Melody’s Way Ch. 03

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Public Sex

This chapter takes place immediately after Chapter 1

*** Back to the Present ***

Sunday night after Melody left to return home. Anne confronted DC.

“You could have told me you had a girlfriend.” Anne’s voice held nine parts simmering righteous anger and one part broken heart.

“Before this weekend I didn’t have one. Technically, I still don’t.”

“What, she just likes to show up and sleep with you every once in a while?”

“We didn’t have sex.”

“Your credibility isn’t looking too good right now.”

“I broke up with her before the semester started and now she wants to be back together.”

It was like a switch flipped in Anne’s mind and her temper faded. She could relate to this experience. “What do you want?” She sincerely asked.

DC studied at his feet and thought about it. The more time that passed the more confused he had become. The absolute conviction he had felt while Melody was visiting, that he belong with her, had faded with every mile of distance between them. He still desired her, but doubted her desire for him. If she only wanted him because he had made her feel that way against her will, it was just wrong.

Face still down toward the floor, he angled his eyes up to look at Anne’s eyes as she waited patiently. “Honestly, I don’t know.”

“I get it.” She said. “It’s hard to let go of a person you cared about for a while. And if she still wants to be together it’s hard to reject her. You don’t want to hurt her. I had an asshole boyfriend I left behind. It was hard to finally confront him and break up.” Anne had a sob in her voice. “But now, I thought I had finally found a decent guy.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t.”

“Don’t be.” Anne surprised him with a sudden kiss and broke away before he could respond. “Come find me when you need a friend to talk to. Or if you figure out that you can do better than her.”

She paused. “You’re probably going to see her on Thanksgiving, aren’t you?”

“It will practically be impossible not to. We are neighbors back home and she’ll most likely make a point of seeing me.”

“Well, I want you to remember you have options.”

DC’s head was swimming from the first unexpected kiss, so the second one she landed onto his mouth, he went with and kissed her back. They battled tongues for a moment.

After she backed off from kissing him, Anne reminded DC, “You can always come to me if you need a friend.” She smiled shyly. “Or something more.”

Anne sashayed away feeling a bit better about her chances with DC. Maybe he really was a good guy.

DC immediately felt guilty. He shouldn’t have returned Anne’s kiss. He felt like he was cheating on Melody, his girlfriend that wasn’t his girlfriend, and he was leading Anne on. She had no chance of dating him right now. He had to sort his head and feelings out before getting involved with anyone else.


Thanksgiving break arrived a few weeks later. Anne had hung around continuously leading up to the holiday. She surprised him with a few more kisses but each time he pulled back and told her he wasn’t ready. He needed to sort things out. She was very patient with him which made it even harder to reject her.

His father picked him up Thanksgiving morning. He disliked not having a car. It left him to the mercy of others too much. He and his Dad had a nice drive, catching up on what was happening in the family.

Thanksgiving dinner that night was normal family stuff. After dinner he retired to his room and Melody called. She made arrangements to come by Friday morning to hang out.


His parents were out shopping the black Friday sales when Melody arrived in the late morning. He kept her on the outside of the screen door so that he could talk to her without being touched and distracted.

She was dressed in a purple floral jumper dress that came down to her mid-thigh. She was wearing black thermal tights that covered her neck and arms, and leggings that extended down to some fur lined boots. The thermal top encased her arms down to her wrists and stretched over her smallish chest as it continued high up her neck. The tights showed off her long slender arms and legs. She had her hair pulled back into a high ponytail helping to make her neck look long and delicate. Looking at her made him want to kiss and nibble at the exposed skin below her jaw while his hand explored her silk encased thighs, but business first.

DC shook off his distracting desires and asked, “How did you know about Anne?”

She looked around as though she was afraid someone might overhear. “Let me in and we can talk.”

“No way. You’ll just use your womanly charms to distract me.”

She smiled sweetly, cocked her head a little to the side and fluttered her eyelashes at him, “I thought you liked my womanly charms.”

He crossed his arms and held his ground.

She went from sweet to sour in a split second. “DC, open the damn door before I smash through it and strangle you.”

“Just tell me and I’ll open the door.”

She studied him for a moment then huffed out a breath. “You have to promise not to be mad or tell her cebeci escort that I told you.”

Her? What could that mean? “I promise”

“Okay,” she paused, “it was Amanda.”

“Huh?” This was not the grand secret of phenomenal mental powers he was expecting.

“My friend Amanda. You know, she was in our history class last year.”

He remembered her from high school. And they both lived in the same college dorm building. He had even hung out with her a fair number of times since they moved into the dorms.

“I told her that I had a thing for you and I wanted her to keep an eye on you. I wanted her to help you fit in so that you could avoid reliving all that stupid high school crap.”

DC realized why Amanda had befriended him so quickly and why she started to coach his behavior. He had thought it was merely the fact he was one of the few familiar faces around. She had worked out some simple hand gestures to let him know when he was being dorky around other people. He figured out pretty fast that she was telling him not to talk so much.

“She didn’t think it was odd that you liked me?” He asked Melody.

“At first she did. After she got to know you she admitted that you are a real sweetheart. Don’t let her know I told you. She wants to be friends with you but doesn’t want you think that it is only because I asked her to. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“Okay. So she’s spying for you?”

“Let’s call it, keeping an eye on you. She lets me know you are okay.” Melody’s face turned dark, “But then she told me about some blond bimbo bragging about how extraordinarily talented you were at making out and that she was going to get you in bed to make proper use of your big dick.” She pierced him with her glare. “The big dick she had her hand wrapped around when she gave you a hand job.” She soberly added, “That bitch made you cum.”

“You knew about the hand job?”

“And how you put your fingers in her.”

“Girls talk about that kind of stuff?”

Melody ignored him. “I lost my mind when Amanda called and told me. Luckily, my dad noticed my distress and told me to go fight for what is mine.” Melody’s eyes focused in on DC’s and she declared in a stern voice. “You belong to me.”

“Wow, who would have thought I would have had two gorgeous women fight over me.”

“Congratulations. Now, let me in so I can strangle you.”

He opened the door. What a relief. She didn’t have powers to monitor him from 100 miles away. Not superhuman powers at least.

“You aren’t mad?” he confirmed.

“I’m pissed. But, you did have the misconception that you were single, so I’ll let one hand job go.”

“Technically I am single now. We’re broken up remember. Maybe I could find someone to give me a hand job while I’m home. Unless you want to officially get back together.”

“You should be smart enough to not push this issue.”

“Yes Queen Melody.”

She tilted her head with a bored expression on her face. “Are we really going to waste a beautiful day on this tired topic?”

She waited for the response he wasn’t dumb enough to provide.

“Since that’s settled, let’s go to Schweppes.” she said. “We can walk together.”


“First, let me do your hair.”

She went to his closet and pulled out a sweater. “Wear this.” she commanded.

DC complied without complaint. She took some hair gel and styled his hair.

“It feels like my hair is standing up.” He complained.

“It is.” she confirmed.

He reached up to feel.

Melody swatted his hand. “Don’t touch it.” she chastised.

They walked to the old downtown district. She held his hand the whole way. When they turned to walk down Main Street, she reached her arm around his waist and pulled him close. She pulled his arm around her back, under her arm, and placed his palm over her breast.

DC was a self-conscious walking down the street with his hand so obviously groping Melody. She didn’t squash his anxiety this time. She felt he needed to grow up and learn to act like he belonged with her on his own.

A block down the street they happened along the first person that knew them. Brenda, queen bitch in DC’s opinion, saw them. “Hi Mel and…” She squinted at DC trying to recognize him. “Doogie?”

DC tried to let go of Melody’s boob but she clamped her arm over his wrist, forcing him to keep it in place. She hugged him tighter.

“His name is DC.” Melody kept walking guiding DC along in her grasp.

They saw a few other people as they walked with similar, though more cordial, results.

“Ooh, let’s get a picture in front of the town Christmas tree.” Melody said excitedly.

They stood in front of the tree and Melody handed her phone to the closest person walking by to take their picture. The first picture she stood in front of him with his arms around her. The second picture she turned and stood on her toes kissing his cheek.

DC didn’t recognize himself in their pictures. The DC in the photos was a handsome guy with a happy smile and messy, boy band hair. It looked like a version of himself cebeci escort bayan from a parallel universe where he was cool and good with girls.

Melody promptly tweeted the pictures. She wrote, ‘Spending quality time with my handsome college man.’ he saw them go up on Instagram as well.

“But still not your boyfriend.” He commented.

She checked him with her shoulder, “Don’t be a downer, I’m having fun.”

They walked to Schweppes to get some lunch. Schweppes was an old fashioned soda fountain shop. It had been built in the 50’s and kept up so it still looked brand new. DC had a hot dog, Melody tore through a bacon cheeseburger and they shared a milkshake with two straws. He noticed she made a point of sipping from her straw whenever he sipped from his. Their faces pressed together and he felt her pleasing presence in his mind.

Melody was being public with their relationship in the most obvious ways possible. At least a dozen people had seen them and her body language left no doubt about her feelings towards him. He guessed that she was making up for hiding before.

Melody wanted the world to see DC was her man and all the other girls should be jealous she was dating the biggest hunk in town.


After lunch they ended their afternoon at his house. His parents were still out so he led her to his room.

She had a coy little smile as he pulled the little jumper over her head. Luckily the thermal tights were two piece. He rolled them down over her hips and she reached down to make sure her panties stayed on.

She was wearing the smallest G-string thong ever made. He smiled because the extremely brief underwear was going to give him a lot of access to skin despite the panty rule. He pulled the tights down and off of her legs. She held his shoulder as she stepped out of them.

He stood and grabbed Melody by the shoulders. He gave her a quick kiss before turning her and pushing her face first over the edge of his bed. She squealed as she went down. He kneeled behind her licking and kissing her perfect ass. Her underwear was not giving her skin much protection. She did not protest at all.

He pushed the narrow gusset of her thong panties aside to expose her and used his tongue to lick at her labia mercilessly. She reached back with one hand and pulled his face more tightly into her pussy. His tongue exploded around finding her wet canal. In an even more blatant violation of the ‘panty rule’ he lapped directly at her clit. Rather than pushing him away as she may have done in the past when he pushed the limits of her boundaries, she thrust her pussy back harder into his face. A moment later she grunted and shook. He kept licking but she pulled off his mouth begging for him to stop.

While she still lay panting face down on his bed with her ass in the air DC stood, stripped off all of his clothes, and pushed his erection between her legs running it along her damp groin.

“You didn’t cum?” She inquired with a surprised tone.

“No.” he had blocked her feelings from reaching him just before she climaxed.

Melody reached under her stomach and pressed his thick dick against her crotch careful to prevent penetration. He instinctively pumped forward until his abdomen collided with her rump. Melody let out an “ump”. As he retreated she gripped his rod tightly in her fist; the friction felt divine. He grabbed her hips and pumped forward again. And again. Each time he rammed her he made solid contact with her pussy and she made a loud grunting kind of noise. He humped her hand while looking down at her delicious ass. The intense stimulation of this simulated sex act quickly brought him to the brink of his climax.

Melody let go and flipped to her back with surprising agility. She reacquired him in her fist and jacked with speed and ferocity. Her other hand pulled her thermal top up high exposing her braless tits. Melody loudly squealed with delight and bucked as she drew the feeling of his orgasm across their bond. He sprayed her from forehead to boobs several times.

Melody’s fingers played with his cum on her tits as she giggled and writhed. “You are a messy boy.” She teased, “You broke the rules. Putting your tongue inside my panties.” She shook her cum glistening face and tisked at him like he was a naughty child.

He was about to attempt a witty comeback, when they heard a chair slide in the kitchen. Both of them got a very shocked look on their faces. Melody pulled her top off the rest of the way and used it to wipe up the mess that was coating her face and chest. He threw on his pants and a shirt to go have a look for the source of the sound.

His parents were sitting at the kitchen table looking very unsettled.

His mom looked shocked and dad looked like he had something important he was going to say, however before he could speak Melody skipped into the room. She had a bounce to her step that suggested she just had the best orgasm of her life. Thankfully, she had thrown her jumper back on, minus the tights. Her hair looked freshly tossed. She skidded to a stop next to him. Both couples stared at each other.

“Melody?” escort cebeci His parents said together in surprise. They seemed to be shocked that it was Melody whom they had heard grunting and squealing in his bedroom.

Melody stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek. “I better get home. I have to go to work in a bit.” She skipped to the door and on her way out cheerfully yelled back, “Call me.”

DC stammered, “I’m going to see her home safely.” And ran after Melody. “Wait up.” He called after her.

Ten feet outside the door she stopped. Melody looked back at him and started to laugh hysterically. She grabbed his hand and pulled him to her side as she slowly walked home. He suddenly felt better, like nothing else mattered. Only he and Melody existed in the whole world.

When he got back home his parents were nowhere to be found and for the rest of the day they didn’t mention Melody.


Melody stopped by again Saturday morning. DC’s mom answered the door.

“Is DC home?” The moment carried her back to when she was a child and would come over to see if DC could come out to play. The main difference was now DC’s mom was giving her a cold stare.

Melody was usually pretty good at reading people. She could not tell what was going on in DC’s mom’s head.

“I’ll get him.” She walked away leaving Melody with the choice of standing out in the cold or letting herself in. Melody waited outside.

DC came and opened the door guiding her into the house. His mother watch the two of them with her arms crossed under her breasts and a stoic face. As they approached his bedroom she said, “Leave your door open.”

Melody laid herself on her stomach on the bed. “I think she’s pissed at me.” she said.

“Mom? No, she’s not mad. Just concerned.”

“A siren is luring her son astray?”

“Something like that.”

DC sat on the bed next to her. Melody rolled onto her back and rested her head on his lap looking straight up at him.

“Do you think you can talk your dad into letting you stay until Sunday?” she asked.

“No, he has to be here tomorrow to run the church toy drive and the two way trip takes most of the day. We’re leaving in an hour.”

“I wish I could take you back to school.” she said wistfully. “If I drove today, I could spend the night and come home tomorrow.”

“That would be nice. Can you?”

She pouted, “I have to work tonight and tomorrow too.”

“You’re needed at the restaurant?”

“Yeah, it’s really busy. With people out shopping and whatnot, there’s lots of customers.”

Mom walked in interrupting, “Your laundry is done.” she sat the basket of clothes on DC’s desk.

She huffed a breath while looking at Melody reclined on her son. The way Melody was so comfortable and relaxed with her head on his lap made the pose even more intimate. She recognized the love between them and was happy for them but it broke her heart that she was never going to get her little boy back. He was gone and replaced by the man before her. Melody had gotten him to grow up. It was too soon, it seemed like he’d been in diapers just yesterday.

Mom had been aware that something had finally gotten him to start maturing last summer. She had tried to get him to dress better, care more about his appearance, and generally act a little more like a man for years but he had ignored his mother’s nagging. Someone else had taken over and more effectively changed him. Melody had proven to be a positive force in his life. She would be good for him.

Melody misunderstood his mother’s the reason for solace and defiantly reached an arm up and hugged DC’s waist. His mother turned and walked out of the room. DC saw her wipe a tear from her eye as she disappeared.

Melody happily jumped up and grabbed the basket and dumped it on the bed. She rifled through the pile and triumphantly declared, “There you are.” as she pulled a shirt with his college logo on it.

“They make shirts in your size you know. I’ll buy you your own.” he said reaching for the shirt.

She yanked it out of his reach. “Nope, I want this one.” She threw the shirt she was wearing off in one swift motion. DC admired the brief view of her bra clad chest before she slipped into her prize. She knotted the side of the shirt at the narrowest part of her waist.

“How do I look?” she asked.

“Beautiful. Like a beautiful thief.”

She crawled into his lap facing him. With her face inches from his she quietly said, “You like to see me marked as yours because I wear your clothes.”

“It usually feels more like you’re marking your territory than the other way around.” he whispered back.

“I am. I want the other girls to know they can’t have you. But don’t you like everyone seeing me as yours.”

“If I didn’t know better I might think we aren’t broken up.” He pulled at the button unfastening her pants. “Like there is no more panty rule.”

She grabbed his hands. “Your mom can hear us; she already thinks I’m a bad influence. We have to behave right now.” Melody kissed him. She wanted to get naked and take him but she could read that he was still a little emotionally screwed up. He was only behaving well because she guiding him. The second he left her influence, his stupidity and guilt was sure to resurface. She would leave him wanting her and, unfortunately, her wanting him too. That would be better for the long run.

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