Milkshakes at Carlos – Emery Ch. 02

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Well, needless to say that after that night, things got… weird, but interesting.

Emery started to test me any chance she got and, sadly, it couldn’t be really often. We were fucking swamped most of the time, and it seemed like it was an excuse for her to put me on fire and squeeze in a few of her tricks between two customers, without any slower preambles and subtleties.

Like, right after she would call out an order at me, she’d wink with a huge grin and walk away slapping her ass.

Even her little dances were becoming hot as fire. In time, I could only react by bursting out laughing in disbelief when she jiggled her ass and sang out loud in the kitchen, or when she skipped and spinned gleefully around the kitchen, making her big tits bounce and quiver inside her tight clothes. And every time she turned away, she’d shoot a quick look at my crotch, making sure her torrid dance moves, which I was the only one privileged to witness, gave me a hot throbbing boner.

And, was it me or even her wardrobe choices were getting racier? Just when I thought it wasn’t possible, she started coming into work and surprised me with some outfits that just knocked the wind out of me! Like that one day, she had a sort of black fishnet top with a bralette underneath; or this other time that she had a simple white crop top. You could see her lace black bra because it was see-through.

At that point, the hottest one I remember had to be those denim short-legged overalls, with nothing up top but a white bra on! The suspenders were holding everything in place nicely, but they were still loose enough to allow me to easily take peeks at her tits throughout the day.


And to make everything even more difficult to focus on, as if she knew about the mental exertion she was causing me, she came in to work for a whole week under a recurrent theme of wearing t-shirts from different bands that I happened to be really digging. Monday, Meshuggah. Tuesday, Taproot. Wednesday, White Stones. Thursday, The Dillinger Escape Plan. Friday, Fear Factory’s Obsolete album, from 1998. Every day, I couldn’t help myself. I would just start blabbering about metal with her like a complete nerd. It always ended in conversations that surprisingly had quite a good, natural flow.

Yup. We had a lot in common. She was making it harder and harder for me to hide that I was seriously getting the hots for her! On top of it all, though slightly ashamed to admit it, I was definitely feeling a growing need to have a go at those boobs of hers! Mmmmmhhh….

So despite this increasing on-shift camaraderie, Emery never let on that she’d be interested to meet outside of work. Our coffee breaks could never be lined up together, and with reason. Someone had to hold the fort. Days would just fly by, and at night, we went our separate ways.

Such was our life, working at Carlos’ Roadside Diner.

I remember coming home one night, feeling this heavy dark cloud dawning over me. It was as if the frustration of being unable to come closer to Emery was now becoming more important than my whole disdain for this job. I was bummed out and really, really tired. I would keep her in my field of vision all day as we talked about the bands that were on her rock shirts. To me, these were always great conversation starters, and I always hoped it could develop into so much more, if we had the time.

And her racy outfits was the final blow, it was too much. She dressed this way and played so cool about it, allowing me to just stare on. She was so freaking hot. Her body was insane… Her tits…

This all sounded so easy, and very appealing. I should make a move and ask her on a date. Right? I mean, we had a few things in common, and I had a feeling she was just being very nice to me.

So… why was I here, standing in my living room, short of breath, feeling lost and helpless?

Shaking it off, I opted to call it a day and go straight to bed, after I jumped into the shower to wash the grease and all that feeling of disgust off of me.

As I stripped down, my cock came out with a twang. Fuck, I was still hard from thinking about her. Nice. I had to take care of that. This should get my mind off of a few certain things.

I jacked off in hot water, edging my orgasm for a good 20 minutes, as I watched my throbbing cock, and imagined it being in Emery’s hand. I lathered it profusely with soap and thrusted my meat back and forth, picturing it being in Emery’s cleavage, fucking those ripe and generous melons. All I wanted to do was to smother my face in them and drool like an animal.

I finally let go and exploded, splattering the shower walls, as a wave of goosebumps ran down my spine. I felt all this weight come off, as if I kept that tension in for way too long.

As I dried myself and came out of my steamy bathroom, I felt weak in the knees, with a lingering heat still inside me, which couldn’t be caused by the hot water, anymore. That didn’t look good…

Later that night, it turned out almanbahis that I had this weird flu creeping over me, and fast. A tingle in the throat, a little fever, the typical symptoms. As a precaution, I wasted no time and I took all kinds of medicine and vitamins just to get rid of whatever I had.

I felt that I was going to have to call in sick tomorrow, but fortunately, I expected this to only last one day. I had a pretty strong immune system. Even if it meant lying around all day at home, playing video games, getting stone on Advil, I hated being sick. I knew that not only Carlos was going to feel lost without me, but I was going to pay the price to come in the day after and fix his mess. This meant that he was going to put Darcy on the grill. She had a bit of a background in cooking, but nothing to call home about.

This also meant that Emery was probably going to have to try her best and be patient with poor Darcy. Emery and I were a great team, after all. Her service was impeccable. But I was scared she would lose her temper at the replacement.

As expected, I got up the following day, hot and shivering, with the sound of my alarm that I had forgotten to turn off. It had been a long and painful night, filled with tossing and turning, going through feverish dreams of, yes work, but mostly Emery. And, also as expected, I got up with a severe case of morning wood. Holy fuck, I was rock hard, it almost hurt!

I called Carlos right away. After a short conversation, he mumbled something about putting Darcy on the grill, while keeping Emery at the front. I just nodded, rolling my eyes, and heard him mumble something until he figured out what to do, like a manager would. Good job, Carlos!

It was surreal. I just hung up with my boss and my dick was still darting right up. I felt like it was stuck in some kind of cramp. I took 2 more Advil and went back to bed, under the cover.

And I started nurturing this impressive erection.

Hhhmmmm… Emery. I’m dying to get a handful of those jugs. I wish I could fondle them like crazy from behind, as I rub my boner against the crack of your hot ass. Hmmmmm I’m stroking my cock slowly, thinking of you. You’re so hot, I wish you were here in my bed right now. I’d stare at you all day, and you could just stay there and stare back at me as I stroke this cock. Hmmmmm and slowly, you could remove your clothes, little by little. Hmmmm I’m so fucking hard, Emery. You would undress, slowly, and finally show me your big titties. Yesss, they’re driving me crazy.

I had been going for a while, now. I was getting very intense in my bed, moaning so fucking loud as I felt this other orgasm come, when suddenly, my phone rang.

It was work. Fuck. What did he want, this time? Can’t he just run his business like he fucking owns it?

‘Hello?’ I said, clearing my throat.

‘Hey, you.’


‘Hi… How did you get my n-‘

‘The schedule, dummy.’ she interrupted.

‘Oh… right. Sorry.’

All the staff contact info was on the schedule sheet.

‘So, chucking a sickie, are you?’ she said, laughing softly.


‘Oh, you poor thing.’ she said, pursing her lips.

A slight silence ensued. All I could hear was my blood rushing in my head, and refrigerators buzzing over the line.

‘What am I gonna do without you?’ she said, sarcastically.

‘You’re gonna be fine.’ I said, rubbing my cock a little. ‘You’re good at this.’

‘Yeah… Thanks, but, about that, I think it’s already not looking too well. Darcy doesn’t know where the gas is for the oven.’

I rolled my eyes, and forgot that Carlos had changed my whole station right before I was hired. That had to be why Darcy didn’t know, she never used this unit before.

‘Tell her… tell her it’s close to the floor, on the right. She has to press down the button for 10 seconds to let the gas come, then she can light it.’

I heard her get away from the phone, I assumed to go and see for herself.

‘Got it. I’ll tell her when she gets back. She’s over in the office with Carlos going through some shit for the day.’

I was growing nervous. Why did she not hang up already? I felt a suspense building up. I wanted to go back to rubbing my dick, but the fruit of my lust this morning was right there, on the other end of the line. I didn’t dare to speak. I wanted her to do the talking, and hope she’d say something very Emery-like. I wanted her to be blunt and dirty, like when I caught her rubbing herself on the table. And, thinking wishfully, I really wanted to ask her how she dressed today, and how she thought everyone was going to stare at her mouth-watering breasts. I wanted to hear how horny this was going to make her. This, in turn would make me so fucking horny, more than I was right now.

As she breathed over the phone, I couldn’t utter a single word. It felt so good rubbing my shaft, now oozing with precum. I was breathing a little hard, too, but this could easily pass as congested airways.

‘Well, almanbahis giriş it’s still early.’ she said, her voice almost down to a whisper, now. ‘I should go make myself some coffee.’

‘Sounds like a good idea.’

‘Are you gonna get yourself a nice, hot coffee, too?’

‘Yes, Emery.’

‘That’s good.’

‘Yeah. I’ll get out of bed eventually. I should be back tomorrow, don’t worry. I can take good care of myself… I’m a big boy.’

‘Oh, is the big boy still in bed in his Batman pj’s?’

‘Yes.’ I lied.

‘Can you say you’re a big boy, again?’


‘Say you’re a big boy.’ she laughed.

Holy fuck…

‘I just did.’

‘I know. Say it again.’ Emery said, in a hoarse voice

HOLY FUCK, I was going to jizz! I was rubbing my shaft pretty intently, now, tickling the back of my helmet, where it’s most sensitive. I didn’t want to lose control, I know I get pretty vocal when I cum. This had to end.

‘I’m… I’m a big boy… Emery.’

She laughed again over the phone. This was torture.

‘Big boy can take care of himself?’

‘Yes, Emery. I… holy shit, what are you doing?’ I finally replied, laughing back.

Did she know what she was doing to me? If I hadn’t been already hard when she called, she would have made me, and quick.

‘Ohh, nothing, Brian!’ she said, bringing her voice back up. ‘You know I’m just fucking with ya!’

‘You know, you always say that.’ I laughed. ‘I’m gonna start wondering if you really enjoy this.’

That kinda slipped out.

‘I do.’ she replied, switching back to a more serious tone, now.

‘Ahahah, okay. Whatever that means.’ I said, shaking my head. ‘You’re hard to follow, sometimes… I gotta go, Em. Don’t work too hard, okay?’

‘Oooh, so I’m just “Em”, now?’ she laughed harder. ‘Getting a little comfortable, mister? Well, okay, “Bri”, I won’t work too hard, but only if you promise me that you will!’

‘Damn, you’re crazy. A’right, bye!’

I hung up and instantly made a geyser of cum all over myself and my sheets, screaming at the top of my lungs.


The next day, I was only feeling a little better, still just enough to go back in and prevent the diner from turning into a complete disaster for one more day.

I was earlier than usual, just to assess the state the diner was left in. I had to use all my willpower to keep me from screaming out when I saw the mess. But again, I probably would’ve still been mad if Darcy and Emery closed the kitchen their way and left things not the way I would’ve done.

When Emery came in later, I was busy scrubbing some pots, already sweating. I was going to try and avoid her gaze for as long as possible, afraid that she’d pounce me like a maniac and get mad at me for being sick.

‘Good morning!’ she said, mimicking a falsetto opera voice.

Wow. Okay, so she was in a good mood, after all.

Throughout our morning set-up, she briefed me on what happened yesterday, pointing out some little incidents and other things to assess, just so I could take them from there. And I was surprised at how well she behaved. All along, she kept a straight face and made no innuendoes about whatever happened over the phone yesterday. But it genuinely felt that she was happy to see me, back at work and feeling better.

Had it been that bad while I was gone?

Well, when I finally asked her how it went, she didn’t complain too much. Yes it rained, and it must have made things much slower than usual at the diner, fortunately. She was glad she had Darcy on board. She was a little slow, and clumsy, but she was sweet and did her best.

And most importantly, it was Darcy, and not Carlos. The diner would’ve probably burned to the ground, had it been him!

Later, as we were about to open, the kitchen was in a much better shape, already. We were back in business, as if nothing happened.

It took a few days for this flu to fully go away. I just drank more coffee than usual, along with my Advil, periodically, to think straight and stay on the ball. I told myself that I was gonna try and keep my mind off Emery, even though she was always right there, in the same proximity.

More precisely, I didn’t want to think too much about her the way I did that morning, when we talked over the phone. Let’s just say I was tired, and vulnerable. Maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t do anything too spontaneous and stupid if she toned down her little games… But I wasn’t sure I could count on her for that…

The weather got a little chilly and rainy for a few days, which caused Emery to dress a little more to keep warm. Days went by without her putting on any outfit too extravagant and sending me on a hormonal rampage. It was actually a little depressing, but the slower pace in general allowed me to catch up on tidying up my stations. I kept busy. Focused.

On some random Wednesday morning, though, the weather looked a lot better again. Just like a promise to a great and fruitful day, the sky was nothing almanbahis yeni giriş but deep and vast blue, where a hot July sun was already comforting me as it beamed down my scalp on my way to work.

After my tables were all set, I looked around and noticed that Emery wasn’t even here yet. That was odd… Even though she’d always come in at least 20 minutes earlier than what she was scheduled, her shift officially started one hour before opening. I looked at my watch and we were about to open in 15 minutes.

Fuck… and in came the man in the flesh, Carlos, pulling in next to the dumpster with his van. What were the odds of him making an appearance on the same day that Emery was late for her shift for the first time.

I ran out of the bus to come and meet up with him, far enough from the order window. I didn’t want him to see that Emery didn’t punch in yet. I had warned her not to piss him off, and despite the general carelessness that she emanated, I knew the message had gone through. But, honestly, I didn’t want to know what would happen if he caught her. I was definitely going to back her up, I didn’t want her to get in trouble.

As Carlos started mumbling whatever he wanted to tell me, I tried to take him in the opposite direction, away from where Emery should be at this moment.

Then I saw her. Emery dashed in with her Civic, and parked in the dirt behind a line of cars that were already on the roadside, far enough to hope that Carlos wouldn’t see her. From the distance, I could already tell she seemed frightened.

I tried gesticulating in her direction, unknowingly from the boss, and then tried tracing a line with my hands towards the dumpster. That was her only way in without getting caught: she’d have to get through the thicket that circled the diner, then come back out by the staff table. There, she’d be fine: this whole area was hidden from the side of the road, where I was busy stalling Carlos at the moment. I hoped she’d figure it out and manage to sneak inside, incognito.

From what I could tell, she parked not too far from these few meters of beaten path at the edge of the forest, which I had used more than once. It gave her a good clue of where to go.

I headed back in after King Dumbass was finally gone. He didn’t even realize he had kept me well past the opening hour: there were already a few people in line.

Emery was standing right in the doorway, waiting for me with a look of complete panic on her face. I thought, fine, she must have waited for me to reassure her.

‘Did he see me?’ she asked with complete dread on her face.

‘No, Em.’ I sighed. ‘All good, I made sure he looked away, so he has no idea.’

Exhaling her lungs entirely out of relief, she threw her arms around me. And I knew instantly that this was officially the sweetest thing I had actually felt in a very long time. A firm, heart-warming hug. And holy shit, she smelled so good, too…

‘Oh my God, Brian! Thank you, thank you so much. You got no idea.’

I did not, indeed. I wasn’t sure why she’d be that scared of coming in late. Because I told her not to make him mad? It wasn’t like he was going to hurt her, or anything, but he just had a way to not make himself reprimand you twice for a mistake.

I wanted to know. Later, during the day, I tried to slow her down, for a minute, she was making me dizzy. Customers had stopped trickling in for a while and cleaning up was going to have to wait.

‘Here, Emery. Please, take this.’ I said gravely, handing her a coffee. ‘Are you okay? Geez, you looked like you were gonna freak out this morning when you came in late.’

‘Yeah. I know. I wasn’t paying attention on my way here. Took the wrong exit off the highway, and ended up in buttfuck nowhere…’

She sighed deeply and closed her eyes.

‘Well, okay, if you have to know, there’s one thing I should tell you about me. But you can’t tell that to anyone.’

Her tone made my teeth clench, as if I braced myself for some kind of bad news.

‘You see, I got this job here as part of a probation agreement with the provincial correctional services. I’m finishing a 3 year sentence, and I’m here to rehabilitate society, in a way.’ she said, making finger quotes. ‘Not that I think I was in long enough for me to forget, but at least, I’m outta this hole for the time being.’

‘What? You’re in jail?’

‘Yeah. I was kind of an active member of an important circle of scammers when I worked at this old folks home, not too far from here. My boss happened to have some really sketchy connections, which I found out not too much later after I started there. He would blackmail everyone about all sorts of things if I didn’t do what he asked. We were basically stealing from these folks when, to him, it was only like taxing when they were causing a fuss with the caregivers. And sometimes, the way he made us treat and intimidate them made me sick. Ugh… I didn’t have the heart to bring myself down to their level. You could say I was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with a very bad supervisor.’

Emery shuddered and looked away, shrugging off some bad memories. I almost wanted to ask her to stop giving all this information that seemed very confidential, but I was hanging on to her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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