Masha Ch. 3

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* * * * *

After my presentation, I had one more class. Then I grabbed a sandwich and ate it while I walked to the gym. It was unseasonably warm, and I luxuriated in my jacketless state. At the gym I changed and spent some time with the free weights. I tended to ignore them, since the free weight jocks usually either intimidated me or hit on me. A girl has to keep her arms defined, though, and I was overdue.

I was pleasantly surprised that the jock who came over to help me was not of the usual variety. He was courteous, not condescending, and helped me change the weights without asking for my phone number. Instead he made cute jokes and talked current events. His name was Dave, and when I was finished with the weights, he joined me at the treadmills.

“I thought big guys like you didn’t do cardio stuff,” I teased.

“Nah, we do,” he said. “Unless we’re stupid, that is. Which I guess most of us are.” He chuckled.

We started them up and ran in silence. Usually it took a long time for me to get winded, but the warm up I’d done over at the free weights had been pretty thorough. Still, it was fifteen minutes of easy breathing for me, and I could tell Dave was impressed. I smiled at him, and we mentally agreed to compete.

I was dripping and panting when my phone rang. I’d brought it to the treadmill and put it on the magazine stand, hoping Masha would call. I saw that it was her and forced myself to let it ring twice before pouncing on it.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi,” she said. “What are you wearing?”

I giggled. “Um…tank top, sports bra, shorts.”

“What color tank top?” she said.

“Kind of . . . baby blue,” I told her, smiling.

“And the shorts, are they teeny-tiny?” she asked hopefully.

“Well, they are pretty small,” I admitted.

“You’re out of breath. You’re not having sex with someone else already, are you?”

“No,” I laughed. “On the treadmill.”

“Mmm. Are you all sweaty?” she wanted to know.

“Yeah.” She sighed. “Wish I was there. I’d lick you clean.”

“How?” I asked her.

“Well,” she paused. “I’d start at your neck, then I’d run across both shoulders and down over your collarbone between your breasts.”

I stopped running. Dave, looking alarmed, leaned over and jammed the stop button on my treadmill. I stumbled but maintained a standing position.

“Then what?” I said, ignoring Dave’s look of confusion.

“Then I’d drag my tongue along the base of each breast, slowly. Then down to your navel…definitely would spend some time there. God, you have the absolute best stomach, Kelsey.” She was panting now, too.

“Thanks,” I managed.

“And then I would curve around to your hip. I’d come back up the side of your rib cage and then around to the front, lifting up over your breast and grazing your nipple.” I gasped. “You have to stop,” I told her.

“What for?” she pouted.

“I’m in a public place.”

“Posh! Such modesty,” she complained. I begged her to come to the gym and take me, but she had a class in fifteen minutes. We discussed meeting for dinner at Phoebe’s, and decided I would bring Lindsay and she would bring Jane.

I gave up on finishing my workout. I was too turned on now to function. I said goodbye to Dave, thanked him for his help, and left.

When I got to my dorm room Lindsay wasn’t in, so I took a shower and came back to the room to paint my toenails. I was sitting on my bed wearing a towel and waiting esenyurt escort for my toes to dry when she came in. I was still completely aroused from Masha’s phone sex earlier and knew the minute I saw Lindsay that I’d planned for her entrance to coincide with my state of undress.

She looked great. Her red hair was sexily windswept, and she was wearing a suit and carrying a portfolio. She was an advertising major and had obviously just finished a presentation. She saw me and blushed, though she’d seen me in a towel plenty of times before.

“Hi,” she said, pretending not to look at me.

“Hi.” I smiled. “Can you come to dinner tonight? I want you to meet Masha and one of her housemates.”

“Sure, sounds like fun,” she said, putting down her portfolio. “How’re things going with her? I’ve missed you around here.”

“They’re going great,” I told her. “But I’ve missed you, too,” I emphasized. She was beautiful. Her green eyes flashed my way briefly as she took off her shoes. In them I saw confusion, and not a small amount of fear.

The only time we’d had sex was when we first met. She had been the aggressor then. She was my first woman, and I had wanted to explore with her. Then she’d introduced me to Tim. He’d swept me off my feet, and all thoughts of continuing with Lindsay disappeared. It had hurt her then, though we’d managed to remain friends. We’d talked about it once, much later, and I’d apologized for blowing her off. She’d just laughed.

“I forgave you long ago, Kelsey, without you even asking,” she’d told me. She was unendingly generous that way. Whenever I told her this, she always denied it.

“No,” she’d say, “it’s just that you are unendingly charming.”

By the time my toes were dry her blazer was unbuttoned, her shoes were off, and she was bending over, examining a run in her stocking. I got up and went to her, trying only a little to keep my towel from falling off.

“Lindsay,” I whispered.

She looked up from her stocking.

“What?” she said.

I pulled her up and kissed her, my tongue requesting entrance, which she granted, moaning. I pushed my fingers through her hair and felt my excitement surge towards her. Then she broke away.

“Kelsey, I’ve been waiting for you to dump Tim for two years,” she said, pushing me away. “But I’ve never seen you as happy as you seem to be with Masha, and I’m not gonna let you screw this up.”

“But . . .” I tried.

“No,” she said firmly. “I’ve made up my mind.”

I approached her again, but she reached up to stop me, realizing too late that her hand would land on my skin. It did, and I gasped, my need growing as her fingers pressed into my naked shoulder. She flushed and looked down, removing her hand before I could lean into it. This allowed me to step closer, and I released my towel. It fell on her feet.

“Oops,” I said ridiculously, hoping she would look up when I spoke.

“Kelsey, don’t,” she said, heading for the door.

I scrambled to get in front of it, thinking fast.

“She wants us to sleep with other people,” I told her.

This surprised her, I could tell. She finally looked at me, while I pressed my back into the cold doorknob, knowing it would make my nipples erect. We were on the 17th floor, and there was no other exit.

“You’re making that up,” she said. Her voice was husky.

I shook my head.

“Even if I were,” I told her, “it absolves you of responsibility.”

She allowed her gaze istanbul escort to drop to my breasts.

“So it does,” she said.

Feeling her eyes on them made my nipples even firmer. Still, she hesitated.

“Lindsay, touch me,” I whispered, “please.”

I reached for her, and this time she did not resist. I kissed her again, urgently. Her tongue was soft and warm. I moaned and felt my aching pussy demand satisfaction. She was just beginning to use her hands when I realized I could not wait. I pulled her down on the floor and pressed my cunt onto her knee, straining to ease the pressure where I needed to be touched. She seemed surprised by my aggression but groaned as we kept kissing, feeling my juices through her stocking.

I felt her hand cup my right breast and gave her more of my tongue. She kneaded, and my stubborn nipple pushed itself into her palm. She twisted it gently between her thumb and index finger.

I reached up her skirt as I spread my legs. I yanked at her panties and pulled her hand desperately to my sloppy, wet slit. She found me with her fingers and shuddered in my arms. My need was so great I was moaning like an animal, assaulting her tongue with my own.

Finally, she opened me, pushing her index finger into my hole. I broke away and reached for her as well, ripping the panties off of her. By the time I reached her mound, her finger was pushing in and out of me.

“Oh, God,” I gasped, amazed that a single finger was having such huge results. I concentrated on her, trying not to come.

When I felt her soaked slit, I grunted, fucked her, and then stroked her clit roughly, trying to catch her up. Not three minutes had passed, but we were both already fighting not to come.

“Jesus, Kelsey,” she panted into my ear, “yes! God, rub me.” My clit was swollen and pushing into her fingers as she flicked me wildly. Understanding her closeness, I did the same to her. In mere moments we were coming noisily. Afterwards, she collapsed on top of me, kissing me languorously until I began to feel crushed.

“Sorry,” she said.

She was 5’10” and outweighed me by at least 40 pounds. She got up and pulled me up beside her.

“Since you aren’t single, I’m not getting cuddly,” she said bluntly. “We both know I’m in love with you. No need to exacerbate it.”

I smiled as gently as I could.

“Can we do this again, though?” I asked. “It was so nice.”

“If I said no, somehow I doubt you’d stop trying.” She knew me well. “Are you always in such a freakin’ hurry?” she asked.

“Sometimes,” I admitted.

“Well, if we do this again,” she warned, “I expect you to realize I have an entire body. Not just one part.”

She huffed and stalked out to take a shower.

“Funny,” I said loudly, to the closing door, “you didn’t seem to mind at the time.” Robin called a few minutes later to tell me that rehearsal was canceled that evening. I thought about this and decided that Josh wanted to use the time to talk to Masha about what had happened the night before. I began to worry that he would get her alone and hit on her, but thought I should trust her to take care of herself. I knew he wouldn’t force her into anything, and I didn’t think he was her type. He was cute, but I found him pompous, with none of the dry wit that usually goes with it.

I started reworking my paper for my moral philosophy class, imagining my professor’s thighs to motivate myself to work harder. I was midway through page six beylikdüzü escort by the time Lindsay returned. She asked where we were going for dinner and then started pawing through her closet. I looked at the time and began to do the same. When we arrived at Phoebe’s, Masha and Jane were at the bar waiting for us. I introduced Lindsay to Masha. It turned out she’d already met Jane, though this was news to me. They exchanged a sly look. I wondered, but did not ask.

Masha kissed me, patted my ass and handed me a lily. I looked around and was glad I hadn’t worn black since everyone else did. They all looked great, but I was happy to be the stand out in my little white dress.

We were led to the table and sat down. I’d prepared myself for Lindsay to be snippy with Masha, but she surprised me. I was beginning to think I didn’t understand women at all. She couldn’t take her eyes off Masha, firing questions at her, drawing her out, flirting even.

After we ordered, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Jane came with me.

“I’m a little worried about leaving those two alone,” I told her.

“Don’t be silly,” she laughed. “In Masha’s eyes, it’s all about you.”

While we were washing our hands, I turned to Jane.

“You know, she wants us to see other people,” I told her, “and I want to—I really do—no one has ever given me that opportunity before. And of course she gets to see others, too. It’s only fair, and I’m okay with that.” I paused, wondering why I was unloading on Jane. Still, I continued, “I just want to be her favorite.” I looked in the mirror and pushed the hair out of my eyes.

“Kelsey, you are her favorite,” Jane said. She paused, considering. “You know how I met Lindsay?” she asked me.

I shook my head, trying not to look like I was dying of curiosity.

Jane looked around, then spoke more quietly.

“The day Masha met you, she came home and pleaded with me to dish about you,” she said. “All I knew was that you were bisexual and lived with an advertising major named Lindsay. That wasn’t enough for her, so she sent me to this party at the Red House.”

The Red House was a sort of fraternity/sorority for artsy types.

“She knew a lot of ad majors were going, and she figured that Lindsay might be there. I was supposed to meet Lindsay somehow, get her drunk and pump her for information. I owed Masha a favor,” she said, “so I went and put a lot of effort into it. It didn’t hurt that Lindsay’s so attractive, likes to drink and is fun to talk to. I came back to Masha with a complete report, including what you like in bed.” I blushed.

“I purposefully excluded any mention of Tim,” she winked at me. “Masha can be such a pansy about women with boyfriends—won’t go near them. Anyway, point is: do you really think she’d beg me to do all that,” Jane said softly, touching my arm, “if you weren’t her favorite?”

“Guess not,” I said.

I was blissful as we returned to the table. Masha and Lindsay were still going at it, grinning at each other and leaning over the table to get closer. I sat down, and Masha’s eyes met mine. Her smile gained speed as her foot touched my leg under the table. I realized I would have her for as long as I wanted her. After dinner we all went to Jane and Masha’s house. Jane put my lily in water for me. Then she started a fire, and Masha brewed coffee while Lindsay and I sat on the couch.

“You weren’t exaggerating,” Lindsay told me discreetly. “Masha’s almost as sexy as you are.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” I replied, beaming.

“I’m not kidding, Kels. You’ve got to know you’re hotter than she is,” she said, looking at me quizzically.

“If I were, the world would be exploding,” I told her, a little silly from the wine. She touched my face.

“When people are with you,” she said, “they feel like it is.”

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