinking about you stealing orgasms from your little clit without my hard cock rubbing deep inside your pussy. Don’t you think it’s rude when you touch yourself without my permission?”

He nodded. “I think it is too, dear. It’s not right when you touch yourself without my go ahead. But how can I stop you when I’m not around, cream puff? How can I know that you aren’t breaking the rules?”

“Daddy you know I’d never touch myself. I promise! Since we started dating I haven’t done it once without your permission. You know I’m a good boy.” He looked distraught. He didn’t know why I was talking down to him if he hadn’t broken any rules. He was afraid he had done something wrong since he knew he would be swiftly punished. He kept crying and apologizing on my leg.

“Shhh, baby, it’s ok. Daddy’s not mad. I know you haven’t broken any of my rules. You’d never disobey me, would you?”

“Noooo, no daddy, never. I never would,” he sobbed softly.

“I know, but I just need to make sure of that. It wouldn’t be right if I let you slip up. I’d be a bad daddy. So we need to take some precautionary measures to make sure you never get a chance to break my rules. I’m going to give you a gift that will keep you exactly how I want you to be. Isn’t that great, baby?”

Again he nodded softly. I could see my boy was rock hard from the intense subspace I just put him into and I knew he’d need release before I could lock him in chastity. I told him stand and held him tightly in my arms. I slipped my finger into his mouth then trailed it down to his vulnerable behind, exposed from the apron.

“Oooo,” he cooed when the finger slipped in. He held onto me tighter. “Shhhhh, baby, just let it take you deep.”

I continued my finger fuck with one hand and gently bent him over, holding his chest up with my other arm. “You can jerk your clitty, baby,” I smiled at him.

“Really?” He asked nervously. I approved. He swiftly grabbed his cock and began to pump it.

“Just two fingers, baby girl. Rub your clittie with two fingers.” He let go of his small cock and pinched the tip between his two fingers. My hand was now slamming into him vigorously, my digit stirring up his insides.

“Cum for me, doll. Cum on daddy’s fingers like a good girl.” I could tell he was getting closer so I slipped in another finger and jammed them up tight. He squealed and shook as his seed dribbled weakly out of his tiny nuts.

I hugged him and asked if he liked touching his clit. When he said he did, I told him I hope he remembers how it felt because it may be the last time he gets to for a while. He looked up at my inquisitively. It was time to show him his gift.

“Daddy…” he quivered, “is that what I think it is…?” He started backing up into the corner of the room. I followed after slowly.

“Baby, what are you so worried about?” I asked calmly. We were now in the corner. I was standing over him and he was shaking towards the floor. He knew he was getting locked. He couldn’t stop weeping.

“Baby, none of that. iddaa siteleri You know why I’m doing this. I’m doing it for you. So you don’t get distracted by that little clit of yours anymore.” I held his hands and looked down lovingly into his eyes.

“I’m doing it so your precious hole, that I cherish so dearly, becomes the center of our worlds. I need complete access to your pussy, and just your pussy. Baby boy, with you wearing this you can finally be just how you’ve always wanted to be. Your sweet cunt will tingle when you’re near me; you won’t have to worry about jerking yourself when we’re fucking which ruins some of our positions. You’ll finally be able to devote your pussy completely to me without distraction, just like you’ve always wanted. Now, stop your crying and come sit on my lap so I can put it on you. Otherwise I’ll just have to lay you across my lap until you feel like you’re ready to comply. What’s it gonna be, baby?”

I knew he didn’t want a spanking so I put my arms down and picked him up. I carried him over to my big chair, stripped his apron, and sat him on my lap facing the same way as me.

“I knew you’d come around, sweet heart.” I tickled him and kissed his neck and he giggled. My boy was back to me. I lubed up the inside of the tube and ring a bit then started to glide the ring up and over his package. It fit snugly. Next I shoved his shriveled, tired cockette into the tube.

“How’s that feel baby? Nothing’s pinching?”

“No daddy, it’s ok,” he sniffled with a small smile. I kissed him again. “How does it work, daddy?”

“Like this, baby boy. Let’s do it together.” I held his small hand in mine then placed the key in his fingers. I directed his hand to the keyhole and together we inserted it. “Now you just have to turn it, baby. Then you’re all mine.”

He shivered as he turned the key for us and we heard a CLICK. He froze when it clicked but I thought quickly and pulled his hand away, taking the key with me.

“This is for me dear, I’ll be your keeper.”

“When are you gonna let me out, daddy?” He pouted.

“I will when I will, sweetie. And you won’t keep asking me if you know what’s good for you. Now, I have to finish up some work so why don’t you get to cleaning this place up, huh? It’ll be good for you to start practicing your wifely duties and your new cage will put you in the right mindset. Chop chop, dear. The carpets need to be vacuumed, corners dusted, furniture cleaned, fireplaces swept, silverware polished, dishes put away, bathroom grout washed, laundry folded, my works shirts ironed, and my shoes desperately need a shine. Off you go, pansy. Show me you can be my good wife.”

He looked dejected when he learned of his long list of chores. “Don’t be sad, dear. Soon you’ll do these chores so many times they’ll be second nature to you. Isn’t that great! Oh wait, babe, one more thing.”

I pulled out a shoe box. “These are some starter heels for you, love. You’re going to look so cute in them. Here try them on.”

The 3 inch heels were a new addition but he knew better than to question me, especially now that I had the key to his pleasure. My baby wobbled in his new heels and I laughed when he held me for support.

“Off you go. You’ll find the supplies in the bathroom and kitchen. I’ll see you in a few hours at 2pm for my lunch. Make yourself a light salad before. See you then!”

I settled into my office to watch my bitch clean my house. I had monitors set up to cameras around the place so I could capture every moment of my sweetie’s submission. I grinned when I heard the clicking of heels and sounds of vacuums and mops. He would surely be cleaning for the rest of the afternoon and possibly into the evening but that was fine with me. A home maker should be making the home, right?

By 2 o’clock I was bored of stroking my cock and hungry, to boot. I came into the kitchen to see my love whipping me up something nice. I sat down and right on schedule my boy began plating my meal. He was learning so quickly.

“Have you enjoyed your cleaning, dear?”

“Yes, daddy, thank you. I’m still not done yet, though.”

“That’s okay, baby, you have all day. You’ve got nothing else to do, don’t worry.” I patted his head and he let out a sigh.

“This is a mighty fine lunch you just made me, babe. This meat looks delicious. Get down under the table, now, I got you some meat as well. Gonna give you a little dressing to go with that salad you had before, would you like that?”

“Yes please, daddy. Thank you!”

He went down to suck and I worked on my meal. As I finished up I realized my boy’s endurance in giving head was seriously lacking at that his technique wasn’t going to

cut it in the long run. I had an idea. I didn’t cum and decided to hold my nut for later so I pulled my dick out of his mouth. He looked up confused at this unexpected move. He always swallowed my cum.

“What’s wrong, daddy?” he pouted.

“Well, boy, that just wasn’t doing it for me, to be honest. By the end, your blowjob was getting really lackluster and I’m not sure I could even get off. Why don’t you clean up in here and meet me in the office when you’re done. We’re gonna work on you giving me the blowjobs I deserve, ok baby?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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