Meeting my Girlfriend

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I thought I would write this almost like a diary about the sexpolits of my wife, Sarah, both while we have been together and some things she got up to before we met. A little different to many posted here, but I hope you enjoy!

I met Sarah when she was 23, she was 5ft6 with long black hair, brown eyes and slim, UK size 10 – 12 with 36C tits. On our first date she came across as quite shy and a little prissy, we had kissed a little in the night club but I wasn’t expecting much more. I walked her home after and kissed her goodnight on her doorstep. She thanked me for walking her home and leant in close to whisper in my ear. She asked if I wanted her to suck me off to say thank you. I was shocked and almost speechless! Fortunately she didn’t wait for a reply and had started pulling my zip down and pulling my rapidly hardening cock from my trousers. She got down on her knees and started sucking me, she was superb at it too, expertly wanking and sucking me until I couldn’t hold back any more. I warned her I was getting close and she pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up on me and asked “Should I stop then?” Thankfully it was a rhetoric question and she continued sucking me until I had finished filling her mouth with my cum. She stood up pulling a bit of a face, then laughed, she said she didn’t really like the taste but she had to swallow so her parents didn’t find a mess on their doorstep! Needless to say I didn’t complain! We exchanged phone numbers and I left.

We organised to meet again for a night out a couple of days later, went for a meal, and to a few bars. As the night wore on I decided to push my luck and ask her back to mine. I was happy she accepted and still wondered whether she really did think it was just for a drink. I showed her to the living room and went to get some drinks from the kitchen. When I came back I found her in just her matching black Bra and thong, finishing folding her clothes on the back of the chair. I was shocked again! She just said “Oh come on, I know why you really invited me back, no point in beating around the bush, I have to be up for work in the morning!” She asked whether we were staying in the living room or going to bed. I pointed out the way to the bedroom and she walked straight through.

She stood in front of the bed asking if she should leave her underwear on. I was busy stripping off and said it was up to her. She casually removed her bra and slid her tiny panties down to reveal the tiniest landing strip of pussy hair, so short it was barely there. Her pussy was by far the prettiest I have ever seen, and incredibly tight as evidenced when she stopped me from trying to penetrate her so she could spit on my cock to lube it up.

She climbed on top of me and lowered herself onto my throbbing dick, I couldn’t believe how snug she etimesgut escort was, it took a few attempts to get my 8″ fully into her. After a few moments adjustment and getting used to the size, she brought her feet up so she was kind of standing and sitting down onto my cock rather than thrusting back and forth. Moving directly up and down with so little contact between us excepting her pussy around my cock. The feeling was delicious and of course I told her! She replied that it was her bedroom party trick and asked how nice it was. I could barely reply, but stammered that she would have to stop soon if she wanted me to last. She replied that she didn’t care and just wanted me to enjoy and carried on bouncing on my dick. It wasn’t long before I was past the point of no return and was pumping my semen deep into her tight little hole. She carried on before telling me to let her know when to stop. When she stopped she just sat there on my dick for a few moments, I apologised for not getting her off before I came. She said not to worry she could do that herself, I was a little taken a back and asked if she meant now? She said only if I didn’t mind. I of course said I didn’t mind at all, and she rolled off my cock, laying next to me and began rubbing her clitty while my spunk dripped from her pussy. She apologised a few times for taking a while to bring herself off before announcing that she was about to cum and convulsing while her fingers frantically flicked her clit. The sight was quite frankly incredible!

The next few sessions were as you would expect pretty straight forward sex, with the added spice of watching her masturbate , before, during or after sex. As things progressed we began masturbating in front of each other while talking dirty. I liked asking her about her sexual experiences and having her tell me in detail, a few of which of course I will share, in no particular order and continued over a few stories I will post, if people enjoy them!

When she was with her Ex boyfriend, she went out clubbing one night with him and one of his friends. Her bf got pretty drunk and passed out into a deep sleep as soon as they got home. She was really annoyed with her bf for getting so drunk and making a fool of himself, but incredibly horny from the drinking and dancing. She couldn’t help but flirt with her bfs mate. He didn’t seem to be taking the subtle hints, so she used the fact that it was raining lightly on their way home to claim her dress was wet and took it off leaving her in just her bra and thong. She said she hoped he didn’t mind, of course he didn’t. She was pleased at him struggling to take his eyes off her. She deliberately paraded around, fixing drinks etc, watching him follow her every move with his eyes. She eventually sat opposite him and deliberately etimesgut escort bayan adjusted the front of her knickers to ensure she was covered. She exclaimed how they didn’t leave much to the imagination and apologised for the view. She offered to go and put something more conservative on if he wanted, he said he didn’t mind! She told him not to blame her if he got an eyeful, he said he wouldn’t mind at all! The flirting was getting really highly charged by now and she could sense his excitement.

She pushed on asking him in mock surprise what exactly he wanted an eyeful of? He pointed out her bf was in the next room, she just replied that he would be out cold till morning, she asked again what he wanted to see. He said anything, then corrected himself by saying everything. She asked if he could keep it to himself, he nodded of course, she undid her bra while she was still sitting in the chair opposite and threw it aside he stared at her pert tits before she stood up and walked over in front of him. She eased the sides of her thong down slowly, before shaking her hips to cause them to slide down to her feet, revealing her heavily trimmed pussy. He couldn’t take his eyes from her tight snatch, she picked up her panties and draped them over his face asking how she smelled. She apologised straight away saying she was feeling a little bit too dirty due to the alcohol. He didn’t seem to care and took the opportunity to have a sniff of her panties. She asked what now? He shrugged his shoulders, so she suggested that he returned the favour and stripped off, which he did in record time.

He was standing in front of her with a raging hard on, she walked over and whispered in his ear while she let her hand drift down and over his cock telling him he was a naughty boy for what he was thinking of doing to her. She asked if he wanted her to suck his cock, he nodded. She said you have to ask for it, and told him he had to say he wanted his mates girlfriend to suck his cock. He did as she asked and she bent at the waist taking his cock in her mouth and sucking it hard. She knew instinctively not to do that for too long if she wanted some more enjoyment out of him.

She stood close to him and guided his hand between her legs letting him rub her pussy before pushing a finger into her tight wet hole. She asked him if he wanted to put something else in there, but he had other ideas and pushed her back onto the sofa. He knelt between her legs and started licking her almost bald pussy, she wasn’t going to turn that kind of attention down and spread her legs wide for him. Unfortunately he didn’t really have the technique and lapped enthusiastically at her hole, whilst it was turning her on and felt lovely, it wasn’t going to get her off, so she had to give escort etimesgut him a little help by spitting on her fingers and flicking her clit while he licked her out.

She was getting close to orgasm when she heard her bf get out of bed. She cursed and jumped up, throwing her dress back on she went to intercept him. It took her a few moments to get her paraletic bf back to bed and off to sleep. She returned back to his friend and quickly stripped again. She sat back on the sofa and told him tongue in cheek that he hadn’t finished the job. He quickly started where he had left off except this time he pushed her hand away and copied what she had been doing to her clit. It only took a couple of minutes to bring her back to the boil and have her panting, telling him not to stop, before he had her quivering and cumming. Once she had recovered for a moment she sat up and asked him if he wanted to fuck her or if he just wanted sucking off. He didn’t take any persuading and said he wanted to fuck her, she pushed him back onto the sofa, leaned down and spat on his dick before rubbing it all over his shaft, she then sat over him, easing herself down onto his twitching cock. She could see he wouldn’t last too long from the look on his face, she told him not to hold back, just to enjoy it. Within minutes he was pumping his sperm up her. He apologised for it being so quick, she just said she had really enjoyed it and might let him do it again.

She thought she could put it down to the alcohol, but the next morning her hung over bf was in the bath, her bfs mate walked over to her and told he really enjoyed the night before and wanted another go. She told him her bf wouldn’t be long, but he begged for a quicky, standing behind her and groping her. He had his hands up her short nightdress and touching her pussy from behind, she was already wet at the thought. He had pulled his hard cock out and was easing her forward, trying to feed his length into her. She spat on her fingers and reaching between her legs lubed his cock up before guiding it to her welcoming hole, telling him he would have to be very quick. He pushed into her up to the hilt and started vigorously fucking her from behind, reaching forward to grope her bouncing tits inadequately contained within her nightdress. He was clearly getting even more turned on by quietly talking dirty, telling her she was a good girl and such a good fuck. It wasn’t long before he was spunking his load up her once more, and only just in time as they heard the bathroom door go.

They just about got tidied up before her Bf walked in. His mate made his excuses and left leaving her with his sperm dripping down her leg. Her bf told her was feeling all horned up due to the hangover and wanted a fuck, she had to say she needed the bathroom first (to clean some of his mates cum up so as to not be caught). She went back and he exclaimed how wet she was when he pushed his fingers up her, his mates spunk obviously still lubricating her pussy. She said she felt so dirty with her bf fucking her just minutes after his friend and even had a rare orgasm through penetration alone!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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