Lesbian Fantasy – I Cum At The Mall


Hi, my name is Tina. If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I am a raging closet lesbian! I am so hungry for pussy that I think of almost nothing else, day in and day out. And each day, the aching in my cunt gets worse. If I don’t satiate my lust for clit licking soon, I think I may just throw myself on the next sexy female that walks past me. My behavior gets riskier each passing day…

I am sitting in the mall. It is a busy Saturday. This is my favorite place to come and my favorite day to do it. The mall is positively bustling with sexy young females. They are all dressed for a day out and are giggling and holding hands with their girlfriends. Every now and then, they whisper something in the other’s ear. I get so wet thinking about what they might be saying…

“I loved the taste of your sweet pussy last night, Ashley.”


“Oh my god, waking up to you grinding on my thigh this morning was so hot!”

Or, my personal favorite…

“Look at that woman over there…she is staring at us…I bet she’s a little lesbian and is thinking of nipple and clit licking right now! Maybe we should go give her a free show and watch her squirm!”

“Good idea, Jessica! Are you wearing panties? I’m not. I think I want to sit right in front of her and spread my legs…see if she can keep her eyes off my shaved puss…”

At which point I notice the giggling pair stride purposefully over to the bench across from me. I look up and realize how cute they are, especially together the way they are. They giggle more and sit down, practically in each other’s lap.

One of them is absolutely adorable, with dirty-blonde hair and this sexy smudged eye-liner lining gorgeous green eyes. Her lips are oh so pouty…I look down, of course, she spreads her legs—wide—and I see her purple panties clearly. There is a moist spot right where her dripping hole is. I shift in my seat. My clit is really starting to throb! I can feel my own girl juice drip slowly down the walls of my cunt. It tickles. I want so bad to reach down and give my kitty a rub. Just quick and discreet. I need relief already. But I can’t. They have their eyes fixated on me too. Shit, I think, they are doing this on purpose. They are trying to tease me!

What Escort Bayan dirty little sluts! My favorite kind…

The other one is brunette—kind of a chestnut brown—her hair is long and looks very soft, the kind that would tickle the inside of my thighs as she snaked her wet tongue over my dripping slash. I long to feel that, to have her tease me with that silky hair! Drape it up and down my naked body while the blonde holds me down. Tickling my pointy nipples until I am almost coming from that alone. I have, you know…come only from nipple stimulation, that is. Mmmmm, I remember it well.

I was alone at home, sitting in front of an open window, my perky titties hanging out in all their glory…I had just gotten a new blanket, one of those ridiculously soft furry ones. As soon as I got it home, I knew I needed to see what it felt like on my sensitive nips. OH. MY. GOD! Let me tell you, I was addicted to that blanket for several weeks…several times a day!

Now that I am thinking about this, my nipples tighten under my tight top. They are tingling and I just know they are sticking way out. I know, because I didn’t wear a bra today! I never do on mall days. I am always hoping some sexy girl catches me looking at her and sees my hard nipples and my wet camel toe. I guess today is my lucky day, because both these hot girls are looking at my rock hard nips now.

I shift in my seat again. I needed to feel the movement on my clit. It is throbbing so intensely now, I just had to rub it on the seat beneath me, feel a little delicious pressure to release some of my pent up horniness.

They giggle and whisper to each other, and then the brunette shifts in her seat and the blonde takes a manicured hand and gently—excruciatingly slowly—pulls the brunette’s legs apart. Right in front of me!

I am about to CUM hard…she has no panties on. None. I look. I can’t help it. I want to but I can’t. I am so hungry to eat pussy, to feel a hard, puffy clitty bumping, rocking, grinding against my own…I swallow down the lump in my throat. This is actual torture. I swear. I am rocking slightly in my seat now, I almost don’t care who sees me. I NEED to cum.

The blonde leaves one hand on the soft skin on the inside of the brunette’s thigh and uses the other one to ease her skirt a little higher. It is now that I see for sure that the brunette has a completely shaven pussy. That’s the shit! I can see the puffy lips protruding around her swollen clit and all I want to do is suck that thing into my mouth and dance my tongue all over it until she is writhing against my face.

I love watching women cum for real, I don’t so much enjoy the fake ones on some porn sites…I can tell the real ones. I love to see a close up of the pussy clenching, combined with her soft moans and grunts. Pan up to the beautiful face as she squeezes her eyes shut in pleasure. Pan back down to the sweet pussy. If I am lucky a little drop of sticky white nectar will slide out. I want to eat that so bad.

Now, the blonde darts her eyes around to see if anyone else is watching. She must decide there isn’t, and she slides her finger in and out of that pouty mouth and then strokes it right over her friend’s clit!

Now, I am so torn, I want to keep watching but I also want to head to the bathrooms and yank my dripping panties down and finger myself hard. Sometimes I leave the door unlocked to the stall, hoping that someone pushes it open and sees me at it! Today, I want to do that. Oh how I want to be caught masturbating in the public bathroom at the mall. I fantasize maybe she’ll be turned on and join me…at the very least I just KNOW she’ll go home and diddle herself to the image of me…several times maybe. I’m not an arrogant girl, but I know I am hot too. Men and women alike stare at me, I have had women come up to me and tell me they liked my body…I know the lucky woman that catches me with my fingers in my dripping pussy will love the sight of it.

I look at the two girls in front of me, trying to make my decision…should I stay or should I go?

The brunette is squirming a bit after her friend toyed with her slippery clit. I swear I heard a moan escape her lips. She whispers something to the blonde and after she glances around again, she reaches back to the brunette’s puss and pinches her clit between her fingers. Now I know the brunette moaned. She is thrusting her hips, ever so slightly forward and back. The blonde seems to forget where they are and she starts to stroke her friend’s clit faster, faster, faster…it won’t be long. My humping pace on my seat is in time with hers.

Yes, I think, yes…stroke it, uh huh, that’s it girl. Stroke it hard. Oh yeah, yes baby, oh shit yes! Come on….yeah. Mmmmhmmm. Oh fuck! I am riding the seam of my tight jeans. Riding it, riding it. Oh fuck, yeah. I think about running to the bathrooms but I don’t have time. Oh FUCK! I am cumming. Right here. Right now! Unnghhh! I cover my eyes with my hand, hoping that I can hide the fact that my cunt is squirting inside my jeans. Wave after wave of cunt twitching orgasm is taking me higher and I can’t stop cumming.

Finally, it subsides. I sigh deeply and look down at the words, the fantasy, I have written on my laptop as I sit here at the crowded mall. An hour or more has past. I must have been in an altered state. Hornier than usual. Then I realize…oh my god…I just came in the middle of a busy mall. Fuck!

I have cum in public plenty of times…but this, this is different. I usually try to be undetected, cum without anyone knowing while I watch the faces and bodies of all the hot little slutty females around me, the uptight faces of the bored housewives who really need a good pussy eating from someone like me…but today, I lost all control of myself and I came HARD.

I close my computer and place it in the bag. I can feel how soaked I am between the legs and I need to go to the bathroom and clean myself up, maybe taste some of my sweet cum, have another go in the bathroom…

I stand up, and as I turn to leave, I notice there is a little puddle where I was sitting. Shit. I enjoy leaving wet spots on public chairs but this, this is an actual puddle. Oh well, what can I do…

I walk a few paces away and then turn to look at the mess I made. I am horny again already and I know I will diddle myself again in the bathroom. But I got a little surprise…when I turned around there was my favorite girl…the one from the gym reception desk. She is in her standard tight little cotton shorts and she has a coffee in her hands…she just sat down where I was…oh fuck, the little hottie is sitting in my cum!

I squeezed my thighs together and shifted from side to side. The tight seam of my jeans is pushing into my hard naked clit, for I am not wearing panties either…and I CUM, again. Standing. Now that’s a first!

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