My Co-worker Clair Pt. 01

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Hello again! This is Dan and I decided to share another story. I hope you liked “A date with Molly and Brian”. I’ve received great feedback from it and decided to share more kinky adventures. You might want to read that story first if you haven’t already. Enjoy.

I work at an office building in an I.T. Department. My job means that I get to work with people from all over our company and get to know them. Some are much older and not very friendly or open about their personal lives. Many, on the other hand, are younger folks. Younger than me since I’m over 40 now. There’s a group of the younger crowd that likes to socialize outside of the office and have Happy Hour get-togethers whenever the mood strikes.

One of those younger co-workers is Clair. She’s just turned 30. She’s at the age that she knows who she is and what she wants out of life. What she wants is to find a beautiful, sexy lesbian like herself that is ready to settle down with one person and stop hitting the bars every weekend; and sometimes twice during the week! I found this out at the last Happy Hour I attended when Clair got pretty drunk and was looking for a shoulder to cry on.

I saw Clair at the end of a long table of co-workers. She was slouching back in the chair, arms crossed across her perfect C-cup breasts holding on to a tall glass of some mixed drink or another. She wasn’t really participating in the revelry as much as staring daggers at everyone else at the table. I grabbed a chair and pulled it up next to her and gave her a soft elbow.

“What’s got you in a mood?” I asked as I noticed the deep V-cut of her blouse.

She looked at me a little sideways and after a long pause asked, “Are you in a relationship?”

“Woah, are you thinking about switching teams on me?” was my response. I started to get my hopes up that this would turn into an interestingly naughty night after all.

“Of course not! I’m just looking for someone to commiserate with” she said. “I am sick of being single!”

“I thought you were seeing that Renee chick? The one you brought to the Christmas party” I said. Renee was so hot! I remember her tattoo running the whole length of her left leg. Since she was wearing a very short skirt you could tell that it continued up below the hem, but just had to imagine where it ended.

“That ended two months ago. She wasn’t interested in anything more than a good time. She was that…if you know what I mean. I’m just tired of hanging out at the bar with loud and obnoxious people, ya know?” she replied.

I think I did know what she meant! “Yeah, I understand. I was out of this scene for several years while I was married and though I haven’t spent a lot of time in bars over the last three years since my divorce, I’m already over it for the most part. If I were on a date and were getting to know someone maybe it’s not so bad, but this group thing just turns into a drinking contest most of the time. That’s why I spend most of my time playing pool or shuffleboard” I said. “Speaking of which, how much have you had tonight?”

“Too much and not enough!” she replied. “When I start drinking I can only think about not wanting to be here doing this again, but at some point I get drunk enough to get really horny and then I’m frustrated for a whole different reason. I think I’ll just get out of here. I can find some relief at home” she said with a sparkle in her eye as she smiled at me.

She reached into her purse and pulled out her keys. Then slung the purse over her shoulder and started to stand. She didn’t get one step before I could tell she was wobbly on her feet and should definitely not be driving.

“Hey, hold on there. You can’t drive yourself home. Let me drive you. I rode with Adam and left my car back at the office. I’ll drive you home in your car and then take an Uber back to get mine if you’re OK with me driving your car?” I told her.

“Sure, but we’re not done drinking. You have to have a drink or two with me before you leave so you can help me figure out how to fix my life!” she blurted out.

I responded, “I’m pretty sure your life is not broken, Clair. Let’s get you home. Besides, I thought you had other plans when you got home.”


Clair didn’t talk all the way to her apartment. I thought this meant that she would be ready to pass out as soon as I got her to her couch and then I could sneak out. Boy was I wrong. We got out of the car and I gave her a hand as she climbed the 12 steps up to the front door. I still had the keys in my hand so I unlocked the door then handed them to her.

“Dan, you sure are a nice guy, you know that?” she said. “Too bad you’re not a lesbian!”

I had no response at first, I just laughed as we entered the apartment and I shut the door behind me. Clair immediately walked to the fridge and asked me if I was ready for a beer. I guess I had agreed to have a drink before I left.

“Sure Clair, I’ll have just one” I answered.

We bahçelievler escort opened our beers and sat down on the couch with plenty of space between us. Clair sat cross-legged facing me at the other end. Then she grabbed the remote for the TV and turned on some music channel. She laid her head back and closed her eyes. I took in the sight of her relaxing and breathing deep. She appeared quite different than the professional image we all put on at the office. Again, I had to appreciate her curves, but this time I noticed how firm her leg muscles were and couldn’t help myself picturing her doing squats at the gym covered in sweat. Without lifting her head or opening her eyes she spoke.

“So tell me Dan, how are you dealing with being divorced at your age?” Clair asked.

I almost spit my beer out. “You make it sound like I have a terminal illness or something, Clair” I said.

She then looked back at me. “You know what I mean, Dan. You had been settled down and happy for a long time, right? That’s what I’m still looking for. You had it and lost it. That has to feel even worse than I’m feeling right now” she said.

“Wow, Clair! I didn’t realize trying to cheer you up meant that I needed to feel bad about my own situation. Besides, you are partially right. I had that experience and now I’m enjoying what I had missed out on during that time!” I responded.

“Missed out on? What do you mean by that, Dan?” she looked almost irritated with me.

“I’m enjoying being single. I’m not saying that I’m getting some every night or anything, but I’m doing alright! I get to date new people and try new things and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.” I answered.

She just stared at me for a moment then said, “Maybe it’s the alcohol speaking, but I think I’d like to hear about the adventures of Divorced Dan. It might help me with that relief I’ll be getting after you leave. Probably not, though. I mean not like you and I have a lot in common in our dating lives, am I right!” She just stared at me while I took a big swig from my beer.

I just sat there not sure what to say. On one hand, I was feeling insulted and on the other hand I really wanted to talk to someone about my date with Molly and Brian. It didn’t help that Clair was someone I’d see around the office regularly. Maybe I didn’t want to share with someone I worked with. Then again, she’s a gay woman and I really have nothing to offer her other than friendship, right?

“You’ve got something on your mind, Dan. Spit it out” she said as she also took a big drink. “Are you thinking about me relieving my frustrations? Does that trump anything you’ve experienced as Divorced Dan?” she said with a big laugh.

“You’re not especially nice when you’re drunk and horny are you, Clair?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, Dan. You’re right. It was very nice of you to get me home and listen to me complain. I shouldn’t have been so rude” she said as she reached out to put her hand on my forearm. “Please forgive me and let’s start over. I’m going to get a little more comfortable and then we can talk for real. I’d love to hear about someone else’s trials and tribulations in the dating world instead of thinking about my own!”

She got up from the couch and sat her beer on the coffee table. Then she reached behind her and under her blouse. Next thing I knew, she was pulling her bra out from under her blouse and tossing it down the hallway. She pulled off her socks and sat back down with her beer. This time she closed the distance between us and sat with one elbow up on the back of the couch still facing me.

“Tell me Dan, what’s been going on in your dating life?” she said.

I figured I might as well jump into the deep end and just see what happens!

“Well, I’ve only been dating for a little over a year. I was not interested for a while after the divorce. I’ve met a couple of ladies at bars but I’ve found a lot more fun finding people online” I told her.

“Online? I guess a techie like you would be comfortable with those dating sites. Tell me, which sites have you tried?” she asked.

“Of course Tinder, but I’ve had some luck recently on Adult Friend Finder” I answered.

“I’m kind of surprised at that. Those are both more about sex than dating, aren’t they?” asked Clair.

“Well, like I said I was looking to try new things and have fun, not just looking for another wife” I said. “It’s been fun letting loose and just having some naughty fun instead of trying to maintain a proper image for the neighbors or whomever” I said as I used air quotes when I said the word ‘proper’.

“Well now you’re piquing my interest Danny Boy. Tell me more. What kind of fun have you been having?” she asked.

“I guess my most recent date has been the best experience so far” I said. “I actually met a couple that I met on AFF.” I let that comment just hover there for a second as I took another swig of my beer finding the bottom of the bottle.

“Wait…you’re telling me bala escort that your last date was a threesome? Is that what you meant when you said you’ve been meeting new ‘people’?” she was now using the air quotes. “I have to know more. Was that your first time? I want details. Was there some bi fun included, Dan?” She seemed to have turned a slight shade of red as she was saying this. At first I thought it was embarrassment, but she was wanting to know more so perhaps it was something else?

“Yeah well, I’m not sure we’re close enough friends to get into too much detail, Clair” I stated.

“Come on, Dan. What’s the harm in sharing with me? I can only think of a few better ways to become closer friends and you can’t have too many friends, can you Dan?” Clair said as she shared a huge smile.

My mind was reeling now. Could I share all the details and reveal my kinks to this gorgeous lesbian that I barely know? “Ok, so yeah, there was fun of all kinds including bi fun. You sure you want to know? You want to hear about my very kinky night with another couple? Another couple that I hope to see again real soon?” I asked.

“Dan, right now I’m drunk and horny like I said. Hearing some naughty tale about your online threesome hook up might just force me to grab a toy out of my bedroom to take care of myself. Is it that good of a story, Dan? Are you just messing with me or are you hiding a very kinky alter ego behind that nerdy façade of yours?” she was talking very fast now. She reached out for me again and squeezed my arm. Her eyes were wide and she looked as if she were holding her breath.

“I don’t know what kind of things turn you on, but I think my date was very hot and definitely the naughtiest stuff I’ve ever done. For example, I sucked off Brian in the men’s bathroom at the bar while Molly waited for us at the table!” I stated.

“Wait a fucking minute, Dan! You’re telling me that you are seriously bi and you sucked a guy’s cock that you just met online?” Clair asked then sat there mouth open just staring at me for a minute.

I let her think about it while I sat my empty beer bottle down and asked her if I could get us both another one. I just got up and walked to the fridge. She jumped off the couch and practically ran down the hall. I laughed to myself hoping she was getting that toy she mentioned and that I was going to get a show out of this deal.

I took my seat again on the couch as she came running back and plopped down again on the far end of the couch away from me. This time she still had her blouse and skirt on, but as she put her feet flat on the couch facing me with her knees up, I immediately saw that she was not wearing any panties. She lifted her butt and pulled the skirt up behind her so she wasn’t sitting on it then produced a small lipstick size vibrator and switched it on.

“Ok Dan, I’m ready now. Give me the rest of the story” she said as she lowered the vibrator to her pussy and started to drag it up and down her lips.

“Holy Shit, Clair!” I exclaimed. “What are you doing?”

“Come on, Dan. It’s just us here. There’s no reason friends can’t masturbate in front of each other, is there?” she asked.

I honestly couldn’t think of any reason to stop this from happening. My cock was getting hard in my pants as I watched this gorgeous woman play with her pussy right in front of me begging me to tell her a naughty story to help her get off. It didn’t matter that she was a lesbian and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to jump her and bury myself in that beautiful pussy of hers. This was going to be a hot experience and I was just going to go with the flow.

“Clair, if you’re going to do that right in front of me, I’m going to have to take care of myself too. I know you’re not interested in what I’ve got, but watching will definitely get me off. You are such a beautiful woman. You know that, right?” I said.

“That’s very sweet of you Dan. I said you were a nice guy and you keep proving me right. I think it would be hot if we could masturbate in front of each other. Go ahead and show me what you’re working with, naughty man” she practically purred. “But don’t stop telling me about your kinky date. I get the feeling things just get better as the story goes along.”

I stood and quickly took off my belt and dropped my pants. I guess the surge of hormones along with the alcohol had me throwing caution to the wind. Next I pulled down my boxers and stepped out of them and the pants. I removed my shirt and stood there naked looking down on Clair with her skirt bunched up around her waist and knees now spread wide. I could see the wetness surrounding her lips and as she brushed the vibrator across her clit very lightly and moaned.

Before I sat back down, I asked if I could help her with her blouse. “We might as well both be comfortable. Nothing to hide here anymore, right?” I asked. She agreed and I lifted her blouse up over her head to reveal the most perfect breasts I think I’ve ever seen. balgat escort I just stood there for a minute.

“Stop staring and tell me more, Dan” she said.

With that I sat back down, grabbed my cock and told her the story of my date with Molly and Brian. The entire time I watched her play with her clit and squeeze her own tits. A few times she would close her eyes and shudder with a little orgasm. I very slowly stroked myself so I wouldn’t make myself come too soon. Throughout the story, she would blurt out, “no fucking way”, “really”, “did you like that?” I think she really liked the tale.

When I was done, Clair’s pussy was dripping a puddle under her and her entire body looked flushed. She turned off the vibrator and let her head fall back in silence. Neither of us spoke for a couple of minutes. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was still stroking and admiring her body now spread out across the couch. One foot had moved behind my ass where I sat. The other was flat on the floor. Clair’s pussy was less than two feet away from me and I could smell her from this distance.

Without lifting her head, Clair said, “You’ve been stroking yourself for a long time there, Dan. You have amazing self-control to keep yourself edged for that long. Is that from wearing your chastity cage?” She lifted her head and looked me in the eye. “I’ve never known anyone into that particular kink, though I have known some bi guys. Sounds like you were able to satisfy all of your kinks in one special night with Molly and Brian. You are a lucky man!”

“I must agree Clair. I am a lucky man. Someday I’ll be able to tell the story of this night when a lesbian allowed me to watch her masturbate in front of me while I controlled my urges and my climax” I said.

With that she laughed and her breasts bounced heavily on her chest. She had not once looked at my cock in my hand. I know she was not interested in men, but to not look while I stroked myself right in front of her was a bit of delicious embarrassment that I reveled in.

“There’s a lot about your story that I liked. Part of me wishes you were wearing your cage tonight while you were forced to watch me. I’m not sexually interested in men as you know, but the idea of torturing you a little is intriguing. From the sounds of it, you would like it too” she said.

“Oh yes, I think that would have been fun. Maybe with this new close friendship we’ve created, we could try that sometime” I replied.

“Are you serious, Dan? Would you consider more naughty playtime with me knowing that you couldn’t enter me in any way with that…penis of yours?” Clair asked

“This is the kind of sexy new adventure that I’m looking for Clair. You may be looking for something more with the woman of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun while you’re looking, does it?” I asked.

“In that case, why don’t we take this a little further? I’ve had several little orgasms already, but I couldn’t get the big one I was needing. I still have some built up energy to release, Dan” she said.

I asked, “What do you have in mind Clair? I’ll help in any way I can.”

“First you need to stop stroking that useless penis of yours!” she ordered. “Then I think I want to know just how good you made Molly feel with that mouth of yours. I think you were exaggerating in your story or maybe just the weight of the whole scene was more than she could take.”

“Clair, it would be my pleasure to help you reach the orgasm you’re looking for” I said trying to sound like her knight in shining armor.

We both laughed at that and I slipped down to my knees on the floor next to the couch. Clair turned just a little to scoot her butt close to the edge for me. Then she rubbed her pussy lips with the fingers of one hand and made them part showing me her engorged labia. She pulled a finger away showing me her sticky juices connecting her finger tips to her pussy. With her other hand hovering above her mound, she curled her index finger beckoning me closer. As I lowered my head towards her, I placed my hands on her inner thighs. This was the first time I had actually touched her in any sensual way. Again I noticed how firm and muscular her legs were. I rubbed them a little and pushed them back to open her up even more.

When I got close to her, she held her sticky fingers out towards my mouth and I locked eyes with her as I took them into my mouth and sucked them dry one at a time. My god she tasted so good and now that I was just a couple of inches away from her honeypot, I could see so much honey running down the crack of her ass and onto the now soaked couch. She pulled her hands back and cupped both of her tits while she watched me. I looked up at her again and watched her expression as I moved forward and my tongue made contact with her labia as it stuck out from between her outer lips. I explored her and searched for her honey with my tongue. She was delicious. I took long strokes of my tongue from just above her asshole right over her clit and past. When I had cleaned up what was covering her lips, I pushed her legs higher and quickly dove down to rub my tongue all over her asshole which surprised her and forced out a little squeal. I could see her chest rising and falling as her breath quickened. I was getting her really worked up.

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