Married Work Colleagues

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Thank you for taking the time to read my first ever story. If people enjoy it I hope to make a series out of it. If you have read my bio, you will see that I have an interest in hairy women. If you think there won’t be a hairy girl in this story, you will be mistaken.

Thank you also to athanos who helped me edit the story and gave me some excellent tips on how to get it published. Athanos has some fantastic stories of his own, check them out as you won’t be disappointed.


She was so tired; it had been such a long day. She finished work late because they were short staffed again and the work needed to be done. She could wait until tomorrow to do it, but the work would pile up if she had left it. Then she had to run around after her family by cooking and cleaning after them. It was the same constant shit day after day, but it had to be done.

Her husband was on a late shift, but she didn’t blame him. They needed the money and with all the recent redundancies they couldn’t be fussy. The day still took its toll and tonight she was more tired than normal.

She just got out of the bath and was drying herself when she noticed how hairy her legs were getting. It had been a few weeks since she had shaved them. She would shave them in a couple of days as she was due to go swimming. She stroked her pussy hair which she loved being so thick and hairy. Out of her friends in school she was one of the first to develop and they would make fun of how hairy she was and eventually the bullies found out and made her life hell, which in turn made her shave. In university, she got fed up of the shaving rash and started growing it again. That was nearly Akbatı escort bayan 16 years ago and now at 34, she can’t remember when she last shaved there. It gave her a full feeling down there and she felt a real woman with it. She went to the mirror and lifted up her arms to show her armpits and she ran her fingers through the hair. She sighed; soon these would also have to go. It had been 2 months since she last had to worry about shaving them. If only she had the confidence to walk down the street with a summer dress with her hairy legs and pits and say a big fuck you to society.

She put on fresh pair of knickers and then her dressing gown and poured herself another glass of wine. During the week, the only time she got to drink was in the bath. She put it on the bedside cabinet and checked Facebook on her phone. Fuck, people were boring tonight with their shitty statuses. If she gets a chance she will do a cull on the weekend including that stuck up bitch that always blanks her in the office.

She didn’t fancy getting changed into her night clothes just yet. She propped her pillows and laid down on her double bed. She took her book out, took a large sip of wine and glanced at the clock – it read 22:34. She opened her book, but she was so tired…

…She recognised it as her place of work. It was daytime, but there wasn’t anyone to be seen. She was working alone at her desk. All of a sudden she noticed her work colleague. She was sure he hadn’t been there before. They discuss work and how quiet it is and he then grabs her and they start kissing. Then she stops and undoes his trousers and takes out his cock. She strokes him and he moans and she licks the tip before she slides her Escort Aksaray mouth over his hard cock.

She woke up as quickly as the dream began. She was panting heavily and she could feel the wetness between her legs. She glanced at the clock once again. It now read 00:15. She had never thought about him like that before and they had worked together for 8 years or more. They do flirt, but that’s only harmless fun, so why now? He was cute however, very cute and she loved how the top of his chest hair would peek out over the top of his shirt. She loved hairy men. For fuck sake he was married, like her. She went to his wedding. The more she thought about it, the hornier she felt.

She touched herself and she was soaking, as were her knickers. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and tasted herself. She let her robe open and she felt the breeze around her breasts and her nipples hardened. She then rubbed them and slid her hand back down her knickers and started rubbing her clit. “Fuck, I wanna suck his cock. I wonder how big he is. I wonder how his tongue would feel on my pussy” She said quietly to herself. She then kicked off her knickers and slid two fingers inside herself. Fuck, she was close. She needed her rabbit, but she knew that the batteries were dead. She cursed under her breath; she had been meaning to replace them. What else could she use? she didn’t want to use just her fingers, she wanted something like a cock inside her. Something like his cock.

She noticed her hair brush on the dressing table, she ran over naked and grabbed the brush and ran back to the bed. She laid down and she slowly pushed the handle of the brush inside her. “Fuck me, I want his cock” she moaned quietly. Ankara escort She knew she was close, but she wanted this to last.

She took the handle out of her and she got on her knees and put her arse in the air and continued to masturbate with her fingers

Her eyes were closed and she was back in the office, back in her dream.

She was back sucking his cock and stroking him as she deep throats him, licking precum off his tip. He moans in ecstasy as he cums and she swallows every drop. He then grabs her and pulls up her top and kisses her neck and he removes her bra. He is now sucking on her tits and his hands are all over her. He then grabs her and lifts her onto the desk and slides his hands over her legs towards her skirt (she wonders whether he would like her legs hairy as they were) and he slowly removes her knickers and then sucks gently on her clit fingering her cunt until she moans loudly for him to eat her hairy pussy for him to taste her juices.

Her orgasm was now on the brink and all the time she was thinking of her colleague it was so wrong; so so wrong, but at that moment so so right.

She laid back on the bed and she again slowly pushed the brush handle inside her. She imagined that the handle was his thick cock and he was fucking her.

Her whole body started to quiver, but she continued to fuck herself whilst rubbing her clit and she was moaning louder than she really wanted “FUCK FUCK FUCK. FUCK ME”. The orgasm hit her and she didn’t expect it to be so intense. She arched her back and bit her lip to stop her moaning. It didn’t help.

After what seemed like eternity she relaxed and laid back down with sweat pouring off her. She could smell her body odour, she will need a shower in the morning. She hadn’t cum like that in a long while. She stared at the ceiling, one hand rubbing her breasts, the other running from her belly to her pussy. Fucking hell she was tired, but how the hell would she sleep knowing that she will have to look him in the eye tomorrow at work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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