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Ah for the good old days when sex was a lot more casual, and fucking one or two women you didn’t know (or a woman getting laid by a guy she didn’t know) wouldn’t expose you to a life threatening disease. This little incident happened just before the AIDS outbreak, and as best as I remember, it went like this:

I had picked up a copy of “The Rocky Mountain Oyster” at the liquor store last night, but had left it in my car. Now as I headed into my favorite watering hole, Cristy’s Bar and Grill, I took it with me. This “newspaper” was mostly ads, but as they were of a sexual nature, they were very often very amusing. Oh, there were a few articles in this rag too, but they were rarely worth reading. Most of the articles were explaining things that any sixth grader could have given you more information about. I ordered a beer and opened the paper. Some of the ads were pretty outrageous. Shortly after the beer arrived, I had gotten to my favorite section – Imprisoned Sweethearts. I was just getting into it when Pam arrived and slid into the booth next to me. She was wearing a short, form fitting, dress. I wasn’t feeling bad before, but I was sure feeling better looking at her in that dress!

“Hi Tom,” she said cheerfully, “I saw your car in the parking lot so I thought I would stop in and have a cold one with you if you were alone – and you are….I think.”

“Yup, I’m alone.”

“That’s my trouble. I am too.” she said with a sigh. The waitress showed up and Pam ordered a beer.

“What happened to your last he-man.” I asked after the waitress left.

“That hunka burnin’ love didn’t work out.”

“Kinda snuffed his flame did ya?”

“I guess.” There was another sigh. “After a couple of hot times in the sack and I discovered that there just wasn’t anything else. So,” she said changing the subject away from her failed love life, “what are you doing? Looking for a good 1-800 phone sex number? Your love life can’t be that bad.”

“No, it isn’t. I was just reading all these ads by women in prison who are going to be released and are looking for a good time when they get out.”

“A good time being what exactly? Sticking up convenience stores and making a getaway in a hot looking and very stolen car?”

“Probably. I sure as hell wouldn’t touch any of then, but their ads are always amusing. They always try to sound so sweet and innocent. Just looking for a good time. Some of the other ads were pretty interesting too. A few women were out looking for a sugar daddy.”

“Uh-hu. Here’s an interesting ad.” she said pointing to an adult motel ad. “Hot Times Motel. Newly remodeled,” she started reading, “suits optional swimming pool, rooms with waterbeds and conventional beds, mirrored ceilings, and large wall mirrors for you and your partners complete enjoyment. Wall mirrors?” she asked, ” I’ve never heard of anyone putting a mirror on a wall near a bed that had anything to do with sex.”

I looked at the ad. Sure enough, that’s what it said. “I’ve had sex on beds with mirrors over them and that was rather erotic, but I have never had a mirror next to the bed.”

“What was it like with the mirror over the bed?” she asked.

“With all of your experience you had never made it with a mirror over you?”

“Nope. I must have led a sheltered life.”

“Well, it was pretty cool when she was on top or when we were laying next to each other on our backs or sides. I guess it adds a little something. Only one person can really see the other person in it when you are going at it though – for the most part. The real problem with it is that it is so far above you that you are seeing the action from quite a distance. If the mirror is six feet above you, you are seeing the action as if you were twelve feet away.”

The waitress arrived with her beer and quickly departed. “Hmm,” she sighed, “I guess it would be nice to see the guys cute little butt going at it while he is giving me all he has, even if it wasn’t a close up view.” She took a sip of her beer.”But then I might start laughing if it was too funny.”

“I don’t think your laughing would go over too well, but yea, I think the woman gets a lot more out of it than the man does.” I said, “When the girl I was with was on top she was usually sitting up, so there wasn’t much to see in the mirror above her except the top of her head. That idea of putting a large one next to the bed on a wall would be a lot more interesting.”

“You guys really get into the visual part of sex don’t you? I mean I like it some, but I really get into the feeling mostly.”

“I get into the visual part of it, but all this talk about it is getting to me now.” I said. I was about to adjust a rather hard cock, now in an uncomfortable place in my pants, when I felt her hand touch my leg and go looking for it.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed when she found it. “You really get into mirrors don’t you?” She rubbed her small hand up and down the length a few times before removing it.

“No. I’m into sex and I’d like to get into you at this point. Why don’t we finish our beers and go Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan over to this motel and try their wall mirrors?” By now I was hoping she was as horney as I was.


“Too bad it was so hard to talk you into it.” I said with a chuckle.

“I’m horney, you’re horney, we know we make good lovers and lousey roommates, so why not? Besides, I would really like to get fucked rather well right now.”

It was true. Some of the greatest sex I had ever had had been with Pam, but when we tried living together we found that that didn’t work. We parted but stayed friends and even hit the sack together now and then. We just couldn’t live together. “Then let’s finish these beers and either I take you out to dinner and then over there, or we go right over there.” I said, and then downed the rest of my beer.

“Oh, well as long as I get a choice, you can take me out to dinner first.” she said and finished hers.

The waitress came by pretty quickly. “I don’t suppose you want another round before you two go and fuck your brains out?” she asked with a grin.

“Oh God!” Pam whispered, “Were we that loud?”

“No, I was that close.” said the waitress. “I was cleaning up the next booth after those slobs left and couldn’t help but overhear some of your conversation. I wish I had someone to take me over there. Sounds like fun. Here’s the check. Have fun.”

The waitress was pretty good looking, so I figured what the fuck. “Wanna join us?” I asked half kidding. I wasn’t sure if Pam would go for a threesome or not, but I thought she was into that scene a little.

“Going for broke Tom?” Pam asked looking down at her empty glass. “Maybe she isn’t into that kind of scene ya know.”

“I wouldn’t mind it,” the waitress said, “but I don’t think your girlfriend here would like it that much unless she is into playing with other girls too. Besides, I don’t get off work here for a couple of hours yet.”

Now it was Pam who surprised me. “I could go for it alright, and I do like playing with other girls. This little sudden threesome just came as a surprise that’s all. We were going to get something to eat first. Uh, that makes you getting off at eight. Isn’t that sort of an odd shift ending time for a waitress job?”

“I usually work the afternoons, but I’m covering for another girl who is going to be late. By the way, I’m Tammy.”

“Nice to meet you Tammy, I’m Tom and this is Pam.” I said introducing us all. Christ, here was an invitation if ever there was one. I had just invited the waitress to join us in a threesome and Pam had said she would go for it, but that we were going to eat first. “I guess we could get something to eat and then come back here for the last bit of your shift and then the three of us could go off and try this mirrored motel. Is that okay with you Pam?”

“Sure. Do those places allow three people to rent a room or will one of us have to sneak in?”

Tammy answered before I could. “Nah, they just charge a few extra bucks for the extra person and don’t ask questions.” she said with a grin. “This sounds great! I didn’t have any plans for the evening, no date, and I just thought it was going to be me and my finger tonight.”

“Have you ever been to this Hot Times Motel before?” Pam asked Tammy.

“No, not that one, but I have been to other adult motels before. Mostly out of state, but they were always the same when it came to checking in.” she said.

“Good,” Pam said, “I’d hate to have one of us have to sneak in. This is starting to sound like fun!”

This was hard to believe. In a matter of twenty minutes or less I had gone from an evening alone to having two hot women in an adult motel room. “We’ll go and eat and come back for you.” I said picking up the check and getting up.

“Great! I have to get back to work. See you two in a little while then.”

“You bet!” said Pam as we headed for the register.

I paid the tab and then went back and left Tammy a pretty good tip.

Pam and I decided on Chinese for dinner and went to a nice place not to too far from the bar. We were seated pretty quickly at a little table for two in a secluded corner of the restaurant. After we ordered, Pam excused herself and said she had to go to the lady’s room. She came back a few minutes later, sat down, and handed me something small and soft made of silky cloth under the table.

I kept it hidden, but looked at it in my lap. It was her panties! I just looked at her and grinned. “Thanks,” I said, “I wasn’t really sure if you were into this.”

“Letting you know I was horney like that, or into a threesome with another woman?” she asked with a grin.

“Into the threesome bit.” I said.

“I said I was. This is going to be one hot night! I like playing with other girls. Are you ready for two horney women?”

“Am I ever!”

“Did you notice the wet spot on my panties?” she asked. “That ought to give you some idea of how hot I am for this!”

I hadn’t, but I ran a finger over the cotton crotch of her silky Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan panties and then noticed a very wet spot. I was hard before, but now my stiff cock was about ready to rip right through my pants. I noticed the waiter approaching with our dinner so I slipped her panties into my pocket. I doubted she would ever get them back.

About half way through dinner I felt a stocking covered little foot slip between my legs and probe my crotch looking for my cock. She found it and stroked it a few times with her foot. “Just wanted to see if you were still thinking of me.” she whispered.

We finally managed to finish dinner and went back to the bar. Tammy was still there and came over to us when we found a booth. “Are we still on for tonight?” she whispered.

“I gave Tom my panties while we were eating just to let him know that I was.” Pam told her quietly.

“So, are you all ready for us Tom?” Tammy asked me.

“Of course. I was ready when I asked you. After she handed me her wet panties, I was ready right then and there.”

“They were wet? Wow! I have to take care of a few other customers. Be back in a sec.” Tammy seemed impressed and went of to take care of a few other customers. She couldn’t spend all of her time with us after all; she was still working. What seemed only like a few minutes later she approached my from behind and quickly handed me a handful of silky cloth. It was her panties! “Just see how wet they are!” she said softly. “I can’t wait to get off, and I mean more than just out of here. I have been thinking of nothing else since you two went off to get something to eat. I really have the hots for both of you. I didn’t know what I was going to do if you two hadn’t come back.” She left again to take care of other customers.

I had the feeling Tammy was going to be a real tiger when Pam and I got her in bed.

Pam and I nursed another beer for the remaining forty minutes of Tammy’s shift. Finally the other waitress came and Tammy was off. “It’s party time!” she said as she came over to us.

We all piled into my car and headed across town for the Hot Times Motel. I felt like I was on top of the world as we rode along. Here I was headed for a swinger’s motel with two hot horney women – who had no undies on. I was in for the night of my life. And I had thought this was going to be another boring Saturday night!

When we got to the motel, the two girls stayed in the car and I went in to check in. I asked about the rooms and decided on going first class. I got one of their deluxe rooms. The clerk never even blinked when I said it was a party of three. “We have room twenty one; one of their finest.” I said as I got back into the car.

We got to the room and the three of us went in. It was a fabulous room! There was a king sized bed with a huge mirror above it and another one on the wall next to the bed, new thick carpeting, and a hottub. The large hottub was in a small room off of the main room. There was a large bathroom with an oversized shower and a bidet for the women. The room with the hottub in it even had two large mirrors. This room was definitely for those into the visual part of sex! This room had cost a fortune, but it was going to be worth it.

“Fill the hottub and let’s get naked!” Tammy called as she headed into the room with the hottub, kicking her shoes off as she went. A few seconds later we could hear the rush of the water as the tub started to fill.

Pam and I were checking out the large mirror beside the bed and the one over it while Tammy filled the hottub.

“I can see where you would get more out of the one on the wall than the one on the ceiling.” Pam said as she sat on the bed and spread her legs to see her naked crotch. “You certainly are much closer to the action with this mirror.”

Tammy came out of the hottub room with her top off and was undoing her bra as she came over to the bed. “Well, come on you two.” she said as the bra slipped off revealing two very nice firm tits with hard nipples. “Get naked. I want to see some nude bodies around here! Don’t just sit there looking at yourself Pam, let’s get into the hottub!”

Pam and I had been checking out the room and hadn’t started to get undressed. Now we stripped in what had to be record time. Three naked people went into the room with the hottub and found seats as the tub filled.

“It was a long day.” said Tammy as she lay her head back and relaxed as the tub filled. “This is just what I need. This and a good fucking or two.”

“Me too.” said Pam. “Tom, stand up. I need to suck on something nice and stiff.”

I stood in the center of this large hottub facing Pam, my stiff cock out in front of me. Before I knew what was going on Pam had that thing so far into her mouth it was hitting the back of her throat. She was always good at oral and I was getting her very best now. As she sucked on me and the tub filled, I could see that Tammy was playing with herself as she watched us. The tub was just over half full now and the bubbles were obscuring part of the view, but I could still see Tammy’s hand between her long sexy legs. “Too bad the water hides your hand.” I told Tammy.

“Oh, you like to watch do you?” she asked getting out of the water and sitting of the edge.

“Sure. There’s nothing like watching a girl get herself off while I am getting a great blow job.” I noticed myself in the mirror with Pam blowing me. That was pretty striking too. It was great having all these mirrors around.

Tammy giggled a little. “So do I and I just happen to like showing off a little too.” She spread her legs nice and wide, laying one out along the edge of the hottub, and resumed working her obviously swollen clit over with her finger. As clits go, Tammy looked to have a nice large easy to find one. “I guess Pam and I will put on quite a show for you too once she gets done with you.”

“He can count on it!” said Pam coming up for air. “And I don’t think he is going to last much longer with this either.”

She was right. She went back to work on me and I knew I was getting very close. Tammy’s finger was going faster now and it looked like she wouldn’t last much longer herself. A few more minutes and I knew I was quickly getting to the point of no return and was about to unload everything I had into Pam’s hot sucking mouth.

Tammy reached over and turned the water off as the tub was now full. She lay along the edge of the hottub now and resumed fingering her clit. Then she slipped her other hand under one leg and slid two fingers into her opening.

That was all I could take. I felt my come start from deep inside and rush up the length of my hard shaft. “Oh God Pam, here it comes!……I’m coming!” I groaned as the first load shot deep into her mouth and down her throat.

“Oh pull it out so I can see him squirt at least once!” Tammy squealed.

Pam obliged her by quickly moving her head back and off my cock. She held her mouth open and squeezed the base of my cock just a little. The next huge squirt sprang out of the end and into her open mouth. Having done that for Tammy, Pam ran my cock deep into her mouth again.

Those first two squirts were followed by load after load. After all that had happened so far tonight, I was really horney and full of come just waiting to rush out. I gave Pam everything in spurt after spurt. She never missed a stroke and sucked and swallowed everything I could give her.

“Oh God that looks so hot!” said Tammy as she watched us. She stopped fingering herself and slid into the water and come over to us. “Don’t swallow all of his come.” she begged. “I want to taste it too.” She put her head right next to Pam’s. I think she wanted to suck some of my come out of me too, but Pam let go of my now spent cock with her mouth and quickly turned to Tammy. Pam put a hand on the back of Tammy’s head and pulled her head around to her and French kissed her. It appeared that Pam was giving Tammy some of my come from her mouth. Tammy looked surprised, but wasted no time in getting into this very sexy French kiss with Pam.

By now I was so spent I was weak-kneed and had to sit down while I watched the two girls kiss.

“Damn that was hot!” Tammy said breaking the kiss a moment later. “His come tastes sweet too.”

“How about eating me?” Pam asked Tammy.

“Sure. Sit up on the edge and we will give poor exhausted Tom a show.”

Poor exhausted Tom was more than willing to just sit there and watch these two hot ladies get each other off. It would give me a few minutes to recover and then I could probably have my pick of which one to get it on with again.

Pam sat on the edge of the hottub, leaned back, and spread her legs wide for Tammy.

Tammy moved over to Pam and ran a finger down Pam’s slit, parting the outer lips and then slipped that finger deep into her when she got down to her opening. Pam let out a low moan as the finger entered her. She moaned again as Tammy’s tongue began to work over her dark pink inner lips and her swollen clit.

I moved over close to them. “I wouldn’t want to miss this show for anything.” I said as I settled into a seat next to the two girls.

“Pretty hot huh?” asked Tammy as she licked at Pam.

“You bet!” I slid a hand down Tammy’s soft body under the water. It slid down between her legs. Her legs were open wide as she worked on Pam, and I ran my hand over her sex and then let one finger part her sex lips. Tammy moaned into Pam’s pussy as my finger slid over her clit. Tammy’s clit was even bigger that I thought it was; a good half inch long when it was erect like now. A regular small cock! I started by running my finger tip over the tip of her clit, and then changed to stroking the under side of it. Tammy was going wild now. She was really getting excited eating Pam and with my finger on her clit, she was going to come before Pam was at the rate she was going.

“Slow down a little Tom.” Tammy finally begged, I want to get Pam off first, then you can make me come.

Pam wasn’t too far from coming herself. Her breathing was coming fast and shallow now and her hips were starting to move against Tammy’s face. “Pretty soon.” she moaned. “I’m gonna come all over your face……..Oh God this feels good. Nothing feels as good as another girl’s tongue on my clit or a guys nice stiff cock inside me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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