MAID’en Love Ch. 1

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Well this is my first submission to the site and I am just as excited as I was the first time I made love to my female Maid whom I am intensely in love with.

My parents had just been transferred to a Far off place to work by their company and thus since they were now to stay far from home for at least 14 to 16 hours a day they decided to get a Female Maid to take care of the house and do all the work. My maid is just average looking but I developed a Deep Attraction for her ever since the first time I saw her, I don’t know what it was about her but she made me feel love for her each time I spoke to her and saw her.

I enjoy love making my maid her name is Chhaya and she is 38 years old is a married woman and is very dark has 34c boobs big round and black tits her waist is 30 and has a round butt of 34, I myself am 19 years old and am just average looking with 32d tits and a tight butt to compliment my backside but more than anything Chhaya love my eyes and finds them Intoxicating.

I remember the first day after Chhaya had arrived and my parents left home I ran back to my room and began to finger myself thinking of me and Chhaya making Love. As I and Chayya were the only ones at home she would always dress up very Casually in a Saree which let me have a good view of the waist line and breasts. I remember it was raining bursa yabancı escort outside when Chayya got back home and was completely drenched there by giving me Ample view of all that I wanted and much more, I went back to my room and just touched my pussy a little bit and then went on with it and before I knew I had just discovered what Heavy Orgasm’s were all about.

I lived in a locality where there were not many friends of my age and thus in my spare time when I was not in college I always ended up in Bed getting all wet by thinking of Chayya.

As I and Chhaya would spend hours all alone each day we would speak on all the topics under the sun and each time she said an incident where some guy had made a Pass at her not just made me Horny and Hot but made me feel Jealous as I intensely had begun to love Chhaya.

Days got converted into Weeks and Weeks into Months and my urge to make Chhaya mine was increasing with each passing day. I had Stained many a Panties and Bed Sheets while thinking of Chhaya but I was scared to make the first move towrads her for fear of her Rejection but one day finally the day came when I heard some noise from her room as I peeped in I found her masturbating violently with 3 fingers into her ‘Honey Pot’, I went on looking I soon came to know from bursa sınırsız escort her movement and moans that she was going to CUMM any moment and so gathered courage and entered her room when she saw me she got scared at first but I went in with love towards her and with out saying a word I feel to the ground removed her hands out of her pussy and licked her bare and wet pussy and licked her to what I presume was her life’s most Shuddering and Heavy Orgasm.

Chhaya had and still has a lot of pussy hair and I love to make my way through her hairy jungle as if I were searching for a treasure in some forest. She loves to lick my ass and put her tongue into it, whereas I love to shove my fingers into her pussy and make her scream her way to ecstasy.

As time went by I and Chayya got more and more Involved and decided not to be mere Sexual Partners but Lovers and there Began a new chapter in our Life. A chapter not just full of sex but Understanding, Romance and also Public Dating. The best fun was when one day I and Chayya landed up in a Theatre and hardly anyone else was in for the show, WOW & HOT are the 2 word’s that best describe the entire experience.

Our love was so Deep that each day once my parents left home I and Chayya would do the house work together so that it was görükle escort over faster and Chayya would not be too tired for Fun once the work was done. After the house work was done our Schedule would begin with a Bath together where we ended up Lathering each others Pussies as there was no tomorrow and before we could get each others Pussy ready we would Orgasm again and our pussies got Creamed over and over again.

We spent long hours on the Net surfing Porn Sites and trying out with each other all that we saw on the sites. Our Favorite was the 69 position where we would not just get a chance to lick each other to Shuddering Orgasm’s at the same time but would also allow us to have Direct Access to each others Cumm and we just Loved the feel of the Hot and Fresh Cumm dripping into our Mouths. The Licking would get Heavier and more Fierce once there was some Trace of Cumm and we would dig deeper into each other to get more Cumm just as a Bee dips deeper into Bee Hive once she gets her first taste of Honey.

Chayya loved putting Clips on my tits while she made me Cumm with her tounge and by then my Nipples would be real hard and just right to suck on and I returned her favour in the same manner.

Many people whom I know feel that I am a hardcore pervert as I have sex with my maid but I feel that there should not be any distinction in this matter as even she is human and even she needs love. You readers mean a lot to me now so you’ll tell me am I doing the right thing by making love to my maid???

Do send your responses to my mail box at the earliest as I love replying to mails sent to me and will get back to your at the earliest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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