Kenny: Making the Grade

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Kenny pretended to be asleep when he heard the door open. Cool air washed over him as she turned back the sheet and climbed on the bed beside him. Then her tiny fingers were curling around his rising cock. He couldn’t resist running his fingers over the curve of her thigh. “Faker,” she giggled. “You’re not asleep at all.” “Not with a wake call up like that. It’s becoming my favorite.”

“Even better than this? And her tongue was tracing a liquid path around the hard knob. “You’re right, that’s my favorite.”

She licked and sucked him for a minute then rose and slapped him on the stomach. And she began to tickle him. In a moment they were wrestling all over the bed, pinching and squeezing. He relished the feel of her girlish hips, but when he tried to run his hand up between her slender thighs she slapped his hand. “No more hanky-panky, Mr. Smart guy. You have a class this morning and I have a house to show, but we need to talk.”

Kenny sensed her seriousness. “Okay, darling, what do we need to talk about?”

“I need to know what’s going on with you and Emily.”

He tried to remember something he might have done. “But there’s nothing’s going on,” he protested. “I’ve barely spoken to her.”

“That’s my point.” Vicki scolded. “She’s a beautiful woman with a beautiful daughter and you’re making both of them feel like old crones. I thought you would be doing everything you could to make them feel beautiful and welcome.”

Kenny felt on the defensive, but he knew she was right. “Of course they’re both beautiful and they’re both hot, but I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable or do anything to upset you.”

She perked up and studied his face. “Because you thought I might be jealous?”

“I didn’t want to risk it.”

Then she was holding him, her cheek against his, fingers holding his head tight against hers. “Oh, Darling, don’t you remember the talk we had after your little fit over my date with Henry?”

“I remember.”

“Well, you promised never to get jealous again.”

“That’s right and I haven’t.”

“And I made a promise too, remember?”

He was confused. “What did you promise?”

“That I would not get jealous of other women so long as you saved lots of time and energy for me.”

“Are you saying…?”

“Kenny, love, Emily is my dearest friend. I would do anything for her, and share anything I treasure with her.” She looked into his eyes. “And you are one of my dearest treasures, so I couldn’t possibly be jealous if she wanted to share you.”

He could only moan, “Oh, Darling.” And they clung to each other.

“I promised myself I would do everything I can to help you become a world-class lover. And you’ve been an eager and precocious and successful student. But I don’t expect to teach you all you’ll need to know all by myself.” Vicki gave his a mouth a trembling kiss before she climbed off the bed. “Now I have to get to work and you’ll have to make Emily feel welcome until I get home. She should be here before you get

home from school and she has a key.”

Kenny shook his head in amazement as she walked out with a serious wag to her sexy bottom. He marveled at his good fortune and at all he had learned and enjoyed during the few months he had lived in her son’s apartment over the garage. She had taught him more than he could have imagined, not just about sex, but about relationships and about women. And he was determined to repay her kindness and love in any way he could.


The Waffle House where he stopped for breakfast on his way to class was busy and noisy. But he was so preoccupied with how he would apologize to Emily and Kelly he didn’t taste the food nor even notice the hungry looks a couple of attractive coeds sent his way. Even his classes didn’t do much to distract him.


Emily’s Mercedes was parked in the drive when he got home from class so he changed into a swimsuit and went over to bite the bullet. The fall weather was perfect for swimming and he dove into the cool water and swam to her end of the pool. Just seeing her stretched out on the lounge had him excited. He couldn’t resist undressing her with his eyes, the hard points of her nipples, the red bush over her pouting love lips. He hoped his erection wouldn’t embarrass him and he dragged himself back to reality. Her green bikini set off her freckled skin and her long dancer’s legs seemed to stretch forever while her full breasts flattened a little against her chest under her top. Her shoulders and stomach glistened with oil. She frowned a little when she saw him climb out of the water, but she couldn’t deny being excited by the obvious tent in his shorts.

“Hi, lovely lady, may I have a minute?”

“Of course,” she started to sit up. “It’s your house, too.”

He motioned for her to stay down. “No, don’t get up. May I get you some more wine?”

Emily looked at her glass and held it out to him. “Yes, please.”

Kenny refilled her glass from the bottle on the table and sat in a chair by her side. “I want to apologize…need to apologize,” he started.

“For what?”

“For Uşak Escort being such a boor.” When she just stared at him, he plunged ahead. “I’ve not done anything to make you and Kelly feel welcome and that makes me an insensitive ass.”

“Well, that’s one way to put it,” she ventured a small smile.

“The truth is, I think you’re one of the hottest women I’ve met in months. And I didn’t want to embarrass myself or you or Vicki by slobbering all over you like your other admirers do.” He thought he saw a little blush touch her cheeks.

“I’m not sure my ‘admirers’ slobber all over me. Besides, Kelly is the hot one you should be making your apologies to.”

“Kelly is almost as sexy and beautiful as you are and I’ll find some way to apologize to her, too but she’s not in the market for what I have to offer, so my apology may not mean much to her.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Emily was struggling to control her breathing and she didn’t know whether to be flattered at his praise or defensive for her daughter. And she didn’t know how far she could trust this handsome, glib young stud.

“Well, her fantasies are most likely about a prince charming who will sweep her off her feet and love her ”til-death-do-us-part.’ And I’m not ready for that.”

“And what are you ready for?” she taunted him.

“I’m ready to adore and worship and have fantastic sex with a beautiful woman like you who will welcome an enthusiastic and energetic friend. A man who can help her live out her fantasies,” he paused, searching her eyes, “and help her invent new ones.”

She broke out laughing. “Don’t let your humility hold you back.” When she realized she was getting moist, she turned sober. “Is that what I’m in the market for?”

Kenny joined her laughter. “Good thing I’m not pompous.” Then his tone turned serious. “But I hope you are in the market.”

Her bright green eyes studied him with a taunting smile. “And what if I don’t accept your apology or your ‘generous’ offer?”

“Then I’ll content myself with being the best friend I can be to you and Kelly. And kick myself for getting off on the wrong foot.”

“I think your overture is pretty outrageous and maybe insulting. I’ll have to give more it than a little thought, considering you’re not much older than my daughter,” she stated as she sat up on the lounge. Her movement jostled her glass enough to send wine cascading over the lip and dropping onto her stomach. “Damn.” She reached for a towel and Kenny grabbed up a napkin.

“Let me get that.” Before she could dab at the wine he had an inspiration. Leaning over quickly, he touched her navel with his tongue and sucked up the pool of wine captured there. Careful not to touch her with his hands, he licked the other drops that had splashed across the broad flat of her smooth stomach until his tongue reached the top of her bikini bottoms. Without hesitating he slipped his tongue under the fabric and caressed her hot skin from one hip to the other. When he looked up, her eyes were shut and her breathing was ragged. “That was delicious,” he teased, “and the wine was good, too.”

Emily looked shocked. Embarrassed at her own arousal, she threw the rest of her wine at him and hissed, “You cocky little bastard.” But there was laughter in her voice.

Kenny poured her more wine. “I’ll be home by nine tonight.” And, rising, he caught her hand and held it against the hardness of his cock. “If you want to bring me a fantasy I can promise I’ll make it more fun than an evening with a dildo. And you’ll discover I’m not such a ‘little’ bastard at all.” She flung the new wine, splashing it across his broad chest and watching it flood down over the hard muscles of his stomach.. “Bastard!”

They were both laughing as he dove into the pool and retreated the way he had come. He wasn’t sure she would come to him, but at least the ice was broken.

“Damn,” she grumbled as she watched his muscular back and broad shoulders. She wondered what it would be like to have her legs wrapped around that slender waist. She also realized that the bottom of her bikini had grown damper. She couldn’t believe how excited he had made her. If he’d so much as laid a hand on her she would have ravished him on the spot. She needed relief right now so she rose and stepped into the pool where she could minister to her needs with a minimum of exposure. It didn’t take long for her slender fingers to caress her to a delightful, if somewhat frustrated, orgasm.


Kenny’s study date with the group wasn’t very productive so he checked out early and went home to shower and shave. At nine he was dressed in a robe and watching a fairly good porno flick with the lights turned down and a dozen candles flickering throughout the room. Emily hoped she wasn’t making a fool of herself as she made her way across the dark lawn. She was already tuned up to one of her favorite, almost forgotten college days fantasies.

Kenny smiled with satisfaction and anticipation when he heard the soft knock. His pulse picked up and he realized he was getting hard.

The Uşak Escort Bayan sky was already dark and he’d left the porch light off, but he could see the white ghost of her outside the window. “Who is it?” he called.

“It’s Emmy Anderson, Professor West.”

Kenny opened the door and peered out at her, but couldn’t see much. “Come in, Emmy.” He stepped back for her to enter then closed the door and chained it. “What are you doing out at this time of day, Miss Anderson? Is something wrong?”

“Oh, no, Professor. It’s just that I haven’t been able to catch you at your office, and I was all alone at home, with my parents out of town, and I thought you might let me talk to you tonight.”

He led her into the living room and studied her. Gone was the tall, sleek woman in the green bikini. Now he was facing a shy little schoolgirl with her dark red hair spearing from both sides of her head in twin ponytails. A cloud of delicate floral fragrance enveloped her and bright green eyes glittered over the artfully painted red lips that smiled temptingly. Her scoop-necked blouse strained at the fullness of her lovely breasts held high by a lacy bra. The short green skirt showed her long legs to perfection. She had even found bobby socks and penny loafers to complete her costume.

“How old are you Miss Anderson?”

Emily looked confused. “I turned 18 two months ago, sir.”

“Then I can offer you something to drink. Would you like a soft drink or a beer, or perhaps some wine?”

“Oh, some wine would be nice,” she smiled shyly.

“Then have a seat on the couch and I’ll find a glass.” He let the movie play and kept the lighting subdued.

She was sitting stiffly in the middle of the couch and watching the movie when he brought her wine and he watched her perfect lips as she took a tiny sip. “Oh, that’s good,” she purred and he saw her knees part just a little.

Kenny sat across from her and watched as the actor on screen caressed his partner’s full breasts through her blouse. Emily’s eyes were glued to the screen and she was moaning softly as her legs pressed together restlessly.

“Are you offended by pornographic movies, Miss Anderson?”

Her breath was uneven and her answer was a whisper. “I haven’t seen any before.” Then, as she squirmed on her seat, she hurried to add, “But I’m not offended.” He noticed that her motions had spread her knees wider and pushed the hem of her skirt higher up her thighs. Kenny reluctantly touched the pause button and the screen froze. “Shall we talk about what brought you here, or would you rather watch some more?” He watched amused as she dragged herself back to the moment.

“Oh,” she almost gasped as she struggled for control. “Well, sir, I am worried about my grade in your class.”

“And why is that?”

“Well, I didn’t do very well on the first two tests. And I have to get a good grade.”

“Why is your grade so important?”

“My father would kill me, figuratively speaking, if I don’t do well. He’s heard so much about you and he loves art history.” She frowned a little frown. “He thinks I should too.”

“And what do you think about art history?”

“I think I’m learning to like it,” she almost whispered.

“Then why did you take the course?”

A blush colored her face and she looked down at her hands. “All the girls in my sorority were talking about how hot you are and I thought I’d check you out,” she admitted.

“You mean I have a fan club?” he smiled.

“I’m sure you know that every girl on campus would like to go out with you.” She paused, “And a lot of the lady teachers, too.”

“And what have you discovered?” He paused. “About me, I mean. Perish the thought that you might have learned anything about art history.”

“You don’t need to be sarcastic, Professor. I’m just trying to answer your question,” she pouted, apparently on the verge of tears.

“Sorry. You’re right. I apologize. Do you want to tell me what you’ve learned?”

“Well, I’ve learned that you really are hot in the classroom even if you don’t find me attractive.”

“And what makes you think I don’t find you attractive?”

“Well, you never pay attention to me. And I have to struggle to get you to answer my questions.”

“You mean when you sit on the front row and show me your pretty panties and your luscious breasts?” He smiled.

“I couldn’t tell that you even noticed,” she pouted.

“I don’t think I could announce to the class that I get an erection every time I see you in class or that you have the prettiest breasts of any woman on campus. Do you? What would we do with all the jealous girls?”

“Do you really think so? That I have pretty breasts, I mean?” She tossed her head and smiled and he could see her nervousness melting.

“Well, I haven’t seen them without a lot of clothing concealing them, but I’m willing to bet they are.”

“Well, thank you for that,” she smirked.

Kenny pulled himself back to the subject at hand. “Let me put your mind at ease. You grades are earning at least a B. With a reasonable amount Escort Uşak of work you can earn an A. You certainly have the ability.”

A look of disappointment crossed her face. “Don’t you think I need to do something for extra credit?”

Kenny pressed the play button on the movie player. The man’s hands were pushing against the girl’s shoulders and she knelt gracefully in front of him, the tops of her lovely breasts were well revealed by her low cut blouse and they glistened with a sheen of sweat. Emily watched as the girl unfastened the man’ belt. She smiled up at her lover as she opened his zipper and tugged his trousers down over his hips.

“Did you have something in mind?” Kenny asked.

Emily was almost lost in the movie, again, but she looked over at him. “Well, one of the girls said you really like to kiss her breasts.” The actress popped the snaps on her partner’s boxers and a remarkably large cock sprang into view. “Oh, God,” Emily gasped at the sight of the 10 inch cock that was as thick as her wrist. She had enjoyed a wide-

ranging and very satisfying sex life but she had never seen a cock as big as this one, much less fucked one.

Kenny almost laughed out loud. “Don’t be alarmed, my dear. Not many men have a cock as big as his. In fact, I suspect he was cast because of its size and his ability to keep it hard. I suppose it could be called cock-casting,” he snickered. “I think his name is Johnny Long.” He paused the flic again. “But, as for what your friend said, I don’t know who would say that even if it were true, but she shouldn’t kiss and tell.”

Emily tore her eyes away from the screen. “Oh, I’m sure she wouldn’t tell just anyone. I know I wouldn’t. But she said it certainly was exciting…to have you suck her nipples and bite on them.”

“And is that the sort of thing you had in mind for ‘extra credit?'”

She blushed and looked at her hands. “Maybe?”

“Miss Anderson, did you come here to tease me like you do in class?”

She was instantly contrite. “Oh, no, Professor. I don’t want to tease you at all.”

“Well, that’s good. Because I rather hoped you had come here to seduce me.”

She blushed furiously.

“Is that why you came?”

Emily could only nod.

“And have you changed your mind?”

“Oh, no,” she protested. It’s just…”

“Just what, my dear?”

Her eyes were still downcast as she whispered, “I don’t know how.”

Kenny beamed. “And did you come here in hopes that I would help you learn?”

She nodded without looking up.

“And how far do you think you might go?”

Now she looked up and he could see her screw up her courage and venture a shy smile. “As far as you want me to go, Professor.”

“And if you change your mind, will you tell me?”

“Yes, sir, I will.”

Kenny smiled at her. “Are you a virgin, Miss Anderson?

A frown pulled at her lips. “I don’t think so.”

“And what does that mean?”

“Well, we had a party at the sorority house a month or so ago and I had more to drink than I’m accustomed to and one of the football players talked me into going upstairs with him and we kissed and petted and he felt me up and I got all hot and let him take my panties off and put me on the bed and he lay down on top of me and put his penis into me and pumped a couple of times and sort of collapsed. And then he was gone and when I cleaned myself up there was a little blood.” She had raced to tell it all, wanting to get it all out, and she sat back a little breathless.

Pitiful, Kenny thought. “And did you enjoy it?”

“I don’t really remember it. But I haven’t been out with him or any other boys since that night.”

“Then you should get busy on seducing me,” he smiled.

Emily’s face brightened. “Where should I start?”

“Well, my dear, flesh is one of the keys of seduction so you probably should start by getting rid of your bra. So why don’t you go to the bathroom and take it off.”

Emily looked a little surprised, but she rose gracefully and went to the bathroom. Kenny moved to the couch. When she returned her breasts were obviously free of the restraint and her smile a little less forced. She looked to Kenny for direction.

“Now show me lots of flesh…in a lady-like way,” he coached.

Emily stood in thought for a minute then smiled radiantly. “Professor,” she beamed. “Do you like what you see in class when I show you my panties?”

“I certainly do.”

She caught the hem of her short skirt and raised it slowly. “Do you think my legs are pretty?” She turned slowly giving him a tantalizing view of her legs from every angle.

“I certainly do.”

“And do you think these panties are as pretty as the ones you see in class?” Her panties were a pale green triangle bordered in white lace. They dipped between her slender thighs to barely cover the firm lips of her womanhood. She moved closer to let him see the sheer fabric and he delighted in the bright puff of red curls that adorned her pouting mound.

“They are certainly beautiful panties, Miss Anderson.”

She reached for his hand and held the fingers against the sheer fabric. “Don’t they feel soft and smooth?” Her hand guided his over the triangle from hip to hip and down to the moist warmth between her legs and Kenny could feel his pulse pounding as she moaned softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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