Lunchtime Fantasy

Ava Addams

I was working at a somewhat well known, high quality beauty store. Every second I spent at that job was miserable. For the most part, the women who came in were spoiled bitches and just wanted their expensive shampoo. I was feeling particularly lonely and, admittedly horny on the day that you came in. Don’t get me wrong — my husband is an amazing lover, but I had pussy on my mind and wanted the sexual company of a woman this day.

You came in to get your birthday gift. I thought you were attractive. I liked your athletic frame. Your hips were narrow, but your ass was high, tight, and round. Your breasts seemed on the larger size, which is my preference, and I could see the top of your bra peeking out of the low collar of your shirt. It was lace, and I wanted to know if your underwear matched it. I was distracted while you were there as I allowed myself to think about your naked body and the naughty things I would like to do to it. The thoughts were fleeting, but they were present! Our conversation was straight forward, boring even. You took your birthday gift, made a small purchase and began to leave the store. As you left, you winked at me. An unexpected, but blatant energy of sexuality washed over me. My body reacted instantly! I felt a surge in my pussy and I know that if I had touched myself right then and there, I would’ve been wet! You left me, so to speak, at attention!

I had gone to the salon earlier in the week and had gotten waxed, and ever since had wanted to play with my new, hairless mound. About the time I began to fantasize again, my supervisor came out of the back room and told me to go ahead and take my lunch break. I decided I was too horny not to take advantage of an uninterrupted hour, so I drove the five minutes to my apartment and bypassing any actual food or normal lunchtime activities, got out of my clothes and onto my couch. I could always eat later!

I lie on the couch, spread my legs. I am wet just imagining the fantasy! I close my eyes and rub my hands on my naked breasts and down to my pussy. I began to play with my slit, as I imagine our anonymous sex…

The store is empty. The mall is closed. We are completely alone. I begin the traditional services offered at my store, and you accept. After I rub your hands and shoulders, I ask you if there is anything else you need. Completely disinterested in chatting, you begin unbuttoning your blouse.

You say, “I think we both Bayan Escort Gaziantep know what this is really about. Why don’t we just get down to business?”

I sigh, relieved. I remove my shirt and bra. We are standing before one another, shirtless. Partially out of excitement and sheer horniness, I remove my bra, anxiously anticipating if you’ll do the same. You do. It doesn’t take us long to remove the rest of our clothing, and we stand before each other, completely naked. Your body is just as I suspected — athletic yet shapely, and your breasts are gorgeous. It takes all the strength I have not to take them into my mouth immediately. You look me up and down. I am shorter than you and heavier with more curves. You smile and lick your lips.

“I really like the looks of that tight little pink pussy of yours. And it looks so neat and clean. I think I need to rub it on my face,” you tell me.

I am elated by your suggestion, but am also so impressed with your impeccable and straight forward request, that it was all I could do not to jump on you, tackle you, and sit right on her face! In an effort to control myself somewhat and savor the experience, I simply respond,

“Well, I love being eaten out. I think you should do that.”

You sort of half laugh, and begin by grabbing by breasts — and you do so with a vigor and commitment that got me even wetter. I am standing up. You kiss, suck, and lick my breasts. You tug on my nipples with your teeth and mouth. My nipples are erect, hard, and excited by your veracity in taking them. You then kiss, suck, and lick all the way down my body. You stop and carefully examined my clean, waxed mound. You run your finger up and down my wet slit, and slowly tease me with your fingers. You tell me, “I really like your beautiful little pussy.” Before I can respond, you ravage it!

You grab it in your mouth with the same ferocious hunger as you did my pert breasts. I now understood your fierce disinterest in conversation! You were saying all you needed to say as you fuck my sopping wet muff with your tongue and mouth. I fuck your face and mouth and tongue, finding your rhythm as best I could. I am bucking my hips forward to the rhythm of your thrusts and licks. You take long, luxurious strokes with your tongue. I bend into these strokes and can’t help but moan with ecstatic pleasure. You then suck on my clit and pussy lips, taking each as a treat you savor. All I can do is surrender and moan. You grab my labia and squeeze, spread them apart and take my clit closer to your face. You lick deeply. I lean my hips forward to take my clit into you as far as you can take it, as you roll and lap the little mound. I am close to orgasm now, but don’t want you to stop.

“Don’t stop!” I yell. “Please, don’t stop! I love it! You’re so good at eating me out! Please don’t stop!”

You slap my ass and slap my clit and tell me to turn over. All I can do is obey. My anticipation so intense, I simultaneously want to come all over your face, but don’t want the pleasure to stop.

“Oh, God, oh, yes, oh yes.” I moan and moan as you eat me from behind.

You stroke my back and my ass and slide your fingers up my slit and into my hot, wet hole. With your other hand, you grab my breast and squeeze my nipples. You fingered fuck me like a pro into orgasm. You know how to play with my clit just right. My orgasm is several waves of ecstasy and I buck, hard, against your expert fingers.

But still I want more! All I can think about is taking your mound into my mouth. I need you now! I dive my face into your wet pussy. I lap up your warm and salty juices and with my eager face, fuck you as hard and with as much enthusiasm as I can muster. I breathe into your mound, blow on it, and moan as I eat you. I just can’t get enough of your snatch! You taste musky and clean. I grab your hips and pull your clit as far into my tight lipped mouth as I can. I roll it over and under my tongue, hoping I can give you half the pleasure you just gave me. I slide two fingers up and down your slit, and then deep into your hole. I fuck you with my fingers while I sucked on your tight clit. Not being able to control myself, I literally rub my face and nose all over your wet mound, taking in as much as I can. It is heavenly. The pleasure plural. I came as you begin to. I hold your hips and mound close to me as you buck and moan, and I make sure to drink every last drop of your cum.

I want to play with your breasts again, which are indeed bigger than mine. I assume they are a D or DD cup. The moment I saw them, I just wanted to rub my face in them, and so that is how I begin. I lick and suck your nipples and breasts. I take both of them in my hands. They are firm and soft, and I love how big they are compared to mine. If I am honest with myself, I am a sucker for big tits! We rub our tits together, really working our nipples together until all four of them are rock hard. You grab mine and I grab yours, and we sucked on each other a bit more.

“I want to fuck your pussy against mine,” I tell you.

I am enjoying taking the dominant role during this part, so I slap your ass and pull you close to me. I push you up against the table in the store, and helped you onto it. You grab my hand and help me up. We position ourselves into a scissor formation, both of us sort of on our sides so we can be at the same level as much as possible. We grab hands and began pounding against each other. It begins slowly at first. I really want to luxuriate in the feeling of two hot mounds against each other. I really enjoy the feel of the warm folds intermingled. I love how wet and slick we both are.

“Your tight little pink pussy is perfect,” you tell me. “I meant to mention that earlier.” Your breath is short and your voice soft and husky from our energy. I am excited to hear your pleasure as you speak.

“You did!” I yell, and laugh, as we rub our wet twats in unison. We are really working up a frenzy, and I get more and more excited as you begin to moan and buck harder against me. We grind and push against each other until we both come again.

I am excited, exhausted, and generally spinning from the energetic fuck we just enjoyed. Still, I want more.

“I just want a little bit more of you,” I said. “I can’t get enough.”

I grab your legs and pull them above your head. Your perfect pussy is now completely exposed and I munch and lick and suck it some more! I moan as I do so because I wanted you to know how much I like it. I lick and suck your clit while I finger your slit. This time, when I take my fingers into your body, I use three. I pump them up and down inside of you and you move your hips to accommodate and encourage my rhythm.

“I want you to come on my face again!” I shout in my pleasure.

I remove my fingers and once again dive face first into your wet snatch. I roll your clit around between my lips, teeth, and tongue until we come.

I lap you all up — happy.

I finish my fantasy with a bit more fingering of my own slick mound. I go and find my favorite vibrator — my long and thick purple dick with the clit stimulator — and have a bit more fun before returning to work. I don’t know how many times I got to orgasm that afternoon, but it was exactly what I needed.

I cleaned myself up and returned to work just in time. Needless to say, the rest of my day was much better!

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