In Total Control

Big Tits

As the three guys walked into the room, I could tell they were already excited thinking about what plans I might have in store for them today. All three had cocks standing at attention but they knew they would not yet be allowed to do anything to relieve some of the pressure they were already feeling.

Paul was our newest member to this little group and he was unaware of what he would be experiencing today. He knew the rules but his excitement was probably the most obvious of them all and would take control long before he could control it. Of course both Tom and Mike were excited knowing that Paul would never be in this same position again. After today he would always know that anything could and will happen.

I walked over to the three of them, my own excitement quite obvious to them, and started my routine of inspection. My own cock was standing hard and at full attention in anticipation of the afternoons events.

Mike has the largest cock I have ever seen. So long and thick that you can’t help but want to feel it deep inside you. My time will come later but for now I need to feel its massive size in my hand. I grab a hold of it and start gently stroking it, feeling it grow even thicker and harder. He lets out the tiniest little moan, knowing that I love the feel of his cock. While stroking I reach up and pinch his nipples till they are tight little peas. He is very excited but he knows the rules and knows he will not get relief until I am ready for him to.

I move on to Tom, whose cock is not as thick as Mike’s but almost as long. His cock fits very nicely in my mouth and I enjoy being able to comfortably suck it. I reach up and begin stroking it, bringing it to its full length and pinch both of his nipples as well. I cup his balls in my hand and can feel the weight of his cum just waiting.

As I move on to Paul, I can see the tiniest bit of fear and wonder in his eyes. He is nervous as well as excited and he is undecided of which he should allow to take over. I gently squeeze his cock and begin stroking with just the lightest pressure. I don’t want his excitement to take over and have him shoot his cum before I am ready for him. I know that being the newest to the team he will not have the same control over this as the other two.

Now that I know they are ready it is time to get them in position. They can see the contraption that lies before them but have no idea how all this works together. Taking Mike by the shoulder I lead him to the platform and have him lie down on it. The platform was built so that it runs the length of his back and stops just along the base of his bum. There is a small drop down table that his head rests on. I strap his legs into the stirrup like supports that will allow easy access to both his ass and cock. I strap down his arms and midsection as well so that he will have no ability to control him self at all. Before I leave him there I grab some lube and stroke his cock Gaziantep Oral Escort making sure that it is nice and slippery and hard.

Now it is Tom’s turn. I lead him to another platform that is in an up right position. He will be in a kneeling position once he is strapped in but first I must make his ass ready for the vibrator that is attached to this. I make him lube the vibrator as I work some into his tight hole, first inserting one finger and then two. I can feel him starting to push back onto my hand and I know he is ready for the vibrator.

I help him onto the platform and he slowly lowers his ass down on the vibrator that he has prepared. Once he is seated comfortably on it I strap his legs and arms in forcing him into a position that causes his back to arch out and his cock to be standing straight out from him. I move the platform up closer to Mike’s ass and both are now aware of what they will be doing.

Paul is starting to move around and I know he is not sure of what he will be required to do. I can see fear has come more then pleasure now as he watched both the others be strapped in and know that they have no control. He knows that he will be subjected to the same fate as I lead him to the swing. While he is standing I tighten the leg and arm straps. There is no seat support so his ass will be left hanging in perfect position for Mike’s huge cock.

I slowly raise the swing and Paul’s feet are lifted off the floor. As I move the swing over Mike’s body Paul begins to cry out that he can’t take it all. Mike’s cock is too big and he has never had a cock in his virgin ass before. He begs me not to start with Mike; he will do anything if I just allow him to start with a smaller cock. I know now that this is exactly where I want him to be. I know the pleasure he will feel soon enough from having that massive cock ripping inside him, and soon enough I know his cock will explode with his excitement.

I tell him to stop whining and I lower the swing. I know Mikes cock is getting even harder now because he gets extremely hard when I allow him to be first in a tight ass. I rub a bit of lube over Paul’s hole and insert a couple of fingers. I can feel how tight he is and notice that his cock that was going soft from his fear is starting to come back to life again.

As I lower the swing again, I position Mike’s cock so it is at the opening of Paul’s tight ass hole and it slips just inside the outer ring. Mike lets out a soft moan and I know he is enjoying this. Paul starts to cry and tears slip down his face. He begins to beg for me to stop again but this is my show and my cock is hard as a rock. If I didn’t do this my way it would take him forever to allow Mike’s hard cock into his tight ass.

I lower the swing the rest of the way until Mike’s hard rod is deeply buried in Paul’s ass and then I let him sit there and get adjusted to the feel of it being stretched beyond anything he has ever felt. His cock has gone limp. I slap it hard and order him to stop crying. I tell him that if he starts again he will become their little bitch and I will allow them to do whatever they wish and whenever they want with him. I slap his cock again and this time I can see that it is actually getting hard again. One last hard slap and it is almost fully erect. He is starting to enjoy this mix of pleasure and pain.

I move around to Tom and turn the vibrator on low. Now I set the controls for the swing and platform and slowly Paul starts to move up and down, fucking Mike’s cock. Tom’s platform starts moving back and forth as he slowly begins to fuck Mike’s ass. I am in total control of all three now.

I stand behind Mike’s head and drop the small table that his head has been resting on causing his head to fall back and forcing his mouth to be in the perfect position to accept my waiting hard on. He begins to slowly lick the head of my cock. I move forward so he can lick and suck my heavy balls, sucking them in one at a time, rolling them around with his tongue.

As I feed the length of my cock into his mouth I reach over to Paul’s fully hard cock now and begin stroking it. He is now is fully enjoying the feel of Mike’s massive cock sliding in and out of his ass. It is time to speed things up a bit.

Pressing the remote bottom I start the swing and platform moving faster as well as turning up the speed of the vibrator deep in Tom’s ass. The room is filled with moans and the smell of sweat. Mike and Tom know they will not be allowed to cum yet and that they will have to endure a lot more but I am ready for Paul to have his first orgasm.

I move to the side of Mike and grabbing a hold of Paul’s cock I start rubbing it harder and faster. I give him a quick slap and grab his balls. He screams out but he is begging for me not to stop. I grab his cock again and jerk it some more, then another slap and ball grab. He has tears running down his cheeks again but he still begs me not to stop. He needs to cum. This is what I was waiting to hear.

I stroke his cock hard and fast and set the swing control so he will speed up some more. His virgin ass is now being fucked hard by Mike and he loves it. He lets out a scream and cum explodes from his cock. I slam the swing down so Mike is buried to the max deep in his ass and cum keeps exploding from him. Mike groans as Paul’s ass tightens hard around his cock but he remains in control and doesn’t allow himself the release. He now has Paul’s come laying the length of his stomach up to his chin almost. A nice, white thick stream of glistening cum that Paul will be required to clean up before he will be able to rest today.

As his entire body goes limp in the swing I raise it so that Mike slips out of his deep hiding place. I move it around so that Mike can see the nice big hole his cock has left. I can almost see his mouth water, just longing for a chance to slip his tongue in there. But he won’t get the chance right now. My heavy cock needs some satisfaction and I am having my own hard time staying in control much longer. Watching Paul’s cum exploding from him was almost enough to send my load exploding all over the place.

I lube up Mikes hard cock one more time and climb on top of the platform. It is time for me to feel his massive size deep with in me. I slowly lower myself down and feel my tight ass stretching around him. Sliding it deeper into me slowly so I don’t cum I enjoy the comfort of its size filling me. As I slid all the way to the base I grab my own extremely hard cock and start stroking it. I will add my own cum to Paul’s and just the thought is enough to bring me close but I want to see Paul explode one more time before then.

Tom’s is still slowly fucking Mike’s ass and I know that he is having a hard time controlling his own load so I need to make this fairly quick. I bring Paul’s swing around and begin sucking his limp cock deep into my mouth. I can feel him start to grow hard again so I know now that I will be able to make him cum once more.

I suck him deep and hard and then lick up and down his shaft. I suck his balls into my mouth hard and run my tongue all around them. As he begins to moan I continue my assault on his cock at the same time I am stroking my own and slowly fucking myself on Mike’s cock.

I can tell Paul is so close. I turn the swing around and lower him so my cock is in position of his wide ass hole. With the tip of my cock just inside I slam the swing down at the same time I jerk his cock hard. He explodes again laying a second stream of cum up Mike’s stomach. I feel his ass tighten around my cock hard and I almost lose it. As his cock grows limp again I raise him off me and speed up the platform Tom is on.

His is now pounding Mike’s ass and I am jerking my cock and riding Mike as fast as I can. His hard cock is pounding in and out of me. A thick stream of cum explodes from deep within my balls and I pound his cock deep within me one more time. This is all Mike and Tom need. I can feel Mike swell up as his cum rocks inside me and I know from Tom’s groans that his own load has filled Mike as well. I stop the platform so he is buried deep in Mike during his own release.

As all of us sit, exhausted from our ordeals I know that everyone is truly happy they were not allowed any control of the situation. Even Paul is now excepting of what will happen from here on out.

I climb off of Mike and release everyone from their restraints. I tell Paul that his day is not over though as he will now have to go to the shower room and clean Mike until he is satisfied. I also let Paul know that Mike will be able to do anything he would like to him well they are in the shower room. Mike grins because he knows that now he will be in control and I am sure it won’t be long before he has Paul bent over and is feeding his cock deep into his ass again. I can see Mike’s cock start to grow hard again as he thinks about what is to come.

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