My American Princess

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The God’s may mock me, but sometimes, you get to pay them back.

I have no idea how these things happen. The fates of the universe seem to take perverse pleasure in things they can do to me to drive me insane. Life had not being going well until The Princess entered my life. She had no idea how much she had helped me. I had been suffering from depression for a while and had just about given up on life and everything in it.

My wife and I had separated a few years back and I had been feeling alone since. I had custody of our daughter, but I had hit on bad financial time and as such, I had to give custody over to my ex. This had lead to long bouts of drinking and that lead into a further depression that I could not get out of.

Things had changed and I found what I thought was love. An old friend from my past came into my life and over the course of several months, it blossomed into something more. We were separated by the distance of a couple of thousand miles, but she had planned to come down for a long time and the day finally came. Four weeks before she came down, we were both giddy with anticipation. We were in love. Nothing could stand in our way.

Or so we thought.

Three weeks before she came down, the great love of her life came back into her life. They met up before her and I could be together and the sparks between them had fired into a flurry of passion. I was tossed aside like an unwanted tissue. I was devastated. I saw no place for me in the universe anymore. I just wanted to crawl into bed for a thousand years and never see anyone again.

But my loneliness kicked in and I joined one of those chat rooms just for the company. I considered it a fair trade. I was talking with people, yet never had to go anywhere.

Then I met my Princess.

She was not a real princess, of course, but that is what I called her.

It started up innocently enough. We met on a chat room and had fun talking to each other. We had fun with each other’s company, and so we became good friends. Then we became best friends. I found myself logging in daily, just to see if she was online. I wanted to be with her, hang out with her, laugh with her, and so much more.

It got the point where we were comfortable telling each other our real names. We traded email addresses for instant messaging and things went forward from there. We found out that we lived far away from each other, but not so far that a visit one day would be out of the question.

And one day, it happened. My job had been going well, and I had worked so hard that I received a bonus. I took my bonus and poured it into my gas tank and took off on a drive to her place. She had no idea it was coming.

I had asked for her actual mailing address one day because I wanted to send her a small gift. Just to say thank you for pulling me out of my funk. Good friends should always be ataşehir escort appreciated, and so I had wanted to send the card to let her know how much I appreciated it. It was a lazy afternoon when I got into town; I sent her a text on my phone asking what she was doing. I was in luck. She was simply hanging out at home. Her classes had been cancelled and so she was just watching flicks on the TV.

I walked up to her door and knocked. Her face was a combination of surprise, confusion and happiness all at once. It was priceless. She ushered me in and I simply sat on the couch while she got her bearings straight mentally.

She sat down beside me and could not wipe the smile off of her face. She asked what I was doing here and I told her that I had been saving up for a visit for sometime and knowing that she was going to be alone this week, decided that I had saved enough for my trip, and so I was there to keep her company. I figured that I could see the sights of Philadelphia while she was in class. As luck would have it, she had been told that all her classes for the week had been cancelled. She had gotten the phone call merely 15 minutes before I showed up.

I told her that was fantastic in my books and told her to go grab a shower and get dressed so we could start. She did so and came back later in a nice little skirt and blouse that made things stir a little in my pants.

I took her out to dinner, then a movie and we finished the night up with some karaoke. We had discovered, while talking online, that we both loved to sing. We got back to her place and I told her that I was going to head out because I had been so excited about seeing her that I had forgotten to find a hotel to stay at.

A sly smirk appeared on her face. She said nothing, but grabbed me by the lapels and pulled me inside. “You are going nowhere but to Pleasure land with me my Prince.”

She pulled my head towards hers and we kissed. The magic was almost too much to bear. We had all the electricity in person that we had online as well. She was afire with excitement as she pulled my jacket and shirt off. My hands fumbled at first because I could not believe this was happening, but they found the buttons to her blouse and proceeded to undo them, exposing a lacy white bra.

I found the zipper on the back of her skirt and it fell to the floor showing a matching thong. Once I had her in her underclothes, she pulled her lips away from me and took a step back. With a smile, she then turned around a full slow spin so that I could see everything. Seeing the tent that had appeared behind my zipper, she took a step forward to me again, undid my pants so that they too fell to the floor.

She kissed me again and lifted one leg to wrap it around me. This allowed my covered cock to press against her hidden sex. This only avcılar escort fuelled our desire as we could feel our bodies so much closer, yet still untouched because of the fabric we both wore. Using her calf, she pulled me closer, pushing me harder onto her, making me harder.

Once she could tell that I was not going to get any harder, she lowered her leg and was on her knees in a mere second. She pulled my boxers down and looked up at me. I could only smile back. She took a deep breath through her nose to smell my sex. She had told me a while ago that she loved the scent of a man, and she was taking in all she could before we went any further.

Once she had her fill of my scent, she took me in her hand and started to stroke me. Her hands were warm and she used just the right amount of pressure to keep me hard. I leaned my head back to enjoy her manual pleasure when I felt the moistness of her lips engulf me.

She was no stranger to “lip service”, and she was good. She used her tongue to keep me at attention and her suction was perfect. She slid her lips lower along my shaft until she was almost all the way down. I couldn’t have stopped the moan of pleasure from escaping my lips if I had tried.

God this felt good. I had not been with a woman in sometime and she was showing me what I had been missing. Her mouth moved up and down while she stroked me up and down. She was grunting as she took me in her mouth and was getting more and more excited as she serviced me.

She could tell I was getting close and knew what she wanted. The suction was amazing and I kept holding back because I never wanted this feeling to end. But she would not let up. She even grabbed my ass cheeks to keep me inside her mouth as she sucked me harder and faster. Finally I could take it no more and I exploded all of my cum into the back of her throat.

I fell to my knees from exhaustion and she smiled at me. Leaving me there on my knees she got up and reached for the glass of water she had brought in earlier. She knew what she had planned and wanted to make sure that I could kiss her afterwards. I appreciated that. She stood before me so that I was mere inches away from her pussy and could smell the sweet fragrance coming from her as she was just as hot as I was. Once she had finished the water and put the glass down, I did what I had been dying to do all night.

I put my face against her and put my hands on her ass cheeks. They were as fabulous to hold as I had imagined they would be. I then slid my hands down to her thighs and spread her legs a little bit apart. I wasted no time and began to lap at the folds of her lips. She leaned forward and put her hands on my shoulders so that she could enjoy my administrations.

She has a very pleasant smell and tasted even more divine. Her hips pushed against my face avrupa yakası escort to make sure that I did not miss a spot between her thighs. My hands reached up and grabbed those wonderful cheeks of hers again so that I could steady her gyrating hips as they moved with pleasure from my administrations.

She lifted one leg and put it over my shoulder, so I took advantage of that and lifted her from her standing position and put her on the bed while being able to keep my upper lips placed against her lower lips. This allowed both of us to be more comfortable while I continued to lick at her while her juices ran down my tongue and into my mouth.

Her moans only fuelled my desire and my activity. She tasted so sweet and it only made me hunger for more. Her hips kept pushing against my face with her desire for me to keep going. I heard her breathe speed up and get more rushed. This told me that she was getting nearer and so I picked up my pace. Her body started to quiver and I was having a hard time holding on as the orgasm rushed through her body. Her legs were pressed against my ears so hard that I could barely hear as she screamed my name.

She pushed me away from her lips and could see that I was hard again. The power of her orgasm had raised me back up to full attention. No words had to be spoken. We both knew what we wanted to happen next, and I happily obliged.

She smiled in anticipation as my sex got closer to hers and let out a slight moan as the tip touched her. Her moan got stronger as I entered her and became a full fledged gasp of pleasure as I was finally all the way in her. She felt too good to be true. Our bodies seemed a perfect fit and it had never felt to right to be inside any other woman before her.

Our bodies seemed to know instinctively how to please each other. Our moans and grunts of joy and pleasure only pushed us to please each other more. She came harder than before and again pushed me out of her, but only so that she could put me on my back and straddle me.

My god, that woman knew how to ride me. I could feel her pushing herself as hard as she could against my hips. Her lips wrapped around my hard member. I could feel the pleasure as it went all the way inside of her and as her juice coated lips slid to where I was almost out again. She knew what she wanted though and made sure that the tip of my shaft was never exposed to air.

As we pushed against each other harder, our breathing became faster and more and more gasps of pleasure were starting to explode from us. We both knew that we were about to orgasm again, and we wanted to do it together. Sure enough as I started to feel the building of pressure in my balls, she started to call out my name. Letting me know that she was coming. That only fuelled me more and I too started to call her name out.

I can not being to describe the feeling of electricity that flowed through our bodies as we came. I could feel her juices coat my dick and my body as well as she came. The feeling of my cum flowing into her only fuelled her to a roar that surely must have made the other tenants aware as to what we were doing.

As we slumped back down, we ended up in a cuddle position and stayed that way for the rest of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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