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Jenna woke up to the sound of the front door slamming shut. She glanced at her bedroom clock and saw it was 3:30p.m. Her parents didn’t get home until after 7:00 p.m so she thought it must be her older brother Michael coming back from classes at college. Usually Michael would stay out until late with his new college friends so Jenna wondered why he was back so soon and why he would slam the door.

Being four years older than her, Michael had told Jenna about all the great things that were happening at college. Jenna was sad because it seemed like he was never home anymore – studying until late; staying with friends on the weekends; going to wild parties. She rarely got to see him anymore. She wanted to be able to tell him the things that were happening at her high-school, but it seemed like he was always interested in more `grown-up’ things and never had time for her.

Even though she had been woken up by her brother slamming the door, Jenna was excited to see Michael. She had been home for about an hour and had been napping on her warm and inviting double bed. She normally had the house to herself after school until her parents got home and would often take a nice relaxing nap on the side of the bed where the sun shone its warm rays in the late afternoon. Since she was usually alone, she would often take off her white school shirt, bra and plaid shorts and just lie in the sun with only her white panties on. Recently she had begun falling asleep after taking off all her clothes and rubbing her private areas until she made herself totally relaxed and overcome with a complete feeling of contentment. Today, Jenna laid down in the sun without taking off her panties or feeling her private area. When she heard the door slam, she quickly threw on her robe and bundled down the stairs to see what could be bothering her brother.

She met up with him right at the back stairs. He was in such a mood to get to his upstairs bedroom he had just passed her as they crossed each other at the lowest rung of the stairs.

“What’s wrong, Michael?” asked Jenna with a general inquisitiveness of someone who wanted to nurse an ailment back to health.

“Mandy doesn’t want to see me anymore. She thinks I’m too young and inexperienced for her,” said Michael. “She’s been with other guys before and doesn’t think I know what I’m doing with a woman. She said she doesn’t think I can satisfy her.”

“I don’t think I like this Mandy person,” offered Jenna back seeking Michael approval. She thought her big brother was the most amazing man in her life. Taller and stronger than their dad, any of her male friends, even more beautiful than any of the men she had ever seen on TV or the movies. She had always had feelings for her brother that made her feel different than she felt for any of other men in her family and stronger than she felt for any of the guys she had ever fooled around with.

“I know when you are with me you completely satisfy me, no matter what we are doing. You know I would do anything for you, anything you wanted from Mandy. I know if you tell me what you need now, I’ll be able to give it to you.”

“Well, you don’t know her and wouldn’t be able to offer what I wanted from her. She’s cute, blond and has an amazing body. We were making out at this party last weekend and she let me feel her entire body. We were supposed to be going to the movies tonight and afterward she said she said she was going to satisfy me at her place. I was küçükyalı escort really wanting to be with her tonight.”

Jenna asked Michael if there was anything she could do to satisfy him. He blew her off saying she was too young to know what he needed. Jenna protested and said she knew she could give him anything he needed. She told him she would understand any of his needs and wanted to satisfy him any way he wanted her to. She gave him a look that put the idea in his head that maybe this blond angel-faced little sister of his was ready to suck his rigid and wanting cock or lay back and let him savagely fuck the hell out of her virginal pussy. She didn’t fully realize all the signals and words she was saying and the way she was coming across generating a most primal lust of hard-core want in his otherwise upstanding older brothers character.

Michael took a good long look at his sister standing slightly below him on the first step leading up toward their bedrooms. Michael did notice that his little sister was developing into a hot little piece of ass. She wasn’t really tall yet – only 5’2″, but he observed that she had nice tits under that robe. Her face made her look years younger than the catholic high-school freshman she was, but her body was a lot tighter and just as endowed as the little pixies he was chasing on campus. Jenna had always been cute and never seemed too skinny or too large. He never noticed her as anything more than his little sister. She was a normal girl who played sports with her friends, was sometimes bothersome when they were both at home and had always been extremely close when they were younger. Now that he had been in college for nearly a year and hadn’t seen much of her changes happening in her body, he thought to himself what he might have been missing. Michael was still a little unsure what Jenna was offering. She looked pretty hot and he knew she would do anything for him, but she was his little sister after all.

“What exactly are you willing to do?”

“I would do anything to make you happy. I miss being near you and I would do anything you asked for.”

“Let’s go upstairs to your bedroom and let’s see what you can do for me.” Michael said as he led his little sister by the hand up to her bedroom. He sat on the edge of her bed and told her to come sit next to him. He told her if she ever felt uncomfortable what they were doing she just had to tell him and they would stop. Jenna told him that she couldn’t imagine doing anything together that wouldn’t be enjoyable. Just being near him on the bed was special and she wanted Michael to know she would do anything to put a smile on his face.

Michael asked Jenna if she had ever been naked in front of a man or if she had ever seen a man’s penis. Jenna said she had seen a couple of boys’ private areas over last summer, but hadn’t gotten naked herself. She admitted that she had touched two boys cocks and that Jerry Davis had her beat him off a couple of times in the tent in the backyard. Michael was getting excited as Jenna got descriptive about how she got Jerry hard and stroked her hand up and down his shaft until he came all over her arm. She remembered how it really seemed to make him happy and satisfied. She had gotten him off a couple of times before Jerry asked if she would let him fuck her. She said she was saving herself for someone special and afterward Jerry stopped coming around. It made kurtköy escort her feel sad that he stopped coming around. She certainly didn’t want her brother not coming around so she was ready to let her brother do anything he wanted with her.

Michael asked if she would take his penis in her hands. Jenna immediately agreed and got in front of him unbuckling his belt and working the buttons on his pants. She was feeling so wanted when she began undoing his pants. She knew they were doing something `naughty,’ but she wanted to show her brother that she was grown-up too and could do adult things, also. She could feel how hard his penis was, much bigger and a lot fuller than Jerry’s. She was getting excited thinking how close she was getting to her older brother’s penis. Michael stopped her and told her she first needed to take off his shoes and socks. Jenna did as told. She was going to start back on his pants when he stopped her again and told her to undo her robe so he could see her tits. She was a little nervous because no one other than their mom and the girls in the locker-room had seen her breasts since they began filling out. Still, this was her brother so she stripped off the robe and laid it on the floor.

Michael’s eyes fixated directly on the most beautiful set of teen-age tits he had ever seen. They were perky and jutting straight out with large silver-dollar sized puffy nipples just begging to be pinched. Michael stood up and let Jenna pull down his Levi’s and slowly take his boxer shorts in her hands. She felt so grown-up pulling down his boxers to reveal the largest penis she had ever seen in her life. She sat back down next to him and began touching her big brothers cock while he was playing with and twisting her increasing reddening nipples.

Her hands were warm and soft, and almost by instinct she gently started stroking Michael’s shaft. Precome dribbled out and rolled down over her thumb. She smiled, her eyes twinkling. “Am I doing OK? You already are cumming a little. Are you enjoying this?” Her enthusiasm and interest was getting Michael really turned on. “You’re doing fine. Keep doing that just the way you are.”

He was telling her what a good job she was doing and how he was really enjoying himself. Michael asked if she had kissed either of the boys’ cocks. She admitted she hadn’t, but wanted to today. He pushed her down off the bed and onto her knees. She wasn’t sure of herself, but Michael gave her encouragement how he wanted her to suck on his cock. He told her to think of his penis like a nice tasty Popsicle. She nodded, opened her lips, and leaned forward. Michael thought to himself how much money she must have spent on the Popsicle truck last summer because it certainly felt like she knew what she was doing. Michael’s dick slid into her mouth, and he could feel her lips, her tongue, her teeth, and the roof of her mouth. She took it about halfway down, and then slid it back out and looked at the wet shaft. She knew nothing about sucking a cock, but knew by Michael’s expression that he must have been enjoying it.

Michael told Jenna to slide her head up and down over his shaft so that he would really feel good. It made Jenna feel truly special knowing that she was doing exactly what Michael wanted. Jenna managed to keep Michael in her mouth when he decided he wanted to stand up. He grabbed the sides of her head and began slowly thrusting his cock into her mouth maltepe escort like his own personal fuck toy. Michael thought his cock was swelling even bigger in her mouth and began jamming it to her limits. Jenna’s mouth was being stretched farther than it ever had been before. The spongy head of Michael’s cock pushed past her lips and bumped the back of her throat, making her gag a little. She tilted her head back so she could take more of her brothers cock in her throat. “Use your tongue while you do that, and play with my balls.”

He continued to instruct her. She was able to take him fully in her mouth while holding on to his legs to receive each thrust. Jenna would often look up to see the smile on Michael’s face as he held her in her place. It made her feel so special to know that she could make him satisfied. Michael was amazed at his sister’s ability to take him so deep into her mouth without having done this before. With each thrust he would tell her how special this was; how much he was enjoying this experience; how important she was right now and that she was the most caring sister anyone could ever had.

Jenna was joyfully losing herself in the experience. Here were the words that meant so much to her. She never heard how special a woman she was – everyone told her she was cute, but she felt cute was only reserved for little kids. She had never been able to get this type of response from Michael – he always had better things to do than spend time with her. Now here he was allowing her to spend time alone together in her favorite part of the house. She thought to herself she had the greatest brother in the world – someone who could tell her all these things.

Michael knew he wouldn’t be able to contain himself much longer so cupped his right hand behind Jenna’s head while holding her forehead with his left. He began yelling Jenna’s name and saying how we was going to cum hard in her mouth. He wanted to drain every frustrating memory of failed dates down his little sister’s throat. He began really thrusting hard and felt himself starting to cum in her mouth. “Take it all, God, I’m going to cum. ” Michael bellowed thinking of Mandy, but looking down upon his little sister eagerly accepting every inch of his cock down her sweet little throat. “I’m cummmminggg!!” shouted Michael pouring his incestuous seed down her virgin throat. Jenna swallowed the first load, but wasn’t ready for the next so she pulled back slightly and Michael’s next spurt came over her lips and cheeks, dribbling his salty cum down to her tits. Michael still wanted her warm mouth so he pushed his cock back in her mouth and continued pumping until he was completely spent. Jenna hungrily accepted each thrust while looking up and seeing Michael’s beautiful blue eyes looking down at her.

Michael collapsed on the bed and laid on his back. Jenna continued to sit on her knees on the floor staring at her brother’s wet cock and sweaty body. She was so happy with herself knowing that she was the one who was able to satisfy her brother. She began to get up to come closer to him when he told her that she should run to the bathroom to wipe her face and swish her mouth with some mouthwash. She did as told and came back and laid down next to her brother. She said she really felt close to him and he told her what a great mouth she had. Jenna told Michael she especially enjoyed it when he held her head really tight and was calling out her name. She said she felt very safe and secure when he held her tightly. He said he could give her that same feeling whenever she felt alone and wanted to get close to him. He told her that he wanted to get to know his sister so much better in the future. She told him that she loved him and was ready to do anything for him. They both felt very satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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