Morning Playtime 02

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He drifted up out of a dream that had somehow involved a cat sitting in his lap, kneading his jeans with its claws. Apparently, it had summoned a kitten to lick his chest and ear, as well. The heat from the animal had started making his cock stiffen, but since he wasn’t exactly that interested in screwing a cat, it had stayed at half-mast.


This time the kitten decided to lightly bite his nipple to make him play with it and he reached up to pet the Kacey-faced kitten.

“Daddy, wake up please. I need your help.”

It occurred to him as his mind shook off the dream’s hold that the only cat or kitten involved was his minx of a stepdaughter and the cat between her legs. The kneading from the dream was actually Kacey holding onto his cock, trying to coax it into life by slowly and gently squeezing it in sequence with her fingers. Her mouth was on his nipple, licking and sucking it. As comprehension sank in, his cock sprang to full, rigid attention. She ran her tongue up his neck and whispered, “There’s my daddy-lover. I need you, please.”

He struggled to open one eye and focus on her, but her face was pressed too closely to his neck. He managed to get out a soft, low grunt.

“I had a really vivid dream. A really good one and it woke me up so horny that I hurt. I already tried getting off, but that didn’t help.” She nuzzled his neck. “I need your help.” She leaned around to look at him with her dark brown doe eyes. “Please. Please, sir. But Momma is on the porch so we have to be super quiet. No penetration or I’ll make enough noise to give bakırköy türbanlı escort us away – just fingers.”

He rolled over to put his mouth next to her ear. “So you plan to talk me into making you feel better by getting me ragingly horny and leaving me in that state?”

She stifled a giggle. “Take it out on- no, stick it into Momma and make her like it.”

He thought about it and almost laughed out loud. Finger-fuck the girl, end up rock-hard-horny, and then all but rape her momma. Maybe even out in the open on the screened-in porch. Delicious.

“Hm. So what do I get out of the deal?”

She sighed happily against his neck and slowly pumped her hand along his cock. She sucked on his earlobe for a few moments before answering in a hoarse whisper, “You get to know you make me feel good. And that you make me want more.”

He nodded. “True enough. Down on hands and knees facing the foot of the bed, little girl.”

Her eyes sparkled as she grinned at him for a moment before quietly positioning herself as instructed. He rolled up on his side to better reach her and ran his hand along the curve of her spine down to her ass. It was nice enough, but could be much better if she’d quit being lazy and just go for occasional walks. The same went for her belly and boobs, well-padded even though she wasn’t significantly overweight. Which was sad, really – the fat helped fill out a girl’s boobs and made them so much fun to play with. And hers were oh so much fun to play with.

He turned his hand so that the heel of his bakırköy ucuz escort palm rested on the bottom of her ass-cheeks and his fingers ran on forward to stroke her mound. He heard a quick gasp as his finger found her clit. He slowly rolled it around in a large circle and was pleased to feel her shudder and push back against his hand. He lightly tapped the bud a few times and felt her juices slicken her up nicely. Very slowly, he pushed his middle finger into her opening, letting her natural lubricants coat him. He slid in and out of her half a dozen times before he added his ring finger to the party, opening her up a bit. He tried curling his fingers slightly, wondering if his knuckles might locate her g-spot. When her breathing turned into a series of audible huffs, he decided they had and that perhaps now was not exactly the proper time for working that particular trick.

Sliding his soaked fingers out of her pussy, he rubbed them over her clit, which had swollen noticeably in a short amount of time. Keeping his fingers together, he used them as a single digit, rubbing them in a large circle across her tender flesh. After several circles, he shoved the fingers into her like a cock coming in. He ducked his fingers in and out for a few seconds and then went back to the circles.

He knew what she liked. He’d known for years, after finding a video she had emailed to her then-husband when he was deployed overseas. She had been staying with them and had used his computer to access her email. The keylogger he ran on his system had captured her başakşehir escort password and noted the file transfer. Curious, he had logged into her email and copied the files from her sent-folder. The still pics had been nice enough – lingere, the Tinkerbell pajamas he’d picked out for her for Christmas, full-length nude shots in the bathroom mirror, pics of her boobs, her shaven pussy, and then of her fingers inside that same pussy. Then, most delicious of all, the video of her getting herself off – with sound. Lots of sound.

He pulled his fingers out of her and started rubbing her clit from side to side. Every few strokes, he would tuck his fingers back inside her and pump them three or four times. Then he would go back to the sideways stroking, gradually getting faster each time. Eventually, he stopped penetrating her and concentrated on the stroking.

When her breathing became audible and her body started jerking in arrhythmic spasms, he shoved his fingers into her and pumped until her back arched and her breath came out in a long hiss. He held his hand still as her shaking slowed and finally stopped. She stood unsteadily and leaned over the bed to whisper in his ear, “Thanks, daddy-lover. See you this evening.” She suppressed a giggle and caressed his balls before slipping into the bathroom to finish getting ready, leaving him to suck her cum off his fingers.

On her way out, she slipped in to lick and nibble his ear again and leave a whispered suggestion. “Now, go fuck mommy-love’s brains out, whether she wants it or not.”

He wrapped an arm around her neck to hold her in place as he sniffed at her neck. “Thankfully, if I just take control and force the issue, she gets into the mood. Plus, I have technology on my side. God, you smell good, little girl. I need to taste everything you’ve got.”

She put her hand on his chest, heat carrying through the cloth of the sheet. “You will, sir. Soon enough.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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