Measuring My Cum Ch. 13

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As I regained my composure, mom got up off the bed and started to walk over to her mirrored wardrobe.

I loved watching her walk about in the nude. Her tits wobbled from side to side, as did her glorious full buttocks, the juicy, ample flesh on them jiggling up and down, and from side to side as she did so.

She bent her face towards the mirrored front of the wardrobe and plucked something out of the corner of one eye with a finger, and looked at her reflection. Fuck, her full, curvy ass looked so damned sexy, angled to one side, as she stood there naked with her back to me!

“Let’s get something to eat,” she said, as she looked at her reflection.

“Ok,” I replied. I was feeling hungry too.

“Tell you what,” she said, “You get dressed and go down, and I’ll be there in a few minutes, after I think of something to put on.”

“You don’t have to,” I said cheekily, as I walked passed her to the door.

She gave me a friendly slap on one butt cheek as I passed her, and said with a giggle, “Dirty boy.”

I went to my room, and put on a t-shirt, boxer shorts and jeans, and then went downstairs to the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of coke from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table, waiting for mom to come down. I sipped on my drink, and wondered what she would wear, smiling to myself at my joke earlier in the bedroom.

Then, I remembered the envelope Dr. Taylor had given us. I had l left it on the small table next to the front door. I got up quickly, and hurriedly walked into the hallway to retrieve it.

Grabbing the envelope, I went back into the kitchen table and sat down again. I was just about to slip my finger under the seal of the envelope, when I heard mom’s footsteps at the top of the stairs. I decided to hold my curiosity in check, and open it in her presence, just in case she became a bit annoyed I didn’t open it in front of her.

Soon, she came in and I was a little surprised to see she was just wearing a white, full-length bathrobe. Maybe she had decided to listen to my request after all, as I wondered if she had anything on underneath!

“I’ve got the envelope the doctor gave us,” I said keenly, as she walked in.

“Let’s eat first,” she replied. “That can wait a bit. Omelette ok?”


As we eat, we talked small talk about how my studies were going at college. I think mom intentionally kept off the subject of what the doctor had said, and I decided not to bring it up. It was kind of funny how mom just ‘switched off’ the sexual part of what we did together. But it kind of turned me on too, as she sat there at the kitchen table, and talked just like any middle aged mother might have done to her son, knowing just how slutty she could be too, when her lust took over.

After we finished eating mom said, “Bring the envelope in the living room. We’ll open it there and discuss things further. Oh, and do the washing up for me, honey.”

Mom got up to go to the living room whilst I did my chores.

My anticipation was high as I rinsed the dishes, going a bit quicker than normal. I wanted to see what the doctor had written!

After drying my hands, I picked up the envelope and walked quickly into the living room.

Mom was sitting on the one end of the cream coloured three seater sofa, still fully covered up in her bathrobe.

“Come and sit next to me honey,” she said.

I liked the way she had recently started to call me ‘honey’.

I sat down, still holding the envelope.

“Open gebze escort it up, and hold it between us so we can both read it at the same time,” she said.

I almost ripped it open, and took a single sheet of white A4 sized paper out. I unfolded it and held it between mom and myself so we could read it together.

Here is what it said:

‘Jacob, here are some details of some women you can see. I have given some of their sexual preferences so you can choose. They have given me permission to give these details out to any males I consider suitable for sexual meetings based on the needs of both parties. Please keep this information confidential.

Clarissa: Aged 52. Likes young men aged under 25. Widow with very high sex drive. Particularly likes oral sex. Enjoys naturism, nudity and exhibitionism. Bisexual. Holds a highly respectable position in her community, member of various committees, and so requires absolute discretion.

Beth: Aged 49. Good natured and very accommodating to nervous types/first timers. Divorced, but well off, likes being serviced regularly by younger men. Has a particular fetish for dressing in uniforms and anal sex.

Deborah: 54. Married with older husband who has limited ability to perform. Likes to have sex with virile younger men in front of her husband. Husband approves and may join in if aroused.

Patty: Aged 53. Married to older husband who is away much of the time on business. Bisexual. Likes role-play of various sorts and sex with more than one man/woman at a time. Fetish for double penetration (DP) and well endowed black men. Husband unaware, so discretion required.

Bernice: Black lady aged 52. Very high sex drive. Enjoys interracial sex and multiple men/women. DP, a favourite. Highly respected member of her local gospel choir/church. Requires absolute discretion.’

As I read the note, my dick had started to get hard. The further I read, the harder it seemed to get, until it was straining against the material of my jeans.

At the end of the note were telephone numbers of the women and a footnote in brackets saying ‘Any individuals these ladies see are only those referred directly by me as their doctor and sexual counsellor, and only after screening for STDs to ensure the health of all concerned’.

I was kind of agog after reading all this. I looked up at mom who had also just reached the end of the page. She also looked a little taken a back and her cheeks had flushed red, but she also had a sort of worldly-wise look on her face.

“Very interesting,” she said after a moment, breaking the silence.

I didn’t know quite how to respond. I did know I had a hard on, but I’d kind of covered it with the sheet of paper so I wasn’t sure if mom had it noticed yet.

“Do you think you’d really like to see any of these ladies?” asked mom enquiringly. I think she also had a bit of a disapproving face on her as she spoke, but I couldn’t be sure.

“Well….er…. I…,” I spluttered hesitatingly, still not sure whether to sound keen or not.

“Go on, be honest with me Jacob,” she continued, in a confrontational sort of tone, this time.

“Well…er…mom…er…one or two of them sound a bit scary, but I…er… I mean…reading about them has got me a bit excited, so I guess….I…I would like to meet one or two,” I finally blurted out. Actually, I think I might have liked to see all of them, but I didn’t want to say that just yet to mom. They all sounded incredibly hot women!

Mom’s face seemed to ease a little and she relaxed a bit. Perhaps she had just been waiting for me to confess what göztepe escort I actually felt.

“I see,” she said. “Well, I have been around a lot longer than you Jacob, and I do know how women can be behind closed doors, so none of this really surprises me. Some of them sound like they have quite respectable positions in life, covering very lustful natures. A bit like me perhaps. To be honest Jacob, reading this has made me a little flustered too.”

With that, mom moved her hand over my crotch and felt my bulge.

I felt a little relief at mom’s reaction to the doctor’s note, and my hard on responded to mom’s encouragement and touch.

“I can see this has got you going,” she said smiling a little now, and rubbing her fingers over my hard cock through my jeans. She licked her lips.

“Let’s put this note from the doctor away for a while and give you some more of the doctor’s medicine,” she continued. “Get that juicy, hard dick out.”

That was music to my ears.

Hurriedly, and feeling quite aroused, I laid the sheet of paper on the coffee table and got up. My dick was bursting to get free.

Mom straightened herself up on the sofa, moving a little closer towards the edge of the cushion, whilst I stood in front of her and unzipped my jeans.

I yanked them and my boxer’s down in one go, and stepped out of them, kicking them to one side so they were well out of the way.

My hard cock sprung up towards mom’s face, and she immediately engulfed the tip into her warm wet mouth.

“Ahhhh,” I groaned with pleasure, as she took it in.

I stood there just in my t-shirt, naked from the waist down and watched as mom sucked on my dick. It was a fabulous sight and feeling. She still had her bathrobe on and was fully covered, but for the moment I didn’t care, as the feeling of her sucking on me was ecstatic.

“Yea, mom,” I said, “Suck on it. Suck it hard.”

I grabbed her head with my hands, encouraging her movements in and out, as she took more and more of my cock in her mouth with every suck.

She was really going for it, making slurping and gurgling noises as she sucked me.

As she sucked on me, my mind wandered back to those women the doctor had described and what they liked sexually. The thought of them willingly being available for me to fuck, mom agreeing to this, and the dirtiness of their sexual desires behind a facade of respectability turned me on incredibly, and I just felt like cumming in an instant in mom’s mouth. I didn’t feel I could hold back.

“Mom, I think I’m gonna cum really quickly this time,” I said.

Mom didn’t respond except by clamping onto my dick even harder with her mouth and cupping my balls from below with one hand, almost encouraging me to spurt in her.

After few more moments of this I came, “Auhhh…Ahhh…..UUUUHhhhhhh,” I shouted out, as I spurted wave after wave of thick, gooey cum into mom’s willing, waiting mouth. She tried to take in as much as she could, but I must have cum so much, that some of it started to come out of the corners of her lips, and then she just opened her mouth as if she couldn’t swallow any more, and even more poured out and onto her robe, and some even went on the carpet!

“Oh, fuck mom,” I said. “That was so good. It was thinking about those women that made me cum so much and so quick.”

Mom looked up and me and smiled a cum filled smile, and then started to lick my dick clean, paying particular attention to the tip by sucking any cum left in and around it. She even scooped up some of my cum which had fallen on her robe with two fingers sand halkalı escort placed them in her mouth. Fuck!

After a moment she said, “I love your thick, creamy spunk you dirty boy. I know you like the thought of those dirty women too. They are real sluts aren’t they?”

I just nodded, a bit taken aback at mom’s dirty language so soon after my cumming. She must have been really turned on too!

Then she said, “But we need to fuck. You’ve cum in my mouth, which is fine. But the doctor said we must have penetrative sex. And my pussy needs some attention too. Do you think you’ll be ready again soon?”

“I’m sure I will mom” I replied. “I’m still feeling quite excited about the thought of fucking those ladies.”

“As long as you keep enough of your spunk for me, I’ll let you,” she replied smiling, and firing up my lust yet again, with her reaction.

“But before we do anything else,” she continued, “Go and get some large towels so we can spread them out on the sofa and carpet as we don’t want to get them messed up. Some of your cum went on the carpet this time, you came so much. Oh, and take off your t-shirt. I’d prefer you completely naked now.”

I pulled off my t-shirt and chucked it on the single sofa chair in the corner. Naked, I walked out of the living room and ran upstairs, my now limp dick and balls swinging freely as I did so.

I the bathroom I gave my cock and balls a quick rinse and picked up a couple of large towels before going back down.

I was met with a wonderful sight as I came back into the living room.

Mom had taken off her bathrobe and had laid it over the cushions of the sofa (to protect tem from our activities it seemed) and she laid her back against one end of the sofa with her legs wide open, fingering her pussy.

“Come and lick me, ” she said firmly, “My pussy needs attention.”

I laid the towels on the carpet in front of the sofa and knelt down on them in front of her, spreading her thighs wider, I started lapping and licking at the mounds of her beautiful, moist cunt.

I stroked my tongue up and down the outside of her pussy lips as if teasing her, and then darted it in deep.

“Ohhhh….Ahhhhh,” she moaned, with pleasure. “Keep on doing that,” she added.

I continued with my face buried in her slit, and I raised my arms and started to squeeze and fondle her ample boobs.

It was a glorious feeling. My tongue and hands were on a sensation high!

My dick hadn’t quite yet started to respond as it was so soon after cumming earlier, but I was happy to continue giving mom some much needed relief.

As I continued my licking and lapping at mom’s wonderful, moist pussy, she ground her hips up into my face and started thrusting it up harder as I pushed in with my tongue. This continued for a few moments, getting more and more intense, when finally, she cried out, “Ohhh…Ohhh….Ahhhh….yes,” and her hips bucked up and down and she shook several times, almost involuntarily, then fell back against the sofa cushion. I guessed she had just orgasmed.

I continued licking her pussy, and fondling her tits for a moment until she spoke.

“Thank you darling. That was wonderful, and just what I needed.”

“Did you orgasm?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

I smiled and felt pleased I had been able to give her some relief.

“Bring the doctor’s note and sit next to me again,” said mom, now sitting up again and patting the sofa cushion next to her. “I’d like to read about those women again, and maybe we can choose someone for you to see first.”

My ears pricked up and I immediately got up of the floor.

Picking up the doctor’s note again from the coffee table, I flopped down next to mom. We were both naked next to each other now, and I was sure it would not be long before my dick would be buried deep in mom’s pussy, as we talked over the lusty women the doctor had chosen for me.

To be continued…

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