My Family’s Awakening Ch. 02

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I was in a rush to get home. I wanted to get home quickly. I needed to get home quickly to Annie.

To Annie, my twin sister. My new lover.

But I was stuck in traffic chaos. A car had swerved into a lorry a few hundred yards in front of me, and the police were trying to sort out the mess. They kept saying that it wouldn’t take much longer, but there was no sign of anything moving. As I sat waiting, my mind drifted, thinking about the last few days.

In fact, so much had happened so quickly, it had all become a bit of a blur. A wonderful, happy, sexy blur. It had started when Annie had come home upset. I’d tried to comfort her, to find out what was wrong, to help her. And then she’d asked for my help – by giving her more experience. More experience with a man.

I remembered how I’d sat on the edge of Annie’s bed with her in my arms, her body pressed tight to me. And how I’d frozen, not quite believing what I’d heard, not wanting to believe it, and how I had suddenly become very conscious of the heat of her through her clothes, of the firmness of her young breasts against me as I held her, of my growing reaction to her.

I had leapt up then, rushing out of the room, my mind in turmoil. I had gone back to her, determined to make her see sense. But when I peeped into her room, she was naked. Wonderfully, deliciously, naked. At first I’d felt guilty peeping at her – until I realised that she was watching me watching her in a mirror, and that my cock was rigid in my trousers.

I’d stripped off without really realising what I was doing, and had gone to her. And then we had learnt about each other, loved each other – and my nineteen year sister had become much more experienced with men.

My mind was full of visions of that first night together. As I sat in the car, I could almost feel her in my arms, her beautiful body naked against me, and I could almost taste her, on my lips, my tongue, my mouth.

But I frowned as I thought about the next evening, when the remorse had set in and Annie, racked with guilt, had rejected me. But my cock hardened in my trousers as I remembered how she had come to me later, and how we had fallen into each others arms, and how we hadn’t looked back since.

All this had been only a few days ago, but we both knew that we didn’t want it to end. Before going to work this morning, we had laid together in my big double bed, kissing softly after making love, enjoying the feel, the touch of each other. Enjoying how good it was to be together.

There was one cloud in the horizon – Mum and Dad. Annie and I still lived at home. Mum and Dad were both away – Dad on business, and Mum at her sister’s – but both were due back in a few days time. We hadn’t talked about what we would do when they returned, but I’m sure that we’d both thought about it.

I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind, smiling to myself as visions of Annie came back to me. My cock hardened again as I thought about how I’d watched her this morning. I had a slightly late start, so had lay in bed and watched her dress. I was tempted to join her in the shower, but had resisted, knowing that it would make her late. But after drying off and doing her hair, she had gone back through to her own bedroom to dress. I had followed her, still naked, and had lain back on her bed to watch.

We’d chatted as she had rummaged through her draws, pulling out her lingerie for the day. I watched as she had bent over to step into a tiny pair of cream silky knickers, her firm, heart shaped ass pointing up at me.

As she stood up, and turned to speak to me, I glimpsed her perfectly shaped buttocks and the line of the tight crack between them through the flimsy material that seemed moulded to her. As she turned again, I could just make out the copper colour of the hair that barely covered her rounded pubic mound.

My eyes had shifted to her breasts as she pulled the matching lacy bra up her arms. Her breasts hung large and firm, her nipples dark and hard. I knew that she only wore a bra because of her nipples, and how sensitive they were to even her clothes rubbing against them.

I had reached for my cock as she had pulled her stockings up her slender, shapely legs, the elastic at the top holding them snugly to her thighs. She glanced over and smiled at me, knowing exactly the effect she was having on me.

“No,” she laughed, catching the look in my eye.

A cream blouse, and a coffee coloured skirt and jacket completed her outfit, and then it was time for her to go.

I smiled to myself as I sat remembering all this, my hand sliding idly across to my hard cock …..

I was shaken out of my thoughts by the loud blast of a car horn behind me. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and pulled out into the traffic which was at last moving again. I quickly drove off, now more anxious than ever to get home, to get home to Annie.

As soon as I stepped into the house, I knew that Annie was home. I could sense her, smell her. I threw my jacket over a chair, and went otele gelen escort through to the kitchen. She was there, leant over the table, making something for us to eat. I groaned softly as I saw her, as I took in the view.

She had the same clothes on as this morning, except for the jacket which was hung over the back of a chair. As she leant forward, her ass was tight against her skirt, the outline of her panties just visible.

As I stepped closer to her, she threw me a smile over her shoulder. And then I was close behind her, my arms slipping around her. I pushed her hair to one side, and softly kissed her neck, my lips barely touching her skin as I breathed in the heady scent of her sexy, young body. I nibbled gently on her ear lobe for a moment as she sighed and pushed back against me.

As my lips, my tongue, moved back onto her neck, she twisted her head around, our lips meeting hungrily as I moved my hands up from her belly to cup her lush breasts, as she pushed her tight ass back against me. My cock was painfully hard, already pointing upwards in my trousers as Annie pressed harder back against me, as our tongues swirled against each other, each of us sucking on the other.

Annie tried to turn in my arms, but I held her, wanting her as she was. She groaned into my open mouth as we kissed, as she pressed herself against the edge of the table, as I pressed against her bum, my cock a hard ridge along the tight curve of her ass. Our kisses were frantic, wanton, as I dragged her skirt up to her waist with one hand, as I tried to undo my trousers with the other, my hands becoming clumsy as our need became more urgent.

I pulled by cock out, stroking along my length quickly, feeling the blood pulsing through me, the pre cum leaking copiously from the tip. I pressed against my sister, my cock hard against her ass, the tight crack between her cheeks moulding itself to me through her flimsy knickers, body still twisted so that we could kiss.

I thrust my tongue into her mouth as I ground against her, pushing her harder onto the table edge. I held her breasts tight, her nipples erect in my palm. I needed to get to her, to feel her. I grabbed the opening to her blouse and ripped the two sides apart, pulling the material from her. She gasped as I dragged her bra up her body, her breasts tumbling free to fall naked into my eager hands.

I squeezed her breasts as she ground her ass against my cock, as I pushed back, forcing her against the table edge again, as she rubbed her pussy on the hard wood. I pinched her nipples, our bodies now crying out for more, demanding more.

Releasing her breasts, I pushed Annie forward onto the table. She swept the food she had been preparing away with her arm, food and dishes crashing onto the floor in her haste. She sprawled forward, her ass pointing up at me. I tore her panties from her as she opened her legs, her pussy glistening wetly from between her silky soft thighs.

I hesitated for just a second as I gazed down at her, just long enough for Annie to demand that I fuck her. I leant forward, and with one thrust drove my cock into her. I slid easily between her thighs, already damp from her juices, and deep into her hot, wanton pussy. Her wetness enveloped me, sucking me into her body as I pressed deep inside her, her warm cheeks hard against my body as I held her hips and pulled her back onto me.

She cried out as my cock throbbed inside her, as I began to slide easily in and out of her, pulling out until just my cock head was inside her before pushing all the way back inside her. Annie’s pussy sucked me to her until my balls rested against her thighs, as our cries of pleasure, of lust, bounced around the room.

I ran one hand over her ass, caressing her cheeks before running a finger lightly down the crack between them. She pushed back as I fingered her puckered hole gently, teasing her as I slid my cock in and out of her eager, hot body.

She stretched her arms out, gripping the far end of the table, her breasts squashed down onto the hard wood as she arched her back, pushing her ass up towards me. I slid my other hand under her and rubbed her clit, feeling her juices on her. As I rubbed her clit, as I fucked her pussy and fingered her ass, I was rewarded with a long, drawn out moan of pleasure, and a surge of hot wetness from her pussy.

Annie squeezed her pussy onto my cock, her buttocks clenching delightfully on my hand as I teased her and fucked her, as her orgasm tore through her, as my cock slid slowly and deeply into her body, as the pressure built in my balls.

I pressed harder on her clit as she pumped her ass up and down, partially to meet my thrusts as I speeded up again, and partially to rub her clit against my hand. As our fucking became faster, more urgent, more uncontrolled, I pulled my fingers from her body and held her hips, pulling her to me as I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could, as both our cries filled the room.

As I fucked her, Annie pendik escort ground her pubic mound onto the table, my weight pressing her down as we moved, as we fucked, as one., as the pleasure built in our bodies.

She screamed out “I’m cummmmiiiiiiiiiiinnnng” as another climax ripped through her.

And with that I pushed my finger into her tight ass, and pulled her back onto my cock. She screamed again, and I felt her tense under me as her pussy flooded with her hot juices, as she pulsed and throbbed around me, as her climax washed through her.

As soon as Annie relaxed her grip on my cock I pumped into her again. Within seconds my balls let go, driving my cum into her. I cried out as the exquisite pain and pleasure of my release came. I pulled out of her after the first few hot jets of cum had poured into her pussy, watching as the next few landed on her gorgeous ass, some landing on the skirt still rucked up around her waist.

I slumped on top of her, my cock nestled against her ass. I kissed her naked back, her neck, wherever I could reach. Slowly, we calmed down. I stood up, my legs feeling weak, and watched as Annie rolled over, the cum on her ass smearing across the table, which was already wet from her pussy. We looked at each other – and burst out laughing.

Annie’s skirt was still around her waist, her blouse ripped and hanging off one arm, her bra pushed up above her breasts. Her knickers were hanging from one leg were I had torn them from her. My shirt was half undone, a button hole ripped, while my trousers and underwear where around one ankle.

Annie sat up on the edge of the table, still laughing. I held her to me, her laughing stopping as her lips and mouth kissed and licked at my chest and nipples. We finished undressing each other, and then I held her to me, our naked bodies pressed together. We held each other tight, Annie’s head resting on my chest, before she sat up, took my hand, and led me upstairs.

We showered together, slowly washing each other, our hands running over each other’s bodies slowly and sensually. She knelt in front of me, the water cascading over us, and washed my cock and balls. I washed my sister just as thoroughly, slowly playing my hands over her breasts, tweaking and teasing her hard, rubbery nipples before kneeling down to wash her ass and pussy.

As we dried each other gently, my semi erect cock hung heavily in front of me. I pulled Annie to me. We kissed, our tongues exploring gently. I sucked on her lower lip as I ran my hands over her bum, pulling her harder to me, my erection between us. She pushed her hips forward to grind her pussy against my cock as her tongue plunged into my mouth, her arms around my neck. Teasingly she pulled away.

“I’m hungry,” she told me.

“Mmmmm – so am I,” I told her, kissing her again before adding “For you.”

I pulled her back into my arms. Laughing, she kissed me quickly on the mouth and then pulled away, running out of the room naked. As she headed for the stairs, I followed her, my hard cock bouncing in front of me.

Annie was downstairs by the time I caught up with her, standing naked in the kitchen, giggling at the mess. There was food spread across the table and on the floor, and dried cum and juices marked the table.

Still naked, we cleared up and made ourselves some sandwiches. We moved around the kitchen slowly, never missing an opportunity to press or rub our bodies against each other. It took us ages to finish up, but who was complaining?

We took our food through to the lounge and sat cross legged on the floor, enjoying the food, each other, our nakedness. Once we’d eaten, I opened a bottle of wine. I sat back in one of the easy chairs, while Annie snuggled naked in my lap, her legs over the arm of her chair, my cock hard against her firm ass.

We sipped our wine and chatted, but it wasn’t long before she was taking my glass from me and putting them on the side table, before we were sinking into each others arms, our lips, our body’s becoming one.

After we’d made on the lounge floor, we took our wine upstairs and lay on the bed together, talking, laughing, loving. Annie fell asleep in my arms, her warm, sexy body pressed up close to me, her resting in my lap, on my cock.

I must have dozed off as well, because the next thing I knew was sub-consciously hearing a gentle tap on my bedroom door – and the door swinging open, light from the landing flooding the room. I shook my head, confused, and opened my eyes a little. And then they shot open in a panic as I heard her voice.

“Mark,” she said quietly, “I didn’t mean to disturb you. I just wanted you to know that I was home…”

It was our Mum.

And then Annie stirred, and for the first time Mum realised that I wasn’t alone. Annie sat up, rubbing her eyes, the sheet dropping away from her naked breasts.

And then Mum screamed. A long, drawn out, agonised scream as she saw Annie, as she took in our nakedness.

For a few long, horrible seconds rus escort we stared at each other. And then Mum backed away from the door, mumbling “No, no, no” before turning and running, the door still open, the silence being shattered moments later by the slamming of her own bedroom door.

Annie looked at me, both of us panic stricken. She leapt out of bed, and ran naked to her room. Her bedroom door slammed as well, and then there was silence. A dreadful, lonely silence. I sat there in bed, totally stunned by the last few minutes. I kept telling myself that Mum had come home early, asking myself “Why? Why?”

I eventually drifted off into an exhausted, troubled sleep. The next morning I felt dreadful, totally uncertain how to act, what to say. And it got no better as the day dragged on. Annie and I barely saw each other, even though it was a weekend, and we were all at home. When we did see each other, we didn’t know what to say. Mum stayed in the bedroom she shared with Dad. I kept wondering if she had spoken to dad, asking him to break off his business trip. Was he on his way home?

In the end, I went to bed early, wanting to be alone. I think that Annie did the same. I lay in bed thinking about her, still wanting her, aching for her. I thought a hundred times of going to her, wanting to comfort her, to check she was okay, to love her. But I didn’t. I heard Mum and Annie moving about in their rooms, but eventually all was still. I fell into a troubled sleep, my mind full of Annie, of our time together, of the shock of Mum coming home.

I moaned as I stirred, enjoying the warm wetness that was enveloping my cock, enjoying the lips sliding up and down my length, the tongue swirling around my cock head. It felt so good, the full, wet lips sliding up and down, my cock almost disappearing into the hot mouth, that tongue flicking over my cock before sliding down my length.

A finger probed between my legs, running down to my ass as I drew my thighs apart.

I thought I was dreaming. It felt so different, so sensual.

But then I felt the hair from her head on my legs and belly, and – looking down – saw the head bobbing up and down rhythmically. Now I knew I wasn’t dreaming.

It felt unbelievable. So good, so different. I lay back, my eyes shut again, and reached to stroke her hair. Annie felt so different ….

My eyes shot open in alarm as I struggled to sit up. The hand tightened around my cock as I pulled back, the lips sucking harder.

This time it was me who cried out.


She looked up at me, so like Annie in the moonlight through the window. I stared down at her, at my cock, at her lips still stretched around me. And I moaned, pushing my hips upwards, driving my thick, hard cock upwards into her mouth, feeling my cock tightening, lengthening again as I fucked her mouth wetly.

She squeezed my balls, before slipping her hand back under me, her finger on my ass again. Her other hand was stroking me in time to her deep sucking, in time to her tongue massaging the tip of my cock. She pushed her finger to into my ass, fucking me there.

And then I came. My climax just exploded around me, my cum shooting deep into Mum’s mouth without warning. She clamped her lips around me, sucking my spurting cum out of me, and swallowing, drinking, my juices down, her eyes never leaving mine.

As I calmed down, I relaxed, the tension I’d felt as I came gradually leaving me.

Mum let my cock slip from between her lips. She sat up, and we stared at each other. She reached over silently, and ran her hands over the hard muscles of my thigh, and then up onto my belly and chest. Pulling away, she knelt up, her curvaceous body tight against the long tee shirt she was wearing.

Mum spoke first, her words tumbling over each other as she blurted out how she couldn’t get my body out of her mind, how she had wanted to feel my cock for a long time, how seeing me last night with Annie had set off these thoughts in her mind, how she couldn’t help herself any longer ..… I stared at her, hardly taking in her words, my eyes running over her body.

Mum was in her late thirties, but had really kept herself fit. Her auburn hair hung onto her shoulders, framing her pretty, freckled face. Her body was full, voluptuous, curvy. Her long tee shirt clung to her, the light material moulded to the shape of her breasts, her prominent nipples clearly on show.

I hadn’t realised that she had stopped talking, and was watching me looking her up and down. My mouth felt dry, and I was conscious only of how sexy she looked, of how much I wanted her, of how my cock was reacting to her.

She knelt up higher, reaching for the hem of her tee shirt. She eased it up her body, and up and over her head, revealing her sumptuous body to me, slowly and seductively.

First it was her well toned thighs that came into view, there firmness clearly evident. And then it was the soft flare of her hips, and the bush of soft red hair nestling at the junction of her thighs. Her hair was short, and trimmed into a neat triangle matched to the contours, the shape, of her body, her skin tanned around it, but white beneath it. Her pussy lips looked full and heavy, peeping out at me from behind her dampness. Her clit was red and engorged, seemingly begging for attention.

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