Mountain Pass

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Defying the elements, they had inadvisably gone into the mountains during the incipient stages of a blizzard. The four-wheel drive vehicle easily negotiated the treacherous road as it wound up the mountain with perilous switchbacks threatening to swallow the car and it’s occupants. “Wouldn’t THAT be great”, he thought, “they unearth the Explorer under six feet of snow, and find me dead here with someone that nobody recognizes! How would they figure it all out? They’d check the computer, of course! Who is this woman? Why was he with her? More importantly, would they have to wipe the smile off my dead face?”

His reverie was broken by a sudden, loud, snapping sound! A tree, overladen with snow and ice, bent at the crown, broke cleanly in half. It’s crown, complete with most of the branches that only recently were a splendor of colors, fell directly in front of the car. “Shit!” he said to no one in particular.

“Ohhh…what will you do now?” she asked gingerly. “I don’t know…I KNOW I can’t back down this mountain, and I don’t know if I have enough room to turn around…I’m pretty sure that I don’t!” He reached for the cell phone and called the Park Police. Fortuitously, he had at least noted the number even as he ignored their warnings.

“Ranger station!” answered the man at the other end of the line.

“Hi…I’m somewhat embarrassed over this, but I’m the jerk in the Explorer who you cautioned an hour ago, but I went into the mountains anyway”.

“And…what can I do for you?”

“Welllll…a tree broke off in front of me leaving an impossibly large section across the road…I can’t back down, and I can’t move forward.”

“Can you push it from the road?” asked the Ranger genially.

“No… It’s the whole crown of a large tree. It’s too heavy and I haven’t got the traction to push or pull it.”

“Sounds like you’re in a fix!” said the ranger stating the obvious.

“Yeah… sounds like. I know I SHOULD have listened to you guys, I didn’t and now I’m stuck. What are my options?”

“Got enough food till April? Only kidding!” In the background, laughter could be heard…this call was likely on a speaker phone.

“Listen….cut the engine and stay INSIDE the vehicle.”

“Cut the engine? How will we stay warm?”

“If you run the engine, you run the risk that as the snow builds up, you’ll push exhaust fumes into the passenger compartment, this will asphyxiate you! Cut the engine. Snow is an insulator, your own body heat will warm the car. Besides….didn’t you bring another body for extra warmth?” That comment elicited more background laughter from the ranger station.

“Yeah…I escort kartal did” he replied. “How long till someone gets to us?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll send a big truck within a few hours. DON’T go outside the vehicle! You follow me?”

“Got it!” he announced.

“Thanks! Hope to see you guys soon!” He hung up the phone.

She didn’t mean to giggle, but it slipped out.

“What’s so damn funny?” he snapped…”Isn’t this a hell of a fix?”

“I’m sorry” she said more contritely. “It’s just the thought of them picturing us stuck up here after you ignored their warnings and that comment about having an “extra body” in the car. THAT was funny! You KNOW what they’ll think we’re doing to keep warm…”

“And what, dear Girl Scout, SHOULD we do now?”

“For starters, maybe you SHOULD cut the engine.” He did so immediately.

“Now”… she demanded…”Why don’t you hold me and pretend we’re here because we LIKE it here?” He saw the sense in her suggestion and pulled her close for a long, lingering, kiss. She responded resolutely, and he knew that the next move was certain to steam the windows of the SUV.

She was wearing a white cable-knit sweater over a stretch, black, body-stocking with jeans and boots. His hand wandered under the sweater and up to where her breasts were flattened by the tight fabric of the leotard. She was not wearing a bra and his thumb felt her nipples go taut at his touch. Her mouth pressed on his furiously as he sought the other breast to bring some attention to it as well. Their kiss broke off as he fumbled to toss off his jacket. He helped her pull the sweater over her head and his hands slid the dark body stocking down releasing her beautiful tits to his ravenous mouth.

She leaned against the car window, head arched back, breasts deliciously exposed, his hands and mouth wandering at will. She pulled his head tight against her as the tongue and lips of her lover played on the skin of her breasts and the sensitive nipples. She felt free and wanton. She wanted him to take her right away, but knew that he liked to orchestrate things and control the flow of the passion. Right now, she was low on control and he was surprised as she lunged for his jeans, pulling open the zipper and her hand fishing for the hard meat she was certain she would find. Actually, he was only partially aroused at this point. She took that to be her cue to coax a little more stiffness from his manhood. She leaned forward and with one hand drew his cock from the opening of the zipper and in an instant she was hungrily sucking it. He went almost immediately more rigid maltepe escort and the obscenely large mushroom head filled her mouth. His hand stroked the hair on her neck as she drew him in and sucked the head and shaft till he was very wet along his entire cock.

Her supple ministrations soon had his hips moving in synchronous rhthym with her mouth and he knew that a continuation without break would cause an orgasm pre-empting further pleasure for her… at least for a while. He pulled her face up for a long wet kiss and managed to push her back again against the door. Quickly pulling the jeans from her legs, he reached up, and… teasing… fingered her silk panties and pushed them aside so he could play his fingers against the folds of her silken pussy. His hands met wet flesh, more than ready for his attentions. A long, sinuous finger twiddled the folds of her cunt and then simply slipped inside her. It was too quick…But…she was surprised at her own reaction to his intrusion. She slid forward against his hand and he substituted his thumb for the index finger. Her eyes closed tightly as she concentrated on her pleasure and his fingers grew less obtrusive and more intimate as he riffed at making her squirm against the tempo of his hands. Thumb, then forefinger also made the entry into her moist cunt. Faster and faster he let the knuckles and long fingers have access to her. In and out… over and over… she groaned in an agony of hot response and he fed her lust with ever more energetic thrusts.

She grabbed at her own tits and felt herself shudder as an overwhelming sense of complete abandon allowed her normally reserved persona to let go and very nearly howl in ecstacy.

By now, the vehicle’s windows were covered with several inches of insulating snow and, as the ranger correctly implied, it was quite warm enough! In fact, their exertions had created a moist, warm, micro-climate within the car and he decided it was time to get fully naked with her. He called the ranger station first on the cell phone to determine their whereabouts. The person who answered the phone told him that the rescue vehicle had already been dispatched, but that it might take as long as two hours to grind up the slippery road to where they were located. “Two hours! PERFECT!” he said after hanging up.

“What’s perfect?” she asked. “I have enough time to fuck you silly and still have us both cum several times.” “Oh good!” she said. “I thought you were ordering take out!” They laughed and he growled as he ripped off his shirt and fell upon her. Kicking off his pants, she felt his hard cock slip into her moist cunt. The pendik escort bayan head, a very large, blunt, instrument, felt wonderful as he adroitly played her passion…. building…then slowing down so that the erotic sensation was prolonged as possible. The rhythm was a slow grind that pushed the fat head deep into her and withdrew it nearly to falling out. The ridges of the cock-head made her mad with lust…she wanted him to continue forever.

When it seemed he was about to explode inside her, he made her turn over and, with him sitting on the back seat, she sat squarely upon his cock and he held her breasts as he rocked and fucked her. Her breath came in gasps now as she felt his big dick deep inside of her. She pushed down hard on his thighs lifting herself and then sinking down all the way so she could feel the entire penetration. His hands felt wonderful on her tits and she threw her head back enjoying the moment immensely.”Unnnhhhhhh….” he heard her cry building to a release of passion. “Ahhhhhnnnnnnhhhhhh!!!!!” she continued. Suddenly, she rocked harder and harder and her cries grew more insistent, more guttural….”NNNNNNNNmmmmmmmhhhhhhh, unnnnnnnhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” He felt her freeze for a moment as she pulled his thighs close, pushing down hard for the full effect of his impaling cock. “Ohhhhhhh, Baaabbbbyyyy!” she gasped one more time and fell silent against him.

By now, outside, the Explorer’s windows were completely covered in an insulating layer of snow. Inside, they were hazy with a layer of steam as the heat generated by their bodies condensed against the cold glass. The snow muffled any of the sounds outside. They might well have been in an isolation chamber for all the outside world mattered.

But the outside has a way of intruding and always does so when you least welcome it. They were startled to see the front window being swept clean with an arm and then the sudden appearance of a bearded face!

The man outside was dressed in heavy snow gear, and through the haze of the window’s fog, they could see that he was chuckling to himself as he realized that they were indeed, in the vehicle, and engaged in something to pass the time.

Hastening to dress, they both stepped out of the car as he made ready the tow chain to pull them back down the mountain to safety. “Seems I got here a bit TOO soon!” he smiled in greeting. They smiled back weakly, a bit embarrassed but still glowing with the warm sensations that a good sexual workout imparts.

“No…actually your timing was perfect. It was getting a bit close in there!” he said. The bearded man smiled again and fastened the tow chain first to the tree crown to remove it, then to the Explorer to drag it back down the mountain.

As they climbed into his towtruck cab he noticed the driver still smiling. He was sure that this was a tale the rangers would tell each other for years to come!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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