Julia’s Morning After

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After far too much to drink I was slow to wake next morning; my first thought was of how sticky things felt between my legs and a realisation that I’d had sex; the recollection of with whom arrived seconds later. Oh My God, I’d seduced my Son-in-Law!

I heard Duncan moving about downstairs, he’d be getting ready for work, so if I lay here quietly until he’d departed, I could avoid or at least delay the awkward conversation that had to happen. Thirty minutes and he still hadn’t left, I was bursting for a pee, but if I used the bathroom I couldn’t continue pretending to be asleep. Needs must, I donned a robe, visited the bathroom and with growing trepidation headed downstairs; Duncan was at the kitchen table, smartly dressed and reading the newspaper: ” It’s after nine, shouldn’t you be at work by now?”

“Not before I’d seen my favourite mother-in-law; I emailed the office telling them I’d be late.” Then a smile and silence, no mention of last night’s encounter; clearly it was for me to raise that uncomfortable subject.

“I… I was escort izmir very drunk last night. You mustn’t mention it to Anna. I didn’t mean, or want to… do what we did. It was just the drink… we need to forget it ever happened. “

Duncan’s smile never wavered: “You were and I won’t, but it’s not true that you didn’t want to…”

I was still processing that reply when Duncan continued: “Alcohol doesn’t make us do things we ‘don’t want to do’, it just allows us to drop our inhibitions and do those things which we do want to do, but daren’t. I don’t want to retain the memory of a quick screw with some drunken-slut either; so I’ll let you over-write it with a better one, that of my hot mother-in-law fucking me when she’s sober.”

Duncan rose from his chair and strode around the table toward me, I yelped at his approach, but stayed rooted to the spot; he might have been wearing a smart shirt and tie, but he was naked from the waist down and his erect cock was leading the way! Even when Duncan pressed down on my shoulders I didn’t voice escort izmir any protest, simply sinking submissively to my knees before him: “Say hello to it Julia, he’s been waiting for you all morning.”

I hesitated, though not from reluctance, I was again marvelling at the sight of Duncan’s cock; I remembered thinking it was big last night, but up close and personal he was huge! Having moistened and parted my lips, I engulfed that gorgeous shaft while thinking: ‘I may well be sober this morning, but surely this just confirms that I’m a slut?’

My lips, tongue and cheeks all worked furiously on Duncan’s crown while my fingers massaged his shaft and balls, I’d never put this degree of effort into stimulating my husband’s prick. Duncan’s response repaid my efforts; his hands were inside my bathrobe, giving my breasts a similarly rough mauling to that which had so excited me the previous night and within two minutes he growled: “Oh fuck, if you keep going I’ll be unloading down your throat; if I’m going to fuck you Julia, you’ll have to stop now.”

I was sooooo tempted to have Duncan come inside my mouth — I’d never allowed that for anyone! – but my belly ached with a far stronger desire; quickly releasing Duncan, I brazenly enquired “So where and how do you want me?”

“Your choice, I’ll happily fuck you any way you I can get!”

I didn’t hesitate, how often had I fantasised this scenario? Standing upright I spreadeagled myself face down on the table’s edge, flicked my gown aside and rasped over one shoulder: “Like this, no mercy, just bang my brains out!”

Duncan didn’t disappoint, he was behind me in the instant, easing his cock past my swollen labia and a moment later slamming the full length of his shaft into my expectant channel, making the table legs screech across the tiled floor. Thereafter the table’s squeals were drowned out by my own as Duncan pounded into me like a jack-hammer; he was merciless — exactly as I’d asked! – I’d never been fucked so hard in my life!

It couldn’t last – not for either of us – and within a minute my screams of climax were matched by a roar from Duncan as he ejaculated deep inside my pussy.

Forget the guilt and recriminations, there had to be a ‘next time’!

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