More Working Fantasies

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Meetings today. A two hour one in the morning off site and a three and a half hour video-conference this afternoon.

A new board member at the first meeting. Tall with reddish hair. Reminded me of a taller version of you. Especially her eyes. The shape of them.

So naturally when the tedious meeting began, I thought of you.

Leading you to my bedroom. We silently climb on to the bed, still clothed. Reaching out to each other. Fingers tremble as we fumble with buttons and zippers. Too anxious to wait for clothes to come off, we reach inside and fondle each other. My fingers finding your clit, the entire area already drenched in your sweet wetness. I rub it, gently at first, then harder and harder as our need grows. Until I finally hear you gasp as release is reached.

Then you yank my pants and briefs down to my knees. In one motion you take my entire cock in your mouth…incredible heat and wetness surround it. Your teeth lightly scrape at the base. Your head bobs up and down, sucking so hard I have to fight to keep control. Until I no longer can…and explode in your throat.

And you sit up, my cum leaking from the corner of your mouth, licking your lips. And I pull you to me and kiss you deeply, sharing that treat with you.

Motion to adjourn. Seconded. Back to the office.

Five minutes into the video-conference I glance down the table. J is wearing a knit top. One with a v-neck that has laces. I remember you mentioned you bought a shirt recently kartal escort bayan that has laces in the front. As she shifts in her seat, the top opens just enough to see the edge of a bra. And again I think of you.

You have come to see me for the first time in my place. I meet you at the airport, but keep my greeting restrained. I want the tension to build. Just the lightest of caresses as you get in my car. A soft stroke on your cheek as we drive up to my town. But I wrap my old leather jacket around you. Surrounding you in something of mine.

You start to speak as we enter the apartment…but I place a finger on your lips to silence you. I lead you to the middle of the living room and just stare into your eyes for a minute.

“When we have been together, on the phone, you always said your body was mine. Your breasts…your pussy…your ass…your mouth. Did you mean that? Did you really mean that?”

You nod, eyes wide.

It is dark, but I have left the blinds wide open. Anyone outside can see us. I step close. I reach to touch you. You reach back, but I tell you not to. To be still. Just keep your arms at your sides. And wait. In silence.

You are wearing the lace up shirt, as I had requested. I touch your face, so softly. I let my fingers trail down across your cheek. Then your throat. Then to that incredibly smooth skin above your breasts that is exposed in the V. My touch lingers there for a moment. And I lean down and kiss that skin…my escort maltepe tongue lightly flicking across it.

You moan and start to move…but I step back and scowl at you. When you resume the waiting position I smile.

I slowly walk around you and stand behind you. I turn you to face the window. My hands slip along your arms as I lean down to kiss your neck. My hands cover yours, my fingers link through yours, gently entrapping both of them. And my kiss grows more fierce. My teeth lightly scrape across the skin. You moan, and I break contact. I whisper “Not a sound” into your ear. I kiss again and you remain silent, only giving the slightest shiver at my touch.

My hands move up along your arms, then slide to your breasts. They trace the shape of them through your shirt and bra. I feel your nipples respond. I remove the lace on the front of the shirt. Then I slide my hand into the V-neck, across the fabric of your bra, looking for that hard nipple. When I find it, I pinch it, while my lips and teeth return to your neck. I can see you clenching your jaw to control your moan this time. Your breathing quickens.

And I slide my hand into your bra…feeling the soft warm skin, and again seeking your nipple. This time I pinch it very hard, twisting it slightly. A sharp intake of breath…your lips parted…but no sound. “Very good” I whisper.

I walk around to the front of you. I sit in my deep armchair facing you. I just look at you for a moment, pendik escort my head cocked slightly to one side. Studying you.

“Remove your shirt, please, my love.” I say it in the same tone I’d use to ask you to pass the ketchup. Calmly. As if I asked you to undress in view of other people all the time.

Your eyes widen for a moment. Then you give a wicked smile and pull your shirt off over your head, tossing it to one side.

I study you some more.

“And now the bra, dearest.”

Without hesitation, it joins the shirt.

The pants and shoes follow, at my request.

And again my curious study of you. I ask you to slowly turn and show me yourself. Your incredible breasts. Your high tight ass. Your smooth soft skin. It takes all my self-control to not grab you right then.

Instead I motion you towards me. Once you are standing immediately in front of me (and only a few yards from the public sidewalk) I reach again for your breasts. I caress them lightly at first. Then I take the nipples and begin pinching and twisting them. I do it harder and harder. Then my teeth replace my fingers, biting and sucking so hard I fear I might draw blood. Any other woman would cry out in pain…but not you. You press your thighs together, and soon the scent of you is filling my senses. Heavenly fragrance from the flower.

And I take you in my arms, pulling you into my lap and just hold you. “You really are mine” I whisper. Then I take you to the floor and make love to you before the world.

And I hope someone does look and see the beautiful woman who has given herself to me.

Conclude the video-conference for today. Check my voice-mail and head home to an empty apartment.

And wait for you, my darling lady.

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