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“She gave me a very specific brief, a discrete younger man, well hung, capable of satisfying any of her desires. She hasn’t stayed with us before, my contacts at other hotels tell me she has a reputation of being a bit kinky. She is just past forty, very attractive, a full size twelve and she has a female secretary staying in her suite. She is leaving for her home address soon.

“Would eight this Friday night be satisfactory for you?,” my contact asks after we negotiate a fee with some included for him.

I am looking to what might eventuate tonight as I arrive right on time. “I am Christine, Sue’s secretary, you probably saw her on TV this week as she made some announcements concerning her business expansion in this city.

“Sue has an incredibly high sex drive with a huge libido to match. She hasn’t had a man to fuck her for weeks, not that I am aware of anyway. Was it explained to you that she expects me to watch? And maybe join in? Are you fine with that Jon?,” she asks in an attractive raspy voice.

Christine has my full attention as I look closely at her, mid-thirties, modest work heels, slim size 10, blond hair, dressed in an above the knee black skirt with a white silk blouse. Obviously no bra as I look at the nipples of good size pair of tits pushing against her blouse. A dedicated bisexual secretary it seems.

”Good, let’s get started,” Christine smiles as she removes her glasses and loosens her hair. “You have a reputation of being almost nine-inches and thick, let’s find out,” she whispered in an agitated voice as Sue appears. Or has she been watching from out of sight all along?

“This is Jon your new toy-boy, Sue, I was about to find out if he really is almost nine-inches and thick.”

“Good, carry on,” Sue tells her in a stentorian voice as I look her over. She is just past forty, a very attractive honey blond and a voluptuous full size twelve, just as my concierge contact told me. She is wearing killer heels and an expensive lightweight knee length coat.

Christine stands behind Sue, kisses her neck and they commence tongue kissing. “I have an incredibly high sex drive with a huge libido to match, I like to stretch the boundaries with my men. And I have a kinky streak,” Sue tells me with a wicked smile as she holds my gaze.

I watch fascinated as Christine slowly undoes the buttons on her coat as they continue kissing passionately. The coat falls open enough to show Sue is naked underneath it, apart from a gold chain hanging on her hips, as I ogle her impressive cleavage and beautifully trimmed pubic hair.

“Now him,” Sue tells Christine as she stands behind me, kisses my neck, then tongue kisses me.

“I am Sue’s teaser as well as her secretary,” she smirks as I enjoy her undressing me while Sue watches. Shoes, shirt, trousers, then my tiny jockstrap. My erection is bulging out of it as Christine pushes it under my erection without removing it as my balls bulge over it. The tight straps feel good on my naked ass.

“Your reputation of being almost nine-inches and thick, is well deserved,” Sue smiles as Christine helps her off with her coat. “Do you like my naked body in these heels? All over sun tan, no bikini lines,” she teases as she struts around me.“

“You have a reputation escort gaziantep kızıl bayan of being an ass man, do you like mine? Forty-two inches, still firm and no dimples.”

“I am Sue’s teaser as well as her secretary,” Christine tells me again as she kneels and kisses Sue’s ass as she holds my gaze.

“You haven’t told me if you like my ass Jon? As you can see Christine does. Kiss it for me Jon while Christine watches. It’s one of her turn ons watching a man kiss it.”

As I grab her hips and kneel so I can kiss her glorious ass I am aware of Christine licking Sue’s nipples.

“I want you to fuck me in this position,” Sue tells me as she positions herself on a stool, side-on in front in front of a wall length mirror. “This way I can watch and enjoy your erection sliding into my cunt.

“And so can Christine,” Sue whispers to me as I watch Christine sit on another stool very close to us as she shrugs off her blouse. Just as I thought, no bra and small, erect bullet nipples on her very firm good size pair of tits.

“Christine explained to you that I expect her to watch you fucking me, a huge turn on for me. Are you fine with that Jon?”

“And maybe join in?,” she teases.

“You are magnificent, rock hard, nine-inches and thick, magnificent,” Sue tells me as I slowly slide my erection into her eager, wet cunt lips.

“Do you like watching him fucking me Christine?

“Does it turn you on? Am I teasing you?”

“Yes, you know you are,” Christine replies as she tongue kisses Sue.

“Is this what you wanted Christine,” Sue asks as she passionately returns her kisses.

“Suck his nipples while he is fucking me Christine.

“You are a sex machine Jon, a fucking sex machine Jon, don’t stop,” Sue moans as she orgasms for the third time.

“Now, show Jon the surprise you have for him Christine.

“Her real name is Christopher, Chris for short,” Sue tells me as we watch him remove his skirt, then a very masculine jock strap.

“Look how excited we have made Chris, and me,” Sue tells me as we move to the bed and she positions herself on her side. “I have a large size French teaser I wanted you to wear while you fucked me, would you like to try it for me?,” Sue asks as she pulls it out from under the pillow.

“That looks evil, fucking evil on your erection. And it feels evil, fucking evil,” Sue moans as she commences sucking Chris’s cock while I commence fucking her from behind, enjoying the extra sensation of the tickler.

“Is that a turn on for you Jon, fucking me with a tickler while I am sucking a hung trannie with my big ass in your hands?“ I want to watch Chris give you a blow job later, a really edgy one, are you fine with that? He is very talented and I love watching.

“Yes, a huge turn on, and I would love you to watch Chris edging me.”

“That tickler on your big cock is heaven, fucking heaven,” Sue moans as we orgasm together.

“What can I do for you while I watch Chris blow you? I want him to edge you for at least thirty-minutes,” Sue asks as the three of us refresh in the spa.

Or what would you like to do to me while Chris blows you? Let me guess, kiss my ass, suck my tits, lick escort köle bayan gaziantep my cunt? Some bondage?”

“All of the above,” I smile as I flaunt my cock for Chris as I sit on the side of the spa.

“Good, let’s do it,” Sue smiles as Christopher licks and kisses my new erection, then my balls.

“Can I have the bondage Sue, you know what I like and how it turns me on. Punish me for the mistakes I made this week. Don’t hold back.”

I watch fascinated as Chris stands, legs apart, with his hands on the wall, his cock is flaccid I note, and he does have a feminine ass I muse, as Sue strokes a heavy, wide belt over his ass then raises her arm and whacks his ass with the belt. Then again and again, each time harder and noisier.’

“I love it, love it, harder, harder,” he is moaning as Sue is obviously enjoying punishing him. He has a raging erection now I notice, as he whispers, “That’s nine Sue, one more.”

“Did you like watching that Jon? I warned you I was kinky and love to stretch the boundaries. Look at your erection, would you like a few strokes on your ass while Chris watches?

“Harder than that Jon?,” Sue asks after the first whack on my ass.

“Yes please, three more, leave a mark, I like it, look at my throbbing erection.

“Awesome, fucking awesome,” Sue whispers as she watches Christopher wrap his lips around my erection after I asked Sue to slide my cock ring all the way along my erection.

I am sitting in a comfortable chair with arms while Chris kneels between my legs as Sue tells me, “I have never watched him with a thick, nine-inch erection before and the way you are kissing and licking my big ass at the same time is wonderful.

“He is very good at edging men, I want him to pleasure you for at least thirty-minutes while I watch.”

“He really is very good,” I murmur to Sue as he provides exquisite sexual pleasure to my rock hard erection using his lips and tongue, then no physical contact as he blows on my erection between his tightly pursed lips. Men understand the subtleties of a blow job better than women I muse as Chris licks the full length of my erection as Sue positions herself so I can lick and suck her erect nipples.

“Room service, I am here to run bath for you,” I vaguely hear as I watch and enjoy Christopher edging my raging erection while I lick and suck Sue’s nipples.

“Come on in, we are not ready for it yet,” Sue answers. “Would you like to stay and watch?,” Sue teases with a big smile. “All three of us enjoy an audience. Look what Chris is doing to Jon’s nine inch erection.”

“Wow, that is awesome, fucking awesome, so big, he is huge,” Jimmy the twenty-year old room service boy whispers as he watches Chris pleasuring my rock hard nine-inch erection. “Can I really stay and watch?”

“Which is the biggest turn on for you?,” Sue asks Jimmy. “My naked body, look at my big tits and ass, or the naked men.”

“The naked men, especially the one having his huge cock sucked. I really like that.”

“If you were here an hour ago you could have watched Jon fucking me while I sucked Chris’s cock.

“Stand up and show Jimmy how big you are,” Sue tells me as she stands behind me and teases gaziantep kumral escort bayan the underside of my erection with a fingertip as Chris and Jimmy look on.

“Stop sucking and lick Jon’s erection to show Jimmy how big he is,” Sue whispers to Chris as he does just that.

Jimmy has an obvious erection bulging under his tight uniform as he moans and, repeats himself, “Wow, that is awesome, fucking awesome, so big, he is huge.”

“Do you want to keep watching Jimmy? If you do you can watch me and Chris give him an orgasm to remember,” Sue teases as Chris resumes sucking my erection while Sue slides a thumb and finger along the base of my very erect cock.

“Have you ever watched a naked woman licking a man’s balls while another man is blowing him Jimmy. Do you think Chris is talented the way he is pleasuring and edging Jon? The way he is using his lips and tongue on that rock hard erection? Jon is enjoying it immensely, especially with you watching.”

“Love your rock hard big cock,” Chris tells me as he is doing wonderful things with his tongue and lips to my erection that no female ever has as he continues edging me.

I can hear someone else knocking at the door, then, “Room service, are in there Jimmy?”

“Come in, he is with us,” Sue replies.

“I am Madeline, Jimmy’s supervisor, I sent him to run a bath for you fifteen minutes ago,” she tells us she walks around the corner to where we are.

“Oh my God, oh my fucking God, what I am seeing is just fucking incredible. A trannie blowing the biggest erection I have ever seen while my naked guest and my room service boy watch.”

“Would you like to watch as well, Jon won’t last much longer.

“I shouldn’t be watching this, very unprofessional, but you are fucking incredible, just magnificent,” Madeline moans as she holds my gaze.”I have seen lots in this hotel, but this is my number one moment.”

I am standing, always the best orgasm for me standing, as Chris is kneeling with my throbbing erection between his lips, the only contact he has with me as Sue watches intently.

“Jon is getting tense, he is breathing heavily, look at the veins in his cock, they are ready to burst,” Sue tells our audience,

“Jon is an ass man, would you like to watch him kiss my big ass while Chris finishes him off? Two men have kissed my big ass today and I loved it. Does that turn you on?”

Kissing Sues glorious ass with two people watching as Chris edges me has me so close.

Then Sue stands behind me, kisses my neck, and pinches my nipples. I can feel her body moving against mine in a fucking motion. I am so close as I watch the tension on two room service people.

Chris is licking my balls without contact with my cock, then tickling my balls with his fingertips as he gently slides half of my erection between his pursed lips. I am so close.

“That is so good Sue,” I moan as I feel her body moving against mine in a fucking motion. “So fucking good, watch me cum, watch, watch,” I am moaning as Chris does wonderful things to the tip of cock with his lips and fingertips.

“On my tits, on my tits.” Chris moans as I have a glorious long orgasm, knee trembling orgasm.

“I told you he was good, he really is good isn’t he?” Sue asks we watch room service run the bath for us. “Chris is leaving before me, would you like to return and pleasure me again tomorrow?”

“Don’t you ever tell anyone about this,” Madeline tells Jimmy as they run the bath. ”And just look at you Jimmy, you have made a mess of your trousers, you must have enjoyed the show, even more than me”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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