Mrs. Clarkson’s Awakening

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Another story line requested by a member. This will be my first entry in the lesbian category, I trust it meets her expectations.


As I sat looking up my daughter’s dress, I wondered, *is she really that comfortable around her own mother that she exposes herself*, at 18 she must be aware of what she’s doing? I’ve certainly taught her to sit properly, legs together, skirt pulled down whether with men or women. I’m transfixed by the white panties drawn tight across her bulging vulva, I can tell they’re puffy and full, the slit of her pussy faintly visible.” Or is it that I’ve been staring long enough I’ve convinced myself I can see it clearly.

Sitting on the couch across from me in her short skirt hiked up, one leg underneath with the other on the floor, she’s bent forward looking at homework on the coffee table. As if my eyes drinking in that perfectly plump little pussy isn’t enough, the top two buttons of her blouse are open, I can see her thin white bra with an ample amount of 32B delicious brown cleavage exposed. The white of the panties and skimpy bra accentuate the rich chocolate color of her skin.

Richard passed on when she was only nine, I determined at that point I would dedicate my life to our daughter, send her to the proper schools and make sure she was settled in life appropriately. As a young girl I sent her to parochial schools, it was hard enough being a young black girl in a mostly white community, even harder for one with mixed race parents and no daddy. All the stereotypical bullshit poured out of new people in town who never knew Richard or me, the fact that we’d lived here and taught in their schools never entered their narrow minded equation. Thankfully we had enough lifelong friends who would eagerly put them in their place.

By the time Alisha was a freshman life changed in our household, not for the worse, just different than what it had been. All her friends were in public high school while I still had her in a parochial high school. After much begging and a few pouting session’s, I relinquished and said she could transfer to the public school at the holiday break. Her final and most effective weapon was this, *Mom, you’ve taught in the public school for over fifteen years, why is it good enough for you but not me*?

I’d convinced myself through the years that I was somehow protecting my little girl by having her in a pseudo religious setting, when in reality those kids were subject to all the same crap kids in public school were, only on a smaller basis. Once she was with her friend’s things changed, slowly, but they changed. Her skirts became shorter, blouses opened at the top more than previously, she changed her hair style and began experimenting with light makeup. The real shock came when we were in Victoria Secret, I was buying some bikini panties with matching bras and thought we were done shopping. As she stepped up behind me, she placed a few small thongs on the counter.

“Alisha, you’re not going to get those, much less wear them. There’s nothing to them.”

“Mom, I like them, all the girls wear them, it’s not like I’m gonna show them to boys. Besides my low rider jeans look pretty stupid with the top of my panties showing.”

“But honey, your bottom will hang out with a thong. You’ve been telling me for years you wish panties wouldn’t ride up the crack of your butt, now you want to buy panties designed to do just that.”

“Mom, I already have a pair I bought on my own. I like the way it feels with my bare butt against my jeans or skirt. I feel sexy.”

The sales gal was probably in her late twenties, “How old is your daughter?”

“She’s only sixteen, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

The saleslady smiled at me, “You’re Mrs. Clarkson, right? I had you in junior history, I’m Kelly Abrams. I can tell you right out Mrs. C, you’re gonna lose this battle, and it isn’t worth spending a lot of capitol on. Save that for the bigger things in life. They’re panties Mrs. C, not outer wear.”

Alisha was grinning like the cat that ate the canary. What Kelly, nor anyone else for that matter, didn’t know, was that I had a thing for girls, especially seeing them scantily dressed. They say men are visual creatures and women are more emotional creatures, somehow I never got that memo because the sight of girls in panties and bras makes me wet instantly. The more provocative the more exciting to me. I literally carry an extra set of panties in my purse for those days that the girls in the front row of class wear skirts or dresses and flash me. They didn’t know they were doing it, but my throbbing cunt did.

As class would wear on and the girls moved around their skirts would rise higher and higher, one of the chubbier girls was so naïve as to what she was doing she would put her hand under her dress and scratch sometimes. My panties would flood, and my mind would immediately imagine those were my fingers touching her aching puffed up virgin escort bayan pussy. Looking at Kelly more closely I remembered her, she sat second row third from the right, I had a wide open view of her beneath the desk. More than once she treated me to a show without knowing it, and what a variety of colors she wore under her dresses. I would sometimes tease my brain leading up to fourth period wondering what color panties she’d show me that day. The days I hated most were when the girls wore jeans.

I looked at Kelly, then back to Alisha. “Okay, but if I ever find out you let the boys see your privates there’ll be hell to pay.”

Half grinning, half serious she nodded yes as Kelly rang up the sale. At home she washed everything, the next day when it was dried she went to her room emerging about ten minutes later, standing in front of me in a barely there bra that I could see through and a light blue thong that barely covered her pubic hair, which wasn’t much, she spun and asked.

“Well mama, do you like it?”

Talk about a wet moment. In front of me was a prime example of what I secretly lusted after. Her dark nipples were visible through the sheerness of the bra, I could see the triangle of her mons through the thong and as she rotated I saw those cute fluffy little ass cheeks, ass cheeks that would one day be spread with someone’s tongue in her most private hole. I had all I could do to sit still and not touch her, I smiled and told her she looked very sexy. She scampered off and I didn’t see any more displays of exhibitionism.

That is, until the past few months. She began walking around with fewer and fewer clothes on, skimpy little panties, at times no bra while flitting from the bathroom to her bedroom. It was a show for me even if it wasn’t a performance on her part. I had my hand in my panties and the dildo in my cunt more than ever, I’d started using two dildos at times, a large one in my cunt and a smaller one in my ass. I purchased a remote bullet and had it in my pussy almost daily as I watched the little panties in the front row, I would turn it on low and cum, again and again. I began putting a light days pad in my panties so I didn’t soak through. I would catch myself thinking, *My God Karen you are such a pervert*.

What really got me thinking about my daughter in a sexual way was how she behaved on a Saturday morning while we cleaned the kitchen. I had on a robe and panties with the robe pulled tight. Alisha had on a loose top and a skimpy pair of shorts, we called them house shorts because if she sat at the perfect angle, I could see her pussy through the non-existent pant leg. They were not to be worn outside the house. Standing up straight at my side she put her hands beneath her bra-less breasts and lifted them slightly while looking at my chest.

“Yup, we’re almost the same size mom, yours are a little bigger, but look” and without a moment’s notice she untied my robe, spun me to face her and cupped my bare breasts, “See yours still stand up like mine do, you’re hot mom.”

She then moved her hand down my side and onto my ass where she patted it once, pulled the robe together and tied it shut. I was perplexed, how did she know to do that? Richard had always patted my butt once before breaking our embrace, as she stood back I put my hands on her shoulders to stop her retreat.

“Alisha, why did you feel my breasts and pat my bottom?”

“I watched daddy do that all the time. I know you guys didn’t think I saw anything, but I did. I was always entranced by the color of his brown hands on your white skin, I kind of felt the same way just now when my brown hands were on your white skin. I know tomorrow will be a rough day, the anniversary of his death, but we’ll get through another year mom. I’ll be here with you.”

“Honey your daddy was a kind and loving man, he was so good to me as his wife and lover. He wasn’t like so many other guys I’d met who were brash and pushy, he always thought of me first and would never ever do anything to embarrass me in public. I miss him so much.”

“Did he have a big dick mom, like other black guys?”

“ALISHA MAY, I should wash your mouth out with soap, shame on you talking like that. Don’t believe that lie Alisha, men everywhere are about the same size, some are smaller, some are larger, but more than anything they’re all about average. Why are you asking all these questions, where is this line of inquiry leading?”

“I don’t plan to be a virgin forever mom I’m just trying to learn some stuff before I’m confronted with it. I did like my brown hands on your white boobs though, that was hot mom.”

Spinning on her heel she disappeared down the hall to her bedroom where I soon heard music and her laughing, more than likely talking to Kendra, her best friend. I contemplated and played over in my head continuously what she not only had said but had done. She had cupped my breasts in her hands as if we were lovers of some sort, I immediately chastised myself for having such sordid thoughts. It was one thing to fantasize bursa vip escort about the panties in my classroom, it was quite another to think that way about my daughter, my baby girl. I wrestled with the thoughts the rest of the weekend and here we were on a Monday morning with me staring up my daughter’s dress wanting to touch and taste that bulging pussy hiding behind her white panties.

“Honey, did you know you’re flashing me? I can see all the way to your panties and halfway down your blouse.

“Yeah I know mom, but geez, we’re both girls aren’t we? I see your panties and bras all the time, but I don’t freak out over it. I make sure the boys and other girls can’t see me like this, you’re the only one. I gotta go mom, I have early choir practice at seven, see you at lunch time.”

She gathered her stuff, walked over and kissed me on the cheek as she scooted out the door. She’d kissed me hello and goodbye on the lips for years, it ended about the time I embarrassed her at a school function. I wondered if that would ever happen again, I had so liked the taste and feel of her soft full lips. I had a dentist appointment that morning and got to my class late morning, I was worked up by all that had transpired over the past few days and after this morning’s display of my daughters chest and crotch I sat in the parking lot and masturbated quickly before I went in.

I walked into my room for fourth period to see everyone seated and behaving. I also noticed most of the girls had on jeans or pants of some sort, all except Bonnie the chubby girl in the front row. When I sat I looked up and saw her legs open far enough to see the gap between her thighs, what was also interesting is that her skirt was shorter than normal. My mind began to put together all the small instances that had occurred over the past weeks reaching the conclusion that Bonnie knew I was looking up her dress, and furthermore, she liked it. Putting the bullet on low my pussy twitched, I looked again to see her looking at me with an innocent questioning smile.

Turning my bullet to medium I said to myself, *She turned eighteen three months ago, she’s legal, she’s mine. I’m anxious to taste that sweet young virgin nectar, after that I’ll have her eating me as often as I want. I just need the right scenario.”

I knew it was risky and ethically not right, but I also knew if I didn’t do something now that my daughter had awoken these strong lesbian feeling’s I was going to begin seeing Alisha as my next conquest. It would be better if it was Bonnie rather than my own daughter at this point, or so I thought. My opportunity came that Thurdsay at days end, Bonnie had asked if she could meet with me after school to help her understand something. My classroom is at the far end of a hall where no one goes except for a class, in between my room and the main hall are five empty classrooms, which makes my location relatively remote. Bonnie was a straight A student, I was suspicious as to why she wanted to see me after classes were over.

As Bonnie came in, I closed and locked the door, then closed the blind. I sensed she was waiting for me to take over, to tell her what to do, she was an honor student, she didn’t need tutoring, she needed a lesson in sex. I walked to my desk and sat, telling her to stand next to me. As she approached, I swiveled in my chair to face her, with her standing a foot in front of me I reached under her skirt, grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her ankles having her step out of them.

“Unbutton your blouse and unhook your bra … do it now Bonnie.”

With trembling fingers she opened her blouse, reached behind to unhook the bra and stood looking down at me with lust and fear in her eyes.

“Lift your bra and keep it up, I want to see your tits.”

My hands went to them instantly, caressing, kneading, softly squeezing, tugging at her hard nipples, pulling them outward then letting them go. I pulled her down enough that I could put a nipple in my mouth, soft little girl whimpers were coming from her mouth, her body was shaking as I sucked a nipple deep into my mouth. Standing her straight I told her to lift her skirt, when she hesitated, I slapped her ass hard, her hands dropped and lifted the skirt a few inches.

“Lift it to your waist Bonnie and move your feet out a few inches.”

I put my hands on her ample ass cheeks and pulled her toward me, as her full bush met my face I licked across her vulva and clit areas. Mmmm, what a sweet taste, delicate and innocent, almost candy like. When I used my tongue to open the folds hiding her clit it popped out, I put my lips around it and sucked softly, her hips were jammed against my face and her body trembled with an orgasm. Moving back, I slid two fingers in that tight entrance, tight, oh so tight.

As I pulled them out, they were coated with her virgin honey, a thick film of shiny liquid was on my fingers. I stood and put them on her lips, pulling slightly on the bottom lip she opened her mouth allowing me bursa elit escort to slide them inside. I whispered, “Suck them clean, that’s your pussy.” She eagerly sucked as she swirled her tongue over and around my fingers. I took hold of her blouse and pushed it back letting it fall to the floor, then slid the bra off her arms letting it fall as well. With her naked I my cupped her tits and kissed her for the first time, more whimpers into my mouth, her chest pushing against my hands. I moved her to my chair and had her sit. I anticipated what was going to happen with Bonnie and had taken the bullet out after the last class.

“Lift my skirt and hold it up so you can see what your treat will be.”

I’d worn a sexy pair of lace panties and thigh high stay up hose, the panties were transparent enough she could see the triangle of soft curly hair puffing out against the front. She moved her right hand and softly ran it over the surface of my panties moaning softly as she slid them off. I pulled her face to me and pushed my pussy into it.

“Lick Bonnie, just like I did to you. Mmm, not bad. I’m going to sit on the desk and I want your face buried in my cunt, don’t stop until I push you away. Do you understand?”

She hadn’t spoken a word since I’d closed the door, there were lots of moans, whimpers and little girl sounding eeps, but no words. When my butt hit the desk she had her hands lifting my skirt as she leaned forward, tongue out, searching for her treat. Following a little instruction she was licking me with enthusiasm, I was well on my way to a screaming orgasm. With her arms under my thighs and my feet on her shoulders she was indeed buried in my pussy, tonguing, sucking, licking, whatever I told her to do, she did.

My hips were rocking up and down as I neared the eclipse. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed into her face as much as possible. My thighs closed on her head as my body shook, when I relaxed and spread my legs I heard her take a huge gulp of air. Poor thing, I didn’t mean to suffocate her. Pushing her head back she continued to kiss my thighs.

“Bonnie honey, now you need to clean me up with your tongue. Lick up all the cum and swallow it, mm, hmm, that’s a good girl.”

I had her stand so she could dress, as she finished, I slipped my lacy panties into her hand telling her it was a reminder of the first time she’d had her pussy licked.

“Will I ever get to do that again Mrs. Clarkson? I really liked licking you. I’ve made myself cum with my fingers, but never like you made me cum, it was so powerful.”

We were dressed but I realized my breasts were screaming for attention, it was time to see how obedient she was willing to be. I opened my blouse and lifted my bra, cupping a tit moving toward her lips, she sucked and kissed both before I stopped her. Softly petting her hair I told her to sit again. When she did, I got on my knees, lifted her skirt and pushed the small bullet in, as soon as it was in I turned it on low. Once again, her body shook and trembled.

“Okay Bonnie, put your panties back on so it stays in place. I want you to make yourself cum at least another three times before bed, you can use the remote to turn it on anytime or any place you want, no one will know. Like, maybe at the supper table. Tomorrow is Friday so I have some requirements for you. First, go to the lingerie store Saturday and find some lacy or transparent panties, I don’t want to see anymore white cotton when I look up your dress. Second, you will not wear a bra to my class tomorrow, you can wear a shawl or sweater to hide them until you get here, but once you’re inside the door I want to be able to see those nipples sticking out hard and proud.”

Bonnie looked frightened, “I don’t want the other girls laughing at me without a bra.”

“Then take it off between classes. Also, plan on staying after school tomorrow. My pussy needs more attention. And Bonnie, no one can ever know what we do together.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. C., my mom and older brother have been lovers for almost two years, dad wants to fuck me, but I won’t let him. Mom says he can’t unless I say yes, which I won’t. Besides, my dad’s being transferred to New Jersey, we leave the day after my graduation. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to learn as much as you’ll teach me over the next three weeks cuz I’ll never see you again.”

My drive home was conflicted to say the least. I had thoroughly enjoyed tasting that sweet tender virgin pussy and having mine licked, but if it were ever discovered I’d be in deep shit. Her mother and older brother have been getting it on for almost two years, holy shit, what a revelation. She said they’d be gone the day after graduation, which was three weeks away, three weeks of teaching her how to please a woman might be just what I needed to keep the desire for my daughter at bay.

Walking into the kitchen from the garage I was caught off guard by Alisha’s attire, or should I say, lack of attire. She was clad in a pair of micro-panties and a tee shirt with no bra, those cute breasts were swinging and jiggling as she moved around getting supper ready. What shocked me most was that I saw no pubic hair along the sides or sticking out the top of her ever so skimpy panties. I plunked all my junk on the table, grabbed her arm, sat and pulled her onto my lap.

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