Judy and the Handyman 03

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Big Tits

Judy sends a text to Jack saying she would like to fix the hole in her stairwell and was wondering when he could do it.

Jack see’s the message come through from Judy. He gets a big smile on his face. “Well now, Judy wants me to work with her.” Jack sends a message back to Judy: Buy 1 gallon of paint and a package of rollers. I will have everything else I need for the repairs. I can come this weekend.

Judy reads the text from Jack. Oh goodness this is really happening. She tells Jack she will go to the local paint store later today and get the supplies. She is wondering how long this will take. It probably has to take a few hours at least. Will she, or can she actually have a sexual engagement for that long? It has been so long.

She reflects back and realizes that the last time she had intimacy with her ex-husband was probably close to 10 years ago. Even though her divorce was just 2 years ago the sex ended well before the marriage. Her ex became ill about 10 years ago and the meds he took prevented him from getting an erection.

Then about 6 years ago Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Judy went through the surgery to remove the lumps. Then chemo and radiation therapy. The cancer was beat, but it took its toll on her. The fatigue was unbearable at times. The loss of hair was embarrassing, and left her feeling undesirable. She even lost her pubic hair, making her feel like a school girl. Thank goodness that was all just temporary, and everything is now back to normal.

Judy’s phone pings with a message from Jack. It reads: I’ll be over Saturday morning around 9. I can patch the wall. After the patching plaster dries I can get the first coat of paint on. I will need to do a second coat of paint but that can’t be done until Sunday probably. Would it be alright if I just spent the night at your place with you? This way I can get the painting done early Sunday morning, and the whole job should be completed before the end of the weekend. Let me know if this works for you?

Judy reads the text from Jack. Okay, I did not think he would be spending the night. Am I alright with that? Will he sleep in my bed, or in one of the guest rooms? This is all moving so fast. She realizes her nipples are hardening just thinking about Jack, and the possibility of sharing a bed with him. Well the upside is my body is going through a re-awakening, and that in itself is exciting. Judy then sends a message to Jack: See you Saturday! And bonus veren siteler yes, if it makes it easier, you are welcome to spend the night.

Friday night comes and Judy goes to her lingerie drawer to pick out what she wants to wear tomorrow for Jack. She finds a nice lacey black bra and matching panties. Very tasteful, yet sexy and inviting. She lays out the set, and goes to the closet figuring out what to wear. She eyes a nice orange cammie top and thinks this will pair well with my tan shorts. She lays the clothes out for the next day. It is about 10 pm and decides it is time to go to sleep. Surprisingly with all the excitement she still drifts off quickly and starts dreaming of Jack.

Meanwhile the alarm goes off Saturday morning at Jack’s place. He turns it off and climbs out of bed and heads to the bathroom. As he takes his morning pee he thinks about Judy. Today is the day! I wonder how far she will let things go. He pictures her naked in his imagination. He starts getting a hard on. No I won’t go there. I haven’t jerked off for 4 days now, trying to make sure I am building a big strong load for her. He brushes his teeth, and applies deodorant. Then he dresses and heads for Judy’s house. Along the way he goes to a drive through coffee shop and gets his morning coffee. It isn’t long before he arrives at Judy’s place. As he reaches to press the doorbell, the door opens.

Judy is standing there in her shorts and nervously greets Jack. “Hey there. Good morning. Come on in. Are you ready to get started?”

Jack takes in Judy’s beauty. He looks at her long legs and ample breasts. Thinking to himself I wish I could take her right here and now! I am so glad she has decided to allow me to help her. “I am more than ready! I have all the tools necessary to complete the job. How about I get right to work right away, and we can chat later while we wait for the spackling to dry?”

With that Jack is on the landing and cutting out a section of the damaged drywall. In less than an hour he has replaced the damaged area with new drywall and has the spackling applied. He then goes to the kitchen to find Judy. “Well the drywall is fixed and just has to dry before I can start painting.”

“Would you like a cup of coffee?”

Jack raises his cup and says “Still have some more here.” He crosses the room towards her. She is standing by the sink washing some dishes. Jack approaches from behind and whispers in bedava bahis her ear “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you all week. All my waking and even my sleeping thoughts have been consumed by you.”

Judy turns around facing Jack. She is flattered and nervous. Jack reaches up and cups her face between his hands. Then leans in to kiss her. It is a soft and tender kiss. The kiss sends electricity though Judy. Then Jack places a hand on her hip drawing her closer to him and kisses her again. This time more deeply and more passionately. He pries her lips open with his searching tongue. Their tongues dance together drawing a moan from her. Jack pushes closer and Judy can feel his erection pressing against her.

Judy then grinds herself on the bulge that is rubbing on her pussy encouraging Jack. Her breathing is more rapid. Jack reaches under her Cammie and cups her breast in his palm. Judy lets out a soft moan. He starts to pull her Cammie up to take it off. Judy says “No, not here, the neighbors may look in.” She takes his hand and leads him to her bedroom.

They stand beside the bed. She looks into his eyes and says “Be gentle, as I haven’t been sexually active in years.” With that she reaches at the hem of her Cammie and pulls it over her head. Jack stares at her round globes. She can see the lust in his eyes. He is taking in her milky white skin. Jack pulls his shirt off, and Judy looks at his hard tanned body. Finally they embrace and kiss deeply.

Judy rubs her palm along his stiff shaft. It feels massive. She undoes the button and pulls down his zipper and pushes his shorts down and he steps out of them. She looks down at the big tenting going on in his underwear. She sits on the side of bed. She is reluctant to do this, but she unclasps her bra and takes it off bearing the girls in their full glory. She wonders what he will think of seeing her surgical scars. Then she hooks her index fingers at the waistband of his underwear and tugs them down revealing his massive hard on. She gasps at the size of it. It must be 8 inches and is very thick. The tan lines he has makes him so hot! She looks up at Jack and says “It has been a while… but I have been told in the past that I am very talented at this.”

Judy leans forward grabbing the base of his cock and places a kiss on the tip of him. Jack closes his eyes and runs his fingers through her hair. She takes her tongue down to his base, then licks the deneme bonus underside of his huge cock from base to tip. Chills run through Jack. She licks around his crown and takes his mushroom head into her mouth. Jacks knees get a little weak, as he takes in the pleasure of her warm wet mouth. Judy gets into a rhythm of bobbing on his cock. She can take a little more than half his length into her mouth before starting to feel the gag reflex coming.

Jack feels like he is in utopia. Jack is doing all he can to last as long as possible. The sensations are incredible with her tongue working his spear all over. Jack now knows why he likes older mature women over girls in his age bracket. Younger girls are more interested in their sexual fulfillment versus trying to please their partner. They also lack the experience that Judy certainly has amassed over the years. Jack is thinking, this is the BEST blowjob I have ever gotten. Mature women know all the sensitive areas to work and exploit. Jack cries out. “Judy I’m going to cum. I feel it building.”

Judy is not ready to swallow his load. She takes him from her mouth and starts pumping her hand on his massive cock. It is throbbing in her hand. She sees the veins bulging along his thick rod. She has him pointed right at her tits. She says “Cum on me. Please shoot your warm seed on my eagerly awaiting tits.” Her fist is pumping away on his cock, and she takes her other hand and cups his balls and rolls them in her fingers.

Jack can’t hold on any more, she has brought him past the point of control and he explodes. A long rope splats across her chest. Then another and another. Her tits and chest are covered with his warm jizz. She squeezes him harder milking every drop from him. She stops massaging his balls and takes her free hand and starts rubbing his cum over her hard nipples. There is still a drop of cum on the tip of his cock. She leans in and licks it to taste it. “Mmmm sweet and salty. Just like I remember.”

Jack’s erection is slowly dissipating away. He is panting and slowly recovering. He says “Judy, you are amazing. And I can confirm with whoever else told you, but you are extremely talented at that!”

Judy smiles at Jack and is very happy that she still has the talents to pleasure a man as she had her doubts. She looks at her cum covered chest and says “I should clean up.” She grabs her bra and shirt, and heads to the master bathroom.

Jack puts his underwear and shorts back on. He goes to the bathroom doorway and tells Judy that he is going to see if the wall has begun to dry. He says “don’t get dressed yet if I can’t sand and paint yet I’d like to return the favor and go down on you. Then you can grade my oral skills.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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