Memories Ch. 05a

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“I enjoyed it also,” came out of my mouth as I took my left hand, placed it on his right hand and pushed it to my breast.

The above was taken from the last sentence in Memories, Chapter 5, Lesbian Sex.

This chapter begins:

My mind was spinning about swinging and swapping as Mike was massaging my right breast so slow and softly. Is it possible that Rob and I will be swapping with Mike and Jill? He is here already with his soft hand on my breast and me desiring more from him. Maybe this will be a good way to find out if I would even desire to swap with him.

“Mike I need to go and relieve some of this beer. Maybe you want to use the bathroom too when I’m finished.”

I did my thing and slipped into the bedroom to get into my white, silk, knee length robe and be all set for any moves he might make.

While I was changing into comfy clothes I heard him pee, flush and then was running lots of water. My mind flashed to I bet he wants me to make him feel good with my mouth if we get that far.

I let him return to the sofa first. When I approached, he looked and said, “Wow Amy, you are hotter looking tonight in that robe than that terry one the other night.”

“Thanks Mike. I just felt the need to get more comfortable.” I knew the robe and my long sexy legs were sending the message that I’m yours to play with now.

I resumed the position on the sofa. I laid my head on his thigh this time. His hand went back to my right breast were it was before doing our thing.

There was dead silence in the room except for the whirl from a ceiling fan.

His palm had my nipple hard in a few seconds massaging it through the robe. His soft hand then slipped into the robe and moved to the left breast. I inhaled lots of air when he cupped it and softly squeezed it. He then slowly rolled the nipple with soft grips causing me to moan, “Mmmm.” As the nipple was getting harder, blood was flowing to my lower lips and expanding them. I was getting whiffs of my sex juices. In simple words, he was turning me on

He continued the soft massaging for a few minutes then, “God Amy your breast is feeling so nice in my hands. I want and need to suck on them. May I?” Wow so polite I was thinking.

I sat up and said, “Mike I would like that but first I want you to take your shoes, soaks, and trousers off, and leave your undies on, then sit back down and let me sit on your lap.”

“But Amy, I don’t have any undies on.”

“That’s okay Mike, I will see it sooner or later anyway. Why don’t you just strip completely then and let me sit on your lap?”

He jumped up and the clothes were coming off fast. He had his back to me but I got a good look at his sack as he lifted a leg to strip his trouser. His sack was hairless. I inhaled lots of air never having seen a guy with hairless balls.

As he turned to sit, his pole was standing at attention. I made a concentrated effort to look him in the eyes and not at his lady pleaser just then. However, I did notice it might be a tad thicker than Robs’, my boyfriend. He was cut which made me more relaxed. I hate it if a guy is uncut. Thinking of his thickness I was excited as to how it was going to feel.

As he sat back down Mike said, “Amy I love those long legs of yours. They are so hot and sexy. I smiled at him and said, “Thanks Mike.”

I climbed onto his lap facing him. We stared into each other’s eyes as his hands opened my robe all the way and placed them on my breast. I closed my eyes at the skin contact and inhaled air from the pleasure of the sensation. God he was deliberately massaging them slow and softly. He also use the tip of his index fingers to roll and press the hard nipples.

As the sensation was warming me up, I reopened my eyes and leaned in to kiss him. I placed my hands at his ears so I could control things. We got into some DFK before breaking the connection to get air. I was feeling his hard cock throbbing in my stomach.

I scooted back a little to relieve the pressure on his cock but also so he could bend his head down and suck on my boobs.

He read the movement and his head lowered to get to one of the toys he wanted his mouth to taste. As his mouth inhaled one of my 34c breasts, I placed my hands on his ears again and held him tight as I moaned my sounds of pleasure liking it. He had placed one hand to cup the breast for his mouth and placed the other hand in the center of my back.

After a few minutes, he let the ataşehir escort boob out of his mouth. Be began using the tip of his tongue to stimulate the nip. God was that ever turning me on feeling him making circles around it.

I could smell my juice leakage even more now lifting up between our bodies. I was wondering if Mike also was inhaling it as it rose between us. It must affect guys more than us flashed through my brain. They must really get turned on knowing they have the girl hot.

As his mouth was doing the one boob his hand was now on the other. He kept switching every few minutes between the boobs with his mouth and the use of his hand. God he was so gentle and good at it. I was climbing for a cum and he had not even touched me below.

I knew he wanted me to suck on him. I needed to cum. “Mike do me a favor, please? Use your left hand on my right boob, your mouth on the other boob, and your right hand to play with my clit and get me off. I will then suck your cock for you. If you want to get off in me later, I will do you bareback if you promise not to cum in my mouth.”

He broke the mouth connection and said, “I promise. I will warn you to stop before I reach that point. God I was hoping you would get your mouth around it. A lot of girls don’t you know.”

“Amy, can I ask a favor of you? After I ask you to stop, could you get back up on the sofa, place your hot pussy at my mouth and let me eat you? I want to make you cum again with my tongue and drink your juices. I want to taste your juices so much.”

“Sure Mike, I would like that very much.”

Mike was a good guy. He followed my instructions and I lifted off to a nice cum on his finger as he was flicking it fast but gently with his face buried in my breast and using his hands and mouth.

When I recovered, I just slipped to the floor and looked at his cock while wrapping a hand around it. He had his hair trimmed close to his body. I giggled internally but also knew it would be good because I would not get long pubic hair between my teeth like from my boyfriend, Rob.

I wrapped my hand partially around his hard cock. I stuck the tip of my tongue out, placed it at the underside of his cock next to the sack and slowly flicked and licked up to the head following the vein. I noticed a drop of pre-cum leaking when I reached the tip. I avoided it and holding his cock with my left hand I flicked that sensitive area on the underside of the crown with the tip of my tongue. I used my right hand to hold his balls. God the skin was so smooth and thin being hairless. I cannot describe the feeling never having anything before in my hand like it. Maybe the closet thing would be a balloon partially filled with water. Yeah, if it was warm water that would be a close description.

“Stop! Amy I’m close.”

I internally chuckled; that did not take long flash across my brain.

“Are you ready to eat me now?”

“Oh God yes Amy. Please let me get my tongue onto and into you.”

I got up on the sofa and stood. Since it was next to a wall, I supported myself with my hands on the wall as I placed my pussy near his face. I was wondering what he thought looking at my pussy with just the landing strip of hair on each side of the slit, trimmed very close. His hands went to my butt cheeks and pulled me tight to his mouth as his tongue snaked its way into the slit. God he was good with his tongue on my clit. I placed my face cheeks on the wall for support so that I could use my hands to play with my nipples. As he was lapping, I was building. His right hand was lowering itself on my butt cheek. I knew instinctively where he was headed with the hand. We did not talk about if it would be okay or not but I wanted it now that he started it.

I knew I had liquid running down the inside of my thighs. His fingers found it before he moved them to my tunnel. He used the liquid as a lubricant on his fingers. As he was approaching the tunnel, I was bracing to gush because he had me turned on so good with his tongue. I felt two fingers slide into my pussy.

I removed my hands from my breast, placed them on the wall and went into the orgasm he had induced with his tongue and the fingers doing me like a cock in my pussy. The shaking was causing his fingers to fuck me, and at the same time, he was slurping and working the clit with his tongue. I was wondering if he was comparing the flavor of my cum to Erin, Jean, or his girlfriend Jill.

After kadıköy escort recovering from my cum with Mikes hand back on my butt cheek I pushed back from the wall with my hands and asked, “Where is your condom Mike I will put it on for you?”

“Please hand me my trousers.”

I stepped off the couch and lifted his trousers to him. He reached into his pocket and pulled one out. I was smiling because he had one with him.

He began to open the package and I said, “Let me.”

As I was messing with the packet Mike said, “Amy thanks for the drink. God I love the taste of pussy juice. I could slurp on it all the time.”

When I had it out of the package, I got it ready in my hand but before placing it on, I knew he had cooled down a tad. I inhaled his cock for four quick mouth fucks before lifting off. He arched his hips as his cock buried itself deep in my throat deep. I taught myself how to do it after watching porn. I bought a pliable dildo and practiced. I knew guys liked it. My boyfriend goes bananas when I do him that way.

I pulled my mouth off not wanting him to fire and as I was placing the pink colored condom on he said, “Wow Amy no chick has ever done that. My God, your throat is tighter and hotter than a pussy. I almost shot.”

I looked at him and said, “Really?” God, I gave him a wink to boot. I was getting very comfortable with Mike and was hot for that thing in my hand.

I knew how good he felt because Rob likes it so much and howls so loud as he fires in my throat with a condom on of course.

I then crawled back up on the sofa, pushed a tit into Mike face, reached down and guided his hard girl pleaser into my playpen and lowered myself to sit on his lap, cock imbedded. My hand was coated with my juices as I brought it out from between us. I knew he was bigger than Rob’s, as I slowly sank on it. This is a man flashed in my brain.

“Mike play with my clit. I know you are going to cum after a few thrust. I want to cum with you. I will tell you when I’m close so you can begin fucking but first don’t move or I will be left hanging. With Mike sitting still and not thrusting was also allowing my pussy to get used to an oversized intruder.”

He did as I asked. He was so gentle with his finger. It was like a tongue on my clit. I closed my eyes and let it build. His warm wet mouth on a boob was also helping me to get to where I wanted to go.

“Oh Mike, God you are awesome with your fingers there. God you must have practiced a lot on girls to be so good at it, and your mouth, Ohoooo!”

“Mmmmmmm…mmmm…mmm…, Yes oh yes,” I was moaning as I was building.

“Oh Mike, yeah, God Jill has to love this when you do her.”

“Oh Mike that’s it, yes, there, there, oooooooooo.”

“Okay Mike do me, I ‘m close. Do your thing.”

With that he dropped a boob from his mouth, placed his hands on my hips, leaned his head back with eyes closed and drove the cock deep. He began with slow thrust but they became very rapid quickly. He was using his hands on my hips to lift me off his lap slightly so he could thrust deeper and faster. It happened as I had anticipated. He soon arched his back, buried his cock deep in me, opened his mouth and howled out those sounds of pleasure as his cock forced his nut juice out of him into me.

That triggered my orgasm. We both were convulsing and growling from the cums ripping through our bodies. I do not know if it was Mike’s technique, or being a new cock in me, or his sexy eyes, or his thicker cock that gave me an awesome body glowing cum. Maybe it was a blend of all.

I noticed we were both a little sweaty when I was back to the real world.

“Mike it’s late, want to take a shower and spend the night with me?”

His cock twitched, which was still impaled in me and said, “God yes Amy. I would love that. Thanks.”

“Com’on lets shower together. In the morning when you wake up with your hardon, nudge me with it and I will get it back to normal for you.”

We kissed, his hands played more with my boobs, and his cock was twitching in my pussy when I said, “Okay shower.”

As we were showering, I was thinking I could swap with Mike. Would Rob swap with Jill?

“Mike please keep this between you and me. I don’t want any pressure from Jean or Erin to swap until I am ready, okay?”

“You got my promise Amy. I need to be honest with you and am hoping if I am on my last delivery to this dorm that maybe bostancı escort bayan we could play; you are hot.”

“We will see Mike.”

We dried and off to bed we went. We spooned with his cock in the crack of my butt and his arm over me and a hand on a boob.

I woke to a hand softly massaging a boob and slight humping. We were still in the spoon position.

“Good morning Mike, nice to see that you are like all guys with a morning hardon.”

“Good morning Amy. You told me to wake you so you could take care of it. I hope it’s okay.”

“Mike I love watching a guy unload. Is it okay if I masturbate you to get you too normal? I want to watch your cum shoot out. You can eat me then afterwards.”

“Oh God yes Amy, anything you want to do I will go along with. God you are hot.”

I reached into the nightstand and got out some lube, placed it in the palm of my right hand, positioned myself so I could play with him and end up with my cheeks on his chest when he erupted.

It worked out as I wanted. He soon was humping my hand that was wrapped around his hard member, pumping it and coated with lubricant to make it feel like a hot, wet, dripping pussy.

After a few mouth kisses I laid my head on his chest, my eyes focused on the cock that was going to squirt soon.

I watched and smiled as his ball drew up to him to load his shooter. I love seeing that. He fired and the first round hit my chin. I jerked my face enough so it would not get my eyes or mouth.

After his panting settled and his cock began to deflate, I moved my face down so he did not see his cum on my chin, lifted a leg over him and placed my again hot, wet, pussy at his mouth. As he was eating me I played with his cock, softly and easily, staying away from the now really sensitive area. In the process of being eaten, I wiped his cum from my chin. I just loved the sounds his mouth was making as he was doing me. It sounded like he really was enjoying the flavor. He drove his tongue as deep into my pussy as he could. He had his face pressed tight into me as his hands were on my thighs pulling me back to him

He then spread my lips with his fingers and was really into eating me with that wicked tongue. I think I felt the tip of his tongue at me cervix but too embarrassed to ask. It was not long and he heard, “I’m cccccccccuuuuummminnnnngg,” Mike.

I let my juices flow into his mouth before collapsing making total body contact with the cum that was on his chest and stomach. My face was on a thigh and I had to look again at the hairless balls.

When I recovered I said, “Shower time Mike. Thanks for the show and the cum and anytime you have a last delivery here, check and see if I’m horny.”

Then guilt hit me. What am I doing to Rob? What have Jean and Erin done to me?

After showering and getting dressed we hugged and then I heard, “I am really glad that I got stiffed last night. Thanks Amy for making me feel so good. God I hope we can play a lot together.”

I just gave him an extra tight hug and said, “Well make sure you have lot of last deliveries here.” My God I gave him an open invitation.

We both laughed as he grabbed his container and was joyfully walking down the hall with one big smile on his face.

Just then the phone rang. When I answered I heard, “It’s Jean, anything-exciting happening? I’m horny are you?”

“Maybe this evening but I have some library stuff to do.”

“Okay, lets plan on it. Oh, by the way can I bring a friend other than Erin to play?”

My heart leaped and thumped. Was it going to be Jill, Mike’s girlfriend or Kim?

“I guess it will be okay Jean but I’m a little uptight about it.”

“I understand sweetheart but this will help you get relaxed sooner. See you at eight then if that’s okay. Can we spend the night then?”

“Sure Jean, see you and your friend at eight.”

I placed the phone in the cradle and it rang immediately. I picked up and heard, “Hi babe it’s me.” My heart took another jump it was Rob.

“Hey, how you feeling this AM?”

“Much better than a few hours ago. Say I’m sorry but I need to cancel tonight. I forgot about a term paper. Can we go out tomorrow?”

“Sure Rob, that’s why we are here. Let’s chat later then; I need to get to library myself.”

“Hey maybe catch you there and we can have lunch and then get back to books.”

“Sounds like a plan Rob. See you soon then.”

I was thinking how stupid of me to make a date with Jean when I had one with Rob. I’m glad he cancelled or I would have had to make up excuses.

Readers: Memories will continue in Lesbian Sex of Lit, Chapter 6, if you desire to continue reading about my make over from hetro to BI.

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