Jen Likes to Cum Ch. 04


Chapter 4

Jen’s Magical Fantasy

Again, thanks so much to everyone who gave such incredibly awesome feedback. I had been reserved to the thought that Jen had run her course at Chapter 3. So, I began working on some other hot and erotic stuff that I hope you all will soon be uh…enjoying. Well, I certainly have been enjoying myself while working on it. But back on point, the feedback I’ve received regarding Jen’s chronicles really and truly inspired me so very much that, I decided to put the other stuff off for just a while and get out another chapter of Jen instead. Because it’s so close to me and I’ve so much material, I could easily put out something everyday if I had the time. Anyway, this one is based on a fantasy I’ve used for a while now so I hope you like it and have some fun with it too.


It was early spring and simply a picture perfect Saturday afternoon. The sky could not have been any bluer and the sun could not have been any brighter or more yellow as it moved across the sky. It was the first day since last summer, that you could feel the sun’s warm rays land on your skin.

Only adding to the already sexiness of this day was the ever so slight and flowery fragrance wafting throughout the neighborhood. The sweet fragrance was coming off the petals of the cherry blossoms now in their full bloom. Of course, this only helped to escalate Jen’s arousal. Jen’s ever-present arousal.

Anyway, it was also the perfect day for getting some yard work done and for Jen to get her spring planting done. She asked her friend Stacey if she would come over to lend a hand. She bribed her with lunch and a couple of cool marguerites. Maybe even something else when they finished. Stacey couldn’t refuse any offer from Jen.

Jen and Stacey had played together before. Yes, many times before as a matter of fact. Since neither Jen or Stacey were currently in an otherwise serious relationship, sex between the two of them was a nice way to satisfy their sexual needs. And as you well know, Jen is almost always is needy.

Behind the white picket fence that lined Jen’s front yard, she and Stacey playfully joked, gossiped and laughed as they went about the afternoon. Both girls were wearing the shortest and tightest pair of shorts they owned along with skimpy and tight fitting t-shirts. Suffice it to say, the good parts of these two girls were jiggling and sticking out everywhere.

Both Stacey and Jen have the kind of looks and bodies that puts dirty thoughts in the minds of men no matter what they’re wearing. Put them in skimpy tight fitting clothes and the sexy meter goes off the charts. Both girls knew, and were looking forward to where this day was going to wind up.

Jen had purchased this quaint, blue with bright white trim, Victorian home in the suburbs of … late last fall and although it was old, it was in impeccable condition. As were the rest of the homes on her street. The neighborhood reminded her of a storybook like setting and thus, one of the reasons why Jen purchased this seemingly tranquil home.

You see Jen, is a very busy and accomplished attorney during the week. Purchasing this home offered Jen the much-needed peaceful retreat and privacy she sought away from the long hours and stress filled days she spent downtown.

So as Jen and Stacey went about digging and planting throughout the flowerbeds, they occasionally got a bit frisky with each other. The playfulness only helped build the sexual tension. Sexual tension they both looked forward to releasing after they were done in the yard.

By late afternoon, Jen and Stacey finished up with the planting and were headed inside the house when Mr. Jenkins, Jen’s next door neighbor, came over with an icy pitcher of fresh brewed iced tea and a couple of glasses.

Hey, you girls thirsty? You two girls have been working hard and look like you could use a cool drink.

Sure Mr. Jenkins. Thanks so much.

Jen and Mr. Jenkins had previously met back in the fall when she first moved into the neighborhood. They had exchanged pleasantries whenever they bumped into each other and even had a few brief conversations. However, because of the particularly cold and severe winter, their paths did not cross often enough to get to know each other in any real sense.

This was a nice opportunity for the two neighbors to finally do just that; to get to know each other a little better. Mr. Jenkins invited the two girls inside his home and the three of them engaged in small talk while seated in the living room. The three were actually having an enjoyable conversation and discussing who they were.

Mr. Jenkins was retired and in his early sixties. He is in fairly well shape for a man his age too I might add. Sadly, he explained to Stacey and Jen that he lost his wife, his high school sweetheart about five years ago. They never had any children Casibom and so, Mr. Jenkins was pretty much all alone these days.

Stacey was gazing at a picture of Mr. Jenkins and his late wife apparently taken about 30 or even 40 years ago. They made a very attractive young couple. Mr. Jenkins revealed that the picture was taken just before an on the job injury resulted in his inability to never again make love to his young bride and so, they never had any children.

Their love transcended sexual needs and they remained together until her untimely death.

Mr. Jenkins kept busy these days as a magician and hypnotist. He confided in Stacey and Jen that he spent many years developing a hypnotic program that would satisfy the sexual needs of his beloved. Mr. Jenkins was ultimately successful and he claimed that his late wife was never again left wanting for sexual gratification.

Mr. Jenkins created a hypnotic spell that he could put his wife under. A spell that would take her away to a place where she and Mr. Jenkins could make love and please each other like they couldn’t in the real world.

While this was all very touching, Stacey was so skeptical and joked that if he could put her under this “spell” she would paint his house.

The dare was on. Mr. Jenkins asked Stacey to lay down on the couch with her arms folded over her stomach.

Mr. Jenkins moved his hands over Stacey’s eyes and body. He didn’t say a word. Then he stepped away.

Jen walked over to Mr. Jenkins and asked if that was it. Was she was under the spell already?

Oh yes. She most certainly is.

But you hardly did anything?

Seemingly yes, but Stacey is definitely in a most pleasurable place right now.

But Stacey looked so very peaceful just lying there. Like she was in a restful sleep. Her body was motionless. Her chest was gently rising and falling. Her face was without any expression.

Mr. Jenkins went on to tell Jen that yes, she may look peaceful but I assure you, at this very moment your friend Stacey here is experiencing sexual pleasure like she has never before. Like she never new existed before. Stacey is in an intensely blissful state that can only be achieved through my hypnotic spell. I can keep her there as long as I like and…I can prove it.

I can put you under this spell too at the same time if you like. I can put you in a place of your own or I can put you there together with Stacey. That way, when you return from this wonderful exotic place, you will both know and be able to confirm to each other that what I have told you is true and, I’ll get my house painted too.

And don’t be nervous. It’s completely safe. Completely without any consequence. Completely without any guilt what so ever for any of the things that you might do or feel while you are under.

Now, I’m sure you can guess, all this caught Jen’s attention. I mean, anything having to do with sex does.

Jen asked, “How long will you keep us under the spell?”

As long as you like. Whether it’s one-minute, ten minutes or one hour you will be completely satisfied in the end. You girls have been so very nice to an old man; I’d like to be able to do something nice in return. It’s now going on three minutes for Stacey. Come on. What do you say? You’re falling behind her.

Ok, I’d like to be put under next to Stacey and how about, lets say for ten minutes.

Jen snuggled up on the couch next to Stacey. Mr. Jenkins waved his fingers and hands and just like that, Jen instantly found herself in a surreal cloud like atmosphere floating right there next to Stacey. They were hugging each other and looking into each other’s eyes. No words were spoken. They did however sense a strange but somehow so right sort of feeling.

Their bodies felt weightless. Their arms and legs were entangled within one another. They were rubbing and squeezing each other’s soft supple flesh. Hard nipples. Wet lips. Wet pussies. Hot flesh. Extreme overpowering arousal. An aching feeling deep within. Then…orgasm.

Wave after wave washing over their excited flesh. The peak of each wave climbing higher and higher. The intensity increasing more and more until the peak of ecstasy climbs to that highest of highs and just…hovers…just remains.

The most concentrated orgasmic sensation taking hold throughout every fiber of their clenched bodies and just holding on. Holding at the peak of pleasure. Muscles tightly flexed. Lips moaning then screaming out the joy of ecstasy. Until finally, finally, the orgasm releases.

Upon release, the orgasmic waves begin to flow again but now as they pass through their bodies one after the other, the orgasmic sensations decrease in intensity. The waves continue to wash over their relaxing bodies until finally the orgasm subsides. How utterly incredible.

But before any sensible consciousness Casibom Giriş can return to their orgasm induced numb minds, it starts all over again. Arousal, aching, then orgasm.

Then again. Arousal, aching, then orgasm.

Over and over this series of emotions, feelings and sensations went on and on. Both girls floating and lost inside this erotic balloon. Inside a blissful container of seemingly ever lasting sexual gratification.

Then suddenly, eyes fluttering and slowly opening. Back to reality. Back inside Mr. Jenkins’ living room. As the two girls awoke, they instantly knew where they were and what had just happened to them.

It was true. Everything Mr. Jenkins had claimed he could do was true. I would have bet the farm against it. But, both girls were now believers.

The experience left Stacey mentally drained. She told Jen that she would really like to go home. She was quite spent from the experience and just felt the need to relax. They said their goodbyes to Mr. Jenkins and thanked him. Jen let him know she’ll probably be visiting more often.

As Jen made her way back into her own house, she too felt somewhat “mentally” drained but she was more disappointed in the fact that her and Stacey wouldn’t be having any further fun this evening. Jen was indeed mentally satisfied but, physically, her body was still hot. Still very, very hot as a matter of fact.

Jen’s body, her pussy and her clit needed actual physical release. Jen ached for an orgasm. A real orgasm. Jen wanted to orgasm. Jen needed to orgasm. Needed to orgasm real bad. When Jen was like this, there was only one thing that would quell her crazy lust.

So, Jen ran up the stairs to her bedroom, grabbed the Hitachi and her latest and best dildo. The latest one is always the best one until the next one.

With vibrator and dildo in hand, Jen laid back and spread her legs wide. She gently caressed and rubbed up and down the insides of her thighs with the dildo. Then Jen turned on the vibrator and pressed it to her clit. No more fooling around.

With one hand she held the vibrator firmly to her clit. With the other, she let go of the vibrator and began to caress her breasts. She pinched and pulled on her aching nipples. Jen was in her comfort zone now. This is where she loves to be. She loves doing this to herself.

Now more than ready, Jen grabbed the dildo and pressed it to the opening of her pussy. With just slight pressure, it easily slipped right in with a long continuous moan escaping from Jen’s practically drooling lips. She began to fuck herself now with one hand while keeping pressure on her clit with the vibrator still buzzing away.

Jen was so over the top horny she just needed to cum, and needed to cum fast. So she did. In just a minute or two, the fucking and the powerful vibrations set Jenny off bucking wildly as her first orgasm ran through her. Wow! That was so intense but she kept going. She needed to keep going. She was not done yet. Not even close.

Jen sought to try and recapture the amazing sensations she felt while under Mr. Jenkins spell. Those incredible sensations were still buzzing around in her mind. Jen kept the vibrator pressed hard and firm to her clit and continued to cum.

One after the other after the other. Five, six, seven. Jen’s orgasms just kept clicking off with the reliability of an expensive timepiece. She was so enjoying every convulsing second of each orgasm that came ripping through her body.

Every orgasm is the most incredible sensation that a human being can experience. However, Jen particularly enjoyed the orgasmic sensations she received during her masturbation sessions after the fifth or sixth orgasm hits. When you get to this place, the feelings and sensations experienced are just not describable in any language.

Quite simply, words have not been invented for one person to describe to another the incredible and sensational bliss felt within.

Nevertheless, as the self-inflicted onslaught continued on Jen’s sex, sweat began to bead up on her body. Her nipples began to get stiff. To get hard. They got real hard and real long. So long that they were sticking straight up and out from the apex of her round tits. Her nipples appeared to be waving to and fro as her body shuddered and shook.

Her wetness was running out of her hot slit continuously and profusely causing a wet spot to slowly grow and spread on the bed sheets beneath her ass. Jen loves how this feels.

Jen was wantonly in the throws of an altered state of mind manufactured by the buzzing machine and the hard thrusting of a dildo between her legs.

She just kept rolling along from one orgasm to the next. Jen’s sexual feelings led her to imagine that this was going to be the most fantastical orgasmic experience of her life. Well honestly, Jen has this same revelation once or Casibom Yeni Giriş twice a week. Anyway, somehow during the frenzy of her orgasmic ecstasy and for just a split second, Jen’s sexy crazy mind managed to let in a single coherent thought.

I wonder what Stacey is doing?

The thought broke Jen’s rhythm and so, she decided to give herself a break and stop. No, of course not really stop. She just needed to give her tired stomach muscles a brief rest. She had been cuming hard for about twenty minutes now.

But she still wasn’t done. No, not done at all. She was still horny. She still needed more. This was just a break in the action. When Jen feels horny she’s a hundred times hornier than the average girl. When she’s this horny, it takes a lot of orgasms before she is satiated. Forget about horny, Jen is a girl who can, at the drop of a hat, stop and masturbate any time of day and often does.

Sometimes, Jen is halfway to cuming before she even realizes she’s been playing with herself. It’s just something she does. It’s who she is. She enjoys it so much. She enjoys cuming. Just for the fun and pleasure of it. It feels so good and it’s free so, why not cum as often as possible. It’s never gotten old. It just keeps getter better and better. You only live once and I’m going to cum as many time as I can in this lifetime.

Jen decided to grab a much-needed glass of water while she was up and call Stacey before getting right back to pleasing herself. No answer. Yep, she figured Stacey was up to the same thing but she wondered why Stacey didn’t feel like staying and playing together. But the thought that Stacey was probably masturbating too only made Jen feel even more turned-on. Jen finished her water and went back to bed. Back to her box of toys that is.

Jen was so hot and horny that she decided to go for the grand finale. One of Jen’s favorite things to do, actually she has lots of favorites, is to tie herself to the bed. So before she went back to her bedroom she took the key she kept frozen in a block of ice out of the freezer. The key had a string tied to it while the other end of the string, and about five feet of it, remained unfrozen and outside of the block of ice.

Jen ran back up to the bedroom and fastened the string to a hook on the ceiling above her bed. Jen kept ankle and wrist restraints in a drawer beside the bed along with what is probably her most favorite toy of all; a dildo harness.

The harness has a powerful vibrating dildo and a clit vibrator attached inside. Jen slipped the dildo into her still very wet pussy and pulled the harness all the way up passed her hips and then fastened the waist belt. Once firmly in place, she plugged the electrical cord into the outlet.

Jen was in a heavily lust induced and almost crazed like state. She worked feverishly fast to get all tied up and cuming as quick as she could. She hopped onto the bed and attached a leg restraint to each of her ankles. She attached the other end of the leg restraints to the bedposts at each corner of the bed. The third restraint keeps her wrists locked together above her head with enough slack so that she could grab the key when the ice melts and falls near her hands so that she could unlock herself.

Before Jen secured the wrist restraints, she turned on the harness. Now she had to work fast and lock the writs restraints to the bed before she starts cuming again. With a final click, Jen was all tied up and ready to cum.

Jen normally would double check the whole crazy setup before clicking the last restraint just to make sure everything was done correctly. She was way too turned on to take the time. Jen was once again, too anxious cum. Oh well. Actually, the thought of not double checking this time only added to her excitement.

Such a marvelous site. All alone in a room somewhere. Lies a beautiful, hot, dripping wet and naked woman. She lies tightly bound and flat on her back. She is cuming.

Her eyes are tightly shut. Her legs are spread. Her hands are securely tied above her head. Her bound body is quivering as orgasms continually flow through her body. She is squirming, twisting and pulling against self-imposed restraints. Her flat and taught stomach is heaving and wrenching with every orgasmic spasm.

She’s cum again.

Her long, hard and aching nipples are begging to be pulled, squeezed and pulled some more. Only Jen can hear their pleas. In this position, her already magnificent breasts somehow look even more spectacular yet no one is there to witness.

She’s cum again.

Her body shimmers from the sheen of sweat that coats her flawless skin. The bed sheets are soaking wet beneath her magnificent round butt as her sweet juice steadily leaks past the vibrating dildo firmly implanted deep within her.

She’s cum again.

Jen figures the block of ice should last about 30 more minutes. Yeah, that’s about right.

She’s cum again.


I think you know how the rest of this goes for Jen so; I guess I’ll see ya later. I really need to go and mimic the words you’ve just read.

She’s cum again.

Luv Jen.

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