Introduction at the Movie Theater

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I’ve been watching you for a while as you stare at the movie on the big, shining screen. You’ve noticed, but my intense stare keeps you from staring back.

In one quick glance when you pretended to check the exit door, you saw breasts. Not bare, but large and round and full. They are covered in black lace, peaking out from the v-cut black shirt that is clinging to my tight frame.

You turned back to stare at the screen, trying to watch the movie. You’re there with a group of people, and they are all engrossed in the film. Suddenly, you can’t concentrate. You sneak a peak over at me again, only to see I’m not there.

You look around quickly and see me approaching you down the aisle of seats you’re sitting in. Our eyes meet, and you see their exotic green color set into almond shaped eyes on a stunning face. You wonder briefly if I’m a model.

You look from my dainty feet, set in 3 inch black leather heels, up to the leather skirt that’s tight and short around my waist, hugging every soft, toned curve just right. The v-neck black shirt shows just a brief glimpse of my stomach as I turn slightly to get past an older man, giving him a close up view of my firm ass.

Our eyes lock, and I’m staring at you. Unconsciously, I lick my lips. I finally and standing next to you. You feel your cock, already hard at the thought of being licked by the pink tongue you glimpsed, swell hard against your pants. You shift in your seat.

“Is this seat taken?” I say in a soft, sexy voice.

“No,” you almost growl.

I slide into the seat, sitting turned towards you, so that when I sit back in the seat, my breasts brush past your arms and you feel a hard nipple through the clothes. I lean up near you, whispering in your ear, and you feel my hot breath raising the little hairs on your lips.

“You look familiar,” I say.

“I do?” You say, startled.

“Yes,” I say, reaching up nearer to your ear so that my tongue slowly and slightly licks on your ear. You shudder.

I lean forward slightly and smile at your friends who are so engrossed, they don’t even notice me. I lean back, my hand sliding down your chest, down lower to your crotch. I feel your erection through your pants and smile, massaging it.

“Mmmm…” I say into your ear. My breath causes tingles up the back of your neck as my hand moves slowly up and down over your Antalya Escort raised dick. “Yes, I’m sure I know you.”

“From where?” you strangle out as my hand squeezes on your cock.

“My fantasy last night,” I say, biting your ear softly, “Want to make it come true?” You turn and look at me, seeing the lust in my eyes. I lick my lips, lower my chin and look down at your crotch. Looking back up to your eyes, I see you nod yes. I smile and grab your hand, standing up. “Follow me,” I say as your dick is pointing straight at my round ass. I lead you out of the theatre and outside.

We walk up to a silver Corvette Convertible. I hand you the keys and get into the passenger seat. You slowly climb into the seat and fasten your seatbelt before starting the engine, which purrs at your touch.

“I hope you like purring,” I said. I reach over and pull down the zipper of your pants, reaching in to curl my hand around your cock, massaging up and down the length of it. “Mmm…,” I say… “Nice.”

You pull out onto the interstate, driving, you don’t know where. I unbutton your pants, and take it out, leaning over and breathing heavy on the swollen purple head. My mouth eagerly latches onto it, sucking on the head gently at first, then harder. I lift up my head and slowly run my tongue over it. I lap again, then open my hot, silky mouth wider to push down on your cock, my teeth against your skin barely touching, but enough to make you tremble as you drive.

My mouth is hot on your cock, and I start pushing your hard prick in and out of my little wet mouth. I stop to suck hard midway down, sucking and sucking more. I feel precum on my tongue and I moan, my hand reaching down to cup your balls.

I look up and you hungrily. “Can I make you cum?” I ask. “I need to taste it.”

You groan and nod. I smile and press your cock back into my mouth hungrily. I push deeper, moving my head quickly over your throbbing prick, going down a little more on your length until I suddenly press hard, pressing you back into the back of my mouth. I press harder, swallowing the head of your cock into my throat.

You almost cum then, but hold on, enjoying the feeling of my tight mouth and throat around your cock. You want to shut your eyes, but you can’t, because you’re driving. You want to put your hands in my hair and push my head down further Antalya Escort Bayan on your cock, until it’s fully inside the wetness that’s surrounding your aching cock. You want to, but you can’t.

Your eyes are open and on the road, your hands gripping the wheel in a death grip. I press harder, then my mouth starts bobbing up and down, sliding up and down on your dick, sucking and willing you to cum hard in my mouth. I feel the precum filling my mouth, wet and salty on my tongue and I swallow, pressing you again into my throat, my hands on your balls, kneading and squeezing them.

I stop sucking briefly, seeing the precum oozing from your swollen tip, and move lower, taking one of your balls into my hot mouth and sucking. You groan, still gripping the wheel. I move to the other, taking it in and sucking hard. My tongue caresses your ball, my nose against your stiff prick.

“I need it,” I say, “Cum for me!” And I start sucking again, instantly driving you to the back of my mouth and into my throat, surround your prick hotly. You instantly start cumming in my mouth, shooting spurt after spurt. I look up and take my mouth off so you can see it shooting onto my eager tongue.

When you finish cumming, you feel an intense relief. Then my mouth attaches on again and you start moaning.

“Oh God,” you say, “I can’t take this driving.”

“Then pull over,” I say, going back to sucking as you pull the car over. I suck hard and fast for a few more seconds, until you’re pointing towards the sky. I smile and climb over the seat on top of you, lowing the seat back. You’re already hard and ready again, and you can’t believe it. I lower my hips over you and you feel a wet pussy, pantiless, touching your cock. I lower it and rub my wet lips against your cock.

“Can I have more?” I ask. I move to kiss your mouth deeply, my teeth latching onto your lower lip and tugging. My tongue trails over your lips and then I press my mouth against yours, hot and wet, pressing more. My tongue finds yours and I caress it, pulling your tongue into my mouth so I can suck gently on it.

“Whatever you want,” You say. I smile again, and kiss you while I sit down on your cock. The head slides from my swollen clit down the silken path to my hot little cunt hole. I rub it up and down a few times, my hips sliding up and down in front of you, my breasts Escort Antalya in your face. Your hands reach up and tear at my shirt, pulling it down under my large breasts. You see the black lace cupping my tits and want more, and you tear at the material to push it under to, until you see both firm, round globes in your face. Your mouth latches onto one as I finally push down on your cock head, putting you inside my hot pussy walls a few inches. I moan in pleasure and press more, starting to stroke your cock with my cunt. You suck harder, biting on my nipple, as I move up and down on your cock. My walls press tightly against your cock, clenching and releasing. My clit is swollen and your other hand finds it and is playing with it, causing me to moan loudly.

“Fuck yeah,” I say, “More, make me your little slut.” I moan loudly, louder than you’ve ever heard a woman moan, and your mouth surrounds one hard nipple and your cock is being thrust deep inside my cunt. I move up and down, pressing down hard until you’re fully inside my hot little cunt as it squeezes your cock.

You close your eyes and moan, feeling your balls already ready to shoot cum again. You hold on, wanting to wait, and I press more. I suddenly get up off of you and your mouth, which had latched onto the other nipple, resists, causing me to yelp as your teeth slid off my nipple.

“No,” you start to growl, but realize I’m just turning around. I slide easily back onto your fat cock and start riding. You put your hands onto my breasts and squeeze roughly as I moan louder. I start bucking my hips on you as your hands roam over my soft skin and firm body. Your hand fingers my clit, feeling my wet, hairless pussy surrounding you as I move with you.

Suddenly your hands grip my hips, and you feel yourself cumming again. You start shooting cum deep inside my wall, filling me with your hot, sticky jizz. I’m screaming for god to help me as I cum on your dick, my cunt clenching tight around your cock, so tight that you feel like your seed is being squeezed out of you. You groan, as you shoot shot after shot of cum again into my hole. You shoot until your cock is completely empty. I get up off of you and get into the passenger seat. My tits are still showing and there’s a trickle of juices running down my leg.

I look at you with eyes that tell you I want more. You sit up and pull onto the interstate, deciding to take me to your house to enjoy a few times more. After all, if my pussy was that tight, then who knows? You start to get hard again as my hand strokes your cock again, and your thoughts go to what my tight little ass will feel like squeezing your cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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