My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 24

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Chapter 24

Katie’s Submission

Phil Dorman sat on the couch in his living room, watching his favorite Saturday Morning Talk Show. The obese man was chewing on a cheese burrito, the hot sauce running all over his pudgy hands and dripping onto his stained shirt as he stared at the TV screen in front of him. The sound was muted. Dorman didn’t really care too much about the guests or stories, his sole interest lay in the blonde female co-host as he would constantly fantasize about her long sexy legs and revealing cleavages. The old geezer moved his stained fingers to his crotch, stroking the outline of his fat cock through his shorts. Grinning, he leaned forward and took a swig of beer from his can.

Just as the fat man was envisioning the buxom moderator unbuttoning her shirt and flashing her huge creamy tits, the sound of his wife Maureen’s voice snapped him out of his fantasy as it echoed through the corridor.

“Oh look, Sweetie” she called “looks like the new neighbors are here”.

“Damn it!” the old man cursed as he let go of his growing erection and put down his food. “What am I supposed to do about it?” he growled under his breath as he turned off the TV, wiped his hands on his trousers and got up from the couch, slowly limping his way to the front door.

His wife was standing on the porch, looking across the lawn as he came up behind her. A moving van was parked in the driveway next door. Dorman adjusted his thick glasses as a young couple emerged from the van and started walking in their direction. They seemed to be in their late twenties or early thirties and were smiling and waving at them.

“Hello, we’re the Jacksons!” the young man exclaimed as they approached the porch. He briskly extended his hand. “So nice to meet you! I’m Fred and this is my wife Katie!”

He was tall and handsome with a friendly face but Phil hardly took any notice of him for all his attention was drawn to one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on. For all he could tell, she had the looks of a supermodel with sparkling hazel eyes, her gorgeous features splattered with tiny freckles and framed by soft brown hair which was held up by Ray Ban sunglasses. She was wearing skin tight grey leggings along with a light blue tank top and sneakers. The breathtaking woman gave them a wonderfully sexy smile, flashing her perfect white teeth as they all shook hands.

“How do you do” Phil mumbled grumpily, absentmindedly reaching into his pocket for his cigarettes. His fat fingers nervously fumbled with the pack as he hastily pulled it out. Slipping from his grasp, it fell to the ground in front of him.

“Oops!” the young wife laughed as she quickly crouched down to pick up the cigarettes that lay strewn around his naked feet. Phil peered down over his huge belly at the hot woman as she picked up the items. For a brief moment her head was just at his crotch level and he instantly envisioned the sexy young wife sucking his fat prick. Katie smiled as she looked up at him with her beautiful hazel eyes. The obese man felt his cock grow at the sight of her looking up at him on her knees

“There you go” she said as she slowly got back up to her feet and handed him the cigarettes.

The ugly old man took a deep breath as he looked at her. In his dirty mind, his fat cock was lined up against her perfect lips, blasting thick ropes of cum across her freckled face as he splashed her pretty features with his seed.

“Come on then, honey! We’ve still got a lot to do!” Fred smiled as he playfully put his arm around his wife’s small waist. “You’ll have to come over and visit us once we’ve settled in” he exclaimed as the married couple turned to leave.

His bloated mouth half open, Dorman stared at the sexy woman’s buttocks as the couple made its way back down the yard. Her perfect, luscious cheeks were highlighted by the skin-tight pants, her ass swaying seductively as the old man watched her walk away.

‘Damn, that bitch is hot!’ he thought to himself as he felt the blood shoot into his groin. Coughing up a phlegm, he turned and followed his wife back into the house. The ugly geezer frowned as he realized that even if the hot beauty weren’t happily married, she was way out of his league under any circumstances.

Yet he instantly knew that he would be spending a lot of his future time staring out of the window or peering through the fence just in order to get a good look at his sexy new neighbor.

10 years later…

Katie Jackson stood naked at the bathroom counter, brushing her soft brown hair to a perfect sheen while she admired her flawless body in the mirror. Smiling with satisfaction, she picked up a flacon of her favorite perfume, spraying some of it between her perfect round breasts, on her inner thighs and on her delicate, swan-like neck.

Katie’s husband Fred walked into the bathroom and came up behind his hard bodied wife. He had already gotten dressed but the business meeting he was going to be attending in just an hour was the last thing pendik escort on his mind as he stood behind his sexy spouse and stared in awe at her naked body. Putting his hands on her hips, he gently pressed his groin into her firm buttocks. Katie could feel her husband’s hard cock as it rubbed against her perfect ass.

“I want you so bad,” he whispered into her ear.

Mrs. Jackson’s knees weakened as her husband wrapped his arms around her bare waist and pulled her closer.

“Just real quick. I promise it won’t take long” he whispered as he kissed her neck passionately.

The hot wife grabbed his arm and tried to pry it away from her bare body.

“Not now, sweetie” she huffed as she turned to face her husband. She had a knot in her throat and her stomach cramped as she caught sight of the disappointed expression on his face.

“Please!” Fred begged, his eyes glowing with lust.

“Just a blowjob?” he suggested as he reached down and started to undo his belt, “Please baby, it’s been so long!”

“Honey, don’t you have a meeting this morning?” Katie laughed, desperately trying to change the subject as she leaned forward, rising to tiptoes and kissing his chin, “maybe tonight if we have time. I have to get ready for dance and yoga class.”

She stepped back from her husband and looked into the mirror, admiring her naked figure as Fred watched in agony.

“You have been such a tease lately” he said, frowning “What’s the point of you going to those classes to get that hard body if you aren’t going to use it?”

The loving husband was frustrated. He and Katie had not had any sex at all during the last few weeks. Fred partially blamed his wife’s full schedule for her decreasing interest in him. Since winning the “Mrs. America” beauty pageant, Katie would regularly attend interviews, photo shootings or promotion events, she was frequently asked for autographs and it seemed like everyone wanted a piece of her. While he felt some pride in his wife’s newly found celebrity status, it did make it more difficult for the married couple to spend time together .

Having their old neighbor Phil Dorman living in the basement didn’t help matters either and Fred wondered if his wife’s decreasing sex drive had anything to do with the presence of their new house guest. Perhaps Katie was feeling self-conscious with the ugly, obese man being around all the time.

Sensing his discontent, Mrs. Jackson stared into the eyes of her loving husband, “You want me to do well on the show, don’t you?”

“Of course I do” Fred stammered as he felt his cock strain in his pants “But..”

“But…you should probably get to your meeting” Katie replied as she looked back into the mirror at her hard body. Studying her beautiful face, the sexy naked woman started to apply a thin layer of lipstick.

Fred shook his head as he opened the bathroom door, storming out and slamming it shut.

Putting down the lipstick as she steadied herself against the counter, Katie exhaled deeply, feeling nauseous.

It had been two weeks since her encounter with Phil Dorman in the basement. She had done things she never thought she would do. The sexy mother felt her pussy twitch as she remembered the old man drowning her face in his thick seed and how he had instructed her to not wash herself, which she had inexplicably done without question.

The ugly neighbor had smiled knowingly at the kitchen table the next morning when she had told Fred that her appearance had to do with had to with an allergic reaction to a new facial cream she had tried. Thankfully, her husband hadn’t paid much attention to the thick-crusted white layers on her cheeks and forehead. Sitting next to her unsuspecting spouse while her face was still covered with the old neighbor’s sperm had made her feel incredibly slutty yet just the thought of it turned her on beyond belief. In the past few weeks, Phil’s raspy voice constantly kept echoing in Katie’s ears as she pondered on her neighbor’s instruction to not allow her husband to touch her. Though it felt wrong and though she was ashamed of her feelings, the sexy wife knew deep down that she would eventually succumb to her ever-growing lust for the old man’s huge cock and consequently found herself following his outrageous demand.

Hoping that the obese pervert would fuck her on a daily basis from now on, she had obediently denied Fred any sexual favors. Though she felt sorry for her spouse, her growing lust towards the ugly neighbor seemed to supersede whatever guilt she might have felt. Besides, though she hated to admit it to herself, the nasty thoughts of teasing her husband only to deny him her body, excited her.

Much to her disappointment though, Phil hadn’t paid the sexy mother the attention she craved. Worst of all, he had not let her touch his beautiful cock. Occasionally he would leave in the morning, throwing Katie into fits of jealousy as she imagined him fucking other women or maybe even visiting her former boss Sheila.

At times the hot mother maltepe escort felt like a love-struck teenager, with a constant mix of jealousy, anger, insecurity and lust filling her mind. At night she would lie awake in bed, fantasizing about sneaking down to Phil’s room while Fred was sleeping.

Two days ago, she had brought herself off as she fingered her wet pussy next to her snoozing husband while she pictured herself licking the old man’s ass again. Katie felt that if her fat neighbor didn’t fuck her again soon, she would go crazy.

Taking a deep breath, the naked wife walked out into the bedroom and pulled on her thong and tight black yoga pants. She paused as she stared at the stain in the crotch that Phil had left after he had shot a huge load of spunk up her ass weeks ago. Katie had felt his cum seeping out of her during the entire class and by the time she was home, her crotch was a mess with a mix of her own juices and the old neighbor’s semen.

The hot wife licked her lips as her fingers trailed over the crusted patch. Though she had washed the pants several times, the stains of their combined effluences somehow seemed non-erasable, a constant remembrance of her adultery.

Katie slipped on her black sports bra and couldn’t help but notice how hard her nipples and breasts had become. She sat on the edge of the bed, putting on her ankle socks and tennis shoes before slowly walking down the stairs. Her hazel eyes narrowed as she stared into the empty kitchen and her heart sank. Fred had obviously left for work already but it wasn’t her husband she was worried about. “Damn it! Where is he?” she muttered under her breath.

The hot mother exhaled deeply as she stepped over to the counter and softly bumped her luscious hips on the kitchen sink in sexual frustration. A deep cough behind her snapped her out of her reverie. She turned her head as Phil’s flabby, hunched figure appeared in the doorway.

“Morning Freckles!” the old neighbor grinned.

The ugly man was wearing baggy shorts along with an ill-fitting button down shirt that was wrinkled and looked to be from the late 1980’s. It did nothing to hide his obese, out-of shape body. He wore his slip-on sandals, his yellowish toe nails sticking out grotesquely. Clearing his throat, he scratched his crotch as his puffy eyes took in the sight of the gorgeous beauty queen in her tight pants, looking immaculate as ever.

Katie blushed as she saw him rubbing his genitals over his stained shorts.

“Coffee?” she asked as she quickly turned back to the counter, trying to appear nonchalant. She didn’t want to give the disgusting old man the pleasure of knowing how much she wanted him.

“No thanks. I’d better be off” he said, coughing as he walked towards the front door, unlocking it.

The hot wife glared at him, an incredulous expression on her beautiful freckled face, “Where the hell are you going?”

“Visiting my friends” he said quickly, a smirk on his face “Like I do every morning”

Katie’s mouth opened but no words escaped.

Phil squinted his eyes behind his glasses. “Did you need something?”

The hot mother folded her arms across her chest. She felt that she had put up with the old man’s indifferent behavior long enough.

“Friends?” she huffed, feeling her face grow red “Like Sheila?”

Phil closed the front door and turned his attention back to the sexy wife, his eyes wandering all over her spectacular body “Have you got a problem with that?”

Katie walked over to the door, blocking his exit. “What would your probation officer say? I’m sure you shouldn’t be fraternizing with her”. The hot wife extended her finger, poking the fat geezer in the chest, “Maybe it’s time he found out!”

Phil couldn’t help but laugh. “Freckles, are you trying to blackmail me?” he cried.

Katie was taken aback by what she had just said as she lowered her gaze “I’m just saying you should be mindful of the people around you.”

“I really appreciate your concern for my well-being” the old man laughed as he reached for the door handle “but I’m afraid I have an appointment. Anything else?”.

Katie hesitated. “I…I did what you told me to” she said softly, squirming slightly as she pouted her lips.

Phil raised his eyebrows as a change came over his expression. He leaned in closer to the beautiful woman.

“No sex at all?” he inquired, a yellow toothed grin erupting on his face.

“Not even a touch” Katie whispered, biting her bottom lip “Nothing at all”.

“That’s a good little slut! Saving herself for me” Phil growled menacingly as he took another step towards her “Did he try?”

“Yes,” the sexy wife conceded. It hurt her heart yet at the same time the admission felt strangely arousing.

Mrs. Jackson continued to stare at the obese man. She didn’t understand the feelings erupting inside of her. She was incredibly horny but it wasn’t just the thought of his cock entering her. It was the way he made her feel. The old, disgusting neighbor made kartal escort her feel dirty and slutty which she undeniably loved. The thought of the things that he did to her, excited her beyond belief.

During the past few weeks, Phil had hardly paid her any attention and Katie had had enough of being ignored. The horny wife had made up her mind. She knew exactly what she wanted.

Slowly, she took a step towards the obese man, feeling her nipples extend behind her tight sports bra. Seductively looking into Phil’s bloodshot blue eyes, her arms wrapped around his sweaty neck as she rubbed her body enticingly into his without saying a word.

The sexy beauty pursed her lips as she leaned in and locked them onto the old man’s. Moaning softly, she moved her head sideways as her tongue plunged inside his mouth. The taste of cigarettes and foul spit was overwhelming yet she continued to kiss him deeply.

Phil was taken by surprise by his hot neighbor’s sudden aggressiveness. Her perfume attacked his senses. His fat arms clumsily circled her hard body, his pudgy hands cupping the cheeks of her ass. Katie purred and moaned as she grinded her crotch into the hardness of his growing cock while his hands kept roughly kneading her sexy behind. The hot wife opened her mouth even more, feeling Phil’s obvious bulge between them as her long painted fingernails scratched at his face and neck.

After a minute or so, the old man suddenly broke the wet kiss and eased out of her grasp. ” Well, I’d better go” he said, grinning as he pried himself loose and stepped away from the stunning wife.

Katie’s cheeks were flushed with anger, her hazel eyes glowing. Abruptly she stepped back, trembling as she tried to keep her emotions under control. “Damn it Phil!” she exclaimed, overflowing with sexual frustration “What do you want?”

The small, ugly man stepped closer to the trembling wife with a devilish grin on his face.

“I want you to say it, Freckles” he grunted “Tell me exactly what you want!”

Katie looked down at the fat neighbor’s crotch, the outline of his mammoth prick now clearly visible as it came halfway down his thigh. Slowly, she looked up at his face as their eyes locked. The hot mother bit her bottom lip. The tension was nearly unbearable.

“I want you to fuck me,” she finally whispered.

Phil grinned at the hard bodied wife. “Louder!” he growled.

“I want you to fuck me,” Katie repeated boldly, her eyes wandering to the old man’s groin again “I want your cock! Is that what you want me to say?”

“Say it again,” Phil muttered.

“I want it,” Katie cleared her voice as she stepped forward again and reached out for the prominent bulge in his shorts, which seemed to twitch at her touch “I want your cock”.

The old man grabbed ahold of the beauty queen’s soft hair and yanked her head back, causing Katie to involuntarily moan.

“You’ll do anything I want?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I’ll do anything you want. Just fuck me!” the hot wife whispered, closing her eyes.

“Very well then” the old man grinned as he let go of her, turned and walked back to the living room where he sat down on the sofa, “I want you to dance for me. Seduce me like the slut you are, Mrs. Jackson!”

Slowly, Katie followed him into the living room. The thought of performing a sultry dance for her disgusting neighbor excited her beyond measure. Her body tingled with excitement and she immediately felt her pussy spasm, causing her juices to flow. The hot wife quickly walked over to the window and closed the blinds as the old man nestled himself in the family couch, stroking his crotch in anticipation. Katie went over to the sound system in the cabinet and dimmed the lights considerably. The seductive sound of Nora Jones’ voice filled the room as it rang from the speakers.

Katie Jackson stood in front of the disgusting houseguest, unsure of what to do. She was fully dressed yet for some reason she already felt naked. Her yoga pants clung to her shapely ass and legs perfectly, she was wearing her ankle socks and low cut tennis shoes. Her sports bra made her breasts look like two perfect firm apples. Her hair was down and her makeup was perfectly applied. Phil’s eyes followed the beautiful woman’s curves back up to her face, which was perfectly framed by sparkling diamond earrings. Her wedding ring glowed on her finger.

Exhaling, Katie stepped back and dropped her hands to her sides as she began to sway with the music. Her hands slowly crept up her body, along her shoulders and up her neck until her fingers reached into her hair. She closed her eyes and then turned slowly around, swaying her hips. With her back to Phil, she lowered her hands to her knees and squatted ever so slightly. The suggestive manner caused the old man eyes to widen. The sexy wife turned to face him again, still swaying slightly.

Katie stepped forward in front of the obese houseguest and swayed her small hips from side to side. The longer she danced in front of her fat neighbor, the more turned on she became. Dropping her hands to her sides, she brought her fingers ever so slowly up over her sports bra. Winking and smiling at Phil, she rolled the tip of her tongue over her upper lip and closed her eyes as she clasped her breasts.

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