Kirsty’s Encounters 02

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If you read my earlier story, you might remember how I said Uncle Tony paid for me and my Mam to go to Ibiza for a week for my 18th Birthday???

Well, when we arrived we found that it wasnt a scabby apartment that we were expecting, but the taxi driver dropped us off at the gates of a hillside Villa!! lots of lush palm trees around a white walled, red tiled roof villa and when we walked round the side, we saw a perfect blue pool!!! It was absolutely amazing!!!

We were there for two weeks, and the first few days we went out and partied, getting into some right states and sleeping off the hangover in the sun the following mornings!!!

But, on the first Friday, my Mam said that she had to visit a friend of Tonys to say thankyou…. He’d sorted out the Villa and it would be rude not to say hello! I knew exactly what that meant, (him been a friend of Tony) but Mam was happy to go, and she was actually looking forward to staying over somewhere without me for a few nights!!!

So, I called a group of Girls from Liverpool who we’d met earlier in the week and I arranged to meet them that night!!!

I dressed ultra slutty that night as I knew that we were going to one of the big world famous clubs, so I met the girls dressed in white stilleto ankle boots, hot pink lycra miniskirt, and a silver sequin bikini top……. yes, not classy at all but that was the point!!!

We did endless shots of vodka and tequila throughout the night, and there was no shortage of blokes lining up to refresh our drinks, but as the night wore on, one by one the girls got off with a Danish guy, an Italian and then a Greek before they each disappeared…………… Pretty soon it was just me and a Pretty Blonde girl called Vicky left……….. eve gelen escort we were just too drunk and picky, and as we got drunker and drunker we became more critical and demanding for obvious bulge in guys shorts….. We ended up leaning against a wall with our arms around each others waist as much for staying upright as friendship!! Im not sure what happened but our hands suddenly appeared to be stroking each others arses and tits and our tongues deep in each others mouth’s!!! I think I said something along the lines of that I had a Dildo bigger than any guy, and she said show me!!! So next thing I know, we’re in a taxi back to the Villa!

As soon as we stumbled inside, we made our way to the poolside area. We snogged deeply, forcing our tounges as far inside each others mouth’s as possible as we tore each others clothes off!!! Within 5minutes I was on my back on a sunlounger as Vicky licked my pussy and sucked my clit…… I looked down at her pretty face between my legs and decided that I was going to make her come harder than she ever had before!!!! I was feeling like a total slutty whore and wanted Vicky to share in it!!!

Forcing myself to stand up, I told her to lie face down while I got some more drinks!!! Walking to the kitchen, I poured two enormous Vodka & Cokes…… (I wanted the caffeine to keep us awake) and fetched my 10inch smooth purple plastic vibrator from the bedroom. I returned to find her face down as I’d told her, but gently rubbing herself……… STOP THAT I mock scolded her…… MY SLUTS NEED PERMISSION I giggled.

She looked up and giggled too……. SORRY,FORGOT YOU WERE THERE she laughed….

I sat down behind her on the sunlounger, miraculously istanbul eskort bayan instantly sobering up, and marvelled at her legs spread either side of it and I looked at her tight little pussy dripping a little juice and her clenched little pink sphincter just above!

I couldnt help myself….. without any sublety I just dove right in and started licking her sweet sloppy pussy….. sucking and nibbling her clit to pushing my tongue deep inside….. she started to moan and writhe on the bed in front of me, and as my mouth moved away from her pussy, I simply just pushed 2 fingers into her hard with no warning! she bucked back into my face and that just encouraged me to lick and probe what was in front of me now….. her arsehole, with my tongue!!!

I really went to work on her…… licking all over, pulling her bum cheeks apart and spitting into her gaping holes, sliding fingers in and out of her pussy and arse, and then eventually I got a tube of sun oil and poured it over my purple dildo before roughly shoving it into her arse in one shove while calling her a dirty whore!!! She screamed as she shuddered and orgasmed on my toy…… girlcum running down her thighs and I lay there getting my breath back!!

Somehow, she recovered before me, and I found myself getting pushed onto all fours face down on the edge of the pool and my ass up, exposed and vulnerable to the sky…… her hands spreading my own bum cheeks apart. I felt Vickys hot wet tongue slide down my ass crack, then start to lick and swirl around my hole….. pretty soon the swipes turned to tongue prods, and her tongue was inside my ass as her fingers rubbed my clit and her thumb was in my pussy!!!! YES i moaned MORE and she obliged, switching rezidans escort her thumb for two fingers in my sloppy cunt…. and the more that I pushed back, the harder she finger fucked me!!

Soon I had 4 of her fingers in my pussy and her thumb deep in my ass as she spit on my holes and called me the dirtiest slut on the island….. her little fktoy and that she was going to own all my dirty slutty holes!!! I felt greasy sun oil dribble down my arse crack, run down over my sphincter and down to my pussy, then she pulled her thumb out of my bum and lined it up with her palm…… I braced myself because i’d never been fisted, but it slid in easily……. going deep and my pussy clamping around her wrist!!! I was on all fours gasping as she laughed, then, to my shock, she jammed the dildo straight into my arse with no warning!!! it slid in deep as I shrieked and bounced around on the sunlounger, but I couldnt really go anywhere and her hand was deep inside my pussy keeping me as her sexslave!!!

As she started to pump my ass with the toy, she licked around my rim whilst continuing to fist my pussy calling me all sorts of names and telling me what a slut I was!!

I came countless times as the sun came up, and as I rolled over and looked up at her, she stood above me, long tanned legs either side of my head, and unleashed a long stream of piss over my face and body…… an entire nights worth of drinking smelly piss that soaked my body and hair whilst she told me to lick it up and clean her like the slut I was!!! I did exactly that then turned her over again and went to work on her own arse with the oily dildo!!!

I might be a filthy dirty slut, but I’ll always make sure that everyone else is just as degraded as me!! We got some great holiday photos and videos from that night, and I swear, some days afterwards lying in the sun on the beach I could smell her piss and taste her ass!! We’ve met twice since that holiday, staying at each others houses, but none of our friends have any idea what happened that night!! XX

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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