Jennie’s Obsession

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Jennie put the last of the boxes on the stack in the living room of her new apartment. Everything she owned: a life’s collection of books, clothes, and memories, sat in a 10 by 10 space in front of her.

She thought about her childhood neighbor, a friendly older woman that had passed away when Jennie was 16. After the funeral, the woman’s family had divided her possessions. They sold and donated what they could, and placed the remainder in front of the house for trash collection. This had greatly disturbed Jennie, the thought that a woman’s life – her legacy, could end up as a few bags of garbage on the edge of the street.

She looked at the 20-odd boxes and realized that should she die tomorrow, she’d leave even less on the curb than the old woman next door.

Two days ago Jennie left her husband of 22 years. She should have left 21 years earlier, but stayed on for the kids. As spouses go, they didn’t come much worse. She left the day after her youngest moved out of the house.

Her new home in Honolulu was small, less than 1,000 square feet. She could have afforded larger. Jennie had built a successful career as a photographer and was relatively secure. She realized early on that her alcoholic, rudderless husband would not be contributing to their family-financially or otherwise. Her childhood hobby became a way for her to support her young family. Jennie had started out doing wedding photos, mostly for friends and referrals, then began working for a small modeling agency. She had the ability to pull beauty from the most difficult subjects, and within a few years had gone freelance, her sessions commanding $500 an hour.

Jennie had picked the apartment for its incredible view, a 17th floor corner unit in an older high-rise. Kalakaua Avenue had become a forest of high-rise apartments and condos, but her building had been built in the seventies and held a waterfront spot that would never lose its view. The building had been renovated in the late 90’s, the owners adding modern kitchens and bathrooms, and floor to ceiling windows.

From her living room she could see Ala Moana beach and the blue Pacific beyond. She loved watching the boats come into the marina at sunset, imagining from what adventures their passengers were returning.

The bedroom faced a neighboring building, one so close she felt that she could lean out the window and touch it. Both buildings had windows of coated glass, providing privacy during the day while allowing the beautiful Oahu sunshine to pour in. Her bedroom had a small balcony, called a lanai in the islands, with a sliding door and privacy screens in either side. Jennie had drapes installed on the door prior to moving in. She didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in front of an uncovered window, especially one so large.

Jennie stayed up late unpacking. She didn’t have another shoot scheduled for a week, which would give her time to get settled. She worked on the boxes until 3am before calling it quits.

She managed to find a towel and shampoo, and headed into the shower to wash off the day’s work. Jennie stepped out and was greeted by a view of herself in the bathroom mirror.

Jennie had always had a nice body. The years had been kind to her. Her full, round breasts hadn’t sagged, and her running regime had kept her bottom firm and taut. She had great hips, for which she was thankful. Some of her friends worked to get thin, athletic glutes. Jennie would rib them, “You know, from behind you look like 12-year old boy.” She turned in the mirror, looking over her shoulder, hands on her waist. “Nice ass,” she said to the woman in the reflection.

She dried herself using her only unpacked towel, wrapped her long brown hair in a turban, and headed to the kitchen. After an 18-hour day of moving, she was ready for a nightcap. Jennie rummaged through the boxes to find the bottle of scotch she had packed. She opened another box and pulled out the first glass she could find; a cut-glass tumbler she had bought years ago at a yard sale. Jennie poured three fingers of the whisky and took another long pull from the bottle, feeling the burn of the scotch hit her throat before putting it in the kitchen cabinet. She felt the whisky’s warmth creep through her limbs. She hadn’t felt this relaxed, this at peace, in a long, long time.

She walked back to the bedroom, nude and turbaned, glass in hand, and stood in front of the sliding door. She was curious to see what the neighboring building looked like at night, and opened the door to step out on the lanai. Remembering she was unclothed, she hesitated. It was doubtful that anyone was awake at this hour, so she slowly walked out on the lanai and peeked around the privacy screens.

All of the windows were dark, save for a few. The lit apartments were likely people getting ready for early workdays, she thought, and she looked at them one by one. She could see shadows in a few of them. A TV flickered in another.

Her eyes drifted to the apartment directly across from her, which upon her first look had been empty. Antalya Escort Standing in the window was a man, naked from the waist down. She quickly stepped inside the bedroom and closed the door. She noticed that he was looking in another direction and hadn’t seen her, so she stayed for a moment, watching him through the glass. He was close in age to her, maybe a little younger.

Between his legs hung the biggest cock Jennie had ever seen. Even from the sixty feet or so between the buildings, she could see that it reached down to the middle of his thigh. “Jesus,” she said, “look at that thing.” She went for another sip of the scotch, her eyes never leaving him.

The glass bumped against the window as she tilted it back, and some of the whisky dribbled over her chest. “Shit,” she mumbled, and looked down to wipe the scotch off with her hand. She licked the whisky from her fingers, returning her gaze back to the man.

He was staring directly at her. She drew in a quick breath and reached to pull the curtain closed, then froze.

The man was now half-erect, his impressive cock pointing at the path between the buildings. Jennie stood motionless, watching it expand. In a matter of seconds it was twice its original length, and its massive head now pressed against the glass.

Jennie flushed, and felt herself getting wet.

The man reached down and began to slowly stroke himself, still staring at Jennie.

Jennie quickly closed the curtain and stepped back from the door, her heart pounding from her chest down to her loins.

She sat on the edge of the bed and finished the scotch in one gulp, then lay down on the bare mattress. The memory of the man’s cock burned at her.

She wondered what it would be like to take something of that size. Her fingers drifted to her mound, and she began softly running them across her labia. They settled on her clitoris, and she began rubbing herself in slow circles.

Jennie imagined the man’s cock on her, teasing her clit with its massive head. She curled her hand into a fist and rubbed harder, moving her hips in time with the rotations of her arm. She lifted her hips off the bed and ground her fist against the opening of her vagina, her head now filled with the vision of the man’s enormous head straining to enter her.

Jennie came quickly, one fist pressed against her cunt, the other in her mouth, stifling her moans. With her ass hovering above the bare mattress, her body quivered through the orgasm before slowly lowering back onto the bed.

She woke up the next morning and went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. She conducted a brief search for her pourover stand, but decided to walk to the corner cafe instead. She threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, plopped a baseball cap on her head, and headed for the door.

She thought about what she had seen the night before, and headed back to the bedroom. Jennie stood in front of the window, then cautiously opened the drapes a few inches, peering at the place where she had seen the man last night. His curtains were still open, but there was no sign of activity within his apartment. She closed the drapes and headed out for coffee.

She thought about the man from the other building as she rode the elevator down to the ground floor, specifically the erect hunk of meat between his legs. She flushed in embarrassment as she recalled masturbating to the thought of it, but pushed it out of her mind. She had a lot to do today and couldn’t afford the distraction, huge cock or not.

The warm tropical breeze hit her as soon as she stepped off the elevator into the open-air lobby. The scent of plumeria drifted in the air, sending a sensual reminder that she was in the islands, in spite of the growling busses and throngs of people.

Jennie walked quickly to the cafe, dodging tourists, peddlers of maps, and the occasional homeless person. She ordered a pourover and headed back out onto the sidewalk. The sunshine called to her, and she decided she’d drink her coffee outside before heading back to the apartment to finish unpacking.

She found a small place in the trees next to her building and sat down on a bench. She read through her emails, most of them from clients who had booked next week’s sessions. She began working through the more critical messages, and was halfway through detailing a shoot’s lighting requirements when she heard a voice from behind her.

“Hello. May I sit down?”

Jennie spun her head around to look at the source of the voice. Behind her was a short man with black hair, wearing a Volcom t-shirt and a pair of Oakleys. It was the man from the window.

“Excuse me?” she replied, her voice catching in her throat.

“I asked, may I sit down?”

“I was just leaving,” Jennie said, her face red.

“Did you have fun last night?” the man asked, smiling. “Did you like what you saw?”

“Fuck you, creep,” she replied, and stood up to leave.

“I’ll be in my window again tonight,” the man said after her as she walked Antalya Escort Bayan quickly away. “I’ll wait for you.”

Jennie walked into her building’s lobby and headed towards the elevator, hoping the man hadn’t followed her. She stepped into the elevator and looked out to the street. He was standing on the sidewalk, staring at her, the bulge of his enormous cock pressing against his surf shorts. She banged away at the buttons, trying frantically to shut the door. It finally slid slowly closed. Christ, she thought as she the elevator climbed upwards. Not even here 24 hours and I’ve picked up a fucking stalker.

Jennie entered her apartment and double-locked the door. She spent the rest of the morning unpacking, angry at both the man for confronting her, and herself for allowing the lust for a stranger’s dick to put her in a dangerous situation.

By late afternoon she was hungry. Her stomach rumbled in complaint, but she didn’t dare go out for food and risk seeing him again. She rooted through the kitchen boxes until she found a can of tuna. Thankfully it had a pop-top, saving her the search for a can opener. She grabbed a fork, sat on the floor and ate, thinking about the morning’s encounter.

He’s actually a pretty good-looking guy, she thought. He looks fit, has a nice tan. Kind of short – but that cock, that glorious cock…

A knock at the door startled her. Jennie barked in her most threatening voice, “Who is it?”

“Miss Baylor, it’s Will from the front desk. I have a delivery for you.”

Jennie stood up and walked to the door, looking through the peep hole. A fisheye version of Will stared back. He was holding a small box. Jennie opened the door.

“A man dropped this off a few minutes ago and asked me to give it to you,” Will said.

“What did he look like?” Jennie asked.

“Short guy, dark hair. Dressed well. Nice watch. He tipped me fifty bucks!”

“Thank you Will,” Jennie said, fishing a five out of her shorts and handing it to him.

“Thank you, Miss Baylor.”

Jennie closed the door and headed to the kitchen with the box.

It was made of Koa wood, beautifully grained and painstakingly finished. She opened it to find a a card inside and a single Puakenikeni blossom. The rich, dusky scent of the flower immediately filled the room. Jennie lifted the blossom to her nose. It smelled incredible. She opened the envelope and removed the card.

*I’m sorry I scared you today. Please give me a chance to make it up to you. Meet me at the window tonight at 1.*


Jennie put the card back in the envelope, placed it in the box, and closed the lid. She put the little blossom in a juice glass and set it on the counter, then returned to her work.

Jennie unpacked the last of the boxes and ordered delivery from the Chinese place down the street. She ate at the kitchen counter this time, and cleaned up her inbox while she picked at the eggplant and tofu. By the time she was finished it was midnight.

She showered and poured herself a few fingers of the scotch, then settled in bed with her tablet to catch up on the news. Her thoughts drifted back to the man from the window. His name is Marcus, she thought. She opened her browser and searched for ‘big cock videos’, landing on a site with rotating ads for cam girls and penis enlargement pills. She picked the first one she saw. Not big enough, she thought. The next two were close in size, but the shape was all wrong. The next one was almost perfect. She maximized the screen and watched.

A skinny blonde with fake tits was licking an enormous penis from base to tip. She put it in her mouth, wrapping her lips around the huge purple head, her mouth stretched open wide to take its girth. She was only able to take a third of the length, but bobbed up and down on it until it came. Jennie watched, awestruck, as the huge cock spewed over and over into the woman’s open mouth. Jennie thought about what it would be like to suck Marcus’ cock, to feel her lips straining against his width. She squirmed. Her pussy was wet, and she instinctively reached inside the waist of her panties.

She looked to the upper left corner of the screen. It was 12:45.

Jennie ran to the bathroom and went to work. Over her 20 years of photographing beautiful women she had learned how to pull beauty out of a face with a few strokes of a brush. She dug through her makeup and applied thin layers of eyeshadow and lipstick, then dabbed a bit of blush between her breasts. She took off her panties and quickly drug a razor over her labia. Her Brazilian had been less than a week ago, but she wanted to be perfectly smooth for him. She quickly blew out her hair and checked the mirror. 15 minutes ago a pretty middle-aged woman had stared back at her. Standing before her now was a vision from a wet dream.

Jennie went to her closet and took out her white silk robe. She slid into it, tying it at the waist. Her dark, erect nipples poked against the fabric.

Jennie downed the last of Escort Antalya the scotch and picked up the tablet. It was 1:02. She turned on a lamp and walked to the window, then took a deep breath and slid the curtains back.

The window in the neighboring building was empty. Her heart sank a bit, and she thought for a moment that her reaction this morning had given him second thoughts about meeting her tonight.

Marcus stepped to the window, wearing a light blue dress shirt and nothing else. Jennie could see his the head of his cock peeking out below the tail of his shirt. He looked at her, and unbuttoned the shirt slowly, top to bottom, spreading it open to expose his manhood.

Marcus lifted his hands, palms up, as if to say, “Well?”

Jennie stepped closer to the window and began untying her robe. She hesitated, a moment of clarity briefly holding her back, then opened the robe, revealing herself to him.

Marcus’ cock began to stiffen, and he stepped back from the glass to allow it to expand. He reached down to pick up a small bottle, turning it to deposit some of the liquid onto his open palm. He began to slowly stroke himself.

Jennie fought the urge to close the curtain. She was watching a stranger masturbate to her nude body, and every instinct told her to run. The desire to see Marcus was stronger. She wanted to watch him come; to see the white juice burst from his glorious cock. No, she wanted to *make* him come.

She let the robe slip over her shoulders and fall to the floor, then brushed her hand slowly across her breasts. She looked straight at Marcus and began rubbing the tips of her fingers over her nipples in small circles.

His cock was almost fully erect, and he began to pull faster, twisting his hand over the massive head at the top of each stroke.

Jennie let out a little moan. She ached to touch that cock, to feel its girth in her hands. She reached down and ran her fingers over her wet pussy, spreading the lips apart to get at her throbbing clit. She lightly pinched it between her fingers and began to rub herself.

Marcus’ cock was now engorged, and he was taking long, hard pulls over the top four inches of it. His face began to redden.

Jennie bent over slightly, her hand on the glass, then inserted two fingers into her slippery, wet pussy. She began to finger-fuck it, grinding the palm of her hand against her clit.

She wanted him to see her, to watch her fuck herself. She remembered the vibrating dildo in the bottom drawer of her nightstand, and rushed away from the window to get it. She quickly squirted it with lube, half of it hitting the tile floor, before returning to the window.

Marcus had stopped stroking himself as soon as Jennie left the window, and now stood with his hands at his sides. She looked at his monstrous cock and gasped. It was at least as long as her forearm, with a head two inches across. She suddenly wanted it inside her, to feel its massive head stretching her apart as it entered her shaven pussy.

She lifted the dildo to the glass and showed it to him, then looking over her shoulder, lifted her bottom and pushed it against the window. Marcus began stroking his cock again, his mouth slightly open, eyes locked on Jennie’s beautiful ass.

Jennie reached around with both hands and spread herself apart for him, then slid her wet pussy down the glass. She reached for the dildo and brought it to her cunt, nuzzling the head of it against her opening. She clicked on the vibrator and slid the dildo inside of her.

She watched as he pulled at his massive cock with one hand, his other holding himself up against the window. He stood up, and began stroking it with both hands. One worked on the head, the other stroked the length of it.

Jennie slid the buzzing dildo in and out of her wet cunt, her ass pointed at the window, looking over her shoulder to watch Marcus pleasure himself. She itched to reach down to get at her clit, but doing so would block her view of him. It didn’t matter. She could feel the beginning tickle of an orgasm starting to crawl through her.

Marcus was now pulling his cock furiously in opposite directions, his face red with effort. He slowed down his strokes and tilted his head back, mouth open. Jennie could tell from the motions of his jaw that he was moaning. He was about to come. She slowed the thrusts of the dildo and turned to watch.

Marcus leaned back and quickened the pulls over the head of his cock, now a deep purple. His upper body began to dip up and down as the first wave of the orgasm hit him. He slid his hand to the middle of his shaft and pointed his cock at Jennie. She put her free hand on the window and instinctively opened her mouth in anticipation.

Marcus’ cock exploded on the glass. His body bucked, calling on every muscle to eject the hot liquid out of his manhood, blasting huge spurts of sticky white cum on the window. Jennie cried out, “Oh fuck, baby. Oh yes!” and returned to plunging the dildo in and out in rapid, shallow thrusts.

Jennie came almost immediately, the orgasm first hitting her with one massive shock, then continuing with wave after wave of deep, delicious contractions. She dropped to her hands and knees, her eyes never leaving Marcus, watching his cum run down the glass in long, thick streaks.

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