My First CMNM Party

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When I was in my 20s, I worked as a figure drawing model for art classes and private groups. I am now writing about these experiences.

My wife and I were both graduate students. We lived in a very affluent university town. To make extra money, I worked as a nude model.

One day at a private drawing group, after I had finished my last pose, a new man in the group approached me before I had even had a chance to put on my robe. His name was Paul, and he asked if I could talk to him after I got dressed.

When I had finished getting dressed in the corner of the room, I went up to Paul and we walked outside together.

He told me that he was a member of a group of men, all over 50 and very wealthy, who staged parties twice a year. They hired young men in their 20s to entertain them. The young men would strip off their clothes while the group members remained fully dressed.

I told him that I was not a dancer. He said that was fine – it was the stripping that interested in the group. They often hired artist models because artist models are comfortable being nude around clothed people and because the pay they offer is much higher than what artist models make.

I told him that I was quite thin and not at all a bodybuilder. He reminded me that he had just seen me naked, and the group likes all body types. He also told me that I obviously had a large penis, and the group did like that.

He then went on to tell me that in his opinion it was a shame that artist models are paid so poorly to be so generous with their bodies. They are willing to be nude in a room full of clothed people, they are willing to go into any pose suggested by the artists, they are willing to expose the most intimate parts of their bodies, and they are willing to accept some pain for the benefit of the artist drawing them.

Look at this class for example, he went on. In many poses, you were willing to show me your genitals. In one pose, you even showed us your anus. And I know you were in some discomfort during the last pose. Yes, you were getting paid, but for really not very much money at all. Our group highly respects what artist models do, and are glad to be able to give them more money.

I wondered how much they paid. Paul told me that it all depended upon how many people were at the party and how much they liked me. But he never saw anyone leave with less than $500.

He also assured me that it was entirely up to me what I did. I would not be forced to do anything. I could leave whenever I wanted to. But how much I made depended upon how well I pleased them.

I told him I would do it, as I really needed the money. He said he would call me in a few days.

When I got home, I told my wife about this. She surprised me by telling me that before we had met, she had occasionally worked as a stripper for bachelor parties. She told me the parties were a lot of fun, and I should enjoy myself.

Paul called me a few days later, and gave me the details of where I was to go. The party was to be held in a mansion owned by one of the group members in a few days. He also asked me to avoid ejaculating until the party so I would be very fresh.

When I got to the party, the group members were already there. Everyone was old except for one fully dressed young man who was talking to Paul.

Paul motioned me over and introduced me to Sean. Sean was going to be the other entertainer tonight – there was originally going to three entertainers, but the other one cancelled at the last minute. Sean, who had entertained here before, was pleased that there were just going to be two of us, since we’d make more money that way.

Since Sean had done this once before, he went first. It would Esenyurt Escort Bayan give me a chance to see what happened before I started. Paul told me that the men were very generous with their tips, what they gave depended upon how I had pleased them, and I would get my money at the end.

Paul announced to the group that they had two entertainers tonight, Sean and me. All the group members took their seats (the room was filled with couches and arm chairs). There were around thirty men in the group today. He reminded everyone that they should put their tips into a box next to the stage immediately after being served by the entertainer.

Sean walked up to a small stage. He stripped off his clothes slowly until he was nude. He then masturbated until he had an erection.

Once he was fully aroused, he left the stage. I had been told that the men had to remain seated and they had to remain fully dressed at all time. But given those restrictions, the men could do whatever they liked with Sean.

He walked up to each of the seated men in turn. Each old man would tell Sean what he wanted. Some wanted a lap dance, so Sean would rub his ass against their crotches. Some wanted to suck Sean. Some wanted to masturbate him. Some wanted to stroke his asshole (no penetration was allowed, but touching was fine). And some wanted to do everything.

I noticed that each of the men got up to put money in the tip box after they were done playing with Sean.

After Sean finished making his rounds, he left the room. It was now my turn.

I went up on the stage and took my clothes off. I masturbated and got hard right away. It was tremendously exciting to be doing this in front of all these men, and having them watch me so attentively.

I then took a deep breath and left the stage. I went up to the first man. He was in his late 50s, bald, and quite fat. He made it very clear what he wanted when he grabbed my hips, spun me around and put me on his lap. I got feel his hard cock beneath my butt. So just like Sean, I started to rub my ass against his cock for a minute and then moved on. We were told to stay with each man for no more than a minute.

The next man grabbed me by the hips and pulled me towards his face. He took me in his mouth and sucked me for a minute.

The next man threw me over his lap and played with my asshole for a little.

After the third man was finished playing, I took my first good look at the men in the room. I had assumed that I wouldn’t know anyone, but actually I recognized a few of them. Two were artists who had drawn me in the past. One was my landlord. And one was a professor in my department.

So what did these men want? The artists both wanted to masturbate me, and since they were sitting on a couch together, they did this together. I learned later that they were a couple.

The landlord wanted a lap dance. I think he may not have recognized me.

The professor happened to be one of the last men I entertained. He also wanted a lap dance, and when I was finished with him, he said “See you soon, whore”. I assumed he meant at school. I was a little embarrassed to see him there, but I figured that now we both knew something about each other.

After I had finally finished my rounds and served each group member, Paul came up to me with my clothes and walked me out of the room. I was still nude as we walked.

Paul told me that I would get the money in the tip box after I got dressed. Paul told me that the group members were very happy with me, and he thought I had made more money than Sean did. He estimated that I made over $700.

Paul then told me that now I had a chance to make a lot more money. He said he would explain Avcılar Escort Bayan in a minute. We walked down a corridor, and I could hear some moaning coming from one of the rooms. I noticed a list of names on the door, and then we walked to another door that also had a list of names. This list was longer than the list on the first door; there were about 20 names on it, including Paul’s name and the professor’s name. The professor’s name was the first on the list

We opened the door, and I saw that the room contained a large bed in it. There was a tube of lubricant on a table next to the bed.

Paul told me that the list of names were the people who had signed up to fuck me after the show. This was entirely up to me, and how much the man paid me was up to him, but each old man paid at least $100 to fuck the entertainer in the ass. So I stood to make at least $2000 more if I wanted to do this.

I told Paul that I had never been fucked in the ass before. He told me that was pretty obvious, and that the group members usually liked fucking straight men anyway.

I thought how much better my life would be with the extra money, so I said yes.

Paul left the room, and the professor entered in a few minutes. He took off his clothes and put some lube on his already hard cock. He told me to get on all fours, as that would be the most comfortable position for me to get fucked for the first time.

He got behind me and put his hands on my hips. He put the tip of his cock against my asshole, and penetrated me a little. My asshole resisted mightily. The professor noticed this and laughed. He said that he loved fucking a virgin because he had to really work at pushing himself in, which he found exciting. And it gave him a real sense of domination over me when he entered me fully, since he did this against the initial instincts of my body. And the resistance of my sphincter made it great for him since I was so tight.

So he pushed and pushed, and eventually was fully inside. Then he fucked me, slowly at first and then increasingly faster. The sensation of being fucked was pretty great once I was fully open. I could feel the professor’s cock suddenly get even larger and then it started to throb. I knew he was coming inside me, and then I came also, even though I was not hard. My semen ran down the front of my thighs. The professor was thrilled that I had come. He said it showed true dominance when you could make a man come just by fucking him.

The professor got off the bed, opened the door, and another man walked in, fully nude with a large erection. I remembered that I had to fuck twenty men! I didn’t even have a chance to wipe myself before the next one was in me.

The professor stayed to watch the second man. My asshole resisted the initial penetration a little, but not as much as with the professor.

As the next man was fucking me, the professor started his lecture. He told me that the male body was built to be fucked anally. First, there are all the nerve endings around the anus – both men and women have this. These nerve endings could be a source of pain, but if a man is stimulated enough (as you had been during the show), the nerve endings will only report pleasure. And unlike a woman, a man also has a prostate gland. Stimulation of the prostate gland, which is most easily achieved with receptive anal sex, is all pleasure.

Men have evolved to enjoy being fucked in the ass. By the sounds of your moans, I can tell that you are enjoying it right now. And why would this be, he asked?

As was usual, he answered his own question immediately. When a younger, weaker man offer his asshole to a dominant male to be fucked, the dominant male will first fuck him, but then protect and mentor him. The less dominant man gets accepted into the group, and eventually achieves a higher status and gets to reproduce. So a young man who enjoys being fucked in the ass has a better chance of survival and passing the trait of enjoyable anal sex to the next generation.

The professor does like to lecture, but this is the first time he ever lectured me with a man’s penis in my ass! The second man eventually came, though no ejaculation this time from me. When the second man pulled out, I noticed that there was a crowd of nude men around me. All the others who were going to fuck me were in the room, watching me.

The next two wanted to work together. While one was fucking me, the other would have me suck him. After a few minutes, they switched. When the second cock was in my mouth, it tasted of lube, shit, and semen. Somehow they managed to both come at the same time. I didn’t know what else to do with the semen in my mouth, so I swallowed it.

After that, it all blurs together in my mind. I do remember at one point being rolled over onto my back. Two men would hold my legs in the air, while another man fucked me. Behind fucked with my legs spread wide felt very feminine.

Paul was one of the last men to come to me. He asked that I get back on hands and knees as that was his favorite position, as it permitted deeper penetration.

I remember telling him that it was too bad that there was absolutely no asshole resistance anymore, and I hoped it was still pleasurable for him, as it was for me.

He told me that he absolutely loved being one of the last – by that point my asshole is so soft, welcoming and wet. My asshole is basically a cunt at that point, open and ready to be fucked, and he loves fucking a man with a cunt, as I have right now.

The professor then added that since the male asshole does not self-lubricate as the vagina does. So we have to use an artificial lubricant. You may have noticed that only the first few men used the tube of lube before entering you. The semen that we have all been ejaculating into you has served as the best possible lubricant for the men to follow. It’s not just that the male asshole has evolved to be fucked – the male asshole has actually evolved to be gangbanged.

Because it was basically one man after the other in my asshole, when the last man finished, almost all their semen was still inside me. When he pulled out of me, all the men were behind me watching. They applauded as their semen rushed out of me. I was getting soaked!

Then everyone but Paul left the room. He walked me to a bathroom were I could shower before I got dressed. Before I showered, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was covered in semen. My asshole was very red, very wet, and very wide open.

After I showered and got dressed, Paul came up to me with my envelope. It contained over $3000. He also told me that the group had made a video of my performance, and they would certainly enjoy watching it. They also traded videos with other groups like theirs around the world. If I wanted to travel and have my performances pay for me travel, he would be happy to set this up for me.

When I got home, I told my wife about the whole experience. She was glad to get the money, and was glad that I basically had a good time. When I told her that I would do it again, she told me that she wasn’t surprised.

When she was a bachelor party stripper, it was understood that any man at the party could fuck her afterwards for a fee. She told me she sometimes was used by over 30 men. And once in a while, if I was out of town, she still did this. It paid so much money, and was also a lot of fun. She really enjoyed all the attention and enjoyed knowing that all those men wanted to fuck her.

She gave me a hug, and was glad that I was so open about all this. She told me that from now on, we could both openly be gang bang whores.

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