Masturbation Diaries: My New Toy

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Now, as many a man can relate, even with a very receptive spouse you still need a bit of solo time now and then. I have been an avid masturbator for years and during that time I’ve done it so many ways and tried a variety of home-made masturbation devices. Some worked relatively well, while some were rather ridiculous in hindsight.

Then I heard of the Fleshlight.

The Fleshlight is basically a masturbation sleeve, a tube intended to recreate the feeling of a vagina made with a special pliable material. The Fleshlight sleeve comes in a plastic canister, shaped like a large flashlight (thus the play on the name…) that holds the generously silky-soft canal. The canal or tube has an opening shaped like a very bare, very pink pussy. The version of the Fleshlight I have is named the ‘Stamina Training Unit’ or STU for short. As the name implies the STU was developed to help you last longer, presumably when you are with a woman. It is designed to mimic the sensations of actual intercourse with the goal of extending the time and intensity of your sexual session. The STU’s intenseness comes from the little rounded nubs that line the interior. They massage and caress the entire length of your shaft as you slide inside. Where the STU really shines is when it’s time to finally orgasm. When you are about to cum your cock naturally swells and as it swells the nubs rub and caress your head even more making the experience incredibly more intense. Over time you can train yourself to resist the urge to rush to orgasm. With my STU I’ve found I can pinpoint exactly when my orgasm is close and adjust my pace or depth of penetration accordingly.

Many times though I still find myself just going for it because it can be very hard to hold back. It feels that good!

But let me give you a first-hand account of my initial ‘Flight’ as they call it with Fleshlight…

I got my new Fleshlight about three months ago. It wasn’t a coincidence my wife was away for a couple of days so I was alone and free to play with it. I hit the sex shop to make my purchase within an hour that afternoon she left!

When I finally got it home I was almost shaking I was so horny and totally hard with anticipation. Once I had my STU out of the package I was dying to get in the saddle but I also wanted to be really hard and motivated on my maiden ‘Flight’. So I went to Lit and read some incredibly hot masturbation stories while I rubbed for a bit until I was up to full my seven and a half inches. I jumped up out of my desk chair, stripped down the rest of the way and grabbed the little bottle of lube. I squirted some on the fake pink lips and down inside the canal. Then with my hard cock in hand I dribbled some of the clear liquid on my cock head, joining the usual generous amount of pre-cum already there. I slowly stroked some bare handed, enjoying my throbbing cock as I always do.

Then with my clean hand I picked up the STU, sat back in my chair and held it over my greased up cock. Just touching the opening of the sleeve was incredibly erotic. It felt like I was playing with a real pussy. The perfectly molded lips and clit made it so very sexy. I was shaking so bad by that time I couldn’t hold steady enough to get the pink lips lined up with my hard shaft. I sucked on my lower lip, focused hard and finally I was able to slip the opening halfway over my tip. I was amazed as I watched the pink sleeve stretch and spread, slipping over the very swollen head of my cock. Then slowly, very slowly I watched it slide on down a couple inches more.

I truly expected some resistance, like many of my make-shift devices of the past, but instead the STU slid on down and my cock slipped right on into that fake pussy smooth as silk. I put my head back and sighed as the sleeve engulfed my cock.

The feeling was sensational!

I immediately felt the smooth pillow-like texture of the many little nubs massaging my penis. The inner canal with those rounded bumps felt so good. It was better than either of my hands had ever felt. I slid in until the soft lips of the artificial pussy pressed down into my pubes and my entire shaft was encased in the pinkness. I held it there for a moment, looking at the gold flashlight-shaped case in my hand then further down to where I saw those pretty pink fake pussy lips peaking at through my dark pubic curls. The sleeve was wrapped so tightly around what was throbbing and quivering inside. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as the pleasure was all encompassing. Nothing else existed outside my happy cock and the tingles radiating throughout the rest of my body.

With my eyes closed I heard myself moan aloud.

After another moment of pause, I took a long deep breath and started to slide the sleeve slowly up and down. The sensations were nearly indescribable! The sleeve was so tight around my cock that literally every inch of my skin was being stimulated at the same time. The warmth, the wetness, the feel of softness surrounding my cock like I’d never felt before without a woman. It felt amazing!

I couldn’t believe it. Escort Akbatı My hand had never pleased me this well and it had had nearly forty years of practice. The STU had an especially profound effect on the head of my cock so much so I knew it wasn’t going to be very long before I was blowing my load.

All I could utter was… “Damn, yes!”

As I mentioned, the STU bumps rub you on the way in, but the ridges really grab your penis on the way out. It’s almost like little fingers tickling your penis in an unbelievably intense way. As I got closer to the point of no return, my cock naturally expanded and texture truly magnified the intensity. I started stroking it up and down, faster and faster. Soon I could feel my cock swell to its very fullest inside the ‘pussy’ and my balls seriously tightened up.

I finally buried myself in as far as I could go and just held myself there. My body stretched out until I was prone in my chair, only my shoulders and the back of my thighs in contact with the leather. I couldn’t move as the feeling of my impending climax was as intense as I’d ever felt. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I jettisoned the first of my cum. My cock pumped hot cum inside my virgin Fleshlight again and again. I shot so much man-cum it started oozing out the opening and all down over my balls, just like what happens when my wife rides me cowgirl-style and cum drips from her hot pussy.

Damn it was intense! It was such an amazing orgasm.

I stood up with the bottom of the Fleshlight pointing down and slid my cock out, so as not to lose any of my load from within. Then when I could stand without wobbling, I tipped it over onto the desk. Such a big load spilled out I couldn’t believe it! That whole first experience had lasted no more than fifteen minutes, but it left me completely sated in a way my hand could only dream of. While no match for making love to my wife, my first experience with my Fleshlight made me an instant convert. I used the STU two more times over the course of that evening and night, with each session being just as good as the one before.

Over the next few weeks I discovered the orgasms with my STU were absolutely in another league from jerking off with my hands. I also found that right before I’m about to climax I got that same exact excited pleasure I get when I’m about to cum inside my wife. Only with the STU it’s like being able to have sex with my younger, tighter, but just as beautiful wife over and over and over again. I still remember that initial feeling of inserting my penis in the Fleshlight and how wonderful it was, so much so I literally had a flashback to when I had been with my wife for the first time. That feeling of entering her tight, virgin pussy came rushing back.

Cumming in the Fleshlight is as close to making love with a woman as I think you can get. It’s natural to want to cum inside it, instead of taking it out just as the shooting starts, which most of my home contraptions had been like. I just have to cum in my STU! And although sensitivity has always been an issue with me when I cum, I learned to just keep slamming away when cumming in this thing, so much so I have had orgasms so powerful I’ve nearly passed out. The STU gives one of the most intense orgasms I have ever felt outside of a real pussy. I’ve been masturbating with it regularly ever since I got it, and have enjoyed some amazing sessions.

I only wish I had bought the thing ten years ago!

Another thing about masturbating for me is that most times in the past I’d want to see myself cumming; to see the amount of my cum, the distance I could shoot it and for the sheer eroticism of seeing my cum all over me and everything else. But with my new Fleshlight I became sold on delivering my full load inside the warm, pliable, extremely satisfying sleeve.

That is except for one night last week…

I was home alone again, writing an erotic story for Lit and casually jacking off with my Fleshlight. I looked at the clock at one point and realized I’d been going at it for over an hour and a half. I wrote another paragraph or two and then decided to shut off the computer and go up to finish myself off in bed. I propped up some pillows and lay down. I cupped my balls, massaging and squeezing them as my cock quickly grew back to its full hardness. I then lubed up both my cock and the STU and lowered the ‘head’ down to let it ‘lick’ the tip of my cock. Then I rubbed the lips around the entire head, painting it a shiny clear coat of lube and my pre-cum…

…then as I looked into my wife’s beautiful green eyes she slipped ‘her’ soft, warm lips around the head of my cock. She slowly sucked it into ‘her’ mouth and then deep-throated my entire seven-plus inches until I felt the tip against the back of ‘her’ throat. She slowly slid ‘her’ mouth back up my cock until just the head was lingering between her wet lips. I pushed my hips upward towards ‘her’ mouth and she took me in again, swallowing my whole shaft once more…

I did this for a few more pleasurable Aksaray escort minutes, fantasizing my wife was making love to my cock, which heightened my excitement, before I slipped the ‘mouth’ from my cock and gripped the stiff slick shaft in my hand. I reached over beside me for the clear plastic bottle and held my cock straight up with one hand while I flipped open the cap. I held it above my swollen cock head and squeezed out another generous amount of lubricant. The lube was initially cool on the tip, but it warmed as it spread down over my tall shaft. I swirled the liquid around the head with my palm which made me jut my hips up off the bed.

I squeezed out a little more lube and spread it up and down my entire cock, before I turned the bottle over the mouth of the Fleshlight and let an extra generous amount stream down through the pink opening. I drizzled still more around the lips before flipping the cap closed and tossing bottle back on the bed.

I eagerly, but patiently pointed the sleeve down over my cock, placing the sweet pink lips against my well-oiled tip…

…the head of my cock pressed harder against ‘her’ pussy and I could see and feel ‘her’ labia yield under the girth of my thick cock. I thrust forward into ‘her’ pussy dripping with ‘her’ juices. I could feel it dripping down over my balls. She slid up and down my cock in slow, deliberate motions. She sped up slightly as she felt my arousal increasing. Watching my cock sliding in and out of ‘her’ delicious pinkness I swore I could feel ‘her’ pussy getting hotter and wetter by the second…

As I felt my balls get tight and my cum rising, I started furiously doing my Fleshlight, thrusting my hips up to meet each downward stroke and listening to my balls slap against the fleshy material. I stroked faster and faster, twitching and moaning there on the king-sized bed. I instinctively thrust and thrust with incredible fervor until my cock just couldn’t take it anymore. Then for the first time since I’d had my STU I withdrew from the tight but slippery fake pussy.

Now I usually shoot a decent-sized load anyway but the end-result of this orgasm was absolutely amazing. The first two big shots flew past my head and I heard them hit the headboard behind me. Two other shots hit the pillow beside my ear and another shot hit me on the lower cheek. I couldn’t count the remaining ones, but when I’d finished, I saw I had drenched my chest and stomach in cum and more oozed down my shaft.

I just lay there for several moments catching my breath while enjoying that buzz I get after an amazing orgasm!

I laid the STU on the bed next to me; nothing remained on it as the mess was all over me and the bed. Finally, I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a wad of tissues, then proceeded to wipe the cum off the headboard and pillows. But I had to hit the shower next as there was simply too much jizz all over me to clean up with flimsy tissue. Making the short walk to the bathroom and the tub, I had the hugest grin. I cleaned off me and the Fleshlight.

Having taken my toy back to bed with me, I got off on the ‘pink pussy’ once more in the middle of the night.

My Fleshlight STU has turned out to be the next best thing to being with and inside my wife. As I jack off on a regular basis, I’ve found it’s an extraordinarily amazing way to get off solo. Believe me, a combination of a Fleshlight and an hour or two of dedicated edging can easily lead to one of the best orgasms of your life!

And so it was just the night before last when I had the urge to edge myself into another incredible orgasm with my toy. While I would have liked nothing more than to spend hours edging my way to another earth shattering orgasm I simply didn’t have the time. My wife was only out with her friends for a couple of hours. So I went to Lit to get inspired before heading upstairs to have a quickie with my STU in bed.

And so I did…but in bed after almost an hour I became aware of movement at the bedroom door. When I looked up I was transfixed staring at my wife leaning against the doorframe, her arms folded across her chest. My hand didn’t move and the Fleshlight hung to just the head of my cock. I stared into her eyes fearing what may happen next. Only she had no discernible expression on her face, not at first, until she seemed to grow a smile across her mouth.

I was about to say something, when she put a finger to her lips ad making a ‘shhh’ sound. She looked me in the eyes and then down to my cock. Then I watched as she silently blew me a kiss, she smiled more broadly and said, “You are a very naughty boy.”

“You caught me,” I stated the obvious.

Staring down at my at my hard cock, which was still extended straight up just barely inside the STU, she added, “I didn’t want give up my voyeuristic vantage point or I would have said something sooner.” She took a few steps into the room closer to our bed and me. “I don’t know why but that is the hottest thing I’ve seen in a while.”

It took me a moment to comprehend Ankara escort bayan what she was saying, but I realized she wasn’t pissed or showing any signs of even being perturbed with me. In fact, the smile on her face seemed to portend totally the opposite reaction.

“When I first looked in here I’ll admit I was shocked, but I made the split second decision to be just a watcher and let you enjoy yourself.”

Okay, in the last couple of weeks I had started thinking of ways to bring up my Fleshlight with my wife. Honesty has always been strong between us. For me, I had needed the right moment. In this case, she had found the moment accidentally. I felt a renewed wave of relief wash over me and a tingling in my still mostly hard cock as I held the Fleshlight on it.

I stroked slowly sliding it back down my shaft and watched as my wife’s eyes lowered with it.

“That is so hot,” she said softly, “Is it okay if I sit on the bed and watch?”

“Uh, sure.” What else could I say?

My wife walked around and seated herself on the very edge of our bed, her hands resting in her lap as I slid my STU up and down slowly. I looked back into her eyes, waiting for her reaction to change for some reason.

“So this doesn’t bother you, me doing myself like this?”

“Why should it? It’s not like I don’t know you masturbate when I’m not around. You know I do it, too, mostly in the shower of course, with my trusty shower massager.” The whole time she spoke her eyes never left the Fleshlight in my hand, her eyes moving up and down with its smooth movement. But with her last statement I saw this different grin come over her face and her arm move. I glanced down and noticed her hand was pressed down on her skirt as her legs had spread some.

“I guess we do have an ‘open marriage’ in a sense when it comes to our solo sex pursuits. Not like I’m cheating on you with another woman with this.” I paused my stroking and leaned the Fleshlight in her direction.

This time her eyes raised and met mine.

“I don’t know about that, but it could sure add a new dimension to our play time.” She leaned in closer and gave me a peck on the cheek, then her hand came up to mine on the STU. “Besides, it brings you something new for when I’m not around or not in the mood. Then again I guess I just met our partner in that threesome fantasy you’ve always had.” She chuckled and then I watched as she slid a finger between my cock and the almost realistic pink labia. My cock surged inside the tight canal as the fake pussy lips flexed just enough to allow her to slide her finger all the way up alongside my hard shaft. The feeling of her finger touching my cock was incredible enough, but the sight of her long slender finger up inside that ‘pussy’ with it, was almost too much to comprehend. My mind was all over the fantasy of her, me and, well…

Now neither of us had ever strayed outside our marriage of over thirty years. Although I had been intrigued by the notion of sharing our relationship with another, or two, the opportunity never presented itself in all those years. But the uncertainty of the possibility with the teasing we shared about it all kept the fantasy around.

But fantasy or not that night, I was so aroused by then I thought my cock was going to shoot up and out the other end of that pink sleeve!

I naturally began to stroke up and down again, but before I could get even a couple good strokes in my wife put her hand on mine.

“Let me,” she said taking hold of the Fleshlight and moving my hands away. “You know, I may act like a guilty school girl on the outside,” she paused to lick her lips, “but there is a searing hot wetness emanating from my grown woman vulva right now.” The reference to her female anatomy had me glance downward and I found her skirt was pulled well up her thighs and her other hand had disappeared underneath.

When I looked back into her face she seemed extremely self-conscious as my eyebrows slightly raised at her comment and her actions. But I was brought back in the moment when I felt the STU abruptly shoved back down the length of my hard shaft and the soft fake lips smashed hard into my pubes.

My hands slapped to my sides on the sheet. My head fell back and a grunting groan came from my mouth. I could not believe how arousing it was with her on the bed next to me as she stroked my well-lubed cock with the Fleshlight. I literally felt it was the closest I would come to making love to someone else along with my wife…and that was so all right with me and so it surely seemed with her right then!

As she started to pick up the pace I realized the lube I had applied earlier had begun to wear off. I reached over and picked up the little clear bottle to apply some more.

“Wait!” My wife called out.


“I might have something better than that artificial stuff,” she said this as she removed the STU from my cock and leaned forward, opening her mouth wide. I watched totally amazed as her red lips descended over my rock hard shaft. I could feel her drooling on me immediately, but the next thing I know she was coating my entire cock with her very warm saliva. The warmth, the wetness and the pure eroticism of what she was doing overwhelmed me. Again it was amazing I didn’t just pop off in an instant (…the STU had really done its job already!)!

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