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After waiting for over a year, my divorce was finally FINAL and I could move on with my life. A little over a year ago I found out that my asshole husband was screwing one of my friends. Now I wanted a complete break from my old life. I sold the trophy house in the suburbs, bought a new car, shopped for a new wardrobe and got a face lift.

My face lift went great and I looked like I was 35 years old again. Not a wrinkle on my face. I also had some liposuction done and a tummy tuck. “Wow,” I said to myself; looking into the mirror, there I was with nice 36-inch “D” cup breasts, a 28-inch waist and a great ass. I was a “TEN” again or at least a “Nine”.

The big house in the suburbs had been sold for a hefty price and I was happy to be moving to a small cottage which had been renovated. It wasn’t cheap, but it was just the right-sized house for a single gal. I was thrilled to be back in the city. I was back in Seattle where I had so many happy memories of my single days. My cottage had views of Elliot Bay and the snow-covered Olympic mountain range. This was what I had always wanted.

The logistics of getting my stuff from house A to house B was a headache. I only had a few days to move and, seeing that I never planned ahead, I could not find a moving company. Everyone was already booked, and I had to get the place emptied out. I didn’t have anyone to pack and move my belongings. Fortunately, my realtor suggested I do it myself by renting a truck and getting three or four day workers. She said that they usually could be found waiting for work next to the Home Depot.

I lucked out and found a large rental truck, and as I pulled up to where the day workers waited, I swear, 80 men rushed up to me begging for a job. Instead of just picking four men at random, I eyed them and carefully picked four young (mid to late twenties) Hispanic men who were shouting at me and pointing to each other. I chose them because they looked like they would have no problem lifting my heavy furniture and getting the move done quickly. Then I negotiated a $10 an hour fee.

The workers got into a rickety 1980 Chevrolet and followed me in my rented truck. When we got to the old home, it was about nine AM and the weather forecast was for an unusually hot day (for Seattle). I told the guys how I wanted everything packed in the boxes, which I had bought at the local Shurguard. The house was getting very hot beşiktaş escort so I grabbed some cooler clothes and changed in the bathroom. I switched into a white tank top with no bra and some tight fitting shorts without really thinking how this may affect the four workers.

When I entered the room where the guys were packing, they stopped and stared at me for a few seconds with bright smiles on their faces. It had gotten hotter and hotter and my white top was dripping with perspiration, revealing my ample breasts and erect nipples. I could tell by the bulges in their jeans that they really appreciated the view. It felt good to see that my liposuction and tummy tuck had been worth the money.

The living room, dining room, kitchen, den, and spare bedroom were packed and the workers were busy packing the master bedroom, when I realized my vibrator collection was under the bed. I was so embarrassed. I said to myself, “Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. I hope they have a good laugh!”

Finally, everything had been carefully loaded into the truck by my handsome Hispanic day workers. As I talked to them, I found out that they were brothers: Pedro, Juan, Ramon and Simon. So that’s why they all looked alike. It wasn’t my imagination. Each guy was about 165 lbs in weight and stood close to six feet tall. They were buff from all the physical labor and they sort of reminded me of Paunch, who was a motorcycle cop on a TV series in the 80’s. I guess that’s why I picked them.

I drove off in the truck and they followed me to my new home in Seattle. The cottage was somewhat secluded from the neighbors, and I liked the feeling that I was in the country, but minutes from everything.

It was 6 PM when the workers started unloading my furniture and boxes from the truck. I had them move and set up my master bedroom and master bath first because I was desperately in need of a shower.

Around 8 PM, it looked like they would be done in about an hour, so I went to the master bedroom and closed the door to take a hot bath in my Jacuzzi tub. God it was so relaxing feeling the hot water jets all over my body. I had never had a Jacuzzi tub before and, while playing with all the water jets, I realized I could direct the jet flow wherever I wanted. I moved the jet in front of me and it stimulated my clitoris. This was heaven, and I was soon experiencing beşyol escort some of the longest and best orgasms of my life. Time just flew by and I realized it was nearly 9 PM. The workers had to be done by now.

I couldn’t put my sweaty old shorts and tank top back on and I had neglected to bring a change of clothes into the bathroom. I could only find a small towel, so I had to walk into the master bedroom practically naked. When I got there I was shocked to see all four men naked in my room. And, two of them were already on the king-sized bed. Apparently, they had heard me in the bath moaning and possibly screaming with delight as I had cum over and over again.

I just stood there and didn’t know what to do, but it was impossible not to be aroused by the sight of so many naked young guys with huge erections. I thought to myself, “What the hell. It’s my new life and I’ll never see these guys again.”

Anyway, what could I do? They were bigger, stronger and younger than I was. I was outnumbered. They would have raped me but they didn’t, because I willingly gave myself to them. As you can imagine, I was still tingling all over from my time in the bathroom. So, I guess the Jacuzzi orgasms were just “foreplay”. The two guys who weren’t on the bed, took the towel, and started caressing me. That Jacuzzi had really made me horny as hell.

I had to ask the guys their names again. Ramon and Simon had their hands all over me. They were stoking my breasts and my ass. Ramon put his finger in my pussy. God, it was just amazing. I hadn’t been fucked by anything but a vibrator in ages. I was already shivering with mini orgasms.

They lifted me and put me on the bed. Juan and Pedro were each sucking and licking my nipples. Simon licked my clitoris while pumping his fingers in and out of my cunt. I had another orgasm which overwhelmed me. Then Ramon put his 7 inch penis in my face and I was ready to suck that thing into my throat. But, I thought it would be better to savor his penis and practice being sexy as hell. I started flicking my tongue around his cockhead. He tasted so good. Before Ramon, I had loved to put the rubber dildo in my mouth while I fucked myself with my biggest vibrator. It was just a fantasy. I never thought I would ever do anything like that in real life. Then Simon moved up and tried to shove his cock into my pussy. beykent escort I was wet. I was horny. I was ready. But, he couldn’t fit it in. Simon’s cock was too fat. Ooooh, I needed it. Boy did I need it. So I pushed back as hard as I could and his dick started to work its way in.

Yeah baby! I went blank from sensory overload. Then when Simon hit bottom, I came back. It was like waking up from a sexy dream, but it was really happening. Oh god, it was really happening! Simon was slowly stroking in and out of my gushing pussy and Ramon was pumping my face. I came right away and I started moaning which excited Ramon so much that he blew his load into my mouth. He had the sweetest cum I ever tasted and I swallowed it down nearly as fast as it shot out, losing only a few precious drops from my mouth. Then Simon grabbed my butt and lifted up my pelvis so he could stroke me faster and harder and deeper. He came within seconds of Ramon and so did I.

Well, it’s hard to say if I started cumming again because it was like one big rolling orgasm that just never stopped. I was shaking and I felt like I was floating…and it just never stopped. Even when Simon pulled out of me, I was shaking and I was light-headed. And boy, I was ready for more.

Juan and Pedro stopped licking my body and quickly took their brothers’ places in my mouth and cunt. I was in a sex groove. This whole experience was out of this world. It was a dream. It was a never ending orgasm. And, I have to tell you that very woman needs this once in her life, though once would never be enough.

Juan’s cock was filling my stretched out vagina and Pedro was in my mouth. They obviously had been very excited by what they had witnessed and both of them came in only a few minutes.

I wanted more and the four brothers did not disappoint me as they all became hard again as Pedro fucked me with the vibrator collection they had found in the old house. I told them I wanted them all at once, not really thinking how four cocks could fill three holes.

They did not disappoint, as I mounted Pedro’s dick, while Simon entered my ass (fortunately the lube was with my vibrators) and Juan & Ramon somehow managed to get both their cocks into my mouth at once. It is surprising how much a sex-starved woman can take when she is in a sex trance. Oh my God, what a feeling of ecstasy to have a cock in my cunt and a cock in my ass while having two in my mouth. The coordination was tricky, but very soon all four men came in all three of my holes at once………..WOW what an massive orgasm I had as sperm drooled from my mouth, cunt and ass all at once.

I would highly recommend these migrant day workers to any divorced woman who needed to move or cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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