Men Want to be Me, Women Want Me

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This is an adult sex story.

All the characters are of the age of consent or far over it!

Any children named or mentioned are not involved in anything sexual.

This story follows “I’m Running on Empty Chapter Six.”

This is the last story of how I spent my time starting that first week of the month of April and what my penis was doing too.

Enjoy and thanks for the views and votes.


I’ve been asked what kind of man I am.

Meaning, am I an ass man? A breast man? A leg man?

The correct answer is none of the above and all of the above.

I just like being around smart, sexy women.

This year I have been exposed to several groups of professional women; smart, educated, and driven to succeed. They like making money and they like to be around people that are interested in the same thing.

Do I have to tell you that they are all attractive and interested in having sex?

I was like a hungry kid in a candy store.

Can you say “Pussy Galore?”


I had no idea that that women traveled in “packs” if that is the appropriate word.

The first pack I was introduced to was the “Hot to Trot” group mentioned in my story of the same name. These were single, divorced and widowed public school administrators in the Los Angeles area, all of them cougars, who were interested in having sex with younger men.

The second pack was the group of financial professionals who wanted to leave the accounting profession and secure work in private industry. These ladies had in common working for the same large accounting firm at various times but many had moved on and worked elsewhere.

The third group was an informal group that had spun off from a formal organization. These were the widows, divorcees and children of people who had owned car dealerships. I stumbled onto this loose network and found it was quite extensive.

The fourth pack was a group of women who were employed by banks and in real estate law who wanted to expand their network and get involved in investments for passive income.

Jessica, as an example, was in this last group. I had met Jessica on Monday night in Las Vegas as I was leaving dinner with The Blonde aka Lauren. (I wrote two stories on my fun time with her).

Jessica wanted some time alone with me to talk business so she waited in the hotel lobby until I finished my after dinner sex romp upstairs in a suite with Lauren.

Once in the limo, she kissed me; we talked, then she kneeled on the floor, spread my legs, unzipped me, out flopped my cock and she blew me in the car going from Mandalay Bay back to my hotel.

Jessica was a wonderful person. Smart, funny, and she licked my cock clean of her friend Lauren’s now dried juices.

And my dried man sauce too.

If she tasted anything other than my cock, I couldn’t sense any hesitation.

Her mouth was small, which made the friction strong.

I knew she would be great at head because she was a wonderful kisser and she proved my theory right as her tongue and lips did magnificent things to my manhood.

Jessica wasn’t competing with any other woman for my attention; she simply wanted her blow job to be the best she’d ever delivered. And it was a top ten, maybe a top five for me.

I liked her technique but having come so many times already that day, I had the limo driver cruise around town a bit before I was able to shoot my wad.

Jessica was able to coax a final load out of my mostly empty balls, swallowing what little man juice I had left.

This young lady was 32, stood about 5′ 8″ tall; had a body that would not quit.

Jessica was a brunette beauty, with hair cascading down to her shoulders.

She was slender and fit, with tits that I would later find out were just under a handful, a flat belly and a bare, waxed pussy.

As we kissed, I lifted her dress and reached down and cupped her butt. Her ass felt great in my two hands as I rubbed her cheeks, then spread them, allowing the air to find her rosebud just prior to my middle finger finding its way there.

As I pushed on her exit hole, she groaned on my cock, which felt very nice.

I guessed, correctly as it turned out, that she was a dancer or had been a dancer.

I found out later that she liked to dance in the dark with more than one partner.

Given her persistence, and her ability to suck, I hired as soon as she swallowed.

Jessica was so grateful for me hiring her as my real estate attorney that she promised she would suck me or fuck me anytime, anywhere any hole. All I had to do was text her.

I kept her number handy.

Because I hate to sleep alone.

And, aside from the nights, who doesn’t like a mid afternoon blow job, or a full on fuck if there’s time?

Certainly having sex in the afternoon is better for a man than eating a candy bar or a bag of chips.

I texted her and she flew over to Santa Fe later in the week, as you shall read.


On Tuesday night, after two full and busy days in Las Vegas, I flew to Santa ataşehir escort Fe and spent the rest of the week there.

This was on after my wax session with Joy (from the previous story) and another appointment which I will cover in a later story.

I had Holly, my newly hired CFO traveling with me.

I had retained an economics professor from the University of Nevada Las Vegas by the name of Natalie who briefed me (and Holly) on the economy of the various places Catherine and I had business interests and properties.

The Ph. D. was no nerd. Hiding behind the fashionable eye glasses and the hair in a bun was a stunning woman who knew her stuff and also knew how to deliver it.

Natalie was blonde; she stood almost six feet tall and was slender with shapely ankles and nice legs. She had a nice smile and a nice front too.

I was interested in having an eye on the horizon for the economy simply because hotels and car dealerships have a few Achilles Heels like dips in employment and higher gas prices and I did not want the music to stop and not have a seat to sit in.

The prof told me that my strategy was sound and that as soon as I could get the properties paid for I would be in very good shape for the next ten years, economy be damned. Between now and then there would be some dips but nothing major was forecast.

I had Holly take notes and told her I needed a payoff schedule for everything.

Holly and I looked at each other and we both knew it would mean three things: cutting costs, buying more profitable businesses and diversifying.

The plane dropped us in Santa Fe and returned to Las Vegas to take the prof home. She’d made a quick $30,000 plus another $5,000 a month retainer. The way Natalie she looked at me, I knew she was interested in more than just doing business.

Sometimes you can just look at a woman and you just know she would be a great fuck.

Then, as you speak to her, and listen to her, you believe it will be better than you thought, if you only had the opportunity.

Holly left the plane and as I said goodbye to Natalie, she kissed me softly on the mouth and said “Let’s get together for dinner next time you’re in town. And maybe dessert if you’re up for it.”

If she only knew: I was up for dessert right then and there.

I made a silent promise to myself to have her become a member of the Mile High Club on her next flight.


We landed on Tuesday evening in time for a late supper, which we had at Radish & Rye, a converted house turned into an almost five star restaurant located in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of the historic Santa Fe plaza.

Joining Holly and I for dinner was Eva, Kayla and Cynthia. All three of them had been working on the logistics company operational improvements and purchase.

We had an enjoyable meal and as I looked at my female companions, I decided that if I had the opportunity, I would sleep with all of them.

Cynthia I had already slept with, in fact I took her virginity in the story The CFO Gets Her Assets Worked Over but she was living with someone presently so she was a no-go.

I had also slept with Eva and Kayla and that was a fond memory and you can read about those episodes in my stories I’m Rewarded for a Job Well Done; The Second Time is Twice as Nice; and, My 35th Birthday Ends with a Bang.

Holly was the only one I had not enjoyed and I wondered when I could do that … I hoped soon.

I had always had a thing for Asian women. I guess somewhere along the way I had acquired Asian Fever.

Asian women, I have found, can be submissive if told from the start of the relationship what their role is and are very astute in terms of knowing how to maximize the pleasure of their men.

I don’t know if this knowledge is instinctive or it is taught along the way. It didn’t matter to me because I benefited regardless.

Several times during dinner I caught Holly watching me with a special look, one that I had seen before. One of interest, one of lust; one of “I can’t wait to get naked with you.”

Each of the ladies kissed my cheek and hugged me when the dinner ended.

Holly held back a bit, waiting for the other three to take a few steps towards the door.

With their backs to us, Holly reached up, pulling my face to hers.

I actually hadn’t noticed before but as she did this I felt some massive breasts under her suit coat … she was a balloon smuggler of the highest order. Her nips were hard.

Holly kissed me gently on the lips then whispered to me “You are My Master now.”

I smiled in reply and nodded, acknowledging what she said.

Holly smiled and laughed and left to catch up to her colleagues.

Our business dinner done, I sent Holly packing with Cynthia; they were working late that night with the attorneys to get the logistics company deal wrapped up; the signing was scheduled for the next morning.

The plan was to meet for breakfast at 8am in the hotel restaurant; sign the papers at 10. Then everyone, get back to work!

I kadıköy escort opened my hotel room door and found that the lights were already on; had housekeeping been in for their usual turndown service, you know where they put the mints on the pillows?

Looking around, I noticed a piece of paper on the dining room table and I picked it up to read:

“Hi Jack, I just flew in from Europe via Dallas. Catherine suggested I drop in and see if you needed help with anything on the closing. I took a sleeping pill so we can catch up in the morning. I’ve missed you. Love, Sabrina”

I’ll be damned, my Personal Assistant was back!


I had no idea she was going to be there; for a nanosecond I thought about sleeping on the couch in the living room and then said silently, “Fuck it.”

I needed my sleep if I was going to be any good tomorrow.

Plus, she’d been blowing me every day for weeks.

We had slept together once before but we did not have sex.

I set the iPhone alarm for 6:00am so I could work out then quietly got undressed, used the bathroom without making too much noise and slipped under the covers, turning off the lamp by the bed.

I rolled over on my side and closed my eyes and fell asleep in no time.

I could feel her before I could see her.

Sabrina was sitting between my legs, her right hand around the base of my hard cock, her left hand cradling my balls and her warm, wet mouth was pleasuring me.

Sensing I was awake, but still had my eyes closed, she interrupted her very important task by she whispering to me “I’ve really missed you.”

Sabrina giggled and whispered “And this too” as she put her mouth back on my cock, causing me to groan.

Sabrina was no stranger to my penis; she was a fellatrix of the highest order and I looked forward to her daily closed door visits to my office each afternoon while we were at the dealership.

The plane rides we took were even better because we had both privacy and lots more time.

(If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love having my cock sucked).

My right hand reached out to find a massive bare breast hanging capped by a long hard nipple.

My left hand wandered south to cup her other breast and to tug on her nipple.

Sabrina’s breasts were heavy; heavier than I remembered.

The sucking continued. I loved every second of it.

Plus I loved those magnificent titties.

They were more than a handful.

She interrupted my lewd thoughts as she lifted her head off my cock with “I grew my pussy hair out just for you” as she giggled.

I pulled on both nipples at the same time and Sabrina shivered and goose bumps broke out over her entire body.

She could feel me in her mouth – I was at full mast.

Would I blow and have her swallow or?

Her right hand left my cock and my thighs got pushed apart as she spread her own legs and that freed up hand found her pussy and she started to play with herself.

I could hear the squishy noise a soppy wet cunt makes when its being finger fucked.

Sabrina was getting herself ready for a cock — getting her pussy ready to be fucked.

“Let me ride you Master” Sabrina whispered as she finished coating my cock with saliva, covering every inch.

She lifted her head up and smiled at me, and still grasping my erection, moved up and slowly lowered herself onto me.

Like so many women I had met during the past 15 months, Sabrina was lonely and sexually starved for affection.

Her situation was different than any other I had encountered, she had been a breadwinner and a caregiver without respite for years.

While her husband was in treatment for cancer, we did not have sex but she did blow me on a daily basis.

After he passed, Catherine and I sent Sabrina and her daughter away on a long vacation for therapy.

Little did I know how much my erect cock was going to help Sabrina.


I knew it had been a long time since Sabrina had a cock inside of her.

I didn’t realize that it had been years.

And, I liked the feeling of that hairy bush on my waxed cock.

It sort of tickled, enhancing my experience.

She was so tight she might as well have been a virgin.

My cock was wet, thanks to Sabrina, and her pussy was wet too, so that helped.

It still took her a few movements to get situated with me fully inside her.

We had a very good time; lots of kissing as she rode me.

Sabrina came more than a few times just riding me as we kissed.

Actually, made out.

She’d stop kissing me when she came; her body shaking and her telling me to “Hold me Jack, please hold me.”

Finally, as she got what I thought was her fill of orgasms, she kissed me and said “I have a special treat for you.”

Still impaled on my hard dick which was throbbing in anticipation of coming into that tight, wet hot pussy that had been my Holt Grail for months, Sabrina lifted her upper body so that those mouth watering nipples were right at my mouth and she whispered bostancı escort bayan “Please Jack, suck my nipples.”

With a wicked grin my mouth closed over her hard left nipple and in a matter of a few seconds, I was treated to an early morning breakfast of breast milk.

It tasted like honey and Sabrina cupped my head to her breast as I nursed.

She moaned in pleasure as my suckling continued and then, slowly started to ride my still hard cock in search of yet another orgasm.


I sucked both tits dry, or so I thought, and I ended up filling her pussy with lots of warm cum.

Each time I dropped a load Sabrina licked me back to life and before we left the suite for the breakfast meeting, I had come three times and I have no idea how many times she had but she sure was a happy gal.


The closing was no big deal and after a quick toast of bubbly, I sent everyone packing on new assignments.

I had a lunch appointment in the hotel restaurant.

Lisa wanted a job, sort of. Her parents had died just a few months previously in an auto accident in the snow covered mountains near Taos and she was left with a car dealership to run.

Lisa admitted that she didn’t know what she was doing owning a business (a difficult confession to make to a stranger, particularly one who is interested in buying her business).

But she did say that she wanted a job but she didn’t want to be in charge of something she knew nothing about. The dealership had been her Daddy’s and it was his life. Not hers.

Lisa was a beauty; make no mistake about it. But I had no idea what her age was and knew nothing about her past: if she had or was married; kids or no kids, and if yes, their ages.

I noticed that she was not wearing a wedding ring. Nor faint reminder of one.

She had on pearl earrings and a nice pearl necklace and I knew those were not just real, but real expensive.

Like most men, I have no idea how to guess a woman’s age. Sure there are some clear giveaways like gray hair and crows feel around the eyes, but anyone with some cash can take those two clues out of the mystery with the help of a plastic surgeon and regular visits to the beauty salon.

Her hands looked remarkably young. If I had to guess a range, I would say between 35 and 45.

In gratitude, because I quickly became her prince in shining armor, Lisa invited herself into my bed at the hotel following our short lunch meeting.

She simply smiled and with those blinking baby blues, coyly but directly asked me “What’s your favorite position?”

I responded with a laugh and in a low voice replied “Any will be fine as long as I am inside of you” and off we walked, hand in hand to the elevator and my suite.

Who was I to turn down dessert? Especially one with zero calories?

She got naked as I watched.

Lisa wasn’t wearing much to begin with and she had a great bod.

Just how nice I was going to find out.

She slipped off her shoes; her dress quickly fell to the floor; she unhooked her bra unleashing those bountiful God given ripe melons and then she twirled around with only the tiniest of thongs on.

The string was buried in her crack and the front barely and I mean just barely, covered a honey colored wispy bush.

A few errant hairs were visible as I perused her crotch.

I loved the way her heavenly breasts gently swayed as she danced and hummed.

Those nipples got erect and stayed erect.

She was sexy as hell.

Lisa was happy that she was going get some cock, apparently for the first time in many months.

I guess this, that I, or my cock at least, was her coming out of grief party.

On her knees in front of me, as I sat in a living room chair, she slipped my briefs off and my erect cock sprang out; Lisa just stared at it as it bobbed.

“My, it’s a big one” she smiled up at me. (That was a great line in the movie Dirty Harry when the bad guy sees for the first time the .45 Magnum (“the most powerful handgun in the world that would blow your head clean off”) that Clint Eastwood carries).

I swear I saw Lisa lick her lips, and then she said, her eyes never leaving my cock “I think it will be a tight fit, a very tight fit.”

Her tongue ran around her lips, an erotic vision in itself, and she followed her assessment with “A big cock is just what I want this afternoon.”

She kissed the tip and ran her tongue generously around the bulbous head.

I groaned, and muttered “Jesus that feels good.”

“You like that?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Let me please you” she whispered and her mouth closed over the head. Lisa just savored the taste of my manhood.

I groaned again, loving her mouth on my cockhead. And her tongue was doing some sinful things too.

“It’s been a long time since I had man meat” she whispered, “please let me play with it awhile.”

Lisa began making love to my erection using her mouth, tongue, lips, teeth and her fingers.

She kissed and licked and I swear I grew another two inches as she demonstrated her oral skills on me.

It was almost as if she was in a trance; her oral efforts were punctuated with little groans and mews like she hadn’t had chocolate for weeks and was now given a Halloween dish filled with nothing but Hershey’s kisses/

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