Lust on the High Seas Day 01


This is a highly embellished account of something that happened to me during a recent cruise holiday.

As with most of my stories, there is quite a lot of ‘scene setting’ (during Days 1 and 2) before any real action takes place. I intend this series to follow a range of scenarios over a period of 10 days (time permitting), beginning with a lesbian seduction, progressing into an intense lesbian group session (Day 3), followed by a number of other situations including lesbian acts in public places and an interracial lesbian and hetero non-consent scenario later in the series.

The series will (I hope) eventually cover:

Day 1: Southampton – Boarding and making new friends

Day 2: Macey at Sea – Exploring and looking for love

Day 3: La Caruna – The lesbian couple seduce Macey

Day 4: Macey at Sea – An intense non-consent lesbian group session

Day 5: Cadiz – Lesbians in public / one-on-one with Seiko

Day 6: Malaga – Blackmail and lesbian non-consent with Seiko & Anna

Day 7: Gibraltar – Macey takes Danny to meet Dina, Preeti & Shreeya – (MFFF Group)

Day 8: Lisbon – Lesbian interracial and hetero non-consent – (MFF Threesome)

Day 9: At Sea – Lesbian group, hetero voyeur, and interracial n/c – (MFFF Group)

Day 10: At Sea – Macey takes Danny to Georgia’s suite for group fun – (MFFF Group)

Day 11: Southampton – Macey has a fond farewell in the Ladies room

NB: Details and specifications may be subject to change without prior notice – lol 😉

For those who want to get ‘straight to the meaty stuff’, you could possibly skip this first section (Day 1) and most of Day 2, but I do hope you will read them, as they set the stage for later sections, some of which may make little sense without the background.

For this reason, I would definitely recommend reading though Parts 1 & 2 first.

Words: 4,720


Title: Lust on the High Seas.

or… What I Did on my Winter Break – an Essay by Macey R****

A few weeks ago I was taken on this wonderful holiday. I hadn’t really wanted to go at first. It meant taking a break from my university course, but my mam and dad had planned it, and they refused to leave me behind ‘to fend for myself for ten days’ as they put it. I think it was more the fact they didn’t trust me to be left on my own. So I agreed and went along, after all, it was free.

I think I should explain that ‘Dad’, isn’t my natural father. He’s my step-dad, but I call him Dad; he likes that, and it feels more ‘comfortable’. My mam married him when I was fourteen, and for the most part he’s been a perfect gentleman, apart from a brief couple of incidents soon after I turned eighteen, but enough of that.

In order to be allowed to take the break, I had to make special arrangements with my tutors to have course work to take with me. I also had to email essays back during the trip, and if I got behind I had to agree to catch up before the end of the term or I would face ‘severe consequences’.

Anyway, it turns out it was a rather special holiday. They took me on a cruise aboard the Queen Elizabeth, a beautiful ship decorated in art-deco style, with about 2000 passengers aboard. It wasn’t the sort of holiday I would have chosen for myself, but I did end up having a very good time – several very good times in fact.

Day 1: Boarding at Southampton.

We had traveled down to Southampton the day before the cruise, staying overnight in a small hotel near the docks, so we were at the port early and among the first in the queue to board. They gave us each a thing they call a Cruise Card. It’s a sort of ID and credit card combined and it gets you into your cabin and you use it for purchases on board. They also use it to check you on and off the ship at the ports.

Even though we were among the first to board, there were already people there who clearly hadn’t just arrived. I would find out later that some passengers stay aboard for weeks on end, for a variety of reasons, mostly because they are filthy rich and they simply can afford to do so.

Once aboard, the first job was to find our cabin, or ‘Stateroom’ as they like to call it (Ooohh – lah-de-dah). We were on deck 7 at the back of the ship, and our initial impression was that it was very posh. It was quite compact, and by that I mean small, but not tiny; it was functional – much like a caravan, where space is at a premium (only bigger). The middle of the living area (if you can call it that) was occupied by a big double bed, and there was a single ‘bunk’ that folded out from the wall (that would be mine, obviously).

We dropped off our luggage and decided to explore the ship before it got too busy. We were finding our way around one of the upper decks when we passed an outside area where four women were sharing a large public Jacuzzi (it was easily big enough for about ten or more people). Being almost December, it was quite cool outside and there was steam rising from the water. I remember thinking that they must have Antep Bayan Escort been very hardy to brave the cold like that.

As we approached I could hear them speaking in a foreign language, but none of us could make out what they were saying at first. From their deep tanned skin and beautiful dark hair, I assumed them to be from some hot climate, maybe Spain or Italy, or perhaps Central Asia – somewhere like that.

Two of them were quite young compared with most of the other people I had seen boarding (it was almost a wrinklies convention). They had a distinctive Asian appearance, possibly Indian or Pakistani. I guessed they were probably in their early twenties. They had smooth features, very dark complexions, and beautiful long shiny black hair, while the other two were paler skinned; still nicely tanned, but not as naturally dark as the younger couple.

The second two were clearly a fair bit older than the Asian pair. One of the older women was quite slim with short almost black hair, while the other was a little plumper and very buxom. She had shoulder length mousey coloured hair which looked straggly at the ends where it had been wetted in the Jacuzzi. Hers was a similar colour to mine when it hasn’t been coloured; although I usually do mine in a golden, bottle blonde.

As we came near, the older couple both stood for a second and we could immediately see that the slim dark haired woman was far taller than her buxom, mousey haired friend. They weren’t out of the water long though, before the shock of the cold air convinced them to plunge themselves back in, both laughing in surprise. I guessed they were both probably mid to late thirties, but it’s difficult to judge the ages of women from that part of the world; they often look younger than they really are.

As we walked past, the smaller of the older women nudged the other. She had her arm around one of the younger women, quite brazenly, but they were all clearly staring at us. I could feel their eyes on me. I had done my hair that morning in my favourite style, a pair of plaited pigtails, and although we were all dressed up warm in layers of clothing and coats, my small stature usually makes me look far younger than I really am. The pigtails only serve to enhance that image.

Under normal circumstances most girls might have found their outwardly lewd interest unnerving, particularly if they had been guys, but I’m not most girls, and there was something about the taller woman that appealed to me. She was slim with a petite figure similar to my own, although much taller, and she had a kindly looking face that seemed welcoming.

I could just imagine myself cradled in her arms, being showered with gentle, loving kisses. The smaller one on the other hand I perceived to be somewhat more predatory, and I could easily envisage being forcibly ravished by her. Even that felt quite exciting though. I’m not averse to a little rough sex if the circumstances are safe enough.

Anyway, I found them both quite attractive, for different reasons; well, all of them really. I simply love dark hair and tanned skin, and the idea of being taken by them was making me tingle… you know where.

I smiled and she smiled back, then as we walked away I could hear some excited jabbering. One of them said something that sounded like, “Me gustaría algo de eso.” I know a little Spanish from my liaisons with a particularly sexy young girl called Camila Teo. My friends nicknamed her Camila Toe, partly because of her unfortunate but beautifully anagramatical name, and partly because… well, that’s what she looks like stripped. She is one of my ‘sex-buddy girlfriend’ Jane’s more delectable recruits, in our ‘All-girl Fun Club’.

But I digress…

Anyway, what she said, roughly translated, was something like ‘I would like some of that’.

Another voice said. “No no. Muy joven,” meaning ‘Too young’.

I assumed they must be Spanish, and there was little doubt they were talking about me. My mam and step-dad exchanged glances but said nothing. I wanted to turn and smile again; perhaps give the dark haired woman one of my well-practice coy looks, just to let her know I was interested, but we had only just arrived and I felt it was probably far too soon to be giving myself away like that, so I restrained myself. Not for long though.

Ever since I had turned 18 (well, even before then if I’m honest) I seem to manage to get fucked almost everywhere I go, and this trip was going to be no exception. I still wasn’t happy about being dragged along, and if I was going to be stuck on this ship for ten days I was determined to find someone to have a good time with. There never seems to be any shortage of men of all ages who would be only too happy to oblige, but I wasn’t looking for a man. I wanted someone of my own gender.

I have this feeling, right or wrong, that many men (certainly boys anyway) don’t really understand (or care?) about how to please a woman; I mean ‘really’ please her. So many men seem to think it’s enough to get a girl’s pants off and then bang… straight in with a hard-on and fuck her until she can’t walk… at least that’s what some would like to believe they can do.

The truth of the matter is something quite different. What a woman wants (well, this girl anyway) is to be stimulated and petted for ages, to be tormented until she can’t stand it any longer; until her whole body heaves and writhes, aching for that irresistible touch that will finally give her the ultimate pleasure of orgasm. And not just a clitoral orgasm either; a deep, shuddering, cervical orgasm.

A woman knows instinctively what a woman likes; what she really wants. Any woman can tell how to please another woman. All she has to do is give her partner exactly what she likes herself. It’s not rocket science is it. I like to feel fingers and lips and tongues all over my body, all at once if possible, stimulating and teasing me for hours. That delicious torment that makes you simply ache for something inside you, something that will make you heave and lurch with the need for satisfaction. So to please my partner, that’s what I try to do for her, and I can honestly say I’ve never disappointed a female lover, even long before it was legal for me to indulge in such things.

Having said that, it’s probably fair to say that I have disappointed quite a few males though, but that wasn’t through any lack of commitment on my part; well maybe it was; more a lack of interest really. It was simply because I wouldn’t spread my legs for them. Some men can be so predictable, and often far too insensitive, so I tend to avoid the situation. Don’t get me wrong. I like the feel of a nice hot, hard cock stretching me as much as the next girl, but without the essential preliminary coitus, it just leaves me feeling… well, flat and ‘used’, so most of the time I prefer to have my romantic interludes with a woman.

Anyway – back to the plot.

After half an hour or so ‘exploring’, mam and dad found a bar where they were just starting some contrived quiz, so I made an excuse to go off on my own to explore the rest of the ship. It didn’t take me long to find my way back to the Jacuzzi, but by then the younger pair had gone; only the two older women were there this time.

I smiled as I approached and I heard one say to the other something like, “Aquí está ese lindo pequeño otra vez. Todo solo esta vez” which roughly translated means, ‘Here’s the cute little one again. All alone now.’

As I came closer, the mousey haired woman said, not very discreetly, “Quiero comerla,” meaning ‘I want to eat her’. She clearly thought I wouldn’t understand.

I ignored her lewd comments, and stopping beside the edge of the steps I said simply, “Hello.” I think they were surprised that I had come back, particularly so, having returned to see them.

The smaller, Mousey haired woman just stared, wide eyed and licking her lips. “Hello little one,” the taller, black haired woman replied in a heavy Spanish accent, while frowning at her dissolute friend.

“Isn’t it cold in there?” I asked, trying to sound as sweet and innocent as I could. I had by now discarded my heavy winter coat but I was still wearing a thick pink fleece which, although quite loose fitting it adequately revealed my petite frame and meagre bust, so I know I looked the part that I wanted to portray.

“No pretty thing,” the other woman said in a sort of broken English. There was little doubt that she would have liked to eat me as soon as look at me.

“It’s not cold when you’re in the water. It’s warm in here,” the first woman told me, smiling kindly. She had such a warm, inviting manner, but was clearly embarrassed by her friend’s lascivious approach.

I dipped my hand into the water and smiled at them, surprised at how warm it felt. “I’m Macey,” I said, reaching forward with my wet hand to introduce myself. “Are you Spanish?” I asked.

“Very good to meet with you,” the taller woman said with a smile, taking my fingers gently in one hand. “No. We are from Puerto-Rico, but it iss easy mistake to make. We speak Spanish,” she added. “Most Puerto-Rican’s do. Do you know Spanish?” she asked, looking slightly concerned.

“Not really,” I lied. “I just recognised the sound of the words.” I didn’t want to embarrass her by letting them know I could understand at least some of what they were saying about me.

She smiled. “My name iss Georgia, and this iss my partner Clarita,” she said.

“Partner?” I echoed, unable for a moment to disguise the surprise in my question.

“Si,” the buxom woman said in a dark low voice as she moved toward me through the water to take my hand from her friend.

“Does this worry you, that we are … how do you say? … lovers?” Georgia asked.

The way she pronounced the ‘s’ in her words, with a slight ‘hiss’ sound, I found quite attractive. I felt a slight involuntary smile spread across my lips. “No. Not – at – all,” I replied, shaking my head slowly in time with the words and smiling pointedly at her.

“Ooohh. This goood,” Clarita cooed softly, clasping my hand tightly with both of hers. She leaned forward to display her ample bosom as she pulled my hand close. I gave my hand a quick tug, and it was only the wetness of our hands that allowed me to pull it free or I felt sure she would have thrust it into her cleavage.

Undeterred, Clarita asked, “Why you don come in?” in her broken English. “Iss very warm,” she added with a broad smile.

“I don’t have my costume,” I replied, excusing myself the embarrassment of the situation. “Our bags haven’t arrived yet,” I lied, reinforcing my excuse.

“Come with top ant panties,” she countered, giggling and staring lewdly at me, her eyes bright and sparkling. I had little doubt now that she would have been all over me, given the chance, and I felt she was taunting me, but I couldn’t be sure, and I certainly didn’t mind.

“Oh! I couldn’t possibly do anything like that,” I exclaimed, looking shocked. “Anyway, I don’t have a bra,” I told them.

Clarita’s eyes opened wider and she smiled hungrily at me. I was certain by now that if I had been in there with them she would have tried to fuck me right there in public. I felt highly excited at the prospect, but I wasn’t about to show it. Not yet, least-ways.

Georgia quickly came to my rescue, changing the subject. “It iss only cold when you get out,” she said with a smile, moving forward to join her partner, “which reminds me,” she added, turning to Clarita and pushing her away gently. She said something in Spanish which I didn’t catch but it sounded almost scolding, the smile falling from the face of her partner as she turned to me again, adding with a smile, “We should be going. It will be dark soon. We should come out before it iss too cold.” Her English was much better than her buxom friend, but she still had a very heavy Spanish accent.

“Oh,” I said, clearly sounding disappointed.

“We are only going down to our cabin to get dry,” the black haired beauty told me.

“You waan come too?” the smaller woman asked, smiling lewdly. Georgia shot her a glare.

“I shouldn’t,” I told them, defusing the situation. “My mam and dad will wonder where I am.” I seem to recall Clarita saying something like, “Ella se ve tan jugosa.” My rough translation being, ‘She looks so juicy.

“No no. Muy joven,” (Too young), Georgia replied.

“What did she say?” I asked, trying to appear as innocent as I could.

“She say she think you are very pretty,” Georgia lied.

“Oh,” I replied with a smile. “Who were the other two ladies that were with you earlier?” I asked.

“You like?” Clarita asked, her voice low and sensual. She seemed to be inviting me to compliment the two lovelies.

“I just wondered…” I began, but Georgia interrupted me.

“Oh. They are sisters. We meet on the last cruise,” she told me. “They did not waan to go home and we say ‘You don have to’. We say they can stay with us. We pay for them and they… help us,” she said, hesitantly.

“Help you? With what?” I asked, putting her on the spot while still trying to sound as innocent as possible.

“Oh, just this and that,” she said with a shrug. Clarita just smiled at me, licking her lips and raising and lowering her eyebrows quickly. I knew exactly what she meant of course.

It was patently obvious that these two weren’t ‘a couple’ in any normal sense, even for gay women. They were a pair of predatory lesbians. They may well have met the younger women as they had said, probably seducing them in much the same way as they were trying to seduce me, then tempted them to stay with the promise of a free extended holiday.

“Well… I suppose I’d better go,” I told them, with a sigh. “I’ll probably see you around will I?”

“I do hope so,” Georgia replied, with a broad smile and her heavy Spanish accent.

I walked away a few steps, then turned and gave her a smile. She was watching me closely, and her friend was whispering in her ear. As I turned again to walk away, I could almost feel their eyes on me, the intensity of their gaze burning into my back, and I felt strangely empowered that I had already found someone interested in me; well, two someones actually.

We were all quite tired after our first day aboard, what with humping all of the luggage around and getting unpacked and all. None of us felt like getting all dressed up for dinner, so we decided to slum it. “Just for the first evening,” dad said. “Tomorrow it’s a formal dinner, so we’ll have to go to that won’t we… and we’ll be properly rested, so it will be fun.”

We had a quick wash and got changed into some fairly presentable casual clothes, then headed up to the buffet restaurant. It was surprising how many other people had decided to do the same, and it made me wonder if the main restaurant might be empty (I’m sure it wasn’t of course).

Each evening after dinner, they put on a show in this massive theatre at the back end of the ship. I kept calling it the blunt end, just to wind up my dad, who was being fussy about using all the correct terms. I don’t think he had ever been to sea before in his life, but he likes to be an authority on all that sort of stuff.

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