Mel’s Favorite Seduction

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Cum Bukkake

Hi, I’m Mel, short for Melanie. This story is about my favorite time that I seduced a boy, and the fastest too.

Let me lay it out for you. I have dark hair, wavy, and if it was long it might have been curly. Brown eyes and a crooked smile on a face that had been called “cute” and “pixieish.” Or maybe that was about my body, I forget, cause I’m short and on the thin side.

I roll my eyes a lot, I barely wear any makeup, I like people who say silly things. And at the time, I went dancing only if it was with people who didn’t care how I danced, and when I got home from working in the coffee shop I liked to relax and not stress out too much.

I was graduated from college with no good job yet, and living with my roommate Jessica in a small house downtown. The bedrooms and kitchen were on the ground floor, and we had a half-finished basement for just hanging out and relaxing. Weekends I went to indie bands if they were bikeable and I found time. I worked on the backyard garden a little if it was nice out. If it wasn’t, I read or watched TV or tried to get Jessica to be a little less serious.

Jess and I got along pretty good. I get along with most everyone pretty good.

Jess and I didn’t have boyfriends. She’d broken up with hers months ago and was still oh-so-dramatically recovering from a broken heart. I was working OT when I could to save up some money, and in the time left I just didn’t have the energy to go out on dates.

Jessica did have a boy who was a friend, though. Jason went out with her all the time. They’d known each other from college and yeah, of course boys and girls can be friends without getting mushy, and they were two of them. Went to movies, went on drives, went on walks, but no hand-holding, no romance, and no friends-with-benefits. That last part I’d gotten Jess to say out loud, by questioning her relentlessly one afternoon. That was fun.

Oh, and — for a while, I’d been crushing on Jason big time.

He was so cute. Hair getting too long, and when he brushed it out of his eyes, he sometimes had this look like a puppy dog or like a Beatle. He had one of those faces that even when he was trying to be super serious he looked like he was about to grin. Nose just a little bit bigger than his face knew what to do with. And he was a little bit taller than his body knew what to do with, and when he bumped into things or ducked his head on our basement staircase it was just adorable. He teased me like a little sister, which drove me crazy, but I knew he didn’t mean it.

And since he and Jessica were platonically joined at the hip, I saw him way too much for my own peace of mind. He was around our house all the time. He was always showing up, bringing over some movie to watch or something. Like three times a week, Jess and I could have been chilling out in front of the TV, and Mr. Hott Cutie had to show up and make me all distracted.

He was single, I wasn’t seeing anyone, Jess wasn’t interested. Totally fair game. Did I have to paint him a picture?

Here’s what happened, the night I totally seduced him.

Jessica was out of town doing one of her important things she does. Jason stopped by at nine at night to hang out with her, which was the kind of thing he’d do, except he didn’t know she was gone. He ended up sticking around anyway and talking with me instead.

It got later, we were watching TV, and when he went to the bathroom I went in my room, took a breath mint and changed into my pajamas: baby-blue patterned flannel. Button tops and elastic-waist bottoms, and no, I didn’t wear panties with them. Why the breath mint? Just in case, you know?

We met up back downstairs, and if he noticed my having changed into my soft flannel, he didn’t say anything. He was wearing his usual jeans and a nicely fitted T-shirt. So we sat at opposite ends of Jessica’s big poofy couch, a great TV-watching couch. Him stretched out in one corner, me sitting on one leg facing him and the other foot on the floor.

We were half watching TV. I was being funny as usual, asking questions about his girlfriend Jessica, and he was giving this funny exaggerated sigh and telling me she wasn’t his girlfriend, he didn’t have a girlfriend, and I innocently said maybe he didn’t have a girlfriend because every girl in town saw him go everywhere with Jessica, dumbass. Duh. Ha-ha.

And we were practicing laughing like a horse at only the dumbest jokes on TV, and cutting down imaginary people we made up in the shows who weren’t even there, and talking about how awesomely awesome it would be if we had some popcorn and it’d be great if the other person went and made some and of course not making any.

I was flipping channels with the tivo remote and we settled on this incredibly bad monster movie and then the commercial came on for Victoria’s Secret, you know, with the tall babes with way too expensive hair and makeup, just lounging around in their lingerie being all sexy.

I was telling him some long stupid thing. But then I noticed he wasn’t paying any attention to me, cebeci escort he was just staring at the TV, kind of zoned out.

And that was just too funny. I trailed off and just sat quietly laughing to myself until the ad was over and he kind of came back to reality which was hilarious.

And then I got to tease him about it and that was great. He was such a dork. I was thanking him for returning to Planet Earth, and going on about how he probably couldn’t even walk past the Gap mannequins in the mall, and asking him if he whacked off to the Sears Roebuck catalog when he was nine, and saying I noticed he was especially into the lingerie-girl wearing the mask with the feathers (did he lust after birds, did he want to fuck the Lone Ranger, and so on).

I might not have given him such a hard time except he was actually getting sheepish about it, and that was so damned cute.

Then I remembered the tivo, so I told him he was in for a special treat, and rewound it to replay the commercial. On time

, he was telling me to stop it, and give him the remote (as if), and I was watching the ad and giving him the color commentary. “And here comes the girl with the boobies! Watch as she slinks and pouts!”

Since he was too busy complaining to me to watch the ad, I rewound it again and explained over his protests that I was going to keep playing it over and over until he admitted it was stupid. He was sighing at me, and widening his eyes at me, and rolling his eyes at me, and I was having none of it. Flustering Jason was a lot better than anything on TV.

Around time
or he ran out of protests and just sat and watched it glumly. And around there I noticed that the soundtrack was actually kind of sexy if you closed your eyes. So then I rewound it and said it was for me this time, that I wanted to listen to their sexy voices, and I added “ooh yeah”s to their sexy sexy voices. I got a smile for that one.

I have this stupid thing that if something is funny, I sometimes keep doing it until it’s not funny anymore, and then I still keep doing it, hoping it will get funny again. It never does but I still keep trying.

Since this was a lot more entertaining than the monster movie, I just kept replaying the ad. After like 6 times I didn’t even bother to make up an explanation, we just got to the end, he turns to look at me without saying anything.


I said, “oh hey you should watch this,” rewind, replay. I’m a laugh riot.

And when I finally shut my stupid mouth I noticed he actually was watching it most of the time, and holy shit I was pretty sure he actually thought the babes in bras were sexy. I wasn’t totally sure about it but he almost seemed like he was draping his hands in his lap to hide a hardon from me.

So that’s why he’s flustered I guess. Or, did he think I’d be grossed out? I dunno, I thought it was adorable.

Anyway, when I played it a few more times, he kept watching. Maybe he was bored? Or maybe he didn’t know where else to look, or maybe he was just horny from months without a girlfriend. I guess after a while ironic-sexy maybe just turns into sexy.

We watched that stupid ad way more times than was reasonable. I could have recited the voiceover by heart. But after a while, I wasn’t saying anything, I was just replaying it and watching him. And now I was being the serious one.

Finally I quit it. Near the end of the ad, I paused it, freeze-framed on some bronzed woman with “hair-and-makeup-by,” and when he turned to look at me, I just looked back at him. No smile now. Both of us serious.

And here’s where the seduction part began. Start your stopwatches. Don’t blink.

I said, “it actually is pretty sexy, isn’t it.”

He didn’t say anything.

I said, not trying to be funny, “Well, no one should be surprised that watching sexy girls turns you on.”

He said, “yes. It does.” He was looking at me.

I looked him right in the eye.

He looked right back at me. That was the look that started soaking my panties (if I’d worn them). Did he just call me a sexy girl? His head was tilted a little back to see under his hair, his mouth was solemn as a priest, and his hands were still in his lap. I was sure he was concealing the bulge from me.

But now he didn’t really seem to care whether I knew that.

I realized all the joking and irony had gotten washed away.

I wet my lips.

He kept looking at me.

And the magic move was: I cocked my head just a tiny bit to the side, and raised an eyebrow just the littlest bit.

That was my way of saying what I’d wanted to say to him for weeks, which was, bring it on, fucker, get the fuck over here.

He thought about that for a second, then stood up, took two steps over to my side of the couch, and stood there. Just stood there, in front of me.

Hands at his sides now, and yeah that was definitely a bulge.

My turn now to be discombobulated, but I recovered fast. I looked up at him. I didn’t dare to smile cebeci escort bayan for fear he’d smile back and call it a joke and sit down.

I said, “do you have something to show me?”

He thought about that for another second, and then reached down, lifted up his shirt, and pulled it up, over, and off. And kept looking at me, stony-faced.

Bare-chested. This was a boy wearing nothing but jeans, and standing right there.

OK, now I was hot. I was pretty sure I was going to fuck him by this point, but I just needed a way to get to the sex without some stupid joke ruining it. But with that hardon in his jeans, I figured he was serious enough.

And, nice body too. Which I kind of knew already, but boy I liked looking at all that bare skin in front of me.

I reached up slowly and… undid just the button on his jeans. Just one button. And looked up at him again.

He reached down slowly and… unzipped his pants.

Oh fuck yeah. Hard half-naked cutie standing there pulling his pants open. It hit me how much I’d been wanting this. I flushed, and suddenly, I was ready. Yeah — ready — you know what I mean.

Now it was all me. I gently pulled his pants down. His cock was trapped at a funny angle in his boxers, so, gently, I pulled those down too.

Stiff penis, bobbing out, pointed right at my face. Nice looking.

Here we go. It had been a while since I’d done this. I liked Jason enough that I wanted to take my time.

I cupped his balls ever so lightly in my palm, hefted them a little, pulled and stroked them just a little. Got a nice “mmmmm…” for that.

I got a whiff of his boy-sweat. Was I still goofy silly Mel? Mel who treats everything like a big joke?

Cause I think I shivered at his scent.

With my other hand I gently held the skin at the base of his cock, and stretched it just a little, just enough to tighten it up and let me really see how his penis looked.

I leaned forward slowly, opened my mouth just a little, and ever-so-slowly slipped my lips around the very tip, and gave it a slow kiss as I slid it back out.

I did it again with the whole head, and I looked up and saw him looking right down at me. “Ohhh,” he said. He put a hand on my cheek, closed his eyes, and leaned his head back.

He was as sweet as he was cute. Not pushing me, just contact. He just liked touching my face.

I bobbed my head slowly and took him a little deeper each time. One hand on his hip, the other cupping his balls. I eased him a step back as I scooted forward, off the couch, onto my knees.

I hoped my mouth felt good. I liked the way he felt in my mouth. He didn’t have much of a taste but I liked the clean, musky smell.

The first blowjob you ever give a guy is something really exciting. Not his first blowjob of course. But the first Mel blowjob. He doesn’t know what you’re going to do and he’s totally on edge waiting for it. Not taking anything for granted, nothing is familiar.

So he was right there, totally present for every stroke I sucked in and out. Sometimes he closed his eyes and just took it in. Sometimes he was looking down right at me like he’d never seen me before.

When our eyes met, the connection sank into me like a triple espresso of horny. I liked giving BJs. But this was really getting me hot.

On my knees, sucking him. Holy fuck. I suddenly felt like a submissive little slut. Never felt that way before.

Was it OK that I kinda liked that?

I wasn’t a slut, I was just gonna fuck a nice boy I knew. But I kinda wanted to be.

I took him deep in my mouth and he took a deep breath.

I pulled him out and smooched a line of friendly kisses down the side, and his dick twitched and bobbed.

I smiled, licked from his balls up to the tip, and he gave a tiny grunt.

I slid him between my sealed lips and gave the head a crazy vicious tongue-lashing. He groaned and his head fell back.

His spongy tip swelled even bigger once he felt Mel’s wet little tongue going back and forth, side-to-side, and all around and around. A part of Mel swelled a little too.

I pulled the skin taut with my hand and let him feel my lips, just the ring of my lips, slide slowly down, and back up. Then down and back up a few more times. I felt his muscles flexing and heard his breathing go ragged.

Then I took a medium-size mouthful. And I just sat there, holding his dick in my mouth, until he looked down at me. The soft skin under his cock head laid on my tongue, and our eyes met. Then I just looked him right in the eye as I gave him my good solid no-motion suck. Hard steady suction, and my tongue rubbing hard into that soft part, while I watched his face. My cheeks were sucked in but the only thing moving was my tongue, back and forth, grinding as hard as I could.

He never broke eye contact, but his mouth dropped open and he gave a couple short “uhh”s.

Ooh, now I could feel him starting to try to control his breathing. “You like that, huh,” I thought. escort cebeci Maybe he liked it a little too much. I didn’t really want to make him cum right away. But it was tempting to give it a try.

I slipped my cocksucking mouth right off him with a nice “pop.” His dick bounced up, past my nose and back down. He stared down at me and said “shit,” more surprised than anything. What, I’m not allowed to borrow a move from a porno? I liked doing it. I did that “pop” again a couple of times. Then we were looking at each other smiling. Horny but real comfortable and fun. And I really liked his smile.

Suddenly I wanted to jam his whole cock down my throat and make him just fucking explode. I sat up a bit, grabbed his ass cheek and a fistful of cock, and started a nice fast sucking, my mouth and my hand together. Bobbing my head up and down real fast. Goddamn I was really going to make him feel it. I loved his cock and couldn’t get enough. His butt and belly tensed and he was moaning or saying something, and I sucked and sucked —

I guess he could only stand a few seconds of that because he backed away, out of reach. “Oh, fuck,” he was saying. “Oh, fuck.” Wow, had I gotten him that horny already? Shit, yeah! It had just been a few minutes.

He pulled his pants all the way off and stepped forward. He helped me up and guided me back to sit on the couch.

Bent down and gave me a sweet, hungry kiss.

Took hold of the waist of my PJ bottoms and gave a couple of gentle tugs. I rocked my hips side-to-side, then held my legs out straight so he could pull them all the way off.

Naked, hard Jason stood there for a little while, admiring Mel without her pants, and I admit I was pleased by this.

He stepped forward and crouched and took a leg in each hand and, like a gentleman, helped me spread them open.

I scooted my bare butt to the edge of the cushion, and when he dipped his head down, I bit my lip and watched him.

I brushed the hair out of his eyes as he gave my pussy kisses.

Rubbed his head as he tenderly licked up my dew.

He tensed his lips into hard lines to nibble and knead my squishy, folded parts.

I needed more. I pulled my thighs farther apart for him.

Gave a grunt when his vulgar bad tongue poked up inside me.

Fuck. The cutie was a bad boy. Oh yeah.

Laid back and breathed when the rough fast licks shot up and down my snatch.

Then the tongue poke. What a bad boy, tongue-fucking his friend.

Then the licks again.

I think I mewed a bit when he wet his finger and eased it into me.

I didn’t say much as he slid his finger in and out, nice and smooth. His soft tongue was pushing, pulsing, on my clit.

He watched my face. I think I looked like I was in pain. I wasn’t.

His finger made me feel so good, teasing me with a slow-motion skinny version of what I knew his cock was gonna give me. I knew that was coming and I didn’t mind the tease, it felt so damn good. Rocked my hips for him.

Screwed up my face and gave him encouragement, the kind he wanted, one word at a time.

He pulled his finger out and took a breather. Rested the whole palm of his hand on me and made small circles. “More,” I said. He grinned. I stuck my tongue out at him. He kept grinning, then he stopped grinning.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” he said.

“I’m on the pill,” I said.

He lowered his head again to my secret heat, and his lips and tongue and fingers did I don’t really know what. I guess he ate me for quite a while. I was calling his name over and over. I had my top open, one hand pulling his head into me and the other squeezing a tit.

When he was giving me all the touch I wanted, I held myself up to him in offering: here it is. Take it. Take it.

But when he just explored and played, when he only caressed my mound or the crease at my thigh, or used only his breath, or when he just stopped and watched me, I bucked and twisted. I wasn’t shy. My pussy tried to fuck his face.

And his watching was heavenly torture. No one had done that before. Stopped licking my pussy and just watched it. Was it foreplay? I liked it. I’m sure he loved looking between my spread legs, as I moaned, and my hips showed him the twisting and jerks they wanted to do to him. I felt so sinfully naked. But I needed him to get back to eating me!

He did. Fast wet tongue.

And then he stopped again and just watched my pussy.

And he switched that up a couple of times.

“Oh… oh…” I was saying as he finally stood up, wiping his mouth, cock ready.

He said nothing, as he stood in a crouch and positioned himself. I held my legs open and swore softly as he pushed.

He slid in smoothly. Then he set his feet and grabbed my pelvis, leaned some weight into me, gave me another inch, and filled me up. Ohhhh, fuck.

I closed my eyes with the pleasure. He kept holding my hips. He fucked me, not hard, but firmly. Started with a rocking, built to a sliding, and when I was really feeling that and we had the rhythm, he turned it into a stroking. Most of the way out, all of the way in. Most of the way out, all of the way in.

I had a crush on the naked boy fucking me. My heart was still giddy. But it was the penis that was giving me a good fucking. Reminding me what boys are best at.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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