Mom’s Special Boy Pt. 02

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I woke up to mom shaking my shoulder worryingly.

“Sweetie,” she asked shocked, “are you okay? What happened?”

All I could remember was coming downstairs to apologize for my rude behavior and everything was quiet. I heard sounds coming from the living room and went to investigate. That’s when I got punched in the face and blacked out.

“What happened to you?” she asked, “do you remember anything?”

So I told mom what remembered and she sighed… almost relief like. I expected to see Chris with her, but it was mom in her nightgown. She got me sitting up.

“Where’s Chris,” I asked.

She was quick to answer my question.

“Oh he’s still asleep,” she said, “he was pretty worn out last night.”

She then got up from kneeling and went to go make breakfast. I looked at the clock, I must’ve been hit really hard to be unconscious until the morning. I pick myself up and head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. The smell of bacon floods my nostrils.

She’s humming a little tune to herself as she flips the bacon. Then cracks some eggs in another pan, as she places toast in the toaster. I sip my coffee and watch her. She’s wearing a loose fitting nightgown, that flutters about with every movement. Her hair was kinda messy, but she did just wake up half an hour ago.

She turns to me and places the breakfast on the table. I reach for a juicy piece of bacon, only to get my hand slapped.

“You know the rules,” she said sternly, “go wake up your brother and tell him breakfast is ready.”

I sighed as I got up from my chair and walked down the hall to his room. I tapped on his door and gulped. Wait, why did I gulp? We’re the same age and yet he acts way different than guys our age. I open his door and saw him sprawled out on his bed. His foot and right arm dangle over the side of his bed. I thought of a perfect way to get back at him.

I remembered this one rumor, that if you dip someone’s hand in warm water, they’d unconsciously wet themselves. I fill up a cup full of warm water from the bathroom and snuck back to his room. I stopped alittle bit from his door as I heard two voices. The first one is Chris who was groggily, the second is…mom?

I press myself against the wall and listen in vain to what was going on.

“Morning sleepyhead,” mom said tenderly, “I thought I asked your brother to walk you up. Anyway…did you sleep well? I bet you did after…”

She probably sensed that I could be listening and closed the door. I heard her walk up to his bed and sit on it.

“Was what we did last night okay,” she said quietly, “am I bad for allowing it to go that far?”

What the hell is she talking about?

Chris said something, but I couldn’t make out what he said. It made mom laugh and then the sound of a muffled wet smacking sound. Mom sighs and giggles before telling him to get up for breakfast. I heard her get up from his bed. I very quickly walk back to the dining room and wait.

She came out with Chris a few minutes later. He had this smug look on his face and sits down. Mom pours him a cup of black coffee and hands it to him. Chris is the only one in the house, that loves black coffee. Did my imagination play a trick on me or did I see mom tenderly place her hand over his. It was only for a second, but I could’ve been imagining it.

Mom sits down next to Chris and begins to eat her breakfast. I saw her jolt briefly a minute later, before she relaxes. Her avcılar elit escort eyes fluttered and she tries to continue eating. Her cheeks are flushed. What’s going on?

“Something wrong mom?” I asked, “stomach cramp?”

She shook her head.

“No-wait yes,” she stammered out, “a bad stomach cramp. It’ll go away soon.”

She resumed eating and fought through whatever was happening on their end of the table. Her hand clenches onto the side of the table as she spoke.

“So what should we do today guuuUUUYs?” she said.

Her eyes went wide and then she cleared her throat before speaking again.

“Sorry about that,” she said, “I guess it was just gas buildup.”

“What should we do today guys?” she repeated, “go to the park and have a picnic? Go for a drive somewhere?”

Chris got up and I could see he had something else planned.

“I had plans to hangout with the guys today mom,” he said, “I’ll be back later on today though. So maybe we can do something later?”

She sighs rejected

“Okay,” she said obviously wanting to spend time with her two sons.

She gets up and gathers everyone’s plates. I froze as Chris pulled her to him and hugged her tightly. He said something in her ear that caused her to blush.

“Okay,” she said smiling, “go…go have fun and we’ll…do something later.”

Mom went immediately to her room and shut the door. Chris left a few minutes later. He stopped before getting into the car and looked up. Our parents room was right above the driveway. Then he smiled as he got into the car and drove away.

Mom came downstairs a bit later. She had on a pair of blue jeans and a blouse. She also had her expensive earrings on and her hair neatly done. Like she was going somewhere. She then sat in the living room and watched TV.

I went my room after breakfast and hopped on my PS4. The only game console my parents bought me. Chris had the newest Xbox one and all the latest games. I just had bloodborne and a few free to play PlayStation games.

I lost track of time as I got in deep with bloodborne. I sighed and got up from playing as I died the umpteenth time by the end game boss. I walk down the hall and noticed how quiet it was.

“Mom?” I called out, “you home?”

It was silence that greeted me.

“Mom?” I called out again.

I entered the dining room and found a note on the table.

“Sweetie,” the note read, “Chris and I went out and won’t be back until later this evening. He wanted to treat me to dinner and a movie. Such a good son he is. Don’t stay up too late!”

There was forty dollars under the note. I guess she left that here for me. I ordered pizza and took it back to my room. I watched some anime as I ate and somewhat enjoyed the peace and quiet.

I didn’t have to listen to Chris’ loud mouth cussing as he lost or hearing his loud obnoxious music at night. I knew that the reason he played loud music, is because he had over a girl and didn’t want me to hear them. But also mostly just to irritate me, as I hate that kind of music. Which was Heavy metal, hip hop and rap.

I heard the front door open around 10 that night and two people talking. It continued as they went down the hall. I got a text from mom a few minutes later, saying that shell be back tomorrow morning. As she was catching up with a friend and told Chris to just go home.

I sent a reply and could’ve avcılar escort sworn, I heard it ding from the hallway. Which would have been odd, as mom isn’t home. I must’ve just imagined it. Maybe mom sent a text to Chris after me? I heard Chris and the woman laugh at something and continued to his room.

I heard his door open and close. The woman was giggling and said something I couldn’t make out. Then silence for a while. After a while of silence, I heard his bed moving and a woman’s muffled moans. She was calling his name in urgent whispers. I assumed he was on top of her, driving his cock in and out of her pussy.

Their lovemaking kept me up half the night. I got aroused listening to them and couldn’t help but jerk off. Imagining that I was fucking a beautiful girl and hearing her call out my name. Her big tits bouncing as she rode me on my bed. Her nails digging into my shoulders as I play with her clit. I ejaculated into my blanket.

I finally went to sleep around 2:30 in the morning. That’s how long their lovemaking was. I felt inferior to him. He gets action, while I have to jerk off listening or after watching a porn flick on my phone.

I woke up around 11am, to the smell of pancakes and went down the hall to the dining room and heard mom humming. She turned towards me. Her outfit consisted of an oversized shirt, that went past her thighs. It left much to the imagination. From the look of it, she didn’t have her bra on. Her breasts swayed and bounced as she moved around the kitchen.

“Morning kiddo!” she chirped, “want some pancakes?”

“Sure!” I said happily and sit down at the table.

She placed three pancakes on my plate as I began eating. I stopped after cutting a piece, expecting to get slapped for eating before everyone else. Mom just smiled at me and continued humming.

“Something smells delicious,” came a voice from behind me, “oh wait it’s just you mom.”

I turned to see a shirtless Chris walk into the dining room. He had scratches on his chest. I’m assuming that the woman last night was riding him and dug her nails into his chest. Mom blushes at his comment. What’s going on between these two?

“Very funny Chris, “she smiled, “sit down and I’ll give you your breakfast.”

“Or I can have you for breakfast!” said Chris smirking.

“Chris,” said mom, “that’s not something to say around the breakfast table.”

Then she looks at me.

“Or in front of your brother,” she added quietly.

Something was off between them. It’s like they did something. Mom looked content the whole time she gave me my breakfast and was in a very happy mood. She’s normally in a happy mood, not not this high on life.

“So how was your friend last night mom?” I asked.

Chris snickered after I said that, like he knew something. Mom gave him a intense stared. She looked at Chris, while she spoke to me.

“Oh, he was great,” she said, “we talked for a while and caught up on our highschool days.”

“That’s cool mom,” I said after finishing my plate.

I noticed mom didn’t eat anything, which was odd. She always ate breakfast with us. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well.

Chris finishes his breakfast and mom takes both our plates to do the dishes. She walked into the kitchen before poking her head out.

“Oh Chris,” she called out, “can you help me with the dishes please?”

Chris went in after she called him in.

I avcılar eve gelen escort heard talking and the sound of running water. It sounded like mom and Chris were doing the dishes.

I got up to leave the dining room. As I passed the kitchen, I could’ve sworn I heard Chris say.

“I noticed you didn’t eat breakfast.” said Chris.

Mom shushed him before speaking in a quieter tone.

“Your brother could be listening! Anyways, I was waiting to have it. My breakfast isn’t the kind your brother shouldn’t see.” mom said.

I peeked into the kitchen, they were standing side by side. Then my heart jumped. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Mom turned towards Chris…and KISSED HIM ON THE LIPS. Wait, I shouldn’t get upset over this. Mom always kisses us every morning before school. Well, kisses Chris that is, I just get a peck on the forehead. But this was not just a kiss, it was the kind she gave dad. Long and intimate, that’s the word to describe it.

They pressed up against each other, running their hands over each other.

She then slips down to his waist and pulls out his cock. It’s already hard and by far bigger and thicker than mine. She licks her lips lustfully as she eyes it. Then pushes her mouth over it and begins sucking. Chris moans and leans his head back. Mom’s head bobs back and forth along his shaft.

Her hands roaming his waist and stomach. Raking her fingernails gently over his defined stomach. Looking up at his expression as she sucks his cock. He holds her hair to the side as she sucked him.

Oh how I wished that was me she’s sucking.

But instead it’s my asshole brother who enjoying it. How I hated him, yet despised him.

“Oh fuck,” grunted Chris, “that feels so good mom.”

Mom starts rubbing her clit with her right hand now. Her left hand cups his balls and squeezes them.

“Mmmmmmm,” mom moaned.

The sound of the dishwasher running, muffled out the sounds of their moaning. Mom’s sucking gets sloppier and louder. Chris’ moaning gets louder as well. After a while later, he grunts loudly. Mom continues sucking him, as her cheeks ballooned out. Filling up with his cum. She stopped sucking and swallowed his cum. Then kissed his tip before getting up from her knees.

She giggles and stops before kissing him again. She presses her body against his and hugs him. I’m pretty sure his cock was right between her legs. Then she spoke.

“Thanks for my yummy breakfast baby” mom says.

I turned to leave the kitchen and walked back to my room. As soon as I closed my door, I fell to my bed. I began to pull out my dick. I couldn’t help but jerk off, as I imagined that mom did that to me.

I then looked down at my own dick after I pulled it out. I was nothing like Chris. From what I saw, he was at least 8inches long and 5inches thick. I was a mere 5inches long and 3inches thick.

It didn’t take me long to achieve orgasm and I came in three weak stringy ropes.

After ejaculating, I used a tissue to clean myself up and threw it into my garbage bin. I tried to clear my mind of it by playing on my PS4. But couldn’t get the image of her sucking him off out of my mind.

A few hours later, my stomach growled. I went to the kitchen to make a sandwich.

Mom sat in the dining room drinking a cup of coffee. She looked at me and smiled as I entered the kitchen.

“Having fun in your room?” she said.

“Yeah, was playing bloodborne.” I said

“Oh fun,” she said before finishing her coffee.

“I’m heading up to my room to change,” she said, “I’m thinking you should get dressed too and maybe all three of us can go do something fun.”

“Sure,” I said, “sounds like a great idea.”

She smiles at me before heading upstairs to her room.

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