My Cousin Valerie Ch. 01

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I hope you enjoy this story. It does start off a little slow, but I am a fan of stories where the characters’ long history makes it a better experience once they come together. I would like to thank Literotica editor GentWithHandcuffs for helping me edit my work, he has absolutely been a great help to me in preparing this story for this site.

Chapter 1 – Competing with Valerie: Growing up with Valerie

When I was ten, my family began taking road trips to visit my dad’s sister, Christine in Nevada during our summer breaks from school. Aunt Christine had not long ago moved away from Chicago to a town just outside Las Vegas with her late husband Ted. The year after I was born, mom and dad had Janice while Aunt Christine and Uncle Ted had Valerie; the year after that was Valerie’s younger sister Melissa. When we visited Aunt Christine, the adults went out to have fun during the day leaving us kids at home to entertain ourselves. Our cousins didn’t have any video games so we watched movies and played children’s games with each other to pass the time.

A few summers later, we still played our favorite game of ‘House’ because we all enjoyed acting out so many different situations together. I was always daddy and Valerie was always mommy; though we tried alternating having Jan or Melissa as mommy, everyone seemed more comfortable with Valerie keeping that role instead. So we imitated our parents during our games by pretending to go to the grocery, school, or work, and raising kids; all within the confines of Aunt Christine’s house.

It was during one these games of ‘House’ that I found myself standing at the exit of our home as Valerie happily strode towards me.

“Bye honey, we’ll see you after work!” she cheerfully said. But as she leaned in to peck me on the cheek, something weird happened. I don’t know how or why, but our lips connected, eyes open, and a look of shock on both of our faces. As our kiss continued, our initial surprise subsided; Valerie’s eyes closed and so did mine. We were finally drawn out of this debacle by Jan and Melissa prodding me for their good-bye hug. As it turned out, this was my first kiss, and it was with my cousin, Valerie.

A few weeks later, we were all getting ready to go swimming at the neighborhood pool where my mom and Aunt Christine could give Jan and Melissa swimming lessons. After changing into my swimming trunks, I was walking through the bedroom hallway towards the kitchen when my cousin’s door opened. To my surprise she stepped into the hallway wearing only her birthday suit. When she noticed me, she just giggled and went back into her room.

Blinking my eyes, I returned to my senses and continued into the den to sit on the couch, staring at the empty television.

When everyone had gathered together, we made a short walk to the pool while I followed quietly behind the group. I was too embarrassed to look at Valerie, so I stared down at the sidewalk. When I finally found the courage to look up at her, she turned her head and caught me. She narrowed her eyes and smirked knowingly at me, causing me to look away, embarrassed.

Ever since we met, Valerie and I had long since developed a habit of competing against each other; so at the pool we first tried to see who could hold their breath the longest. When we ducked our heads underwater, we stared intently at each other, making sure the other one didn’t cheat. Today, her cute oval face gazed back at me with her big brown eyes, while her long brown hair floated lazily around her head. I could tell from her expression she was really concentrating on holding her breath. When I made a funny face at her, she didn’t flinch, but when she crossed her eyes and stuck her tongue out, I couldn’t help but chuckle (I don’t know why kids think that is so funny!) I didn’t want to lose so I tickled her soft stomach with my finger causing her to laugh instantly; bubbles erupting from her mouth.

When we surfaced, she yelled, “No fair, that’s cheating, Ethan!”

“Too bad! I won!” I gleefully announced, a triumphant smile on my face. She angrily glared back at me.

Feeling a bit frightened, I turned to swim away but felt a sharp tug on my swimming trunks causing them to come loose just a bit. Surprised, I stopped and turned back to see my cousin smiling at me, her head bobbing above the water.

“What are you doing Valerie?” I asked. I was a little embarrassed.

“Nothing!” she sang back at me as she floated away. I glared at her as she swam over to our sisters at the shallow end. ‘What a weirdo,’ I thought.

We also loved to race each other to see who the fastest swimmer was. I usually won, but when we raced that day, she did it again, forcefully yanking on my swimming trunks.

“Cut it out!” I raised my voice to her this time. But she just giggled and swam away. I was really confused now. ‘She must be trying to throw me off so she can win, or this was revenge for seeing her naked,’ I thought.

We went swimming almost every day, yabancı escort and without fail she would find a moment to attempt to pull off my swimming trunks. I wasn’t angered at what she was doing, but I was beginning to get tired of her getting away with it rather easily. So I tried pulling on her bathing suit too, snapping it against her skin. But it wasn’t easy because I was scared to death of tearing it and getting into big trouble. Can you imagine trying to explain to her mom why I ripped her bathing suit? She definitely had the advantage in this game and she often succeeded in pulling my trunks loose enough to expose my butt.

Swimming together at the pool was the only time Valerie tried anything weird like this when we were kids. But we continued to challenge each other or tease each other about anything and everything, but it was never that serious because we were always quick to forgive each other. We even continued to kiss each other on the lips during games of ‘House’, but it never strayed beyond that.


As we became older and more mature, the four of us always remained close after having spent so much time together those long summers in Nevada. Val and I had fewer arguments and became even closer, keeping in touch by computer or phone. Sure, we still found some way to challenge each other, even with thousands of miles between us, but I think that was just our natural tendency to try and one-up each other.


In high school, I began to see a lot of changes in Val’s appearance in the pictures I saw of her online. Gone was her string bean body, her muscles were now toned by years of swimming and running on the junior and high school athletic teams. Her hairstyle didn’t really change much. When we were kids, she always cut her long brunette hair a few inches below her shoulders and combed her long bangs to the side, but she styled it a bit differently now that she was older. She inherited her oval face, arched eyebrows, and high cheekbones from her mom, but she also had those chocolate-brown eyes and a perfectly proportioned nose from her dad. She had a small chest, probably around an A-cup, but she made up for it with a remarkable body. Her athletic activities had given an incredibly tight stomach that sloped out to her curvy hips and butt that was appealing to anyone lucky enough to see them; myself included. So yes, I’ve become one of those guys who absolutely adore nicely shaped butts, and Val’s was among the best.

Val had grown into a beautiful woman, and I found it difficult to find anyone that appealed to me as much as she did among my high school classmates back home. Not that there weren’t any pretty girls at my school. On the contrary, my high school had many amazing girls who not only excelled in sports and academics but had great personalities to boot. But there was something else about Val that made her more interesting to me. Too bad she was just my cousin, and back then I never even dreamed about her in any other way.

But I was still a short and skinny kid, lacking the broad chest and big muscles that my friends had already begun to develop at my age. So when it was time to visit our family in Nevada, I was a little intimidated being around Val. I felt like a little kid being led around by this beautiful woman; not the slightly older cousin I was supposed to be. She was never vocal about my physical maturity, but she loved to flaunt her body around me, causing me a lot of frustration.

Still, the four of us still did everything together as high school teenagers; watching movies, shopping, and hanging out at the mall. Val and I still raced against each other when we had a chance, but I was always beaten thoroughly, and she reveled in it.

Just before my junior year, my body began to mature too. I had already been taking martial arts lessons for more than a decade, resulting in a nice lean body. But despite this, I really didn’t have any muscles that girls liked to see in guys. So I took strength training in gym class and started to build a better physique. Thanks to this and my later stages of puberty, I grew an additional four inches in height and gained thirty pounds in a little over two years which made me less self-conscious about my body. My shoulders and leg muscles bulked up nicely, my stomach became more defined, though my arms and chest stayed lean and skinny. But my expressive black eyebrows, long lashes, and mocha-brown eyes offset those weak points. Girls loved to stare at my eyes, and I loved to stare right back at them.


However, with so much going on during our junior/senior years in high school, the four of us lost touch and we slowly drifted apart. After all, it had been almost three years since we had last seen each other.

But just before Jan graduated high school, Aunt Christine invited us to Nevada to celebrate Val and Jan’s graduation. She even offered to pay for the plane tickets. Of course my sister and I were elated to see yeni escort our cousins again because previously, we had never gone more than a year without seeing each other. So two weeks after my sister’s graduation, the two of us were on a plane to Vegas.

When we arrived at the airport in Las Vegas, we picked up our luggage at the carousel and made our way to the exit. We spotted the three of them almost immediately and when Aunt Christine finally spotted us, she ran towards us, first hugging Jan in her usual embrace.

“Janice, my God, you’ve grown so much since we last saw you! You look so different from your pictures! How are you? Where’s your brother?” she asked excitedly. She didn’t notice me standing a few feet behind Jan.

“Hi Aunt Christine!” I waved to her.

She seemed shocked, looking me up and down, “Ethan, is that you? You’ve grown up so much!” she hugged me unexpectedly tight. When I looked over her shoulder, I saw Val, staring at me from behind her sunglasses, acting mostly uninterested. I was a little disappointed that she didn’t appear as surprised as her mom, she was my old rival after all! That’s when Melissa came running up to hug us.

“Woah Ethan, you got a lot taller!” she announced as we hugged.

“You’ve grown up so much too Melissa! So are you dating yet?” I asked. Immediately I felt someone swat the back of my head.

“She’s too busy with her grades and school applications to worry about boys!” her mom scolded me. I laughed. Same old Aunt Christine.

Then there was Val, who I knew despite her mom’s pleas to focus on her grades and college admissions, went on dates almost all the time. After all, it wasn’t surprising that she had a steady income of interested suitors.

I called out to her, “Hey Val! I haven’t heard from you in awhile! How many boyfriends have you had by now? Ten? Fifteen?” I teased.

She had been looking in my direction the whole time, her arms crossed in front. When I called out to her, her expression changed from her look of disinterest to her familiar smirk.

“Oh more than that! They keep lining up!” Val had a cocky tone. Sitting up from the divider she was leaning up against, she walked up to us, swayed her hips to the side and hugged Jan. “How are you, Jan?” she asked in her sweet voice. Melissa steered the conversation back to Val’s previous relationships.

“But she keeps dumping them all like old news!” Melissa said in a teasing tone, giving her sister a displeased look.

“Shut up Melissaaaa! It’s ‘cuz those boys alwaysl turned out to be so borrrring!” Jan and I chuckled at their sibling squabble.

“It’s true, Val,” Jan spoke up, “you always seem to have some new flavor of the week for a boyfriend!”

While the girls continued arguing and gossiping, I tuned out, admiring Val’s womanly body. If it was at all possible, her amazing ass had actually improved and filled out since I last saw her in person. She was wearing some black leg warmers that ended just above her knees that accentuated every detail of her long and slender legs. The black denim shorts slightly obscured her butt, but it was clearly evident from the flare of her hips and the arc of the material covering her ass that something beautiful lay hidden beneath. Her grey blouse, if you could call it that, was just transparent enough that I could make out a black lacey bra that framed her smallish chest. Just like her to wear this sort of clothing in such a public place, and with her mom here nonetheless!

The girls’ conversation was cut short as Aunt Christine crossed through them to pick up our luggage.

Quickly snapping out of my daze, I gently took them from her, apologizing. “Sorry about that Aunt Christine, I got it!”

“Good,” she replied, “You kids can talk on the way home. Anyways you’ll have the whole summer to catch up!” She chuckled, walking towards her car.

On the ride back to Henderson, Aunt Christine interrogated Jan and I about school and everyone back in Chicago. She was particularly focused on how my grades were doing at UIC and Jan’s career plans at the same university. For once, Val listened quietly; she seemed to be taking notes on every one of Jan’s answers.

Finally we were able to ask our own questions about current events in the Schmidt family. We already knew that Melissa had followed in her sister’s footsteps and joined track and field in high school. Val was of course an accomplished swimmer in junior high and cross country runner in high school. But we discussed their final count of trophies; five for Melissa, and ten for Val. Jan had some gymnastics medals, but I had nothing besides a handful of academic awards. I couldn’t participate in any high school sports because my martial arts training took up the demanding time they required. So I had nothing to show for it, and I was glad Val didn’t bring it up.

As for future plans, Melissa was planning on attending UC Berkeley to take up Marketing while Val chose yenibosna escort UNLV for the time being; she hadn’t chosen a major yet.

After dinner, Aunt Christine went out to do some errands while the four of us stayed in to watch some movies. Melissa had us relax on the couch while she prepared some munchies in the kitchen. I plopped down on their old couch and looked for a magazine to read while my sister went with Val to freshen up. They didn’t have anything but girly magazines, so I perused through a copy of Cosmopolitan. I found an interesting article titled ‘Get better oral sex from your man’, and studied it word for word. Then I scanned the magazine looking for the gorgeous models showing off different outfits. Suddenly blood began filling my dick, so I tossed the magazine back onto the table. This wasn’t the place or time to get an erection.

Val came in just as the magazine slid across the table, wearing a very tight pair of white boy shorts and a blue tank top. Her long, nicely toned runners’ legs were now open for viewing and her firm rounded buttocks could now easily be defined by the thin material. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths as the front of my own shorts became uncomfortably tight.

“Nice outfit, Val. Did you forget to wear your pants?” I teased.

Val had this innocent look on her face as she stopped to look down at herself. “I always wear this stuff around the house. It’s comfy! We’re cousins anyway, so it’s not like I should be worried about you!” she said smugly. I sighed, staring into her big brown eyes.

“Not like it matters,” she continued, “you already saw me naked back when we were kids, remember?” She grinned devilishly, her eyes returning my challenge.

“I never saw anything like that, come on!” I snapped, looking out the window for a moment before returning her gaze. I inwardly chastised myself for flinching.

“Uh huh, maybe I’ll have to refresh your memory!” she said, winking at me.

“Hah! Hah!” I mocked her, sticking my tongue out. Val smiled and shrugged her shoulders as she picked up the same magazine I had dropped, jumping sideways onto the couch with her legs crossing my lap. Unfortunately, my raging hard-on now resembled the Leaning Tower of Pisa with no sign of collapsing anytime soon. I needed to get out of there without her catching me. But if I stood up now there was no way she could miss it.

“Val? Could you get off a sec?” I pleaded, but she ignored me, lazily reading the magazine. It was awkward hunched up against her legs like that, so I sat back against the couch, staring out the window, hoping that she wouldn’t notice the massive bulge in my pants.

‘I haven’t seen her in three years, and here she is, back to teasing me,’ I thought.

Val continued to flip through the magazine while I attempted to calm my nerves, thinking about anything but her perfectly shaped, perfectly squeezable ass. Her smooth legs were casually moving side to side seemingly minding their own business, when they suddenly straightened out and ground down against my crotch. I bit my lip. ‘Shit!’ screamed my inner voice.

Val looked at me in mock disgust, setting the magazine on her lap. “I Thought so! Pervert!” She smiled at me so evilly I thought she might sprout horns from her head.

Luckily for me, Melissa came into the room; carrying some popcorn, chopped fruits, and trail mix. Setting them on the table, she took one look at Val and shook her head. Val went back to her magazine and dropped her teasing, for the time being. I was saved!

We all sat on the couch, with me at the center, before turning off the lights and starting one of our favorite movies, Forrest Gump. At first, we were all engrossed with Forrest’s tragic childhood as a crippled boy with no friends but his neighbor, Jenny. As the movie progressed and he joined the military, Val started becoming less and less focused on the movie. Occasionally she would squeeze some lotion onto her long naturally tanned legs and gradually massage it into her supple skin. It was hard to ignore her actions, but I managed by focusing on the movie.

‘Besides,’ I thought to myself, ‘she’s just Val, your cousin, why are you getting so excited?’

That line of thinking started to calm my nerves, until she decided to rub those butter smooth legs over my thighs. I suddenly felt thousands of little tingles dance along my skin coursing towards my groin. It was like her legs were covered in silk and I felt the immediate urge to knead them with my hands.

“Does my skin feel rough to you, Ethan? They’re itchy,” she whispered.

“No, they feel pretty good to me, Val,” I choked out before pushing her legs away with my hands. She pouted. But she was merciless; placing her legs back on my thighs like it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

“They’re still itchy,” she whispered again. I could see a faint smile on her lips.

Eventually I gave in to my own desires so taking the bottle from her; I lightly worked the lotion into her skin. As my hands caressed her lower legs, Val rotated her feet in circles, causing the muscles underneath her calves to expand and contract against my palms. Then I slid up to her thighs, feeling her quads and hamstrings do the same. I was in paradise.

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