Instinct and Immorality Ch. 06

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*** All persons engaged in sex in this story are at least 18. Thanks for reading.


Mia, 46, mom, sex worker

Rick, 28, Mia’s son

Officer Diane Prady, 44, cop, bouncer

Curtis Prady, 20, Officer Prady’s son

Chapter Six

“You’re so fucking cheap, Ricky,” said mom. “It’s why you can’t keep a girlfriend.”

We were in the foyer of a sprawling adobe-style house in east Las Vegas and seated together on a small bench. The argument was about the prepayment option for alcoholic beverages, which was a stiff $99 per person.

“Mom, it’s a rip off.”

“Come on, I wanna get drunk. Just pay for mine.”

“I’m not paying for your drinks just so you can go fuck a room full of guys. It’s called cuckolding.”

The membership fee had already set me back $500 per person, and that was for the first three months. But, like everywhere else in Vegas, they lift you up by your ankles, turn you over, and shake the money out of your pockets.

“It’s called being a cheap bastard, Ricky. And women don’t fuck cheap bastards, not even at a sex club.”

“How are they going to know I’m cheap?”

“Believe me, they’ll know.”

After our daily argument about money, we walked over to a middle-aged woman who was seated behind the counter. I handed her back the “additional member services” sheet with a shit-eating grin.

“Courtney, neither one of us drink, so we’re not going with the prepayment option.”

She gave me that same look I get at McDonald’s when I ask for a water cup. People don’t realize that their eyes dilate when they hear something that irritates them.

Courtney typed on her keyboard and studied the screen.

“Okay, your tests are all negative, and your paperwork checks out. Your first three months are one thousand dollars. We only take cash.”


I had it in a white envelope and counted out the $1,000. Courtney put it in a box, then picked up a sheet of paper and handed it to me.

“Now, let me go through some of the rules of our club,” she said robotically. “There is no photography of any kind. And no sexual harassment.”

“Wait a second, no sexual harassment? Isn’t this a sex club?”

“That’s right. You can ask someone for sex, but when you are rejected, you can’t ask them again.”

“I see.”

“And the only time that someone can be freely touched without their explicit permission is in the puppy pile.”

“The puppy pile?”

“Yes, it’s in the orgy room. Now, all members are required to shower before entering the playrooms. Here are the keys to your lockers. Hand them to the attendant and she will assist you.”

“Do we have to be nude?”

“Nudity is mandatory in all play areas. Sandals are required everywhere and provided in the locker room. For safety reasons, sex of any kind is not allowed on the dance floor.”

* * *

A half hour later, we finished our showers and were on our way to the disco. I was prepared to see the same people that decorate the buffet line at the Sahara.

But this is a very popular club that caters to the family sex crowd, and they require full nude photos with your application. With few exceptions, the women were attractive, and several of them looked like they were employed in the Vegas entertainment industry, which includes showgirls, strippers, and escorts.

As we walked into the disco, which was originally the living room, we were greeted by a wall of noise and a full dance floor. There was supposedly a “no-sex” rule for the dance floor, but people were ignoring it.

The first thing that caught my eye was a young purple-haired Asian woman on her knees with a cock in her mouth. And I see why they don’t allow sex on the dance floor. Sperm is slippery, and there was a load of it dripping down her thigh and onto the floor.

And right in the first row of couches, in plain view, was a young blonde straddling an older man’s lap, and thrusting up and down. And my mother immediately thought the worst.

“They look like a father and daughter, Ricky.”

From what I read about this place, most incestuous couples don’t come here to fuck each other, something they can do at home for a lot less money. They come to have sex outside of their incestuous unions, just like regular swingers.

“Um, I don’t know, mom, maybe.”

“I’m gonna ask.”

“Mom, don’t do that.”

My mom hasn’t listened to me yet and walked boldly by the dance floor and over to the couch. I cringed as I was sure this was some sort of informal etiquette violation.

But she did it. She tapped the man on the shoulder while the woman was pushing her business down on his cock.

They smiled like they didn’t mind the intrusion and chatted with my mom for a few moments. The woman didn’t even stop humping.

They finished their discussion, and the blonde delivered a very demonstrative kiss to the old man, like she wanted to be watched. My mother looked at me and held up her thumb. It was a father and daughter.

Wow. They had absolutely grup seks yapan gaziantep escort no shame. People in incestuous relationships usually try their hardest to conceal them. The worst thing in the world for the family sex people is to be outed. We are all terrified of that. But inside these walls, we were not only accepted, we were family.

We understood the lifestyle. We enjoyed it. We enjoyed watching each other. And when we got back home, the time spent at the sex club rekindled the passion for our incestuous partners, just like swinging does for a boring marriage.

My mother didn’t even get a chance to walk back to me. She was immediately distracted by a very muscular young man that stopped her and asked a question. And judging by the way she glanced down at his cock, it was going to take her a while to answer it.

But I like people-watching, and there were over sixty of them in the disco, with about half of them dancing.

So, I found an empty loveseat in the very back, sat down by myself, and studied a room filled with incestuous families. There seemed to be mostly brother-sister and mother-son couples, with a smattering of father-daughter.

My mom, an olive-skinned Sicilian beauty with fuck-me lips, was drawing a lot of attention, and now in a flirtatious conversation with two men. One of them just handed her a beer.

I never get approached by single females anywhere, even at parties. But a very tall woman walked briskly toward me, dressed in a Polo shirt and short pants. Only bouncers are allowed to wear clothes, and she had a walkie-talkie strapped to her hip. And as she got closer, I got sick. I’d recognize her anywhere. And she wasn’t just a bouncer for a sex club. She was a cop.

“Hey, motherfucker,” she barked. “What happened to your mommy?”

Of all the people in the world, there she was, right out of my worst nightmare. The cop that patrols my neighborhood. The cop that pulls me over and writes me a ticket every time she catches me on the street.

“Officer Prady? You work here too?”

“Yeah. It’s just a part-time gig. Mind if I sit down?”

“Well, I’m kind of expecting someone.”


Officer Prady has high cheekbones, light brown hair, and deep blue eyes. And given those features, you’d think she was pretty. But nope. She’s more masculine than I am. She’s six feet tall, with narrow hips and broad shoulders. She has muscles and walks just like a guy. And I’d be very surprised if she had a vagina.

She looked down at my cock long enough to make it shrivel up. She sat down next to me, almost touching my knee, and I kept an eye on her crotch to see if I could see the outline of a cock.

“I watched you come in with your mommy. It looks like she just dumped you.”

“She makes friends quickly.”

“Yes, she does,” scoffed Prady. “Tell me the truth, Rick. Was your mom sucking your cock when I caught you at the park?”

My first encounter with Officer Prady was at a public park near my home. My mother had just given me a blow job in my car, and Prady almost caught us in the act.

“Officer Prady, you seem to have an interest in this lifestyle. Why else would you be here?”

Officer Prady angled her legs toward me so that our knees touched, and she unashamedly looked down at my cock while she answered the question.

“I have a son.”

“Oh? What’s his name?”


“How old?”


“You do anything with him?”


“You think about it?”

“Yeah, well, deep down, I think all moms want to make love to their sons. If a woman loves a man, she can feel it in her pussy. That’s how she knows she loves him.”

“Even a son?”

“Especially a son.”

“Then how come you haven’t had sex with yours?”

“He’s very nervous around me. Like he’s not attracted. I thought all boys wanted to fuck their moms, but he doesn’t want anything to do with me.”

I’ve done a little research on Officer Prady, who has worked more than twenty years as a street cop in twelve different cities, with multiple lawsuits filed against her for various forms of misconduct. And all settled out of court.

She is the most verbally abusive person I’ve ever met, but you never know how people are at home. But I wouldn’t be surprised if her son had been tied up in her basement for the last five years.

“Well, some boys just never consider their moms to be sexy.”

“Are you saying I’m ugly?”

“No, I just mean that some boys don’t appreciate the beauty that’s before their eyes.”

“You sound like a moron.”

Officer Prady then placed her hand on my upper thigh, not far from my cock, which she has been glancing at with a slight frown.

This was my usual bad luck. It’s my first time at a sex club, and I just happen to be sitting next to the Don Rickles of police officers. With her hand on my thigh. Of all the women at the club, she is several standard deviations below the mean. And I’m still not sure she’s grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan a woman.

But her large man hand was slowly sliding up my thigh, and I was about to find out.

“Come on, let’s go someplace where we can be alone.”

“Aren’t you working?”

“So what?”

Prady stood, took my hand, and yanked me up from the loveseat. She pulled me out of the disco and into the long hallway.

She walked me like a little child, passing two playrooms. We turned the corner to see a couple chatting outside the double doors of another room.

“This is the orgy room,” said Prady. “Let’s see if your mommy is in here.”

“The orgy room? Really?”

She opened the door, and I will never be the same. This was the end of all civilization. It was the end of our species. Ten thousand years from now, they’ll dig this place up, only to find a bunch of fossilized cocks inside a bunch of fossilized pussies. And a fossilized asshole or two.

The large room was bathed in soft red light, with a dozen Japanese tatami mattresses set up in the middle, and couches along each wall. Between the couches were shelves which had towels, lotions, boxes of condoms, water bottles, and sex toys. And there was a coed bathroom in the back.

But in the middle, on the tatami mattresses, was the puppy pile. The puppy pile was a mass of humanity, where everyone seemed to be fucking everyone else.

This is a normal feature at sex clubs, but this one was big, with as many as forty people going at it simultaneously. And of course, there was someone there I already knew.

“There’s your mom,” said Prady, pointing toward the middle of the sea of hard cocks and shaved vaginas. It was a scene right out of a gang bang movie.

My mom was straddling the same guy she just met in the disco, humping up and down on him, with her mouth surrounding another guy’s cock, who was casually standing over the face of the guy she was fucking. There was a third man standing to her right side, and she was stroking his cock. There was a fiftyish blonde kneeling behind her, cupping my mom’s breasts and kissing the back of her neck.

“Oh, shit.” I’ve seen my mother with other people. But not four at the same time.

Make that five. Another well-endowed young man, hard as a rock, walked over to her left side, and my mother turned her head and eagerly wrapped her lips around his cockhead. She didn’t even look at his face.

“Your mom is a freak, Rick.”

There was no arguing with that. The guy pulled his cock out of her mouth, aimed it at her lips, and gave every indication of an impending ejaculation. My mother held her mouth open, and he shot a massive load right on her lips and tongue.

She finally looked up to see who just came in her mouth. And smiled. She closed her mouth and swallowed his cum.

I’ve never seen my mom like this. She was an orgy planner when she hooked on Wall Street, so, I’m sure she’s done this before. But still, watching guys cum in my mother’s open mouth like it was a urinal makes me feel like walking into that pile and getting a closer look.

My mom’s been clinically diagnosed with sex addiction, and extreme sex is the only way she can live with it. And she likes having sex with strangers, which is why she works at a massage “boutique”, not far from the Strip. She once told me that sex is always better with close family members or complete strangers.

Mom turned her head, and the blonde behind her licked the cum off her lips, then kissed my mother in a classic cum swap. And I’m sure that my mother had never even talked to this woman, which is why it was so exciting for them both. Having sex with a person you’ve never even seen is a special kind of rush.

With cum still on her lips, mom turned her attention back to the original guy she was sucking. So I decided to triage the puppy pile and hopefully find couples actively engaged in real incest.

And there were several candidates. One was a redheaded couple who looked like siblings. The woman was lying on her back, and what looked to be her brother was lying next to her, playing with her nipples, and kissing her on the lips.

And on top of her was a muscular fortyish guy with a back full of tattoos.

I pointed at them and whispered in Officer Prady’s ear. “Are they brother and sister?”

“Yes,” said Officer Prady. “Fraternal twins. They come every weekend. She cucks him with about five guys and then they fuck. He kisses her the whole time she’s getting fucked.”

“I see.”

“Incestuous cucking is very common here, Rick. You’d be surprised at how many sisters do that to their brothers.”

“Um,” I pointed, “you see those two over there? The Asian ladies?”

There were two women on the far corner of the puppy pile. The younger one was standing, legs slightly open. She was the same purple-haired woman sucking cocks on the disco floor. She had very small breasts, and the other woman was on her knees and licking up into grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort her pussy.

“Yeah, they’re mother and daughter.”


It was shocking to see a mother eating her daughter’s vagina in public. She licked deep up inside her, then tilted her head sideways in an attempt to get at her daughter’s asshole.

It boggles my mind how many people seem capable of any kind of kinky sex, and the more perverted, the more they want to do it.

The daughter opened her legs wide and tilted her hips, accommodating the anal attempt. And judging by her flashing brown eyes, it succeeded.

“Yeah, they are a whole family. Father, mother, sister, and brother. They come here every week, but I’ve never seen them in the pile before. They usually just stay on the couches.”

A well-hung white guy had also been watching their incestuous lesbian performance and knelt behind the mom while sliding his hand into her ass. She turned around to see who it was, and blew him an air kiss.

The daughter then knelt on the mat and lurched toward the guy’s cock, putting her lips tightly around his crown. The mother came to her feet and presented her pussy to his face, which he eagerly accommodated by placing his tongue inside. And not one word had been said by any of them.

Officer Prady glanced down at my cock. “You’re hard, Rick.”

I didn’t even realize it, I was so stunned with what I was witnessing. I took another glance at my mother, who was now on her back and getting fucked hard, with her face pushed into the crotch of a beautifully-breasted and very toned black woman who was bobbing her head back and forth on an older man’s cock.

“Are they father and daughter?”

“Possibly, but they’re new, I haven’t seen them before.”

This is absolutely the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. This is humanity at its most elemental. People are just biological support systems for our sex organs, and when the layers of socialization are stripped away, they quickly form into piles of commingling genitalia.

I’ve never seen women just crawl across tatami mattresses and lick every crotch in their pathway. Some for just a few seconds before they moved on to the next crotch. Cocks. Pussies. It didn’t matter. Just get the taste of sex in your mouth and move onto the next person.

There were three women in the pile doing just that, and interestingly, they all seemed to be in their forties and fifties. They weren’t getting as much attention as the young ones, who had more cocks than they could handle.

“Come on, Rick, let’s go.”

There was a lot of passive same-sex genital touching in the puppy pile. It was unavoidable, as people were literally side-by-side or on top of each other.

If you were a hetero guy and wanted to go from point A to point B, you would have to be very careful to avoid all the hard cocks on the way. It was like crawling through a mine field. Touch one accidentally and live the rest of your life trying to convince yourself you weren’t gay.


We left the orgy room behind and walked down to the end of a hallway, where Prady stopped at a door and reached into her pocket. She pulled out a key ring and opened the door.

She stepped in first and turned on the lights. I followed, and after being in the orgy room, I thought that I’d seen everything. But not even close.

It was a bondage room.

Officer Prady peeled off her Polo shirt and threw it on some sort of X-shaped black table with arm and leg restraints.

“What are we doing here?” I gulped, feeling very much like I’ve stumbled into a medieval torture chamber.

“No one uses this room.”

Officer Prady dropped her bra to reveal large teardrop breasts with very taut nipples. Considering her age, they weren’t bad at all, but I couldn’t enjoy them, as on the walls, there were whips, riding crops, paddles, and shit I’ve never seen before.

There were also several padded tables complete with stirrups, just like a gynecologist’s office.

Officer Prady quickly kicked off her shoes and dropped her shorts and panties. It was the moment of truth. It was cock-check time, and I braced myself for a ten-inch surprise.

And I was surprised. It wasn’t the best pussy I’ve ever seen, but at least it wasn’t a cock. She was shaved with hanging labia, and I’ve never been so happy to see hanging labia in my life.

I was standing next to the wall, minding my own business, when she stepped into my peripersonal space and pushed her tits right into my chest. I’ve never had sex with a cop before, but I’ve heard some wild stories.

“You fucking motherfucker. You got off watching your mom fuck everyone, didn’t you, you piece of shit?”

I guess those stories were true. Fuck. I don’t know if I’m going to live through this.


She pushed her lips into mine and jammed her tongue into my mouth. Then she pulled back and spit right into my face. No one has ever done that to me.

“What the fuck?”

She smiled like she was going to murder me, then licked her spit off my cheeks with exaggerated tongue wags.

“You’re such a useless fuck toy. You like your asshole licked, faggot?”


“I said, do you want mommy to lick your asshole?”

She started up the mother-son roleplay on a very harsh note. And how it would end, I had no idea. But I’ve never been this frightened during sex. She is six-feet tall and powerful. And it didn’t make me feel any better that her biceps were bigger than mine.

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