My First Blind Date Ch. 05

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Reading the previous chapters first will help you understand what is going on. Strong sexual content.

We all had breakfast together in the morning, Jack and I got the van loaded while Sue stripped the bed and got the wash started helping April. Finally the time came for us to say good bye and thanks for all that Jack and April had done for us. There were tears all the way around and Sue and I finally drove out of the drive. As we had talked about earlier, we found a nice motel with a pool and registered. They had a nice accessible room and we settled in. Sue was still having her period and not interested in sex right away. She said she should be over it by tomorrow night and we should call Ann in the morning and see if she wanted to join us. Sue suggested we go to a movie as it was an afternoon on a weekday and there probably would not be very many people there. That way I could whisper to her what was going on without disturbing anyone.

She chose the movie and we headed out to the theater. I was still getting used to my now totally polio paralyzed lower body. I could now only feel a little bit in a few places in my right leg. Jack had injected it in three places to get rid of the pain I was having. It was now totally paralyzed just like my left from the hip down and would be that way from now on. It felt great to get rid of the pain and I slept like a baby last night for the first time in several months. I did not mind the lack of feeling, paralysis, having more difficulty moving around or not being able to sit unaided any more. Truth be known, I enjoyed being that way. Sue did also. I had not brought my braces with me and when we got home I would have them worked on attaching a hip belt to the top of the braces with 90 degree drop locks. This would then let me sit in my wheelchair without fear of falling out.

We got our tickets and I don’t think anyone even noticed that Sue was blind. She followed behind me as if pushing my wheelchair. There was an area with no seats for wheelchairs and no one was anywhere near the area. The movie started just as Sue sat down and she remarked it was a good thing she found her seat before they turned the lights off. I took her hand and kissed it letting her know I had heard her. The movie was a chick flick so I kept her up to date on stuff that had no dialog with it. About half way through her hand found its way into my lap and started rubbing trying to get a rise out of me. When she could feel her handiwork getting results she threw her sweater over my lap. I enjoyed what she was doing and soon had my arm around her shoulders and was able to get my fingers on her nipple. It was already hard and distended.

We enjoyed the movie and stopped and got a bit to eat on the way back to the motel. Sue decided she would call Ann early and see if she could join us tomorrow night. She was home and was excited that we called her and for sure she wanted to come and see us. I had told Sue to invite her for dinner and that we would pick her up. They got the time agreed and Ann asked if we wanted her to wear her arm. I told Sue it was up to her and she picked my unspoken choice and said no, just come sexy. Sue told her it was a nice place so it would be dress up time for the women. They chatted for a while and then said good night.

While they were talking I had gone into the bathroom to pee. It did not feel like I had a lot of strength to empty my bladder and I wondered if the shot in my leg might have something to do with it. I would give Jack a call tomorrow and see what he thought. I went back out to the room and decided I would teach Sue how to catheterize me. She had said she wanted to when we first went out but we had never gotten around to it. I had thought about it a couple of times but decided to wait until she was really blind, thinking it would mean more to her. I filled her in on what was going on and asked if she still wanted to do it to me. She was excited at the chance to do so and I told her to go wash her hands good.

When she got back I gave her the package that had the items needed. I told her step by step how she was going to do it and then we started through the procedure. I decided that I should be sitting in my chair as I wanted my bladder to drain good. I scooted to the edge of the seat and spread my legs putting my right leg over the wheel. Since it did not have much feeling, it would not be uncomfortable for me. I was sitting by a table and moved the chair so Sue could sit comfortably and be able to do it and have the stuff available.

Sue opened the package and as she went through the contents I explained what each item was. The largest item was the catheter and the collection bag. The catheter was partially inside the bag already with about 3 inches sticking out and it had a plastic cover over the tip to keep it sterile. The catheter extended out of the bag through a rubber stopper that kept the urine from spilling. There were 2 sealed packages about 2 inches square that had a cotton wipe with antibacterial cleaning fluid on it. They were used to clean the gaziosmanpaşa escort head of my penis. There was a pair of disposable rubber gloves, a small tube of lubricant and a sterile paper drape.

The procedure was to wipe my penis head with the 2 wipes, pull the cover off the end of the catheter and put it aside. The way it was shaped, it was held up from touching anything. The lubrication packet was torn open and some of the lube squeezed out onto the sterile drape. The gloves were put on and then the catheter and bag were picked up running the catheter through the lube. One hand grasps my penis just behind the head and the other hand inserts the catheter into the urethra. As the catheter was advanced, the fingers holding my penis put pressure on the catheter holding it in place and the other hand pulled some more of the catheter out of the bag then pushing it into the urethra more. This is repeated until the catheter got into the bladder and urine starts to flow. It flowed into the bag until the bladder was empty.

Before we actually did it I let Sue handle all of the items and get used to them and how they worked. The most difficult thing was getting used to putting the catheter into me and how to pinch it off and pull more out of the bag. We worked on that the most and she learned quickly how to do it. She had handled my penis enough and had seen it earlier that she knew where the opening was she had to hit. She asked if it was going to hurt me and I told her there was a little sting when she first inserted it into the head. Just go slow and don’t force anything. She said she was ready to try and we opened a fresh kit. While she was getting ready she asked what would happen if I got hard. I said it would be no big deal it would just require more of the catheter and probably use all of it to get to my bladder. She asked if that ever happened and I said yes a couple of times.

Sue went ahead and cathed me with very few problems. It takes a few times to get the procedure down and all in all she did a super job. She even noticed when the urine started to flow hearing it hit the bag. I purposely did not say anything to see if she would pick it up. After the flow stopped I talked her through how to pull it out and then push the catheter into the bag and put the cap on. She gave me a big hug and kiss for letting her “do me” as she put it. I said I had another way for her in a few minutes and she said goody. We finished undressing and went in for a shower. Sue was wearing a belt and napkin as neither one of us liked how a tampon dried her vagina out if we were going to have intercourse. She removed the napkin and put it in the trash. It was not fully saturated.

We got into the shower and she seemed to be quite Horney now. She said cathing me made her very hot. She asked if I wanted her to douche now and I said no, later after we are done. We washed each other and I fingered her getting her off. We dried and went into bed. We put some towels on the bed and she lifted my legs into bed as I transferred. Sue asked if it was harder to transfer and I admitted it was now, but I would get used to it as time went on. She spent some time exploring my right leg this time. I could just barely feel her hands as she did so and told her what I was experiencing. Now that I had no muscle control the foot was starting to droop over and soon the toes would touch the sheet. My left leg had a bone block in the ankle and did not droop.

Sue loved my very atrophied left leg, especially how it just flops around. Now my right was doing almost the same thing. The left is only about 6 inches around above the ankle, 8 inches at the calf and 9 inches at the thigh. Most legs are double that size. It was also over an inch shorter than the right. Sue always remarked how soft it was because of no muscle mass. My right leg was atrophied also, but slightly larger because I had some use of it for several years. I imagine that it will atrophy more now that it is totally paralyzed.

Sue asked me to turn the light out as she wanted me to experience only her touch tonight and nothing visual. I agreed that would be fantastic. She said she was going to give me an oil massage and started out by placing oil in her hands to warm it. She started at my neck and worked her way down adding lots of oil. She got to my cock and balls and shortly after she got some oil on them put a cock ring around my balls and cock and another down my shaft at the base next to my balls. I had used a shaft cock ring before but never one around my balls and shaft. They felt very good and soon I could feel the blood trapped making me very hard and sensitive.

Sue kept her massage of my cock and balls up until she felt I was going to cum. She then stopped and applied oil and worked her way down my legs returning to my cock every once in a while. The room had black out curtains so I could not see anything just feel Sue’s hands which was a fantastic feeling and I told her so several times. She had never done this before but seemed to know what she was gölbaşı escort doing as she hit all of the right spots. As she leaned away from me I ran my hand up her inside thighs and rubbed her slit. Her thighs were very wet and I knew from the feel it was both blood and her lubrication. She slapped my hand away before I could go any farther.

After several minutes of massaging me all over with her hands, she straddled me and lowered her upper torso on to me and started moving it around getting oil on her and using it to massage me all over. Her nipples were very hard and I could feel her small breasts pushing into my chest. She slowly slipped down and guided my cock into her pussy. She took me in excruciatingly slow. I could not thrust my paralyzed hips to make it go any faster. The cock rings had made me longer and as I bottomed out she sat upright and moved her pelvis around so the head of my cock entered her cervix as she took more of my length into her. I felt, and so did Sue, the head push through the cervix ring sphincter and she just sat still for a while so we could both enjoy the feeling and what was happening.

Saying nothing, she used her thumb and forefinger to check and be sure they were already closed or close my eye lids. I took the meaning to be visualizing what is happening since you can’t see it. I certainly was doing that. Sue finally started rotating her hips moving my cock head around in her uterus. She only moved up and down a little bit so the head would not pull out. The effect was tremendous and she could tell it would not take much to make me cum. I knew Sue wanted me to do so into her uterus but I wanted to make it last as long as I could. I also could tell Sue was ready to cum also. She finally pushed herself and me as deep into her as possible, flexed her vaginal muscles and rotating her hips and both of us came. The cock ring around my balls caused them to be trapped between us and that seemed to push more cum out. It was a fantastic feeling for both of us.

Sue fell over on to my chest still having small orgasmic twitches. I just held her in my arms and after several minutes of being trapped in her cervix I softened and retracted into her vagina and then later fell on out. For now my cum was trapped in her uterus and I felt only bloody secretions flow out on my balls. We stayed in that position for a good 15 minutes just enjoying each other. Every once in a while we would kiss. After a while my cock became semi erect again and I could feel that it was poised right at her vaginal opening. I only wished I could thrust myself into her but that was not possible so I just enjoyed. Sue finally said her legs were starting to cramp so she slowly sat up and then got herself off of me. She had me turn on the light to assess the damage. I told her we certainly had blood on us but it was not bad, that she must be slowing her period down. She cupped her hand between her legs and went to the shower and I transferred and followed.

We rinsed and washed each other off and I douched her. I found I had to be really careful of not falling off the bench now. I would have to put straps in our bathroom shower when we got home. We kissed a lot and Sue tried to get me hard again but I was down and out for now. We dried off and I watched her put a tampon in. She decided she did not need a pad tonight. I rinsed the towels using cold water to get the blood out so there would not be a mess for the room attendant in the am. We cuddled in bed with Sue spooned up against me and I was massaging her breasts and we soon fell asleep.

We got up in the morning, dressed and went out for breakfast. Sue asked me if it was alright if she wore the same outfit she had on with April the other night. I said she looked very sexy in it and it would be fine to wear tonight. I called and made reservations asking for a quiet table and that I was in a wheelchair. We talked about being with Ann tonight and neither of us had any problem with us having sex with her. We wondered who she would want to be with first as she seemed to have the hots for both of us. I remembered I should stop and get some condoms just in case she wanted me to use one. Sue asked me to get some more douche bottles and some disposable razors as we were out and she wanted to shave us later. I told her I wanted her to go ahead and shave my right leg now also. Since they were both paralyzed they might as well look and feel alike. I would be wearing braces on both legs when we got home also.

We drove around for a while and I described to Sue what there was to see. We stopped at the drugstore and picked up our items and headed back to the motel. We decided a nap would be in order and so we set my alarm and fell asleep. I awoke before the alarm and just stayed quiet looking at Sue. She is small, only about 5 feet and 100 pounds. She has very small A cup breasts with large areolas’ and nipples. She has a dark tan and short hair. She has very long vaginal lips and a good sized clit. My cock got semi hard looking at her and fell against her outer thigh. This keçiören escort woke her up and she asked what I was up to. I told her that I was just looking at her and that was what happened when I did. She reached down and pushed me against her thigh saying sorry but I needed to save it for Ann.

We moved into the shower and washed each other. I asked if she wanted me to shave her and she said no she would do it using her sensitive fingers to be sure she got all the stubble. While she did her pussy and legs I did my legs but I had her do my cock and ball area as I could not hold my legs open shave and hold myself up at the same time. She did a better job by touch than I did by sight anyway. We checked each other and could not find any missed spots so we dried off and got out. She helped me dress pulling my pants up as I lifted my butt off the chair. I was able to do the rest and she got herself dressed. She came and kissed me and checked how I was dressed with her hands before putting a light bit of lipstick on.

I had a suit and tie on and put the Velcro strap around my calves and the wheelchair wheel supports. I also put one around by thighs. I knew this would make me look more crippled for Ann but it was really necessary to keep my feet from falling off the foot rest. Sue had on an open top unbuttoned all the way down to below her breasts and a necklace that hung between her breasts. Since she had such small breasts it did not flaunt a lot but was very sexy. She had a short skirt that was more than half way above her knees and hi heels. She seemed to have no trouble with heels and we were going to the same place we had been with Jack and April so there should be no problem. Her freshly shaved legs were not long but very sexy in the short skirt and heels.

We got in the van and I put Ann’s address in the GPS. She was just a short drive and I went into her condo to get her. She was ready and looked fantastic in her satin fabric blouse. The left sleeve came to just below her elbow a short ways. Like Sue’s, it was unbuttoned several buttons. It became obvious she was braless when she saw me in my wheelchair and leg straps; her nipples immediately pushed the material out around her large breasts. The blouse was snug and very sexy and she knew it. The right sleeve just hung free with no arm or prosthetic to fill it. It moved freely with her body movements. We looked at each other for a while and then she smiled and leaned down and kissed me sticking her tongue in my mouth. Naturally I returned the gesture. Her left hand reached down to my crotch and felt my hard cock. As he broke the kiss off she said good, I am pleased you liked the way I dressed for you. I nodded my head.

We went out to the van and Sue had moved over in the front seat so Ann could sit with her and not have to crawl into the back of the van. We were only going a short 10 minute drive to the restaurant. The girls hugged and kissed while I was getting in and Sue asked if she could look at what Ann had on. Ann said of course and guided Sue’s hand to her breast. Sue felt the hard nipple and grinned saying I see you liked being picked up by a cripple. Ann laughed and said yes, nothing better. Sue explored the rest of Ann even up her short skirt. Sue turned her head to me and said yes, you were right, she had no panties on either. Sue pulled her finger back and offered it to me to lick off. Ann checked Sue out and licked her finger off.

We arrived at the restaurant and I parked in a handicapped spot right next to the door. The girls got out and waited for me to unload. Ann led the way and her spiked heels made her calf muscles stand out and her long legs seemed to go on forever. The mini skirt just seemed to barley cover her ass. Again the empty right sleeve flowing in the breeze and body movements might have been the sexiest thing about her. She held the door open for Sue and I and we were soon seated at our table. I sat between the girls. Ann soon had her hand on my thigh right next to my balls and then Sue put her hand on the other one. Their hands touched and they soon were holding hands with the back of their fingers on my hard cock.

I read the menu to the girls and we decided what we were going to order. The female server came and smiled at me I think saying how lucky I was. She was standing right next to me and after we all ordered she leaned against my hand which was on the wheel and rim as I held my self upright. Something hard hit my hand and I realized it was a prosthetic leg socket. She was looking at me and I smiled up at her nodding my head that I understood. Watching her walk away I would have never known she was an AK amputee if she had not shown me.

After the server left, Ann said thanks for letting her come without her arm tonight. Sue said yes she remembered her not liking to wear it and she knew I would enjoy seeing her without it. Sue added she would enjoy “seeing” her without it later. Ann asked Sue how she was getting along and Sue said it was fantastic. Better than she ever thought it would be. She was so happy Jack and I had made it possible for her. Ann then asked how I was with my “new” leg and I said fantastic also. The pain was gone and I enjoyed being a complete para finally. I knew my polio was going to get me back that way one day, but now I did not have to wait and go through the problems getting there.

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