Landon’s First Time


Landon and Erin had been dating for a little while now and were growing closer by the day. Their courtship had been fast and intense thus far, they had only known each other for two months but they were both sure that this was the person they each wanted to marry. They had met at a costume party of all things; Erin thought Landon had looked lonely and struck up a conversation with him. They were part of a large group at the party, but as they got to know each other they had wandered off into a corner and talked by themselves for the entire evening.

Landon had been fascinated by Erin, she liked the same music that he did and had other similar interests. And she was interested in football, which was godsend for any man. Their friends eventually found them and signaled it was time to head home. Neither Landon nor Erin had wanted to leave at the time.

They found a way to see each other again the next day and had talked everyday after that. Landon was still in college some 50 miles away from Atlanta where Erin lived, so they ran up huge cell phone bills getting to know each other.

They began to date and shortly afterwards began fooling around. They began with just hands; Landon fingering Erin and her jacking him off. They enjoyed this immensely; Erin found that Landon’s fingers could bring her to multiple orgasms, something that she had never experienced in the past.

This being Landon’s first serious relationship he was just happy to be getting anything, but as a guy he always wanted more. Erin had held out, wanting to save other things for later in their relationship.

A month or so later they began giving each other oral sex and loved it as well. They were both very satisfied with their sex lives, but Landon was a virgin and wanted to make love with his future wife more than anything.

Erin was not a virgin and didn’t want Landon’s first time and their first time together to be anything but perfect. She had been tempted several times by Landon but had thus far held out against his charms.

Shortly after Christmas the couple went back to Landon’s apartment to spend some time together before Erin returned to work. They had enjoyed hanging around, Erin watching the soap network while Landon was at work and enjoying the glow of a great and relatively new relationship. They fooled around all of the time, in the morning, when Landon would get home from work and before they would go to bed. Erin had never been so sexually satisfied before.

On a Friday evening they were supposed to go out with some of Landon’s friends. They would begin the evening watching a football game at a friend’s house and then were planning to go downtown and hit the bars. Landon and Erin were not the typical bar people even though they had met at a party. Going out like this was a pretty big deal and Erin had decided to make it special for Landon.

Erin was planning on wearing a very sexy outfit that would tease him while they were out. They had bought most of it recently on their way back from a wedding together and Erin was excited to show off for Landon. She spent most of the afternoon getting ready for that evening; taking a bath, shaving her legs and picking out her makeup.

She daydreamed about the two of them dancing in a dark club, Erin grinding herself back against Landon’s crotch and making him want her so badly. She thought about after they left their friends and made their way back to Landon’s apartment, how he would almost attack her with his kisses before throwing her on the bed and sliding his hand up her skirt. She thought of the way she wanted him to take her with his fingers and found herself getting wet in anticipation of the evening.

When Landon came home he went into the bedroom to find Erin watching some soap opera and moved to kiss her deeply. She returned the kiss and before she knew what was happening Landon was fondling Erin and moving his hands towards the button of her jeans.

“No mister, not yet. I have a few surprises for tonight.” Erin wanted them both hot and ready for when they got back later that evening. Landon looked at her sighed a little sigh.

“About tonight, there’s been a change of plans. Not many people want to go downtown after the game, most of them just want to hang around and drink at Mark’s place all night.” Landon knew that Erin was going to be disappointed; she had been so excited about this night all week.

“I told them we might be going downtown anyway thinking I might get a few people to join us but most of them just want to get drunk cheap tonight.”

Erin felt all the excitement for the evening rush out of Escort Bayan Antep her. She had been looking forward to meeting all these people first of all, they had been so wrapped up in each other that neither had really met the other’s friends yet. She wanted to look hot and impress all of Landon’s friends. She knew how proud he was to be with her and she wanted to live up to the hype. Now if they did dress up they would look out of place.

“Okay, I guess we can do that, I was hoping to go downtown but I know how it can be.” Erin did her best to hide the disappointment in her voice. Landon knew that she had been planning to dress sexy for him that evening but wasn’t sure what else she had in mind and felt awful that the plans were being changed at the last minute. Unfortunately, that was how his friends usually operated.

They couple watched TV for a little while and talked about little things. After a little while Landon got up and went off to the living room. He knew that Erin was disappointed and was trying to think of a way to make it up to her even thought it wasn’t his fault. While in the bedroom Erin was thinking the same thing. She really wanted to show off for Landon tonight and was trying to think of something they could do that would show off her sexy outfit.

A few minutes later Erin emerged from the bedroom and came and sat in Landon’s lap on the couch. She crossed her legs and cuddled up to him. “I was thinking; even though we’re not going to the bars I can still show you what I was planning to wear can’t I?” Erin had been kissing his neck softly and whispered her question seductively in his ear.

“I know I’d love to see it, you look gorgeous in anything.” Landon kissed her gently on the lips and pulled her close to him. They kissed for a few moments on the couch before Erin pulled herself away, stood up and smiled at him.

“I’ll be ready in a minute.” Erin said in her most sexy and sultry voice before she disappeared into the bedroom.

Landon sat on the couch and turned on Sports Center. He was so excited to see whatever it was that Erin had planned for him that if he didn’t try and take his mind off of it in some way he might just go right in while she was dressing and ruin the surprise. So he tried to focus on what was going on that day in sports to little avail. He just lay there thinking about what she might wear and how hot she would look in it.

Erin was just as excited off in the bedroom. Landon had been around when she had bought all of these clothes but she had made him wait outside a couple of the stores because she wanted to surprise him with a few things. She was so excited to be showing off for him now. She could feel that she was very wet as well and decided that they should probably play some before they go out for the evening. She stripped down to her bra and panties and pulled out the bags she had been saving.

She first laid out the top that she had bought on their first date. It was mesh and very much see-through, but that was the whole point of the outfit was to be a little daring. Erin changed into her black bra and slipped the black top over her head. Landon had seen a top similar to this before so she really wanted the other things to surprise him.

When they had been shopping Erin and Landon had wandered into Victoria’s Secret. Erin had asked Landon about his fantasies a few nights before and Landon had admitted to having something of a fetish for stockings. He always had wanted to be with a woman who wore them. Erin had never worn them before, but as they browsed through the lingerie decided that she would fulfill one of Landon’s fantasies. She had shooed him from the store and refused to tell him what was in the bag after she had come out of the store. In a snap decision Erin pulled off her panties and threw them in the corner. The two were going to play anyway and these would only be in the way. She would look great with just the garter belt on and Landon would definitely like it better she thought.

Erin was very excited to fulfill a fantasy for her man. She had never put stockings on before (she had always worn tights or pantyhose before this) and had a little trouble with the clasps, but after a few attempts snapped them closed and moved on to her next task.

The skirt was new as well. It was a black leather skirt with a nice slit in the back. She slid it over her stocking-covered legs and zipped the zipper. She wandered over to the mirror to have a look at herself. Not bad at all, she looked like someone who oozed sex appeal.

She accentuated the outfit with some makeup and in particular lipstick so that Landon would really be panting when she showed him her outfit. She took another look at herself in the mirror and opened the door to show Landon.

While Erin had been getting ready Landon had been wondering what type of outfit Erin would come out in. He let his mind wander to all sorts of sexy little outfits she might come out in, but honestly he would be happy for her to walk out naked. Landon had never been in a real relationship before this, and he was still getting used to seeing a woman nude so regularly; he was very happy overall and especially with the sex lives.

They seemed to connect in a way that Landon hadn’t found before in any of his flings. They had been taking things somewhat slowly, and hadn’t actually had intercourse yet, though not from a lack of trying on Landon’s part. He had brought up the subject several times before and Erin had put him off, not because she didn’t want to but because she wanted it to special. They knew that they were going to marry each other and she really wanted to wait until their wedding night even though she had been sexually active before meeting Landon. Landon understood the reasoning, but being a guy he still wanted to try it as soon as he possibly could.

Landon tried to turn his attention back to the television so that he wouldn’t have an erection sticking out of his pants when Erin came back in the room, but wasn’t having much luck. Landon heard the door open and looked over to where Erin was walking out.

Erin felt sexy as she came into view for Landon. She smiled and batted her eyes a bit teasingly and looked over at him. The look on Landon’s face made the price of the outfit a great bargain. His eyes lit up, his mouth hung open slack-jawed and the only sound that escaped his lips was a low groan.

Erin sauntered over to her man and looked down at him. “So I take it that I look good?”

“I think that’s the understatement of the century dear.” Landon was being truly honest, she looked absolutely gorgeous. He pulled her in close to him and looked up at her. He desperately wanted to rip all of these clothes off but fought off the impulse.

“Why don’t you come in the bedroom, I have something I need some help with the outfit okay?” Erin was teasing Landon a little, she wanted him to see the stocking tops when she laid down on the bed and let her skirt ride up.

Landon followed her eagerly into the bedroom hoping that they might fool around some. He watched Erin get on the bed and the skirt ride up. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her stocking tops peeking out. He emitted another low grown and moved towards the bed. He climbed next to Erin and moved in to kiss her deeply.

She eagerly accepted his mouth and his probing tongue a moment later. Their tongues danced with each other before Landon pulled Erin’s tongue into his mouth and began to suck it. Erin loved when Landon would do this and nibble on her bottom lip. Both actions turned her on greatly and Landon knew this. After a few more moments he began to nibble on her bottom lip and ran his hands along her body.

Landon cupped Erin’s breasts and played with her nipples gently through the material of her clothes as he continued to kiss her. He began to work his hands down her body, much to Erin’s great delight. She loved to have her breasts touched, but she was hot at the moment and wanted Landon’s finger inside her. She spread her legs to let Landon have better access to her hot opening. Landon let his hands go lower and while doing that he moved his mouth and began to nibble on Erin’s neck, another hot spot for her.

Landon was surprised when he felt Erin’s crotch and found no fabric barrier to her treasure. This only made him even hotter; Erin was something out of a wet dream right now and Landon was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Landon teased her opening slowly for a few moments before Erin began to whimper for him to enter her. Landon obliged quickly and slid a finger deep within her. Erin groaned loudly as she felt Landon’s finger take her. After a few moments of working his finger in and out of her Erin felt her orgasm well up within her. Moments later her spasms overtook her, jerking her body across the bed as Landon kept his finger buried deep within her. They continued this patter for a few more orgasms before Landon began to whisper in Erin’s ear.

“I can’t wait for the day that this isn’t my finger but my cock buried deep within you baby. I can barely imagine how good it will feel.” Landon’s voice was husky with want and he kissed Erin’s neck after he finished his thought.

“I know, I want it so badly too baby.” Erin could feel her want for Landon building even greater within her. She had been the one to tell Landon that they needed to wait, but each time Landon asked about it her resolve crumbled a little bit more.

Erin wanted Landon more than anyone she had ever wanted before. But she was determined for this to be special and wonderful. She wasn’t ashamed that he she done the deed in the past, each time was special with the few men she had been with. But each time something didn’t feel right, like she knew she wasn’t with the person that she was really meant for.

Now she knew she was with the right person but wanted to wait and make their wedding day even more special. But over the past few weeks Landon had displayed sexual skills she had never before known and she grew increasingly eager to have all of him fully inside of her.

She simply kissed Landon and continued to play around a little more. Five to ten minutes later Landon brought the subject up again. Erin knew he wasn’t really pressing for it to be tonight, but he was eager nonetheless. For a moment she didn’t pay attention to the things that Landon was doing with his finger. Did she want to wait or did she want to share all of herself with Landon? Without another moment’s hesitation she looked up into Landon’s dark brown eyes.

“Do you have a condom?” She was nervous as she asked the question, afraid that she might lose her nerve and disappoint Landon.

“Yeah, there’s one here in the drawer. Why, should I get it?” Landon’s voice was excited and full of hope, perhaps all of his fantasies were about to come true. He held his breath as he waited for Erin’s answer.

“Get it, I want to feel you, and let you feel me.” Erin did want Landon inside her and with that she wasn’t nervous any longer, but excited. Landon reached over to the drawer and pulled the condom out. He took off his clothes in record time and opened the package. He slipped the rubber on slowly to make sure there were no mistakes at all. He turned and looked at Erin and she motioned for him to come back to bed. He slid between her legs and without a word moved close to her. Erin took Landon’s throbbing cock in her hands and placed it at her entrance. She took a deep breath and looked into Landon’s eyes.

“I love you.” Erin’s voice was very quiet. That was all that needed to be said and with that she eased Landon inside a woman for the first time. She went slowly so that he could experience all of the feelings.

Landon couldn’t believe how great this felt, actually putting himself inside a woman. He looked at Erin’s face which was watching his as he slid deeper into her. He pushed himself into the hilt and watched as Erin’s eyes closed in pleasure. Not needing any other encouragement Landon began to thrust back and forth deep inside Erin.

Erin was moaning and babbling, talking of how she loved him as Landon pumped faster and faster. He could feel his orgasm coming but it was way too quickly. He had barely gotten inside Erin, he wasn’t about to let himself cum yet. He slowed his thrusts and took some deep breaths.

He continued to thrust slowly enjoying the feelings. Erin had wrapped her legs around his hips and the feeling of the stockings against his naked body was driving Landon insane. It felt so good yet he was about to cum already. He was thrusting as slowly as he could and knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. The excitement was too much and he let himself go.

The orgasm that racked his body was unlike one that he had ever had before. The spasms that overtook him nearly made him pass out and it felt like he was pumping gallons of cum into the condom. The feeling left him all too quickly and he collapsed on top of Erin, spent and utterly happy.

Erin looked down at the man who was now lying on top of her. For all of Landon’s prowess in other areas, this wasn’t his best effort. She was so excited and happy that they had been able to share his first time together, but he had been in her less than a minute. She had just begun to get in the swing of the moment when Landon lurched and cried out with his orgasm.

She knew that Landon wouldn’t be like this every time they made love. At least she hoped he wouldn’t be. He had proven to be great in every other way so she was sure he would be now. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she realized she had just made love for the first time with the only person she would ever be with again. Looking at it that it didn’t matter if Landon came in 30 seconds or 30 minutes, it was the most beautiful thing she would ever experience.

She stroked Landon’s hair and let the tears flow for a few moments and basked in the afterglow like Landon was doing at the same time.

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