My Boss’s Wife

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This story, as with all of the stories I have written, is purely fictional. No accounts are to be taken literally, and all characters in this work are fictional also. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

* * * * *

Her name was Estelle and she was Ken’s, my bosses, wife. For a 61 year-old woman, she was beautiful. She had hardly any wrinkles and her body was incredible.

She had short, curly auburn hair and amazing hazel eyes. Every time I was around her I could feel my dick hardening inside my pants.

My boss and I were close friends, being single and 22 I would spend the night at his house often times after work.

I often lie in bed at night and fantasize about Estelle while I jack-off hard. Sometimes I run downstairs and grab a pair of her panties to smell while I beat-my-meat.

The smell of her pussy is incredible. A little strong and pungent with the odor of piss, but it smelled so good as it emanated from the soft fabric into my nose.

I sometimes sleep in and meet Ken at the office after he made his calls later in the day.

Estelle was a nurse so she would sleep in too.

Sometimes I fantasized about how a situation would occur where her and I would be able to have sex.

I imagine being really bold and sneaking into their room after Ken had left. I imagine her sleeping there under the covers wearing only a bra and panties.

I could envision myself sneaking up and crawling on her bed, being careful not to disturb her.

I would peel back the covers and admire her soft and sexy body.

I carefully position myself between her legs and move my face in close to her pussy. With my hands I carefully push her panties to the side exposing her beautifully trimmed pussy.

I then see myself bending down and moving my face in close to her pussy, inhaling her sweet aroma, being careful not to wake her before it is time. I then clamp my mouth of her pussy and start licking her lips up and down as she breathes deeply and awakens, unsure of what is going on.

By the time she realizes that it is I licking her pussy, Urfa Escort it is too late.

She would be overcome by the feelings and sensations of my tongue probing deep inside her pussy that all she would be able to do is moan and succumb to my sucking and licking her moist cunt.

“Oh yeah Chris,” she moans to me.

“Mmmmm,” she whimpers as I flick my tongue over her super-sensitive clitoris.

Just as I imagine her flooding my face and mouth her cum, I blow my wad and the fantasy is over.

I had various other fantasies about her; little did I know one of them was about to come true.

I was lying in bed one night at their house after work, horney as hell, beating my tool. I had the covers down over my legs and my underwear pulled down to my ankles.

My body was completely exposed and the door was open.

Just as I was getting close to cumming, my eyes clenched tightly, I hear Estelle’s voice,

“Chris?” she said with surprise.

“Ohhh Estelle,” I reply with a bit of embarrassment, feeling my face turn bright red as my cock turns into a limp noodle.

She walks in and smiles at me as I try to cover my 8-incher with my hands. It didn’t work.

“No worries Chris,” she went on, “it is nothing I haven’t seen before,” she told me as she smiled and approached me.

“Uh,” I stumble on my words, “I was getting kind of close so, uh…” I trail off, expecting her to get the hint.

To my surprise, she asks,

“Well how about I help you out with that? It is the least I could do for interrupting,” she grinned.

‘Holy shit dude’ I thought to myself. Is this a fucking dream or what? I do not ask questions. Before I could say or do anything, her soft, warm hand was wrapped around my cock.

“Oh,” I said as I jumped at the touch of her tender loving care.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned as she started jacking me up and down at a slow tempo.

“Oh Estelle, god, that feels so good, mmmmm,” I encourage her.

I noticed her eyes were locked on my cock as she jacked up and down, as if she were a robot.

“Estelle…” I began, just as she dropped her head Urfa Escort Bayan to my cock and wrapped her hot lips around it.

“Holy shit!” I screamed, as my cock felt like it was wrapped in a hot pocket fresh out of the microwave.

“Wow! That feels, uhhh, great, uhhh oh baby yeah, come on baby, mmmmm” I continue encouraging her, as her head bobs up and down on my hard tool.

“Uhhhhg, yes, yes, yes! Fuck yeah Estelle, come on, and suck me!” I yell to her, realizing I should probably keep my voice down since Ken was sleeping on the other side of the house.

Her lips and head were moving faster and faster as I feel my balls start to boil.

“Oh Estelle, oh, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, yes, yes, keep sucking!” I whisper to her, softly.

She stopped sucking and held the head of my cock in her mouth as she beat me furiously.

Moments later I began pumping my seed into her mouth as a massive orgasm racks through my body.

“Mmmmm” I moaned softly, as she stroked every last drop of sperm out of my balls.

“Now it is your turn baby,” I said to her, wanting badly to taste her sweet pussy.

She stood up and literally ripped the clothing of her body. As she slid her panties down her waist and tossed her bra to the floor, her skin was just as I had imagined it, silky and smooth.

Even though she was nearly 3-times my age, her breasts were still perky and not saggy at all like you would expect from a woman her age.

I reached up and took her warm globes into my hands, massaging her stiffening nipples under my thumbs.

She got on the bed and laid down on top of me, sticking her pussy in my face. I wasted no time in getting to business and my tongue immediately shot out of my mouth for an initial lick.

She moaned as I licked her slit up and down, rubbing her seasoned thighs with my hands as my tongue darted quickly in and out of her pussy.

She whimpered as I massaged her clit in a circular motion with my index finger.

I licked her, faster and faster, feeling her cunt contract and release around my tongue. Finally she screamed,

“I’m Escort Urfa gonna cum, yes, yes Chris keep licking!”

The sound of her voice huskily ordering me to eat her made my cock jump to attention again and she took it into her hand.

I pushed her over the edge as I slid two of my fingers into her cunt and my tongue moved to her clit, licking it hard.

I was rewarded with a warm, gooey mess of hot sticky cunt juice that gushed into my mouth and down my cheeks.

I gave her pussy one final lick up and down as I devoured her sweet cum and licked it from my face and chin.

She turned around and kissed me passionately, tasting herself on my tongue as she sucked it deep into her mouth.

Without a word between us, she mounted herself on my hard cock and began working it deep inside her.

I was amazed at how tight her 61 year old pussy was around my thick cock. She began fucking herself on me, moving up and down, moaning as my cock went in and out of her.

“Mmmmm, oh yeahhhh,” she moaned as she continued fucking herself on my stiff shaft.

The sensation of her hot pussy around my cock was too much for me and I told her I was going to cum. She started fucking faster and harder, slamming my pelvic bone against mine, crushing her clit I am sure.

She laid on top of me and moved herself up and down hard as I my cum shot deep inside her cunt. She continued for about 30 seconds more until she came all over my dick.

Her tempo slowed and she climbed off, swinging around to suck my cock deep into her mouth to get the remaining cum and pussy juice still clinging to it.

We laid there for about 15 more minutes and finally she broke the silence,

“Well,” she started, “I guess you deserve some overtime for this!”

She got up, put her clothes back on and left for bed with her unwitting hubby, my boss, Ken.

The following day, we talked about it after Ken was gone and we both vowed to secrecy and took an oath of silence so no one would ever find out what had happened.

That was 5 years ago and my boss still has no idea what I had done with his wife that night.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed my story; if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me with them. Any reproduction of the above story without my consent is strictly forbidden. Copyright © 2002. All rights reserved.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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