Mei Ling Pt. 02

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When Mei Ling was unexpected visited by her master, the mandarin Tsu Ma, she was concerned to see her master so troubled.

“Forgive my intrusion,” she asked, “but what has occurred that has cause you so much distress.” For a concubine to ask such a question was to act far above her status, but she adored Tsu Ma, who had always been so kind and generous to her.

Tsu Ma hesitated, then deciding that he could indeed trust Mei Ling, said, “A round-eyed devil and his yellow haired consort have some to the court, asking, no demanding, that the Emperor allows them to begin trading with the Kingdom, and that they be allowed to convert our people to their barbarous ways. He is arrogant and demanding, and the Emperor hardly has the courage to resist him. Worse, the barbarian cannot speak a word of Mandarin, so we have to rely on his translator, a man I would trust less than the devil himself. I fear that he is misrepresenting the Emperor’s words for his own gain, but nobody at court can speak the barbarian’s tongue, so how can we avoid this.”

Mei Ling bowed her head, awed that she should be told of such important matters, and then knelt before the mandarin.

“Is this one of the red haired devils who are already living in the Kingdom, far to the south? My mother was forced to be a servant for them, and as a child I lived among them. But it is many years since I have heard or spoken a word of their tongue, and I fear I can remember little.”

Even as she spoke, Mei Ling was trying to think of their language, surprised to find that words she had not uttered in years were forming in her head.

“Be truthful about your knowledge,” Tsu Ma commanded her. “Do you know only a few words, or can you converse fluently with them?”

“Master, forgive me, but I cannot say for certain. As a child of 8 years, I could talk easily with other children, even to the elders when they acknowledged me. But it is 10 years since my mother was wrongly accused of stealing from them and we were dismissed in disgrace. Now when you press me, I think I can remember some words, but how can I be sure?”

Tsu Ma was desperate for anything that would help, but he had to be sure of Mei Ling’s abilities before he could reveal them to the Emperor. After some thought, the answer came to him; Mei Ling could act as one of the court maid servants and listen to the barbarians talking while she worked. Ignoring her protests, for even serving maids at court were girls of noble birth, while she was only a lowly peasant, he returned to court immediately to arrange this with the head of the emperor’s household.

This woman, the unmarried sister of a mandarin below Tsu Ma’s rank, was jealous of her own, and her staff’s position, but she dared not deny his request, though she made sure that Tsu Ma accepted full responsibility if Mei Ling should in any way fail in her duties. The other maids lived at the palace, but she would not allow Mei Ling into these quarters, insisting she arrived in their ante-room ready to work. Mei Ling had to wear a yellow silk gown, of a colour and style only used by court servants, and under this a white close fitting one-piece body-suit so that neither her body or her underclothes ever touched her Imperial gown. Because she could not be seen in public dressed in her Imperial clothes the mandarin took Mei Ling to court in his carriage.

The other serving girls made little attempt to welcome Mei Ling, treating her with poorly disguised contempt as they explained her duties. She was to kneel by the side table where the visitors’ drinks would be served, and, when instructed, take the used glasses to the serving hatch. Otherwise she was to remain as still as a piece of furniture, kneeling, her eyes lowered, except to bow to the ground when the emperor arrived and left. The Imperial Housekeeper reminded her that to fail in any way, such as breaking a glass, spilling any drink, or soiling her uniform in any way, would be an insult to the Emperor. To commit such a crime would bring great disgrace to her and Tsu Ma. Mei Ling was then told to join the other serving maids and despite her nerves she forced herself to drink the tea they offered her.

As she knelt in position, Mei Ling could hardly stop herself shaking with fear, terrified that she might fail, overawed that she was going to be in the same room as the Emperor, who was almost a god to her. She was longing to looks at the splendours of the throne room, but dared not disobey the instructions to keep her gaze downward. It was 30 minutes before the emperor arrived, by which time she was feeling a slight need to pee, but she dismissed this as due to her fear. Whatever the reason, she had to suppress the need, because she could not leave the court for any reason until all Imperial business was over. Even then her body-suit would prevent her peeing until she was in her own rooms and could undress completely.

The court assembled, some matters of state were quickly settled, then the foreign envoys were summoned to continue their discussions with the Emperor. Formalities were exchanged, and as their interpreter, Wang Lee, spoke Mei Ling sınırsız escort tensed, praying that she would be able to remember their language. To her horror, she found that she could hardly recognise the words, and it was only with a great effort that she remained still, hiding her disappointment. How stupid she had been to even think that she could remember their language, and to dare to suggest she could involve herself in affairs so far above her. Then the envoy, Giovanni, began to speak, returning the greeting, offering his respects to the emperor, speaking in a clear, deep voice. The surprise of hearing his words made her begin to turn towards him before remembering she had to remain completely still. She could understand him so well it was as if she was a child again, back in their compound and speaking the language every day.

A second exchange of greetings, and she began to realise that Giovanni had as much trouble as she did in understanding Wang Lee, and that his translation of Giovanni’s words was far from perfect. Her position was ideal to hear everything that passed between those two, and it took great concentration to show no reaction to what she was hearing. She forced herself to remain still, though this was more difficult because, inexplicably, she was now needing to pee quite badly. This was not due to nervousness, she could feel the fullness of her bladder, the dull ache that told her it was starting to swell. Her body was behaving as if she had drunk at least ten cups of tea that morning, not two, the speed her bladder was filling.

Mei Ling forced herself to concentrate on the conversation she was overhearing. The more she listened, the more she was regaining her old fluency, and remembering more words that she had not even thought of for 10 years. She knew she must try to memorise everything she was hearing, not only Giovanni’s declarations to the Emperor, but his private conversations with his consort, Maria, which were spoken so quickly she was sure that Wang Lee could not understand them. She also tried to note the worrying differences between what Giovanni was saying and what Wang Lee was telling the Emperor. And all the time she was needing to pee more and more badly. Her stomach was swollen and throbbing now, the draw-string of her tight knickers painful as it cut across the bulge that was developing in her bladder area. It was impossible that she should want to go so badly, having drunk so little she should have been able to wait all day easily, not have a bursting bladder after only two hours.

Soon her need to pee had become so great that she was finding it difficult to concentrate on anything else. Without being seen to move, she tried to find a position that eased her need, if only slightly. The best she could manage was to press her thighs together, which hardly made any difference. Kneeling was a terrible position to be in, nothing she could do helped her much. If only she could move sideways a bit, she would be able to sit on her heel, or if she moved her hands a few inches she could get her fingers between her legs, but instead all she could do was clench her bladder shut and hope the court audience would soon end. Mercifully the Emperor was in no hurry to commit to any pact with the visitors, and as soon as they began to press her for some specific concessions he brought the audience to a close. Bored and worried by the proceedings, the Emperor, followed by his mandarins, left soon after Giovanni’s party. Palace servants rushed in to clear the room, while the serving girls, whose job was to serve the emperor and his court, not clear up after them, returned to their quarters.

Bowing her head to the ground as the Emperor left had put more pressure on poor Mei Ling’s swollen bladder, so walking was a slight but very welcome relief. Her only concern now was where and how she was going to pee, since she had not seen any bathroom in the ante-chambers, and she would need help to remove her gown and undergarment. Her worst fears were confirmed when the housekeeper brusquely dismissed them, telling them they would not be needed again until the next morning. Turning to Mei Ling she glared at her, saying nastily,

“Unfortunately you managed without breaking anything, or otherwise disgracing yourself, but we will not be seeing you again, I hope.”

It was as she said this that Mei Ling understood why she was so desperate. The housekeeper had wanted her to disgrace herself, so there had been some drug in the tea she had been given that would make her pee. Only her exceptional capacity for holding her pee had enabled her to hold out, and now even she was near to breaking down and wetting herself. Taking more notice of their behaviour, she became sure that some of the girls, as well as the housekeeper, knew what had happened. They were looking at her curiously, some moving behind her as if they expected to see a wet patch on the back of her gown, other staring below her waist, looking for wet marks on her skirt or the floor, any signs that she had lost control. She had been about to ask if she could relieve herself before she şırnak escort left, but now she was determined to hold on, not to give them any indication that she had any need to pee, even though her body was screaming for relief.

She forced herself to stand absolutely normally, not even allowing herself the luxury of shifting her weight from foot to foot, or knocking her knees together, which would have given her some slight respite from the frantic need to pee. This took every ounce of her strength, and all her skills that she had developed holding for clients at the Golden Lotus, and then Tsu Ma, but her fury at the way she had been treated helped her survive until Tsu Ma arrived to collect her. Walking with the small, delicate, steps effected by noble-women, as a final insult to the serving girls, but also to protect her throbbing bladder from more strain, she climbed into the carriage, smiling a final farewell to the housekeeper as the carriage screens were closed. As they left the palace compound Mei Ling forestalled any questions from Tsu Ma by doubling over, pressing both hands between her legs, and crying in anguish “Oh the gods please give me strength! I want to pee so badly my stomach is going to split open.”

Tsu Ma, knowing how long she could wait normally, was amazed at such unseemly behaviour, and his anger increased when, instead of answering his questions, Mei Ling continued to hold herself with both hands, twisting her legs together and squirming on the carriage seat.

“I must pee! I want to pee so much I cannot bear it any longer! Please, please, let me pee somewhere before I burst.”

“You know very well that you must wait until you reach your rooms,” replied Tsu Ma angrily. “You must not be seen in public in the Imperial uniform, and there is no pot in this carriage. What is a matter with you? It is less than three hours since you left home, and you drank nothing in the court, so how can you need to pee?”

Poor Mei Ling was beyond being able to give a coherent answer to these questions. She had been containing her pee with every ounce of her strength while waiting for Tsu Ma to collect her, not even allowing herself to cross her legs, all the time thinking that if only she could manage to wait until he arrived her agony would be over. Now she had to face that she was going to have to wait longer. Worse, it seemed that even now she could twist her legs into a knot, and hold between her legs with both hands, her need to go had not decreased at all. What the mandarin was telling her was true; she was wearing an Imperial uniform, so she could not stop at any house or inn. She twisted sideways on the seat, trying to find some position that eased her need to pee enough to be able to answer.

“Please believe me master, but truly my need to pee is so great I can hardly contain it, though I know I must. My bladder is close to exploding, the pressure is so great. See, feel, (but gently please,) for yourself how swollen it is. Oh please tell the coachman to hurry before I die from containing myself so long.” The effort she had to make to control herself forced Mei Ling to speak in gasps through clenched teeth.

She forced herself to sit upright and moved her arms so Tsu Ma could see her bulging abdomen where her bladder was swollen with pee. He had seen Mei Ling desperate on many occasions, but never had he seen her so swollen, and he wanted to verify that this was not some trick of the way her robe was hanging. As he moved his hand over the swelling, the hard bulge under the cloth was almost quivering with the effort Mei Ling was making to hold her pee, and even though he only touched her lightly, she flinched at the extra strain this put on her. Truly, he thought, this girl was full to her absolute limit, so full it was a miracle she was still containing her pee.

The coach jolted over a hole in the road, causing Tsu Ma press momentarily on Mei Ling’s bladder, making her cry out in pain and her body go rigid as she struggled to hold back the extra pressure this caused. Pressing between her legs with all her strength she felt as if she had stopped her pee a hair’s breadth before it spurted out of her. Never had she come so close to wetting herself, and she cowered away from Tsu Ma before he could press on her again. She was wearing an Imperial uniform, and to desecrate it with her pee would be so shameful she would have to die. Somehow she had to force herself to contain her pee until she reached her quarters and could disrobe; it was not only her pride, it was her very life that depended on holding it. A further series of jolts from the rough road made her cry out from the pain of her bladder, but despite this she continued to beg the coachman to hurry. She was so close to losing control that every second it was vital; to her, nothing else mattered except getting her clothes off and being able to pee. Until then she could only contort herself in frantic attempts to contain her pee. She was grinding her fingers between her legs, hoping to find one spot that gave her some relief from the terrible pressure in her bladder, and at the same time twisting taksim escort her legs together, squirming on the seat, bending forward, doubling over, then almost standing up, trying to find some position that even slightly eased her terrible need to pee.

Tsu Ma had seen many girls struggling to hold their pee, either for his pleasure or because circumstances did not allow them to go, but never had he seen anyone in such desperate need as Mei Ling was. He wanted to help or comfort her, but she was beyond anything that he could do, existing in a world of her own where nothing mattered except keeping control of her bladder, somehow keeping the tiny hole between her legs sealed against the slightest leak. Only when they arrived outside Mei Ling’s quarters was he able to give her any help, ignoring all protocol and picking up her slender body and carrying her into her rooms, calling for her maid to attend to her immediately.

Mei Ling leaned against the wall, both hands pressed between her tightly knotted legs, sobbing “Pee, I must pee! I can’t hold it any longer, I’m going to pee! please help me.”

The maid knew that she often waited until she was absolute desperate, so did not go to Mei Ling’s aid until she continued “Oh please help me undress, I dare not move my hands or I will soak the Imperial robes.”

The maid ran to her and began unbuttoning her robe, then eased it down off her shoulders and helped her take out one arm at a time, because Mei Ling had to keep at least one hand pressed between her legs to hold back her pee, then helped her step out of the robe, and away from the wall so she could start unlacing the one-piece under garment.

“Hurry! Hurry! I cannot wait another second. Help me undress before I burst!” Mei Ling almost screamed at her maid who, knowing the importance of any Imperial clothing, was reverently hanging up the robe. Flustered, the maid fumbled at the buttons of the body-suit. Mei Ling had always seemed able to hold her pee so well, yet now she was beyond being able to help her, as anticipation of being able to pee had only made her need more intense. The pressure in her bladder was worse than anything she had ever know before, and she was on the brink of breaking down and wetting herself. Using every ounce of her strength to hold in her pee, she was holding herself with one hand from the front and one from behind, fingers locked together between her legs and pulling the side of her hand into her crutch. Even when her maid had unbuttoned her under-garment, she dare not move her hands for even a second, sobbing in despair, begging for help, until Tsu Ma came to her aid, pressing between her legs while she peeled the garment down to her waist, then letting Mei Ling put her hands inside her knickers to hold her pee.

“Quickly! Oh please help me, the pain is unbearable, the pressure so great I cannot hold it any longer. I must pee! Oh please let me pee!” Mei Ling was sobbing in desperation, at the very limit of her capacity, hands locked between her knotted legs, unable to move to allow the maid to take off the body-suit bunched round her knees, yet unable to pee until the garment was off. Once again Tsu Ma came to her aid, lifting her bodily off the ground so her maid pull the body-suit clear of her legs. It had only been the fear of death for her and disgrace for Tsu Ma that would have resulted from her soiling Imperial garments that had given Mei Ling the strength she had needed to hold back her pee, and now, despite both hands pressed between her legs with all her might, nothing could hold back her pee another moment.

Pee began leaking past her fingers, soaking her tiny knickers, and streaming down her legs, and as Tsu Ma put her down she abandoned all attempts at control.

Mei Ling covered her face in shame as she stood in her living quarters, a torrent of pee pouring uncontrollably through her knickers, down her legs and soaking the fine carpets, the relief from her agony so exquisite that she could do nothing to stop the flow, only wanting to empty her bladder and the pain to stop. By the time her maid brought her a pot the force of her torrent was reducing, and she was composed enough to stop her flow long enough to pull down her soaked knickers and squat of the pot, before allowing her torrent to gush unrestrained again.

Tsu Ma had seen her pee when desperate many times before, but never had he seen her go with such pressure, nor release such a torrent, nor, as she remained squatting, had he known her pee for so long.

When she had finally finished, Mei Ling remained squatting, bent forward, hands clasped across her stomach, tears still running down her cheeks, as if she could not believe her ordeal had ended. The pot was full to overflowing, a volume that Mei Ling had only achieved previously at her very limit, and the pool of pee on the floor might have almost filled the pot again. For some time Tsu Ma looked on in amazement, working out just how much pee Mei Ling had held, realising that the enormous bulge in her bladder area he had glimpsed as she struggled to get her clothes off had been real, that she had indeed stretched her bladder to an unbelievable capacity. Then he began to imagine how much she must have suffered to hold that volume, and that while she was now struggling to stand up and take off her wet knickers, her pale, tearful face showed she was still in pain from her ordeal.

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