Lockdown with Charles and Stephanie

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“I’ve invited Stephanie and Charlie for a meal on drinks on Saturday,” she told me this as she looked into the mirror, swirling around in her 1950’s net petticoat and ‘poodle’ skirt.

“How do you plan to overcome the ‘covid’ restrictions that are in place?”

“Easy,” she turned to me, flouncing her petticoat out, it came out from her waist and flared out spectacularly, totally surrounded her legs, sexy and suggestive, yet not in the least bit revealing, it was a truly astonishing garment.

“They’re delivering shopping to people who ‘may have’ coronavirus, in the very unlikely scenario that they are stopped, they should be allowed to continue, seeing as they are committing a public spirited activity.”

“Brilliant, tell them to bring plenty of booze and caviar.”

“Thomas, how can you, they’re our guests and good friends.”

“Only joking, I wouldn’t let them take a risk of falling foul of the police if I thought it was likely to lead to a fine, is there a theme?” I asked hopefully.

She smiled, “yes something innocuous such as a fifties night, no underwear on display or ‘tits’ out, but you never know it might lead to something in the future.

I nodded approval, “do I have to dress as a ‘Teddy-boy?” I asked with noticeable reluctance.

“No, you and Charlie are dressing in dinner suits and dickie bows, though they were part of the British ‘pop’ culture they looked stupid.

“Well, you’ve got it all organised, let’s hope it turns out as planned.”

Saturday night.

Charlie and Stephanie were right on time and drove straight into the open garage, I pressed the remote and the doors closed. They came into the kitchen carrying brown paper bags, “you didn’t get stopped then?”

“Selene hi, long time no see, and no we didn’t, the roads were empty.”

Charlie went over to Thomas and they shook hands, rather formally for two good friends who’d served and suffering during their time in the military.

“You didn’t actually have to bring any groceries,” I said to them.

“We didn’t, we didn’t think it a good idea to go on a mercy mission wearing a dinner suit and flared fifties skirt,” he raised the bags indicating that they contained their cloths.

“Come through to the bar and we’ll have a welcoming drink, then you can change and we’ll eat,” Selene pointed to the bar.

It was the first time they’d seen the bar and the two painting Charlie had completed, They complimented the theme of ‘Nelson’s Navy’, “they make it, don’t you think?”

Stephanie gushed her enthusiasm, “Charlie, can we have a bar like this, with paintings of ships?”

“Sure can, like this?” He pointed to the painting called ‘Man-of-War’, pursuing another warship in the distance, you could tell that both a battle and a storm were brewing.

“That’ spectacular, it looks so much better in a setting like this,” indicating the bar-room.

“Let’s all go upstairs and change,” I suggested, “then we can drink and eat properly.”

I helped Selene into her petticoat, she’d chosen the bright purple one, she looked at herself in the mirror and after a few moments expressed satisfaction, “damn, I’ve just got this right and realize I’ve not put my stockings on, can you select a new pair from out of my stocking drawer?”

I did as asked and turning round saw her lying on the bed with her legs wide open, “something else you’ve forgot,” I was holding up a pair of panties.

“No they always go on last,” she unfurled the stocking up her legs, “can you fasten them for me, the petticoat is too bulky?”

An offer I couldn’t refuse, and during the fastening to her suspender straps I managed to rub my hands against her labia, “uhm, don’t start something you can’t finish, we’ve got guests remember.”

I smiled at her and reached for her panties, “I’m saving you up for later.” She stood up holding her petticoat, not without difficulty, and I made sure she was comfortable.

She threw her skirt away from her so it didn’t ride up or stick to her petticoat, “that’s the last you’ll see of them for a few hours, and these,” placing her bra over her breasts. I merely shrugged, later couldn’t come soon enough.

We returned to the bar and waited, Charlie came in first and held the door for Stephanie to make an entrance, she was stunning, dressed all in black, the petticoat flared out. The ladies complimented each other, the word perfect was used multiple times.

“What beautiful colors, lilac and cerise, just terrific,” Charlie enthused.

“Don’t you mean pink and purple,” I asked.

“Sorry, that was the artist in me, pink and purple it is, I particularly like the black seamed stockings you’re both wearing, I don’t think fishnets would go with net petticoats”

We laughed and sat the ladies down in the comfy leather chairs, we carried the drinks over and when the conversation started to die down we went into the dining room for the meal. We had cold starters and the afters syllabubs, the main meal was fillet steak, overall it was a very simple meal.

“Syllabubs are my favorite escort şişli dessert,” I spoke to Stephanie and Charlie, “ever had them before?”

Both shook their heads.

“Syllabub dates back to the time of Henry VIII, can you believe it?”

“I believe everything you say Thomas, everything.”

I was satisfied with that.

When we returned to the bar we sat on the stools, the ladies flounced out their petticoats as though they were trying to reveal their underwear, we didn’t even glimpse white thighs or stocking tops.

“You know Charles,” his ears pricked up at me calling him Charles, “you’re good enough to make a living from your art.”

“That’s a nice compliment, I appreciate it.”

“Actually I have evidence, I showed my bar-room on Facebook and I’ve had over a dozen offers asking me to sell your paintings, £1,500-00 was the highest. I checked out the potential buyer and he was genuine”

Stephanie looked at Charlie, “see, I always said you were good, why not try it out?”

“I’ll act as your agent,” I said to him, no commission until you making good money, maybe not even then.”

“Let’s have a drink and I’ll think about it,” Charlie went behind the bar and made a series of cocktails, we were all slightly inebriated despite having eaten a three-course meal, though the good feelings that came from my news must have helped.

The talk veered from one subject to another until Stephanie spoke up, “I heard you’re a bit of an artist also Thomas, quite a unique style I’ve been told.”

They were all laughing when it dawned on me, “oh, you mean the tits-on-the-bar outlines I do, well I’m not the only one, Charlie tried it once, he was a dab hand at it too.”

“Does it still exist and if so is it worth £1,500-00, what about you Selene, have you been immortalized, what I mean is, have your tits been immortalized?”

“Yes, but not just my tits, have a look at this,” and pointed to the painting on the mirror of herself showing her in a cancan pose.

“Wow, that’s really good, Charlie, can you do people or is it just ships?”

“No, I’m an artist, I can paint anything.”

“Well I want a cancan pose just like Selene’s.”

“No problem, but you’ll have to deal with my agent, won’t she Thomas?”

“£1,500-00 is the going price.”

“Huh, I’m pretty sure I can come to an amicable arrangement, what do you say?”

“Stephanie, I’ll paint you, and for payment in kind.”

“I think I know what that’ll be, how about my tits, can you do them now?”

He looked at me and I proceeded to fetch the A3 size artist paper.

“How do we go about it?” Stephanie asked.

“Getting your tits out is the starting point, here,” said Selene, and proceeded to remove her tits from her top, she also removed her bra. “Just plonk them on the bar and the gentlemen do all the rest,” she placed her tits on the bar as she gave her explanation.

This was typical of Selene, she couldn’t play second fiddle to anyone, not even her best friend.

“Seems easy enough,” said Stephanie easing her tits out, she was braless. Her tits were as large and firm as Selene’s, I looked over to Charlie, my admiration showed on my face.

The ladies silently compared their tits, and from the expressions I could see they’d settle for a draw.

“Seeing as you two are both accomplished exponents of this art form, why don’t you do one each?

Charlie looked at me, “good idea Stephanie,” and we simultaneously took hold of a nipple, and gently lifted her tits, sliding the art paper underneath them.

“Actually what I meant was for both of you do an outline, not one tit each,” we slowly and carefully lowered her tit and let go, with a silent ‘oops’.

“How silly of us,” I said looking at Charlie, “you have first go,” I said to him, moving to one side.

He looked at her, we were all smiling as we thought of our mistake, taking both nipples, holding her nipples, he pulled her gently towards the bar-top, “now don’t move this needs to be carried out with precision.”

Everyone looked on, the only sound was the scratching of the pen, Charlie took his time, I noticed Stephanie was showing signs of sexual pleasure, she stood on tip-toe, ensuring her tits were stationary and pushed as far onto the bar as possible, Charlie traced round them. Selene stared on, entranced

“All done,” said Charlie, and lifted her nipples away from the paper, “you can relax,” she suddenly became alert and complied with his instruction.

“It’s not what I expected, so intense.”

“Are you going to do me next?” Selene asked Charlie.

“Tom, it’s your turn, do Selene next.”

I beckoned Selene to approach the bar, I held her nipples, “place the paper underneath,” which she did, she fussed about until she was satisfied, then spoke, “No, I’ll tell you what, I want you both to do one tit each, I think it would be more stimulating.”

I let go of a nipple and Charlie took over, we each traced around a tit and when we simultaneously reached the nipples she gave a shudder, nişantaşı escort “pens aren’t cold are they,” I asked?

She shook her head, she was turned on and her voice would have given her away. We carried on in this vein for another quarter of an hour. I traced around Stephanie’s tits and then Charlie did Selene’s. It seemed we were playing with tits and nipples galore. We refreshed the drinks and I noticed the ladies in conversation.

“We’ve decided Stephanie and Charlie are going to have to stay the night, but before we retire for the evening we’d like to reward you gentle men for a great evening, okay Stephanie?”

She smiled her agreement, “you boys have been busy, why not take a seat.”

We sat in the comfortable chairs and the ladies stood before us, next moment their skirts were raised, they had to grasp layers of net until after a few failed attempts they were showing us their panties, black but transparent. Dropping their skirts they turned around as I expected and bent over and threw the petticoats up and over their backs, the panties were so thin we could see every detail, especially as the panties were just as transparent from behind, their pussies were clearly visible.

It was difficult to concentrate on them both, my eyes flicked from Stephanie to Selene, all too soon they stood and turned to us.

“Like that, did you,” Stephanie asked, this received a chorus of assent.

“I was so surprised at how alike you look, er, not just from behind but from the front as well,” Charlie stammered, he realized he’d said the wrong thing.

“I didn’t notice you looking at our faces once! Charlie, so what is it our backsides or our tits that are so similar?” She was mocking Charlie just a little bit.

I interjected, “Charlie, Selene is just kidding, unless they were together, people frequently mistook them, many people thought they were sisters, isn’t that right Selene?”

Stephanie took over and answered, “it sure has happened often, so I’m not a bit surprised from just our backsides and tits you couldn’t tell us apart.”

Charlie was tongue-tied, “What I, er, I mean,” finally he managed to get his act together, “you’re so similar in every way,” then he totally saved himself, “so attractive in every way.”

Before anyone else could speak, I asked, “we’ve had a great evening, but it’s got to end some time and I think you ladies hit it on the nail with your last display, so, bed?”

We all went upstairs and said our good nights, once in our room, we started to undress, “I hate having to take this off,” indicating her petticoat, it’s just so elegant and feminine,” she shucked it down over her legs. “How are we finishing the evening?”

“Seeing as you’ve provided all the entertainment, it’s only fair that you decide.”

“Me on top,” she quickly responded.

I undressed her apart from her stockings and suspender belt, she straddled me, lifting herself up and taking my penis in her hand she maneuvered it inside her, slowly she slid down, it felt as though my penis was floating in cream, she was so moist.

I raised my head to see her adjusting her pussy lips, ensuring her clitoris was making good contact with my pubic bone. She leaned forward, lowering her breasts into my waiting hands.

Her slow writhing on my penis wasn’t enough to bring me to orgasm, I just enjoyed lying there, her warm pussy enclosing my penis.

She started to groan then slumped forward, breathless. I kissed her, we didn’t usually find time to show affection.

After a few moments rest, she pushed herself upright, “your turn, how do you want me?”

She reached behind and ran her fingers round the base of my penis, “I didn’t think you’d come, so, doggy fashion, or,…?”

“I’ll have the ‘or’, turn on your side and then on your back, not too quick, and I’ll get on top,” carefully so I didn’t fall out, she was beneath me. I slid my arms under her knees, this pointed her pussy towards the ceiling, I was balanced on my toes and palms, I went in and out, slapping against her thighs, her pussy was wide open and I easily re-entered her each time I pulled out. I had to orgasm but it was almost with reluctance.

“We made a lot of noise,” just as she said this we could hear the same slapping sound coming from down the corridor.

“Now that’s what I call noise.”

“More like a round of applause,” I added, Selene laughed.

Next morning we sat at the breakfast table, we didn’t discuss the events of the previous evening, we did discuss Charlie setting up a paint studio, and as we had a double garage and one half was set up as a workshop, it was agreed I could do the framing, I’d done so on the two original paintings. Once we knew the shops were open Stephanie and Charlie went home via the nearest supermarket, we had no plans to meet up again. I had one task and that was to make a bar for Stephanie, as soon as she’d made her mind up as to exactly what she wanted.

Each morning I spent some time running around the garden, it was a detached house, on a corner fatih escort plot, it was the only exercise I had apart from almost daily sex with Selene, my Mother.

It was a gloomy day and as I circumvented the house I looked up to my upstairs office and I could see the glow from my computer screen, I wondered what mother was buying.

Each lap of the garden showed the same glow, after running my allotted number of circuits I went into the house. I stood at the base of the stairs and called to let her know I was back.

She surprised me by calling out from the bar-room, “I’ve made you a coffee.”

“Oh, thanks, I thought you were upstairs in the office, I could see the glow from the computer screen.”

“I was but I was making no progress so I decided to do some dusting, come and drink your coffee before it goes cold.”

I walked in she sat at the bar with a coffee in her hand, I stopped, she was naked apart from a small pair of black panties, “I like your outfit, is this how you normally clean, virtually naked,” I asked?

“No, I normally do it totally naked, I only stopped when you arrived, but I don’t need to wear clothes any more, you don’t object do you?”

“Certainly not,” I protested, “I’m going to look forward to house-cleaning, I might even help.”

I drank my coffee, “but right now I need a shower.”

“I’ll meet you in your office, I want to buy a few things, you don’t mind helping me do you?”

“No, you can tidy it up, while I’m showering.”

“Oh, very funny, I always leave your office tidy.”

I gave her a kiss to show I was joking.

“Remember I tried to buy some sex toys and failed, well there’s one or two that I would really like, I have fantasies about them.”

“Am I in these fantasies?”

“Of course you’re the star!”

I raised an eyebrow at this, “so I’m on a par with a vibrator, wow, big deal, let me have a look, see if I agree with what you’ve ordered, you never know, I might even add some.”

She smiled at this, “I’ll leave that up to you,” and scooping up the cups walked out.

I noticed she’d ordered a variety of vibrators and dildos. I added a device I’d never seen before, it was a dildo with ridges, it had a front piece designed to stimulate the clitoris once it had been inserted in the vagina. There were more mundane items such as love-eggs, these were designed to provide motion inside the vagina when walking or driving in a car, this gave me an idea. I found a vibrator that worked by remote control and with a range of thirty yards, I could have some fun with that and finally one that had a sucker to attach to a wall or similar surface. Selene enjoyed sex from behind and I envisioned her bent over with my penis in her mouth and her vagina wrapped around a vibrator firmly fixed to the edge of my desk. I had an erection and told her so, Selene obliged me by bending over the desk and allowing me to access her pussy, we had an excellent relationship, pity was I couldn’t tell anyone except Charlie.

The parcel of sex toys weren’t long in coming, Selene was like a child on Christmas morning. She liked everything though she was somewhat perplexed by the remote control, “what does this do,” she asked?

“That’s for me, this part is for you,” and held up what was only an average sized vibrator, she pulled a face.

“What is it exactly?”

“It’s a vibrator that you wear, and I control, remotely,” I emphasised the ‘remotely’.

“So I can be in a shop when all of a sudden it goes off, what if it’s noisy?”

“You look in your purse and pull out your phone, people will just think it’s your phone ringing, let’s try it shall we?”

“You mean you want me to put it inside me now?”

“No, let’s try it as it is, it’ll give us an idea of how much noise it really makes,” so we did and we were both impressed by how quiet it was, we looked at each other and nodded approvingly.

“Won’t the love-eggs be heavy, I’d hate them to fall out while I’m answering my phone ‘shopping’.”

“Oh very droll,” I responded “very droll, hmm, they do seem heavy though,” I was weighing them in my palm.

“There’s only one way to find out and that’s by trying them on under field conditions,” so saying she lay back on the crowded vibrator and dildo filled bed and opened her legs, “take my panties off and fit them inside, as far up as you can.”

I did as instructed and checked her pussy out with my index finger, “just seeing how moist you are, too much and they might slip out because of over-lubrication.”

“Don’t worry, that’s not how it works, and see if there’s room for that remote controlled vibrator as well, we’ll check them both at once.”

She was moist but I took her point, the only thing to fall out of a woman’s pussy was cum, anything solid had to be forced or pulled out, the love-eggs had string attached, I pushed them in, as far up as I could.

“Sure you’ve enough room in there for the vibrator,” I asked?

“Huh, of course, I take you without any effort don’t I?”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” I responded, as I opened her labia to insert the remote vibrator. I hadn’t bought the largest as I’d considered the likelihood that they they might go well with the love eggs, I took my time, I inserted two fingers just to open her up and get her juices flowing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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