Lost In The Arms Of My Love Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

Hey there all you horny, sexy, lonely women out there… This is Bob here (of course… as you know, it ain’t my real name but the information coming up is REAL).

I’m 26 and reside in Chennai. There have been quite a few online romances I’ve been a victim to. A victim, for nothing got outta these wires that are connecting people these days and transformed into reality. Nothing, but for just one incident about a year back.

The following is a part of a 20-page mailer, I’d written which in fact led the girl in question trust me and make things happen in real life. The girl ain’t around anymore, and I’m sure looking for some company. Hope there’s someone out there… who would enjoy this fantasy of mine and maybe… make things work out for REAL!?

Anyway, I know this first part of my story may be a lil’ too detailed.. and slow, but then that’s how I WANT IT TO BE… so… hope you enjoy it and get so turned on, you find a way to get in touch with me?


You ring the bell… and I am taking my shower when I hear the bell sound… I immediately grab a towel… Wrap it around my waist… and come to the door to greet you.. I’m still a little wet as I have not dried myself up completely…I open the door… and let you in… And at that time… you are quite surprised to see me in just a towel… You are also slightly nervous… Seeing me in that state.

As I let you inside through the door I gently smell your hair… and the smell is divine. Okay, so you come in… and I ask you to take your seat. You see that I’m in the middle of a bath and ask me to finish it. But, I don’t want to miss a second of being with you and hence say “it is okay” and sit on the other sofa still in the towel and few droplets of water still shining over my body.

We don’t talk much… you keep looking at the ground as though you’re searching for something and I keep staring at you. As I’m looking at you, unknowingly my body begins to tense up… and I feel that the water on my body is actually drying very fast because of the heat I’m feeling looking at you sitting in front of me. At this moment, as a surprise I suddenly feel a bulge between my legs and when I look down, I see that my cock is completely erect now and the towel didn’t do any justice as my cock found it’s way out of the towel, erect as though it is looking at you and saluting you for your beauty.

I pull the towel over… and cover myself…and ask you to speak, but you don’t speak, instead you ask me to go and finish my bath. Since, I too was slightly embarrassed because of the behavior of my cock, I excuse myself and say I’ll have my shower and be back in a few minutes. When I get up, you look at my cock and you just keep staring at me as though you’re looking at a strange thing for the first time. I see you looking at my thing and suddenly you realize it and immediately lift your head and our eyes meet for a few seconds.

You feel embarrassed now but I pretend as though I didn’t notice it and go on with my plan to taking my bath. I proceed towards the bathroom and you watch me from behind.

The moment I get into the bathroom, I take the towel off and my cock springs out as though a caged bird was set free from its cage. Now my mood has totally changed and I’m feeling a lot horny. I forget about my shower for quite sometime and begin to fantasize how it would feel letting my cock into you into the most beautiful and private part of my lovely Angel.

As I’m fantasizing about making love to you the water from the shower keeps pouring over me and my cock gets harder and harder the more I think about you. I forget that you’re waiting outside and let the feeling FLOW. After a lot of time (that I just didn’t notice had slipped by…) I notice you standing Maltepe Escort right at the door of the bathroom, looking at me looking at my thing and only then do I Realize that I’d left the bathroom door open.

I think you were waiting for me too long and were going impatient and were worried what happened to me and so came to my room to see what happened. But I sure could see the surprise in your eyes when you see what you saw. You feel embarrassed again and say “I’m sorry Bob, I didn’t intend to peek, but was just worried whatever happened to you”. I don’t take any effort in hiding my cock, but instead I close the shower (the shower atleast served all this time, to cover my cock and the moment I close it my cock is visible VERY CLEARLY).

I walk towards you and you are so stunned by the whole scene you don’t even move. Instead, your eyes are glued to my cock. I come close to you and without touching you at all, I lower my face close to your face until both our eyes are even and looking into the others eyes. I keep searching for something, inside your eyes. Maybe, I’m searching for the lust in your eyes, maybe I’m looking for some sign in your eyes that you need me just as badly as I need you. I look into your eyes and you don’t close it either. Instead, you look into my eyes too.

Slowly, I move my lips towards your lips. Finally my lips make contact. In fact, it was more than just a contact because, the moment my lips got close to yours, you part your lips, and both our tongues meet in a very very passionate kiss. But even now the only contact we both are having is that of our lips meeting each other’s. We are exploring each others mouth with our tongue and I bite your upper and lower lips constantly trying to bite a piece out and have it with me forever.

We spend a lot of time just kissing and by this time I slowly pull you closer to me into the bathroom. My right hand immediately grabs your rear and I pull you closer and closer. I’m totally naked and my cock is fully erect… and since you’re a whole 5 inches shorter than me (I’m 6’2″) the moment I pull you closer my cock bends and presses your navel. You feel the hardness of it on your stomach.. and this turns you on.

So here we are – I’m holding you in a sort of semi erotic state standing with my right hand cupping your butt firmly and pulling closer and closer, my cock resting on your stomach, my lips still searching for a lot of juice from your lips and by this time my other hand (the left one…) slowly sneaks between both our bodies and I find your breasts and begin to gently feel them. I don’t squeeze them but gently feel the softness of it through the Churidhar you’re wearing.

As I’m doing this you loose control of your feelings and your kisses grow more louder and passionate and a little hasty too. Both your hands now play with the hair on my head as you’re lost in your own world of ecstasy. Slowly I begin to squeeze your breasts with my left hand and your butt with my right hand and you enjoy the feeling. The sensation is amazing, and I can feel your cold cold body warming up in response to my touch and acts.

We still are in the shower kissing for a long time but slowly we’re moving out of the bathroom. We’re still doing the same thing, me holding your breast and your butt, kissing you, but we’re gently and slowly moving to my bedroom and once we’re in I slowly bring my right hand in between both of us (the same hand that was pulling and squeezing your butt) and reach for the drawstring of your Churidhaar.

I find it and loosen the string up the moment I loosen it you give out a small sound (a mixture of surprise, fear and expectation) as though you know what is going to happen next. I once again place my hand back on your Maltepe Escort Maltepe butt but this time my palm touches the bare skin. At the very moment of my touch you give out an even louder moan and now I can feel your body begin to heat up even more as I feel every inch of your butt. I keep squeezing your breasts one by one and I’m still kissing you. But this time my kiss has moved away from your lips. I’m kissing your ears, behind your ears and I’m almost eating you.

My right hand by this time has found its way inside your panty. I feel your ass, those perfectly shaped beauties and slowly I move my hands between both your legs. My hands are inside your panty and my fingers are now slowly moving towards your pussy from behind. I gently feel all the softness of your skin as I move my palm towards your pussy and I can feel goose bumps all over your skin as you enjoy the touch. Your actions are restricted a lot because the pant that I had loosened up, has not yet been taken out of the way, but though it has come down from your waist it has clung on to your feet as though tying both your legs so that you don’t run away from your own feelings, your own needs and your own desires.

Finally, my fingers find their destination – your spongy pussy lips and to my surprise you are clean-shaven. The moment my fingers touch the outer flesh of your pussy lips… you suddenly open your eyes and give out a moan hmmmmmmmmm aaaaahhh and that drives me crazy. I begin to massage your pussy lips and now I too have become very hot we both are still standing.

Now the left hand that was squeezing your breasts through your dress comes down under your top and moves up again and I feel your bare breasts. You’re not wearing a bra. I can feel the tenderness of it, I can feel the softness, the delicate spongy feeling of your breasts and as I gently begin to play with them my kisses reach a little lower to your neck.

I’m still exploring the taste of your skin with my tongue, my right hand fingers are massaging your pussy lips and my left hand now can feel your erect nipples (and I’m surprised at just how hard they are compared to the softness of places my hands explored just a few seconds earlier). I move the hand in-between the valley formed by your breasts and by this time you loose control. You once again close your eyes and begin to enjoy the sensation.

As I’m massaging your pussy lips you kick the floor in an effort to get rid of the pant that has been wrapped around your feet and after a little effort you do succeed in freeing yourself and then you raise your left leg and slowly rest it up on my hips. As you do this your pussy lips slowly part and I realize that you want me to move my finger inside your love hole. As you do this I lift your right leg off the floor too and rest that too on my hips.

As I’m massaging your pussy my kisses now slowly move towards your breasts. But your top comes between us. You realize it and in the same posture (i.e. sitting on my hips, you release both your hands that were clasping my neck raise your hands and remove off the only piece of clothing between both of us). So there you are totally naked (with just your panty on) sitting on my hips with my finger playing with your pussy lips, my lips kissing and kneading your breasts, your lips kissing my forehead and my hair as you run your finger through it. What a great site and what a great sensation hmmmmmmm. I now… begin to kiss your nipples and I take your nipple into my mouth and suck it.

My left hand is squeezing one breast and my mouth is sucking the other nipple. My fingers by this time have found their way into your love hole. You’re totally wet inside and my finger slips inside very easily. The moment it enters, you give out Escort Maltepe a shriek and I know that you’re enjoying the whole thing totally.

I forgot to let you know in more detail how I was successful in letting my fingers find your ecstasy zone without any trouble so let me brief you on that detail.

The moment I got you naked and began to massage your pussy lips I began to gently move my index finger of the right hand all the way up and down your pussy lips. This gave you a lot of pleasure and with every move, I found your pussy lips swell and expand. I feel the protrusion of your aroused clitoris and I gently run a finger over it ever so softly, and at the very touch of your love bud, you scream out loud and look into my eyes as though you were trying to thank me for doing that.

Now that I knew exactly what you want, I play with you for a while. I move my finger pretty close, and as you close your eyes, in the expectation of the pleasure you’re going to get, I pull the finger back leaving you WANTING. This happens for along time and now, not minding your disappointment I spread both the pussy lips with two fingers (the index finger and the ring finger). As I do this you begin to buck your hips harder trying to make contact of your innermost FEMININE beauty with me.

Sensing this I insert my middle finger inside and it slips and disappears into you very easily. The first time I do it, you give out a loud moan and I just stay still for sometime with my finger inside you so that you get used to the thickness of this new thing inside you. After you settle yourself firmly over my finger, I feel your whole body move over the finger and now I know you’re enjoying it and so begin to pull my finger out and after a few seconds, let it inside again. I keep repeating this act continuously very gently and slowly at the beginning but growing in pace which you clearly enjoy for you keep grinding your hips over my finger in a circular way too.

After a lot of grinding and bucking of your hips you get a little tired and rest with my index still inside you. I spend this time enjoying the new drops of sweat and enjoy the sweet smell and taste of your skin as I lick your face, you ears, your forehead and your neck, drying your face away off sweat but leaving it moist with my tongue. I can’t wait to just ease my fingers out of you and taste all that was hidden inside you all these years, but the grip of your soft pussy just refuses to heed to my wish.

After a while, I begin to kiss your lips again and this time you’re not very strong with your responses and knowing you’re tired I gently plant small kisses on your lips, I kiss your lower lips, then your upper lips, later your nose and again come to your lips and as I keep doing this for a while, you get hot again. And as you get turned on, you respond to my kisses again and this time with your tongue searching for mine. Knowing that you’re back in the mood I once again begin to move my right hand middle finger in and out of your love hole. After a very short time I insert the index finger too inside your love hole.

You’re still on my lap and entangled in a very hot and passionate kiss and I’m giving you a great pussy treatment with two fingers inside you. You once again start to move but this time you’re a little wilder and you don’t move gently as you did last time but you move up (almost to the stage when my fingers fall out of your lips..) and in a flash slam yourself over it.

As you’re transformed into an unknown land of erotica you bite me, you bite my neck, my cheeks, my ears and you’re shouting like hell. Not wanting to let go of this lovely sight and wanting you to enjoy the pleasure even more I now insert my ring-finger too inside you. So there you are pumping your hips hard and strong over my three fingers. What a lovely sight!


Keep checking later for the continuation… I’d love to post the whole story, but then… I really wouldn’t know, if it stirred a few feelings in anyone at all…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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