Love in a Changed World Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This is an organizational reworking of previously published work (resetting it into novel-length chapters)

Chapter 2


Obviously, I was in no shape to make good on my promise right away. We had a planned getaway for Fall Break. We had originally thought to go to Hawaii, but Nadia suggested changing our plans. The family had a place in Key West. She suggested that would be a shorter flight and would be better suited to our new plans. I put my plan in motion to let Nadia get her full sexual release from out marital bed. I would save my energy until then. Once we got there, I made Nadia promise, it was anything goes.

We made a decent living a little from my teaching, but mostly from Nadia having been a ground-floor person at a tech start up that sold at its peak. We probably could have lived of the interest from that, but I had to do something, and Nadia was driven and creative. She was well on the way to taking her current employer to the top of its market. She loved that. On top of that, though, her family was, well, loaded. They had enough money that they never talked about money (except in the abstract, “The foundation gave x school y dollars so there’s eryaman rus escort another building) My father had been a railroad engineer. Mom took in piecework to make ends meet. Nadia flew on a private jet to a university with three buildings and two schools bearing her last name. I hopped off a freight train three miles from a state school that granted me a scholarship and work study. In grad school, she started to feel a little uncomfortable about her family’s wealth, and eventually decided to eschew it in favor of making her own way.

Fortunately, her scruples didn’t go so far as handing back her keys to any number of the family’s homes in various resort locales around the globe. The Key West ‘house’ was a perfect escape from the growing New England chill and well-appointed for my, best laid, but flawed plan to reestablish my position as King Orgasmo of the Marital Plain.

“House” was something of a misnomer. The Key West “House” was more of compound with several residences, a courtyard, secluded pool, hot tub, gardens, etcetera. Working class kid that I am, I immediately changed into a bathing suit with a plan to cannonball into the pool. Nadia made a pitcher of some sort of very strong tropical drinks and went to change.

I ankara etimesgut escort bayan emerged from my perfectly executed plunge to see her strolling out to the poolside in a full terry cloth robe. She whipped it off in an overly stylized flourish to reveal her stunning nakedness. She was a vision. Toned everywhere, but still with feminine curve, she walked to the end of the pool. There was no bounce to her sculpted ass, and a ripple of flexing in her legs and she strode. The only bounce at all was in those pert firm breasts. Just enough to be inviting. Even on the slight downswing there was nothing approaching sag. I’d try to describe her beautiful bare pussy. It was art. I wish I had words, but I don’t. She dove into the pool in the perfect form that belied some private training by some distant expensive renown coach. (She once told me that she learned to golf from Tiger Woods) She swam the length of the pool under water emerging in front of me in the shallow end close enough that her now erect nipples brushed me on their way up.

I don’t think I ever got a boner faster in my life. We kissed for what seemed like an hour. “Let’s have a drink,” she commanded. We got out of the pool. She was glistening in gölbaşı rus escort bayan the sun. It stood there with a tent in my shorts that would have made Barnum my nose smashed to her pubis. It was just becoming hard to get air when she started to buck. Her hand pressing my face inexorably forward combined with the increasing violence of her hips smashing from the front was becoming a problem. I tried to pull away, but caught in the throes of her impending orgasm, Nadia wouldn’t let me. I put both hands on her thighs and tried to free myself, but it was useless — my god she was strong. She continued to grind against my helpless face. I had assumed when she held me against the wall of our living room, she was using all her strength.

That was a faulty assumption.

It became clear, there was no way back — only through. I gave everything I had to bringing her off. I started to become lightheaded between the lack of air and the exertion of trying to fight her power. I was either going to make her cum or die in the attempt. She started to buck harder and scream louder. “Oh my god. Oh my god. This is it. I’m cumming.” She panted. With that the bucking stopped. She clamped my head with her hand and thighs as she peaked. I was sure I was going to pass out when she finally relented. She stepped back, and I started to fall forward. She caught me under the arms, lifted me to her lips and tasted herself, plunging her tongue into my mouth with abandon. There was no dance in that kiss. She was in charge.

“See,” she said pulling her head back, “No hairballs.”

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