Mummy Time Ch. 03

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Finally Laura stirred. “OK, Evie, time for bed.”

Evie sat up, leaning over to kiss her mother’s cheek then mine. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, darling,” I ventured. “Sleep well.”

She nodded. “I know you’ll cuddle Mummy nicely.”

Evie closed the door behind her, and I grinned at Laura. “Ready to be cuddled nicely?”

She chuckled softly. “You bet. Now, we were going to have a shower, weren’t we.”

She got up from the bed, and with a smooth motion pulled her t-shirt over her head and off. A quick tug at the zip of her skirt and it followed to the floor, leaving her in bra and panties. “Want to help?” she enquired, smiling.

I moved behind her, unhooking her bra, holding the lacy cups against her breasts for a few moments then letting the garment fall to the floor, my hands cupping her and feeling her hard nipples against my palms. I pressed my hips gently forward and she responded by pushing back against me. “Oh god, you’re ready,” she breathed.

“I can wait,” I promised. “There was something you told me at lunchtime you wanted.”

I moved back, hooking my fingers through the elastic of her panties and drawing them carefully down. I placed a soft kiss at the base of her spine, then stood, placing my hands on her shoulders and turning her to get my first full view of her unclothed body in the light. “You’re beautiful.”

She lowered her eyes, and I put my fingers under her chin, lifting her face to look at me. “Believe it.”

She nodded, smiling lopsidedly. “Now, what about that shower?”

I quickly shed my own clothes, and followed Laura as she stepped into the shower cubicle. “I didn’t plan this to be big enough for two,” she remarked as she set the water running, “but it’s an unexpected benefit.”

I watched the water sluicing down her naked body. “You got that right. Which soap do you prefer?”

“The passion fruit one,” she pointed.

“Somehow appropriate,” I chuckled, reaching for the bottle. I squeezed a generous amount into my palms, then started to gently wash her back, my hands moving down to cup and caress her bottom. Suddenly she turned, catching my wrists and pressing my still-slippery palms to her breasts. “My front needs washing too,” she whispered, urgency in her voice.

I obliged, my fingers brushing her nipples then straying down, over her stomach, through fur beaded with water, and caressing her most intimate places. She moaned, moving her feet further apart, and it was with regret that I withdrew my hand. “You were going to show me the way you imagined,” I reminded her.

Laura nodded. “Next time, though, we make love in the shower.”

“I promise,” I grinned.

We rinsed, then Laura turned off the water, stepping out and grabbing a towel. She quickly dried, then handed me the towel to do likewise. “Come on,” she beckoned as she moved back towards the bedroom.

I didn’t need asking twice, following her over to the bed. Just as in her lunchtime fantasy, she fumbled in the top drawer, pulling out two slim plastic cylinders and dropping them on the quilt. “So, you want me to start just the way I said?” she queried.

I nodded. “I’ll know when you want me to join in.”

Laura adopted her kneeling position, and I propped myself against the headboard to watch. Her left hand squeezed one breast, then the other, her fingers focusing in on her already-hard nipple, while her other hand slid down to the soft blonde fur on her mound, tugging gently. I watched fascinated as she spread herself open with two fingers, revealing slippery wetness, then delved inside, spreading the moisture and starting to move a fingertip across her hard nub. “Ahhh,” she breathed.

She paused, reaching for the larger of the two toys, sliding it into her slowly. She leaned forward slightly, and I felt an almost visceral thrill as the tip of the other cylinder penetrated the centre of her pink star, her fingers pressing it insistently deeper.

She returned to touching her hard nub, her other hand caressing her breasts, and I took my cue, bending to suckle one nipple then the other, my fingers using the moisture from my mouth to flicker across each in turn. The unaccustomed touch obviously drove Laura to new heights, and her breathing turned to short gasps, her fingers pressing ever more urgently against herself. “Is this where you imagine that hardness inside you, hands on your hips to thrust?” I breathed, and I felt her nipples stiffen even further against my probing tongue. “Oh — oh — now–” she groaned, and I thrilled with what I could only call triumph and satisfaction atakent escort as her entire body tensed and her hips shook, her hand pressed between her gripping thighs for what seemed an endless time of ecstasy…

Finally she subsided, panting, and collapsed back onto the bed. “Oh — my — goodness,” she managed.

“So, even better with help?” I enquired with a smile. She nodded dumbly, then shifted position, parting her thighs in an obvious invitation.

I slid my body across hers, then caught my lower lip between my teeth as a thought occurred to me. “Condom?” I queried.

Her only reply was to flex her hips against me, but I held back. “You’d be OK with a little brother or sister for Evie?”

Something flared in her eyes, indescribably wild yet at the same time soft, and her response was to dig her fingernails into my back and pull me to her. My hard tip touched her wetness then was swallowed up in smooth velvet as Laura tilted her head back with a sigh of satisfaction. I began to move in her, slowly at first, but the increasing pressure of her fingers on me and the upward thrust of her hips signalled clearly that slow was not what she had in mind. I increased my pace, and — remembering her fantasy — bent to suckle her once more. Her response was a deep moan, almost a growl, and I felt the unmistakeable tension of another climax begin to build in her. Just as she went over the edge, I lifted my head to look into her eyes, letting her see my face as I lost it myself, my warm fluid spurting into her depths…

She relaxed, her arms wrapped around me, and closed her eyes. “Thank you, darling…”

Her breathing slowed, and I carefully reached one arm out to pull the covers over us, extinguish the light…

When she stirred beneath me, the grey morning was just starting to filter through the gap in the curtains. She opened her eyes, smiling, and lifted her head to kiss me softly. “Hi, lover.”

“Hi yourself. Sleep well?”

“Never better. What shall we do today? I promised Evie we’d go swimming again soon, but it doesn’t have to be this weekend.”

I remembered Alex’s words. “Sorry to be a goody two-shoes, but Alex did offer us some overtime to catch up, if you want.”

Laura’s response surprised me. “That sounds like a good idea, actually. Mum already said she’d have Evie if I needed to work.”

She slid out of bed, pulling on the long t-shirt which she’d left hanging on the back of the chair, what seemed a lifetime ago. She opened the bedroom door, and stepped across the landing to Evie’s room, while I quickly pulled on my pyjamas. “Darling? Are you awake?”

I heard Evie’s sleepy response. “Yes, Mummy.”

“How would you like to go and see Grandma, have a sleepover tonight?”

Evie’s delight was obvious. “Yes please, Mummy.”

“Get dressed, then, and I’ll call her to make sure she can have you.”

I heard Laura’s footsteps going down the stairs, and the click of the phone. “Hi, Mum. Are you OK for Evie to come over, stay tonight? I’ve ended up having to work.”

She listened to the reply. “Great — thanks, Mum.”

Evie came across the landing in jeans and a Hello Kitty t-shirt. “Hello Tim. Are you and Mummy going to work today?”

I nodded. “Do you like it at Grandma’s?”

She nodded vigorously. “She has a big box of Lego — I can build whatever I want. And she always gets me pizza.”

“Two nights in a row,” I teased. “It’s bread and gruel for you tomorrow.”

She looked puzzled. “What’s that?”

“Ask Mummy,” I chuckled.

Laura came back up the stairs. “That’s fine — give me a couple of minutes to get dressed, darling, then I’ll take you over there now.”

Again I waited while the sound of Laura’s car faded in the distance, then reappeared after a few minutes. She came up the stairs, grinning, and wrapped her arms around me. “Now I have you all to myself for a whole day and night.”

“We do have to go into the office,” I reminded her, and she threw me a conspiratorial grin. “Doesn’t have to be all work, does it? Put some clothes on, and we can get going.”

When we arrived at the office I held my breath while I unset the alarm — “I really hate that thing” — and unlocked the door into the area where we worked. Laura went through to the kitchen to make us coffee and pile biscuits on a plate in lieu of breakfast, while I checked that the server was up and running as Alex had promised. We set to work, and I was quickly absorbed in my task of validating ataköy escort data. So much so that I jumped, briefly startled, when I felt Laura’s arms wrap around me from behind, her soft lips kissing my neck, my hair. I relaxed, leaning back into her, and closed my eyes. “Did you decide it was time for a break?”

“Mm, definitely. Come on, let’s go into Alex’s office — he has that couch where he lets visitors sit, remember?”

I followed Laura into the office, closing the door behind us. She leaned against the desk, her eyes dancing. “So, what do you want to imagine today?” I asked with a grin.

“Well,” she confessed, “I have this fantasy where my boss basically forces me to have sex with him.”

“Really?” I raised my eyebrows. “Wouldn’t that be horrible if it happened in real life?”

Laura nodded. “But it isn’t real — are you OK with us pretending?”

I nodded, raising one eyebrow. “But only if you pretend to have wanted him all along and to finally have to admit to your feelings when he takes you.”

She grinned. “Works for me. You get us started then?”

I took a deep breath. “So, Miss Jones. I have to say I’m not at all satisfied with your work.”

Laura pretended shock. “I’m sorry, Mr Brown. I’ll try harder.”

I came round to her side of the desk. “There’s only one way you can make up for your lack of competence.”

I pretended to seize her roughly, then bent to kiss her. She turned her head aside, but I forced her face round so that I could press my mouth to hers. She pressed her lips tightly together, but I thrust my tongue between them, then past her clenched teeth. Suddenly her mouth opened and she was returning my kiss — I silently applauded Laura’s acting ability, her eyes clearly conveying that what she was doing was against her better judgement.

I squeezed one breast with my hand, and she broke our kiss. “No,” she moaned, but I ignored her, pushing my fingers up inside her blouse and pinching her nipple. Her eyes held a wild mixture of resistance and desire, and I took advantage, my other hand sliding up between her not-quite-clenched thighs to press into her. The fabric of her panties was damp, and I grinned at her, arching one eyebrow as I tugged at the elastic, bringing her underwear down to her knees. I quickly unfastened my jeans, freeing my erection, then span Laura around, lifting her skirt. “Oh, no, please,” she whispered, but I ignored her, pushing her down to bend over the desk and pressing my hard tip against the wet opening that was revealed. I thrust into her, and she gasped, “No, no,” while her velvety depths accepted me with an unmistakeable Yes. I began to move in her, and suddenly I knew she’d dropped our charade as she responded to me, pushing her hips back into mine. “Mm — yes — oh god, that feels good,” she moaned. I reached one hand to seek her nub, getting a wordless cry of pleasure as my fingers found it, and to my delight, Laura yielded herself to an unmistakeable climax as I reached my own release and spurted into her.

“Oh, my goodness,” she breathed as I withdrew from her and helped her return her clothing to something approaching normal. “That really worked for me.”

I kissed her softly. “I’m glad…”

I glanced back out to the open-plan office. “Come on — let’s finish what we need to, then we can have the rest of the day to ourselves.”

Our work task was quickly complete, and again I gritted my teeth while setting the alarm, praying that it wouldn’t go off and require embarrassing conversations with the security company. Finally it made the sequence of beeps that signified it was happy, and I breathed a sigh of relief. “OK, Laur, what would you like to do now?”

She tilted her head. “Well, we need to get some shopping — at least lunch for us and Evie tomorrow. We could have something to eat at the supermarket first.”

The supermarket was crowded, but I found that even so, shopping with Laura was an enjoyable experience as she subtly teased me; bending over to examine something on a shelf lower down while I enjoyed looking at her in her tight skirt; leaning to put something in the trolley and giving me a clear view down her blouse; stretching to get something from a high shelf so that she came untucked, letting me see her smooth stomach and kissable belly button. “Come on,” I growled, “let’s get to the checkout before I stop resisting and take you in the grocery aisle.”

She grinned, and helped me pack the bags. I pushed the trolley to the car and filled the boot, atalar escort and we were soon on our way back to the house. I watched as Laura put shopping away, trying to remember the right place for everything in the kitchen, then made coffee for us. “Thanks, Tim,” she smiled. “This has been a great day, and it’s only going to get better.”

“Better how?” I teased, and she grinned. “Well, it’s great that Evie understands ‘mummy time’, but I still make sure she doesn’t hear anything — it wouldn’t be fair on her, it might frighten her. So when she’s at Mum’s, I can really let go.”

I arched an eyebrow. “You mean last night was you not letting go? Should I be afraid?”

She punched me playfully. “We’ll find out if you’ve got what it takes. Now, do you want me to cook something?”

I shook my head. “Lunch was pretty good for a supermarket café. Maybe we can have supper later?”

Laura nodded. “Sure — cheese on toast, maybe.”

She gave me a smile which was unmistakeably an invitation. “Upstairs, then?”

I looked thoughtful. “We have the house to ourselves — anywhere else you’d prefer?”

Laura was silent for long moments. “Tim — I think I’m ready for us to make love in my bed. If you’re all right with that?”

I touched her hand, understanding exactly what she meant. “OK. Do you want to wash first? I seem to recall you said we’d make love next time we showered, but we can save it for later.”

Laura nodded. “I’d like to shower — and later doesn’t have to be very far away, does it?”

I chuckled. “You’re insatiable, you know that?”

We climbed the stairs, and a couple of minutes later Laura was giggling uncontrollably as I tickled her under the stream of water. “Stop that,” she protested, laughing, “or I’ll change my mind and we’ll never make it to any bedroom…”

I desisted, turning the water off, and stepped out of the shower, picking up a towel to wrap her in as I took her in my arms. “OK?”

Laura nodded, letting the towel fall to the floor. I followed her across the landing to her room, glancing around at the unmistakeably feminine environment as Laura hastily picked up scattered clothes, consigning some to the laundry basket and returning others to drawers or to their hangers in the wardrobe. Various items of makeup littered the dressing table in front of the mirror, and my eye was caught by an open box of tampons next to the sink in the en-suite. I hesitated, then ventured, “Ah, Laura, if this isn’t too personal a question, when — when are you due to bleed next?”

She followed my glance, and grinned sheepishly. “About a week, I think.”

I nodded. “So I should expect you to snap my head off, demand chocolate at all hours, that sort of thing?”

She tilted her head. “Actually I don’t think I’m all that bad. What definitely happens, though, is that just before I’m due, I really — and I mean really — crave to be satisfied. Either on my own, or…”

She illustrated her words by pushing me down onto the bed, sliding across me, and offering her breasts to me as she’d done that first night. I didn’t disappoint, taking one nipple in my mouth and swirling my tongue around it, drawing a gasp of pleasure from Laura. I switched to the other nipple, using my fingers to continue pleasuring the first, and reached downwards to find her wetness with my fingers. She didn’t wait for me to seek her nub with my fingertips, but began to flex her hips, pressing herself urgently against my hand. I arched the ball of my thumb to try and give her what she needed, and I was rewarded with a moan and an increase in the pace of her thrusts. “Oh — god — Tim — I’m going to…”

Her voice became incoherent and her body arched, a loud cry of ecstasy tearing itself from her lips as she yielded herself to her climax. Somewhere in a corner of my brain I made the connection between her very vocal satisfaction and her determination not to upset her daughter, then the thought was lost as I gave myself over to appreciation of the pleasure she was experiencing…

Finally she subsided, and looked into my eyes, her chest still moving rapidly. “Wow — thanks, Tim, that was just what I needed.”

She grinned. “Now it’s your turn, and I can think of something you’ll enjoy.”

She turned her words into action by kneeling between my feet, and taking my hardness into her mouth. I felt her tongue moving urgently on my tip, and I groaned. “God, Laura, if you keep on like that I’ll…”

She lifted her head briefly so her eyes met mine, obviously reveling in the power she had over me. She moved more insistently, and I wavered between fascination at the sway of her breasts in time with her pleasuring of me, and losing myself in that pleasure. Finally the feel of her mouth on me won out, and I groaned as I lost it, spurting against her waiting tongue…

“Mm,” she murmured as she slid up to lie at my side. “Another first…”

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